Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 29th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Bari Amma’s plan to bring Sahil-Bhoomi closer

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 29th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vaidika was not ready to accept Bhoomi’s demand as it’s their personal matter, she won’t interfere. Bhoomi insists that she has spent years craving for Sahil’s love, he won’t accept her request but would surely listen to Vaidika. Vaidika was reluctant. Bhoomi says even Vaidika’s conscience won’t allow her to get intimate with Sahil before her.
Sahil plays with Ved in the room. Ved requests for a story, Sahil replies he can’t narrate any stories. Vaidika had come to speak to Sahil about Bhoomi’s desire but considers it unreasonable in front of Ved. Sahil watch Vaidika passing and narrates Ved a story of a prince who was years younger than his princess.
Nani stops Vaidika in the corridor and asks her about her decision of marriage. She asks what will happen to the

reputation of Aarya if Vaidika gets pregnant without marriage with Sahil. Aarya comes there, she hugs Vaidika and assures her side if Vaidika and Sahil can take a bold step only for Ved. She asks Nani to evolve a little and be at Vaidika’s side this time. After Nani has curtly left, Vaidika hugs Aarya and felt proud of her daughter as her biggest support.
Bari Amma comes to Bhoomi’s room inquiring about her conversation with Vaidika. Bhoomi was sure that Vaidika can convince Sahil for her rightful demand because as far as she recognizes Vaidika, she can never ruin her sister’s house. After Bhoomi had left the room, Bari Amma thinks she must take some step to bring Sahil and Bhoomi close, she will then announce Bhoomi’s pregnancy; else Vaidika’s pregnancy might bring bad name to their family. Puneesh stood outside the room and thinks he must eye Bari Amma cautiously.
Sahil stood at the door of Vaidika’s room and asks if she called him here. Vaidika says she wanted to speak to him but Ved was there to sleep. Sahil says Ved is trouble while sleeping. Vaidika smiles that he is after his father. She then speaks to Sahil that Bhoomi is worried about her own marriage, she is his first wife and is rightful to establish a relationship with him. Sahil was furious over Vaidika for deciding on his life, it’s his decision whom to consider a wife and whom to sleep with.
Vaidika clarifies that she doesn’t want to take the decision of his lives. Her decisions have already adversely affected his life. Sahil insists that he and Bhoomi lived together for Ved’s sake, his intimacy with Bhoomi won’t bring any improvement in their relationship. He says only he holds a right over his life, its rights and wrongs. He got him married to Nidhi and herself married Yash, she then left the city and even hid from him the truth of his son, Ved. He is now happy with his pains and wants to do all that’s right for Ved at the moment. Bari Amma heard the conversation from outside the door and leaves. Vaidika apologizes for hurting him. It was her mistake to marry him to Nidhi but Bhoomi isn’t Nidhi, she gave five years of her life to this relation. Sahil must surely take any decision thoughtfully.
Downstairs, Bari Amma comes to Bhoomi and tells her that Vaidika convinced Sahil. Bhoomi was cheerful. Bhoomi had come in front of the temple, thankful to God. Vaidika came from behind, she hugs Vaidika thankfully for speaking to Sahil. Vaidika wonders if Sahil took the decision willfully.
Bari Amma comes to the hotel and bribes the receptionist. He promises that they booked two rooms, 109 and 110. They will guide Sahil to the false Room#109 while Vaidika will be there in Room# 110. Bari Amma was determined to bring Sahil and Bhoomi close on the Karwachot
It was Karwachot. Vaidika comes downstairs draped in red saree. Prachi was weary of the fasting when Puneesh says he is also hungry. Puneesh spots Vaidika busy speaking with a guest and takes Moti-choor laddu for her, he says they are really tasty, she can taste them as she wouldn’t have fast. Vaidika asks if Puneesh was fasting with Prachi, how he knows their taste? Gauri intervenes and stuffs her mouth with a whole sweet. Bari Amma and Deepak were angry at her for not fasting. Gauri replies that Karwachot is for long life of a husband; when there was no respect and love in her marriage why should she disgrace such a sacred prayer?
Vaidika comes to the corridor and thinks the world would never know about her marriage with Sahil, however they are spouse in the eyes of God. She decided to fast for Sahil but couldn’t be seen by anyone else. Sahil comes there with a smile and says he knew Vaidika would surely fast for him. Bhoomi also walks there looking for Sahil.

PRECAP: Bhoomi ready in the hotel room to welcome Sahil and grateful of Vaidika. Bari Amma ready to execute her plan. Sahil enters a room, drunk.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Leisa s morris

    Was I right or was I right dat which wants bhoomi to get pregnant smh…… in real life most times it takes several tries to get pregnant which would b devastating for bhoomi bit oh so lovely for vedika and sahil but we know in these serials all it takes is one time. Sahil I pray to god u end up in d right room.

  2. Hmm, sahil smiling, dats lovely,happy dats he returning back to his old self .my joy will know no bounds wen he finds out dat BA is actually responsible for all his problems nd also wen he finds d pendrive in bhoomi’s room. OMG, dat passionate hug he will give vedika at dat time hmm….. am waiting for dat.

  3. Nina

    Vedika is doing a next foolish thing advise Sahil to have this intimacy. It’ not her business. He is the quite adult boy.

  4. Hmm… sahil smiling dats nice bt d smile wud be so nice wen he finds out dat BA is d one responsible for his problems not vedika nd also wen he finds d pendrive in bhoomi’s room. And to think of dat hug he will give to vedika wen he finds out dat she’s innocent OMG…. well i’d be waiting for dat.

  5. The circus of the series continue. Oh thanks Sona for giving detailed story line…some of us no need to watch it in action..just peruse it. Would rather use that time of watching and doing productivereal things…only took me 30 seconds to read this…

  6. Friends what do you all think. Will sahil go in vedikas or lustful bhoomis room for consummation. As i had told earlier the boozard n murderer BA.has mixed some drug in sahils sweet. That is why when sahil is shown entering the htl room he is not in his senses.l since he is drugged. Hope he doesnt consummate with blo*dy B bhoomi.

    1. Leisa s morris

      Raji I read d spoiler of bhoomi getting angry on vedika and attacking her if dat is true then im positive sahil didnt get intimate with her. I can assure u she would’ve been on cloud nine if dat had actually happened. As for sahil and vedika im not sure if dey did either as no mention was made of any consummation but their continued growing closeness is trouble for bhoomi. She may want to blame vedika for her troubles but d truth is she went into dat marriage with her eyes wide open knowing full well dat sahil loves only vedika but unfortunately she also went in with her heart wide open hoping dat he would stop love vedika and luv her. But with d way she saw sahil lovin vedika she should’ve known better but even self after being with him for five yrs it should’ve been enuff to let her know shes only goin to b wife in name only. D only chance she wuda have was if vedika was dead and still she would have to wait awhile. Yet shes here beggin for one night with her husband in hopes dat dat one nite changes everyting hmmmmm. I guess she figures shes younger than vedika and may have more appeal to sahil and after being with her sahil will reject vedika. Wats so sad is dat while hes ready to slp with vedika,((no its not just to save his sons life eh,it is also to fulfill a life long dream as he loves vedika very much )) hes not even contemplating slpin with bhoomi but we have her being fooled by BA into thinking dat sahil consented to d nite wen he has no intention of doing so. Guess BA needed her optimistic and happy for her plan to wrk. Too bad sahil is his own boss and d only one who can make decisions of his life. Unless hes drugged I dont c see him gettin it on with bhoomi at all.

      1. That’s just the thing, Bhoomi walked in there with her eyes wide open and knowing fully well that it was a marriage of convenience, nothing more because Sahil told her he could never give her the love of a husband and Vedika owns his heart, everyone knows that Vedika is Sahil’s OXYGEN… Leisa, if a man tells you that in all honesty, it’s all you need in your life.. ..anyways, now Bhoomi wants her rights, no problem but her rights are only financial and material wealth and nothing more and she should be grateful, the man she ran from on her wedding day…. Hmmmmmmm, I wish he comes back in the story, then she’ll have something to really worry about… .and I hope he could be a mixture of Puneesh and Deepak..

  7. Raji dear..im sure it wont be that bhoomi..not even if she was the last woman on earth for sahil..but i feel sad that sahil has to go near vedhika when he is not fully conscious.. even though he will recognise her in any state, i wish he was fully aware of her..
    But what i dont understand is that how can people conceive in the first attempt itself.. not everyone is so lucky.. many keep trying for years together .. there should me many more togetherness of Sadhika for us..also considering her age..
    guys am i being selfish here..ha..ha…

    1. Leisa s morris

      Dats wat I believe too dolly especially with vedikas age conception should b really hrd which is y artificial insemination is usually suggested ans still it may take many tries and if puneesh didnt interfere dat is wat wuda happened. But seeing dat dey have to do it d natural,more fun,body coming together, heart joinin way it should take more than one time for her to get pregnant.

  8. To what length will BA go to get Vedika out of Sahil life? Ungrateful woman?? How many times has Vefika put her life in danger to save her and the rest of the Agarwal?? Whycan’t She leave Sadika alone! Her evil ways has go for too long. Writers please expose her.

    Did not like last night episode. Sometimes Vetika annoys me with her thinking ways. Hats off to Arya. Poor vSahil when will he find some peace ad happiness. Bhoomi is such a bimbo. Tonight episode should be interesting.

  9. Guys again disappointing..looks like sadhika’s togetherness is also a dream sequence..
    Atleast we have the karwachauth ceremony to enjoy their scenes..gotta be satisfied with that i guess..

  10. No Dolly yesterday only i saw on u tube the commentator telling that now that sadika hv consummated their marriage now you can see new tamasha in agarwal house. After which they show bhoomi is drunk n creating havoc in the house. She goes charging towards vedika shouts at her n then like a cheap n lustful woman that brainless bhoomi pulls vedikas hair. I felt likebe ki king on bhoomis dirty ass. The amount of pancake she puts on her face. At times she looks like a KATHAKALI DANCER with her shrewd eyes. How dare she tells vedika to rqst sahil to sleep with her. Tell me one thing friends has vedika stayed more with sahil or she has stayed. Vedika must hv hardly been with sahil for a few months n see their intense love n bonding. And this DAMSEL IN DISTRESS has stayed for more tha 5 yrs n even after exposing so much could not manage to make sahil hers. blo*dy crook.

  11. When ll vampire n dracula BA be exposed. Its high time she is exposed. blo*dy woman will never allow sadika to live happily. These 3 ie WICKED BA, POISONOUS COBRA PUNEESH AND SAHIL KI BHOOKI N LUSTFUL BHOOMI should be tied together n thrown in a deep ocean so that sadika can be free of these 3 lecherous monkey brands.

  12. Friends, you know what, we should give some credit to Puneesh for his indirect role in Sadika’s wedding . He could have snitched on them, even at the mandap, but he didn’t…so…good job Puneesh, he was useful after all…

  13. Ladies, I think it’s safe to say that Vedika loves Sahil, she really does love him, her reluctance in giving easily to Bhoomi after much cajoling speaks volumes plus…i could see her pain when she was trying to get Sahil to accept Bhoomi intimately ,she was doing so because she knows that Bhoomi is Sahil’s wife too but she needs to understand that she’s the only woman Sahil would ever make love with. I seriously think that Vedika suffers from low self esteem or just plain unbelievably stupidly selfless because from time to time Sahil speaks his heart out how much he loves her but she cannot fathom the depths of his love… I’m so happy that I’m seeing him smiling and it was evident that he did change to his normal self the moment Vedika accepted his proposal. This really caught us by surprise because of the love hate relationship between the two of them, I never thought they would be married overnight but I’m damn glad the writers gave us this pleasant surprise. This hotel episode coming up would give us more thrills and drama… Hope RAJI’S heart is strong enough to take the excitement… BTW… Raji, what age you talking about dear? If you are under a century old, your heart could take it!!

    1. Leisa s morris

      Naz im afraid it takes little to get raji heart racing lol but raji can take it as long as its romance between sahil and vedika and not sahil and bhoomi else d veins in rajis head will pop lol. Cant wsit to c sahil and vedika romancing in dat aspect im just like raji…its deliciously enticing and im rubbing my hands in anticipation.

  14. punnish i hate you

  15. Gosh….. I wish the man Bhoomi left at the mandap, come looking for her…and BA? She’s pimping these days for Bhoomi. We all knew Bhoomi had her eyes on Sahil when she first came into the family….and all because Vedika brought her there.. You see friends, never keep your sisters or cousins or other women near your intended husbands, they would steal them from right under your noses… This I say from seeing it actually happening, my neighbor was betrothed to marry a rich gentleman but she introduced her to her half sister and the half sister got him in the sack unknown to my neighbor and the man married the other instead and till this day my neighbor never married but the gentleman still saw my neighbor during his lifetime and his wife had to accept it, I guess he realized that he was hoodwinked and the wife had to accept it after all she knew what she had done. However, we don’t want to see Sahil sleeping with Bhoomi, of course not because we aren’t sure how strong RAJI’S heart is!!…one more thing, a couple days before, this same gentleman came and spent time with my neighbor and then he passed away so it’s almost two years now but she still grieves for him….her first and only love!!! We however would want to see our Sadika together forever…

  16. This time i really appreciate that lizard puneesh..he did the right thing in exposing Sadhika’s wedding to all..they deserve to be recognised after all.. im forgiving him this time..ha..ha..
    If only Sahil was not so strong hearted, i donno what vedhika wud have forced him to do..
    I lost my breath when sahil held vedhika’s hand at the temple and placed it on his chest.. i donno how i myself wud feel seeing them getting closer..blush..blush…

  17. Pls Naz my heart is not that strong. I dont want sahil to even look at bhoomi. Forget about touching her. Writers hoe u r reading all our comments. If u want to bump off vedikas character see that sahil also bumped off withvedika. Dont want to see bhoomi coming close to sahil. That ungrateful lecherous woman. At any cost she wants sahil only physically. BIG HOPES.

  18. Muniya

    Sahil’s smile was precious…cutest??
    Too much irritated with Bhoomi…
    Can’t think about precap…don’t know what’s gonna happen??

  19. Leisa s morris

    Raji has us all in stitches every time we read her comments. Honestly wen she speaks about bhoomi I get dis vision in my head and I cant help dying with laughter.

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