Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 31st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Sadika together

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Sahil says Avantika is responsible. Vaidika says Tanuj kidnapped her from outside the house. He took her into a dark godown and tried to burn her face. Sahil reached to save her. Later he and his goons separated them again. Tanuj blackmailed Sahil that if Sahil doesn’t marry Avantika, he would kill her. She tells the family that it was Avantika who was behind Tanuj. She is a sister who would always be on the right side, no matter it’s about her sister. Avantika says Vaidika first wanted a divorce and ready to take alimony, how did she fall in love all over again with Sahil. Rekha also demands Vaidika the reason. Vaidika says she has brought the proof along with her. She calls someone inside. It was Shashi’s assistant. He apologizes, he had changed the will of Shashi on Avantika’s say. She came to his office with her boyfriend and he came into the greed of money. Later, Vaidika made him realize that his act would destroy whole of Kashab family. He decided to be true to his work, and the family he had served for years. Manjolika brings Sameer home. Sorab accepts he did all this because of Avantika, he loves her and Avantika promised to come to him and marry him once they get the money. He confess that Avantika hit Shashi, before Shashi could declare Avantika as his daughter in law. Avantika claims everyone is a liar. But Rekha slaps Avantika, blaming her for her husband’s injury and destruction of her family. Avantika pushes Rekha out of anger, but Vaidika supports her. Sahil says he couldn’t believe Avantika would fall to such an extent. Prem Pratab was apologetic to them. Sahil says if their child commits a mistake, it’s not about their brought up. They are the ones who gave all these values to Vaidika as well. Sahil claims Vaidika is a super woman and a great wife.

The police comes to take Avantika, Sameer and the lawyer along.

Sahil asks Vaidika to marry him again, and this time without a veil. Rekha says this time, they must marry on Sahil’s parent’s will. Manjolika was happy that she was left alive only to see Sadika married.

Sahil remembers from their past life, they had three children. Manjolika teases she had told him about all this. Rekha tells them to take blessings from their parents. Vaidika comes to sit on her feet and place Shashi’s hand over her head. Rekha hugs Vaidika and accepts she is proud of her daughter in law Vaidika, who is older than Sahil. Every divorcee has a right to find happiness once again. Even life gives a second chance. She is sensible, and well character. She calls the photographer for a group photograph.

Later, Vaidika comes home where it was all dark. She notices the house had been decorated. Sahil comes to her and says that he wants to live his past life with her all over again. With the click of his hand, a bundle of collages were lit. Vaidika was happy to see all this. Sahil says Manjolika helped him remind all this. Vaidika thanks Sahil for all this, for making her closer to her past. The past teaches them, while future brings hope. Their love was incomplete in the past, so they were born again. And in this life, she was again older than him. The society must understand that love doesn’t depend on age. Sahil was flattered, and decides to give a surprise to Vaidika.
Sahil performs on Aap Ke Aa Jane Se. Vaidika dances with him.

The show has ended

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. DannyComments

    Oh finally! Thank God!? Now if only some stupid shows will just follow suit! We need new shows dammit!

  2. So what happen to Ved and his brother? No flashbacks? What about the other family members in the past? What a stupid way of ending this show

  3. I’ve never cried this much at the end of a serial since naamkaran on star….a story that was unique in so many ways with the most brilliant of actors sushami and karan have never made me feel all those emotion in years of watching a serial when they cried i cry when they were angry i was pissed when they was hurt my heart broke and when he loved i wish to fine a love like that in real life…..their acting was natural and realistic and above most of the actors on zeetv even thou to me they weren’t appreciated for it by zee and thnx to writers that totally destroyed the show when they over done puneesh evil and the pankti track was when it went downhill and didn’t revive from there…. i could’ve stand bhoomi because he never favored her over vedika but when pankti became a priority to him they had viewers or me wondering if they were trying to replace sushami….i will miss this show immensely and my fellow commenters hopefully we will again find a show in common and can’t wait for my 2 favorite to come back to tv again

  4. Khuda Hafiz my fellow commenters you all will be missed I’ve never enjoyed a forum as i did this one….take care until we meet again

  5. ..and the curtains drop…on a serial which had great potential…nevertheless, this episode brought much tears to me coz I wouldn’t be seeing the beautiful couple together again…thanks to the writers for not giving us a stiff ending, the memories of their past life together set the stage for a smooth reunion, happy to know that Sadika is finally able to unite and live their life with family’s approval… Most of all, I’ll miss you all on this forum, one of the best chat room ever following on the heels of ISA and ADDNK.. Knowing you all was indeed an honor, exchanging ideas, slugging it out with the naysayers, making meaningful contributions, sharing good doses of laughter, making new friends and foes….say what, none of us know each other but it was a great journey together.. Hopefully we’ll ALL reconnect on another serial which appeals to our taste collectively.. Bye for now…

  6. Nina

    Sadika is truly beautiful and amazing. The scriptwriters did some things right and somethings wrong, but the acting and the actors are unforgettable. Thank you all members of the creative team. I will wait for Karan and Suhasi in new series.

  7. you are right Naz, a good ending at last, although i would have wanted it to go on for few more years
    with SADIKA againg together as sahil used to tell her that he will grow more handsome as he ages and all older men will be so jealous of his love relation with vedika.
    wow, it was nice commenting on this series, i have never seen anything that had brought the best and the worst in all of us, but i was blessed to know all of you guys although we have never met and dont really know each other, it felt like we knew each other some how.
    i can only say that: stay blessed its only a series, but series are made out of real life stories most of the times. bye for now SAM, NAZ, DANNY AMY, SEAN etc.

    1. Friends… Just came on to read your parting comments but I also wanted to tell you all that I’ve read on TellyChakkar…where a report said that during the filming of this serial, KJ had found it difficult to leave his character at the studios and it was creating some mental issues in his private life so much so that he was on medication for depression… There was a time when we all saw a closed off emotional Sahil, somewhere when the black magic track was introduced I think, we used to complain about not getting Sadika moments anymore…anyways, there was a time we did complain….. So, KJ was going through a lot and we didn’t know, with everyone, experiences are different and this took a toll on him psychologically…i haven’t read anywhere where it’s said that there were ego issues between SD and KJ…I’ve only read that here… The kind of emotional rollercoasters these actors and actresses have to deal with, no wonder some fall by the side, all because of entertainment huh… This serial wasn’t just a fictional one, it was an ongoing societal problem as well. Pooja, your comment hit the correct button on message…coz we all did live in the moments of Sadika…we shared the truth of their relationship and many instances reminded us of events in our own lives.. Raji, I don’t have much to add my friend except to say that it was wonderful to have met you on this forum, hope we meet on another.. I enjoyed reading all comments on this episode, Madeline Sean and Pooja, I love yours analyses.. Don’t know if Dolly will drop in, it was wonderful exchanging ideas with you too dear Dolly.. And Sapphire as well…. DannyComments, we didn’t see eye to eye but that’s what healthy discussions are about, doesn’t have to agree most of the time… I’m not one to hold grudges, if God can forgive, who’s us mere mortals?? Wishing ALL a blessed Eid holiday and we’ll meet again somewhere, on another interesting serial!!

  8. Yes Sean u r absolutely correct. With the introduction of the twit pankti a useless actress this serial really went down the hill. Even i though that may be due to karan being very close to the director he must be wanting a young girl opposite him. But when all viewers started commenting on forum n social media may be they thought of retaining suhasi because with her track the serial lost all its charm. I cant remember now a few days back some one commented on this forum that due to ego problems between suhasi n karan the serial ended abruptly. Is it correct. Also in this rebirth track karans acting was not that good like last yr. It looked like he was not interested any more in this serial. I dont know about u all but i feel he has lost his charm slightly n he was looking very haggard n tired. Even his wonderful hair didnt look that good like how it looked in last years all episodes. Hope to see these 2 marvellous actors again in some serial. I dont know how will i forget this serial. I am still crying thinking i ll not see this lovely couple again. Naz pls pass yr wonderful comments on my comments.

    1. I also saw the comment about the ego thing did search for it but couldn’t find anything so don’t know how true that was i know trp dropped drastically….who knows the story could’ve gone in many directions and lasted but who ever the writers were sabotage the whole serial….you know what i don’t get these really good serial ends quickly and kkb and kundali keeps airing and its the worst serials zee have to offer

    2. I just don’t understand how my comment ended up under Madeline’s…lol…

  9. For the last 14 months I was glued to my seat to watch this serial. Did not miss any episodes, watch some more than once. This was truly a good serial which got lost along the way with tracks like “ the black magic thing, Pankti, Ghungroo, Puneesh re-entry” Nevertheless in my opinion it’s the best serial so far on Zee and best forum ever. We all witness the emotions and believed in love and wish to have a lover like Sahil. The performance of the main leads are beyond belief. I am going to miss Sadika. I personally have learned a few facts from this serial and will greatly missed it. At least it can be watch again on ZEE5 apps.

    Hope to see you all another forum. I believe a new serial starting on Monday “ Hamari Bahu Silk.”promo looks good but sometime they can be Deceptive.

    Wishing all those celebrating Eid next week a very happy Eid Mubarak”. God bless. Bye

  10. ShraddhaSharma392

    I use to follow this show irregularly, but was aware of its simple concept… And I am happy that show had happy ending, but my question is what had happened to Vedika and Sahil rest of family specially their 3 children??? They were not shown at all after rebirth, only Manjolika was shown alive…

  11. …..and now under Sean’s… ??

  12. Finally Aap ke aa Jane se has bid adieu to its viewers and the curtains have come down on one of the most engaging / controversial subjects of recent times…. Love between a woman in her forties and a man in his twenties..From times immemorial there has been this practice of older men marrying much younger women and the society has never crippled….but people do raise eyes if the vice versa happens…that way the theme was a challenging one and the lead pair did an excellent job in capturing the interest of the viewers by living in the characters…..Ofcourse I have some personal reservations regarding this almost two decades age gap between the partners… the reason why why I didn’t watch regularly but followed the updates…like all zee serials ,the show went through some rough times due to certain stupid and unnecessary tracks but we all know zee can not do without kidnappings,rebirths and supernatural tracks. But I am happy the show ended on a happy note …not like ETRETR where the leads could not meet even in their second birth also…..As for the ego issues and psychological issues of Kj ,we ,the viewers ,get glued to our TVs screens if the story catches our interest but as Naz said ,we don’t really know what goes on back stage…like the ego issues between Paridhi and Rajat Tokas of Jodha Akbar who were reported to be not on talking terms but managed to give a sterling performance and the leads of ADDNK who had to tolerate the humiliating treatment of the production house….for their careers ,the actors give their everything and sometimes end up in a psychiatrist’s office …as Naz said all for entertaining us…Anyways All’s well that ends well….hope the new serial will be an interesting one …Wish you all a Happy Eid and hope to see you all soon on an interesting forum…Bye for now…

  13. Try.po error ..line 5 …read ‘ Crippled ‘ as ‘ Condemned’…

  14. I will miss u all so much..its possible to find in the other forums but what we shared in this serial was so special.. it was like evern we were all connected by fate together.. the way we shared our views and feelins was so special to me as we ourselves became the character of this serial (sometime or the other)..
    I myself felt so very loved and im will miss all those love again..by sahil as well as u all lovely people out there..
    Naz, pooja, Gayu, Raji dear, leisa, of course our danny & even those i hvnt mentioned here, will miss u all so badly..

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