Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 30th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika’s dilemma to save her children

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Inside Agarwal house, Eunuchs chant slogans against Puneesh. Nani provokes them that this Puneesh Tiwari married their girl child daughter. Puneesh resists the grip of Eunuchs. Prachi was defensive but Bari Amma stops her to let them enjoy a bit. The eunuchs put show rope around his neck while blackening his face.
Vaidika and Aarya leave the hall and comes to Puneesh’s room. Aarya finds a cell phone under his pillow and says Puneesh used this cell phone to make a call last night, it must be Ved. They check the log but it was a private number. Vaidika close her eyes thinking what Sahil would have done, she says Sahil would have said God helps those who help themselves. She tells Aarya to check any paper or address. She finds a message saying Banglow number 173. She was determined to

find it from anywhere. They hear Prachi and Puneesh coming towards the room. They then decide to go towards the other room. Aarya and Vaidika were relieved.
Usha was feeding Jackie’s brother with her own hands. Jackie comes home. She tells him to make his place in Vaidika’s heart, as they need to be rich. Their electricity connection goes off at once. Jackie takes the connection for Vaidika’s house climbing the wall. He hears Usha cheer that electricity is back. Jackie says he always feel there is a connection between them, even their electricity wires have combined. Vaidika come there and asks what he is up to? He fell off the wall while Vaidika supports him. Her dupatta was stuck in his hands, she removes it while Jackie pulls Vaidika closer by risk. Soon, his day dream breaks with Usha’s call.
Vaidika reach the area according to Puneesh’s messages and looks for Banglow 173. She asks a shop keeper around who tells Vaidika there are 57 blocks in the locality, each having 173. Vaidika notices it was a pharmacy, and asks if someone purchased cancer medicines for a kid. The man says there was one and checks the register.
Jackie climes into Agarwal house through the window. He thinks he must make his need into Vaidika’s life, save Ved, loot their wealth and flee. He wonders how he would fool Vaidika. Aarya comes there and wonders why Sahil is coming into his own house like thieves. Sahil asks Aarya about Vaidika, he came with an idea to find Ved. Aarya says Vaidika has already gone to find Ved, she got some clues. Jackie was concerned what if Vaidika gets into trouble; she is already pregnant. He wonders why he is concerned for Vaidika.
Vaidika reaches an address, with 173 written outside it. She thinks Sahil was right, one only has to think differently and problems can be solved. She recalls checking the date of her arrest in register and found the address. Inside the godown, Bhoomi had been tied to a chair. Aarya and Ved hug with a rope while there were pots of boiling water under them. Puneesh appears from a side.
Jackie comes to ask Nani about Vaidika. Nani was clueless. He wonders why he is concerned if Vaidika is fine or not.
Puneesh tells Vaidika that today both her children are hanging over boiling water. Vaidika grabs Puneesh’s collar for harassing innocent children. Puneesh says she warned him and disgraced him repeatedly. He tells she and Aarya took advantage of him, but now Vaidika can save anyone of them as they are tied to a single rope. He says if Vaidika tries to save any one, the other would fell into the pot of water. Vaidika thinks she will save both her children.

PRECAP: Vaidika had climbed a wooden staircase to save Ved. Puneesh unties the pulley rope while Aarya fell down.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Hi friends… you cannot imagine how relieve I was when Jacky was only dreaming about romancing Vedika.. I was going “no… no…” I did not realise how much impact and part of my life Sadika has become. Sometime I wish the episode was longer. Episode was good.. BA was certainly enjoying seeing Puneesh being molested. Just seeing Bhoomi made my blood boil. I hope Vedika leave her there to rot. I sure you all rememember what she said to Nani and how she lied and get Vedika arrested. I will be really annoyed if Vedika forgive her. All will be revealed on Monday..

  2. I just seen on YouTube that Puneesh find out about Jacky. Vedika and Jacky deny and Puneesh said if this is Sahil really then he should fill sindoor in Vedika mang.. jacky hands was shaking but Vedika hold his hand and help him. What’s going on friends??? I am nervous yaar because Jacky is falling for Vedika and what if he claim he is Vedika husband when Sahil come back. This thought is keeping me awake.

  3. Leisa s morris

    Vedika will never leavedo someone in harms way not even bhoomi just. Look how she brought nani back into d house. Her heart is pure and open to forgiveness regardless of who hurt her. Puneesh should fall into d hot water himself for such behaviour but we know dats not gonna happen hmmmm. Of course jacki will reach in time to save arya. Y do I have a feeling we r goin to c a nxt story where d real sahil is really dead and jacky and vedika falls for each other. Ive seen it on other soaps so dis isnt far fetched but it will b devastating for sadika fans

  4. Nina

    Jackie absolutely no matches for Vedika. When Jacky has stopped dreaming I was glad to it. Jacky is going to rob the Agarwal’s house after he is pilfering the electric power from Vedika’s house. When Aarya asked father about his unusual entrance, I laughed.

  5. Friends i am so angry n.upset seeing the lustful horse faced bhoomi. Did u all notice there also she was half naked fm top. To come up in life this blo*dy woman will go to any length. Pls write to the writers to bump off her character n we dont want to see her with any nbr of sahils . How can vedika forgive that bastard due to which sahil has fallen into the deep valley. Hope puneesh dumps her in that boiling acid. She should be burnt alive. Or i hope the writers kill her whilst she is saving both the kids fm puneesh. As pooja said even my blood was boiling seeing herin yesterdays episode after almost 15 days. In yesterdays episode she was looking like a kathakali WITCH when she was tied 2 the chair. Naz waiting for yr lovely comments

  6. Happy new month everybody, i pray dis new month will be filled wit happiness 4 all of us. Dnt knw what 2 say abt d episode. Bt i dnt tink vedika nd sahil will marry.

  7. Dnt mind my time of wishing u guys a happy new month, in nigeria here its just morning

  8. Sorry my mistake i didnt mean sahil nd vedika i meant jacky nd vedika, Just dat there are so many things going on in my mind.

  9. Disgusting Puneesh😡😡
    And jackey’s dream😂😁

  10. yippe Jacky is Sahil even if there is twin scenario this jacky is sahil and the reason for believe as such i already commented on the wednesday’s update itself and much more solid case , reasons will comment later as right now i m struck with work just now watched epi and read comments during the break @ Pooja even i was feeling the same pain during that scene and out of frustration i yelled at higher level forgetting that people are around me and they were asking what happened i just felt embarassed to tell them reason by the way if u watch the temple epi and jacky searching vedika scene you yourself will get the answers @ Raji Sahil is the soul of this story and writers wont be such a dumbass to make him dead or pairing vedika with someone also will also have a detrimental effect on the story so just chill down to tell the truth i was believing this reasons i also feeling so much bad if its going to be the opposite way

  11. Friends what’s happening..in AAJS..
    I’m in dilemma 😑😑
    Is jacky is sahil??
    For Ved’s sake vedika filling her maang by jacky…ohoo Iam in tension..
    Suddenly badi amma joins with vedika….
    I am doughting on badi maa..🤔hmm..

  12. Here I am my dear friends, I’m always late with my comments during weekends, preparing for the week ahead is a must for me… Raji, I must say that after all these months reading your comments, it feels like I know you, it’s like 2 friends who meet up to touch base after the weekend has gone… one of whom is always excited to share her views with the other…its amazing how these little interactions amongst all of us, has opened up a cute little friendship and the way we write tells us something of ourselves, where we are scattered all over this globe.. It’s always a learning experience and in every forum, I’ve been able to meet new friends and exchange so much with them, I feel truly fortunate. Raji, I’ll drop in one day, your maid can make us some chai while we chat….sounds so easy, unfortunately if I’m unable to drop in, chatting here is just as lovely as knowing you dear.. You are really fun to exchange ideas with, you are colourful and flamboyant, very expressive and emotional, you don’t hide your feelings and your comments truly reflect the open mind you have, you are indeed a genuine person at heart. Although there were days when I believed that you needed some protection from few who didn’t agree with what you’ve said, you did persevere and I would like to think that it’s your unbiased and innocent thinking that gave you your protection, you just never seemed fazed, you never got offended by hurtful comments and still stayed on board because you knew that you were right in assessing the characters of the serial… You see, patience played off and the pet peeve that you’ve argued about, has come to pass.. The only problem now is that writers would try to redeem Bhoomi’s character as we are clearly seeing…

  13. Friends, I’m seeing some positive videos on YouTube concerning BA… It took her this long to look at Vedika in a favourable light…its better late than never… I’m one to forgive people in my life and I move on, I’m never one to hold on to a grudge, it creates loads for your shoulders to carry so if BA were to really accept Vedika wholeheartedly, I’d forgive her sins…of course we know she eventually will!!! If BA wasn’t like the woman she is, then we wouldn’t have had a story like this and we wouldn’t have been able to see the strength of Vedika as we all know that she was living a pretty timid lifestyle until the charismatic and utterly lovable Sahil Agarwal blew into her life and it’s never been the same for her again.. It’s not the same or us as well, we all love Sahil and wish we could have a Sahil in our lives forever… not every woman can be as lucky as Vedika..but I tell you, I’ve had experience with someone as close as Sahil Agarwal in my life and even though destiny intervened, at least I can unequivocally say that I know what it feels like to have a love as almost perfect as Sahil’s!! Thank goodness Vedika would be given a second chance in life to be reunited with her husband and above all, she is fortunate to bear the children of the man who needs her like oxygen, who loves her unconditionally and who would find happiness with her even if he was poor man.. This is one of the best love stories ever on zeetv…

  14. At this point, I don’t know what to expect….in upcoming episodes, Puneesh will harass the women in the Agarwal’s mansion including his pathetic wife, I LMAO seeing Prachi tied to a piller post…although Vedika, Aarya and BA were tied up to, it’s seeing Prachi there that made the scene tolerable..Puneesh the sleaze should have tied her by her hair upside down (I’m not advocating violence here)..but she needs to taste her husband’s vileness, she needs to eat humble pie, it’s her brother’s house she’s living in, not her sasural… The serial is moving along in its normal acceptable pace and I hope just as quickly for Sahil’s return, this serial feels like a lonely place inspite of all the characters.. Try as could, I can’t think of anyway that the writers would introduce Sahil’s character back, I’ve met a stumbling block and it is Jacky. I know Sahil would return but I don’t want Sahil to emerge from Jacky’s persona because it’s already known to us that Jacky could potentially end up being Sahil’s judwa bhai..and that’s who Jacky would be…he won’t be Sahil Agarwal!! If Sahil is unsuspectingly and subtly introduced again, it should be in such a way that we should be left in awe, seeing things which looks like he’s here but not seeing it as clearly, just like how Vedika saw him in the mirror scene.. It should be such, that we all have to go back and watch episodes where we just didn’t see his arrival..although he was there. The writers of this serial has never let down, they are an awesome team and I’m sure that they are going to deliver for us, just want we hope for… I can hardly wait for this week’s episodes, every day is an exciting one on AKAJS…

  15. So…. Vedika is going to team up with Jacky to expose the slimy Puneesh.. I hope that Jacky doesn’t end up wanting Vedika for himself, his love should always be in his dreams..pun intended….Vedika would have more credit in my eyes if she remains loyal to Sahil whether dead or alive, I’ll not like to see her fall for a substitute and she knows that Jacky isn’t her husband so separating both men and putting boundaries proves her faithfulness to Sahil… One thing that spooked me was Vedika holding Jacky’s hand to apply sindoor, what does that mean?? That’s sacred, only Sahil has this right….there’s a saying friends. If a lie can save a life… in this case, it’s situation…then it’s permissible to do so… Maybe that’s what writers are doing here… Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Sahil is somewhere hidden in plain sight, whether now or in the corner of our eyes..

  16. Thks Naz dear for writing such good comments about me
    I dont think i am wirth it. In case u r coming to india do get in touch with me. I live in BOMBAY. I would love to meet u. Oh and the comments that u post r sooooo very good i cant describe. I always look fwd for yr comments after every episode. Yes Naz i am only worried thatcthe QUEEN OF EXPOSURE BARBIE SHABBY BHOOMI is not shown ending with the fake sahil. If she reafs our comments n if she has any self respect she herself should quit this serial. I hope the writers r reading our comments. I cant stand that lusty woman. If u want to see how she really looks and acts just watch one or two episode of Half Marriage where she is the main heroine i suppose. Yesterday i watched one or two shorts n i was laughing to myself the way she was acting. She looks also hopeless in that serial. In AKAJSE serial she has put loads of pan cake on her face. Half Naked Woman. Sorry but i cant stand that lusty woman. Due to her our lover boy has suffered so much. I want to see a tragic end of this lusty woman, that PIMP BA n that HORSE FACED MALE PUNEESH. He has got such dirty eyes. Somenody should poke hot iron rods in his eyes. I also like the way Sapihre comments about bhoomi with hatref.

  17. Thks Naz. I lve in BOMBAY INDIA. If any time u visit India we should surely meet over tea or lunch. My head is whirling seEing THAT DAMSEL IN DISTRESS LUSTFUL WOMAN. Wish the writers would end her character fm this serial. Naz if you get a chance watch this lustful ladys HALF MARRIAGE SERIAL.Yesterday i happened to see on u tube for 10 mts. So ugly she looks in that serial n acting the less said the better. I couldnt believe how come the writers of AKAJNSE could take her in this serial. In this serial she has applied loads of pancake on her face compared to Half Marriage serial. Fed ip of seeing her

  18. Sapphire 2nd Dec 2018 – 10:54 am
    You know something Naz i cannot remember how woh apna sa ended because i stopped watching it when Nisha came back from the dead with her old wretched ways; please refresh my memory; any way to correct you there are children from all walks of life attending Fatima and you are correct Brian Lara did attend Fatima; he and my nephew were in class together and they both played Cricket and then my nephew left for Moore House University to further his studies in Math Engineering. Girl some of these serials just drives me up a wall and so i sometimes give them a rest; right now i am so pissed with what happen to Sahil and instead of Vedica putting some lashes on Bhoomi she taking shit from her my gosh imagin bhoomi never got a taste of Sahils Manlihood and she going so Crazy over him what would have happened had she got a taste lol; it is so clear Vedu does not belong to her neither does Sahil because he never even touched her except when she fell so why all this madness taking over her mind and as for puneesh and his wife both of them belong in a Circus; i cannot begin to describe punesh he looks like the man in a movie I saw called THE HILLS HAVE EYES dont know if you saw it but like i said he needs to be in a Circus doing what he does best making people laugh with those big googly eyes and square head like Sponge Bobb; girl i could go on and on but to tell the truth all I wan to see is Sahil and Vedica back together again and this time let her express her true emotions for him; let us see some good romance taking place they compliment each other whether she is older or he is younger better yet she is experienced and he is young so when that stick is thrown into the fire man all hell is going to break loose lol. let Bhoomi take that in her ass lol

  19. If jacky is going to fill vedhiks’a hairline, im convinced that it wud be sahil infact..the writers will reveal it later maybe..but then if it had been sahil, he wudnt watch vedhika go through so much stress under these conditions and he will not be careless not to find ved for so long..he wont let even his chota packet to be anywhere near that lizard.. dont know how they will shape up the storyline..but i just luv AAJS..

  20. Naz. If even you come to London Let me know. I’like to meet you too. You would make a great author or reporter. You write so well. You express and describe situation as you see them. It’s such a pleasure to read your comments👍

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