Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 28th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Deepak to witness in favor of Vaidika

Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 28th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Prachi and Bhoomi sat with Ved and try to get rid of black magic. Sahil comes there, he grabs Ved. He clarifies that none will do this to Ved here.
Vaidika was doing the aarti. Everyone stand behind. Vaidika gives aarti and Prasad to everyone. Bhoomi clarifies that she has to win the case, she can stand in aarti with Vaidika but won’t give away her child. Bari Amma warns Sahil that he is being crazy behind Vaidika again but it might go in vain. Vaidika would snatch his son from him.
Gauri was struggling to feed Sadika but she missed her mother and wanted to go to Vaidika. Deepak comes there in a mask ready to gulp Sadika’s food. Sadika denies giving it to him. Deepak sits with Sadika to feed her. Gauri thinks she is confused about her decision, Deepak is important for Sadika.

She must stay with Deepak for Sadika’s sake. Manish is also her child’s father, what she must decide.
Vaidika was in her room. Deepak comes there and apologizes Vaidika for being so cruel to Sadika. Vaidika tells Deepak she is happy that he understands that children, no matter son or daughter are equally important. Deepak shows his willingness to help Vaidika, his witness can prove that he had switched the children in hospital when Vaidika was still unconscious. Vaidika cries thankfully. Bari Amma who peaked through the window thinks that this war is now between a mother and a grandmother; and grandmother will surely win.
Aarya comes to meet Tushar in the car. She shares with him about her confusion of custody case. Sahil had done a lot for her, but Vaidika loves her unconditionally. They kiss each other.
Vaidika and Maya stood outside the court. Nisha comes with Prasad for them. Sahil and Bhoomi also came there and warns Vaidika to withdraw her case already. In court in witness both, Nisha presents the case. Vaidika stood in the witness box, she says the papers presented to court show that Yash already named the company’s shares after her. She never needed a child to get Agarwal’s property. Bari Amma objects and was called to witness box. In the witness box, Bari Amma says Yash’s and Vaidika’s marriage was open to everyone. But Vaidika was still behind Sahil. Vaidika tells the court that Yash was a four stage cancer patient, he wished a child and she decided to give birth to Ved. Yash already trusted her then why he got that will written? And even today, she is ready to return all the shares and property to Agarwals if they wish Sahil stands and interrupts saying Vaidika left her fifteen years old child, she is being emotional in the court today. It’s up to the court to decide if she is worth being a good mother. He takes court’s permission and calls Manjolika.
Sahil was straightforward and asks Manjolika to only reply in yes or no. He asks if Vaidika told her before leaving. Manjolika replies in negation. He asks if she often contacted her. The reply was again negative. Sahil was assertive that Vaidika didn’t care for her mother at all. He calls Aarya to witness box and questions if she knew Vaidika was leaving the city? Aarya replies no. Sahil asks if she used to speak to her often. Aarya replies if was for few times, because she was angry with her for leaving them. Sahil asks Aarya who kept her and took care of her all that time. Aarya replies it was Sahil, and his family. After the witness, Vaidika says they still have a witness to prove she didn’t leave her child. She looks towards Deepak in hope.

PRECAP: Deepak gives his witness in the witness box. He clarifies Vaidika’s position in the court. Vaidika soon loses control over herself and hurts herself. Sahil supports and was close to Vaidika. Ved and Sadika stay beside Vaidika as she lay conscious in the bed.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. vedika is so cheap …sahil lied to vedika about his condition after coma and she went on honeymoon with her pati parmeshwas yash …and got pregnant for him ….and how proud she is about that …some people r so cheap and cruel that if they cant love back someone then atleast can respect their feelings ….and her lies are more, then in return of her lies should sahil also go on a honeymoon with bhoomi so that she can get pregnant as bhoomi having cancer and is in the last stage …lolzzz he would never do something like that ….sometimes i really wish it would have been a lot much better if sahil would have died ….thats why i really want sahil to que her decisions …she tangled everyone’s life with her stupid decisions ….and if everyone forgives her thats easily that so unjustified ….becoz whenever its sahil’s turn …she never says sorry only treats him like dirt …
    arya showed blood is thicker ….no matter whatever the confusion he loved her unconditionally, she saw him in pain when anjana died and vedika lied and left without saying a word …unlike vedika ki ek bacche k liye dusre bacche ki kurbani ..what she think ki sahil uske baccho k guardian h …that he will do her job …wowww seriously … sometimes it really feels like vedika uses sahil…. i still hate vedika …hopefully yash returns for vedika ….waise bhi she is yash ki wife …i wish sahil move out of that agg house and goes away somewhere …

    1. Charmin Anderson

      Seriously are u watching the same show as me. Vedika has put up with so much from that family. They have hurt her, her mother, her daughter and trying to hurt her son. Vedika child is for Sahil. How could Sahil believe vedika would kill his mother. Vedika has never hurt anyone like that. Vedika marry Yash to save Sahil and his family, she sacrifice her self just to save them. She wasn’t aware it wasn’t her child she took and left the hospital. How can you blame vedika for any of this. She lives in a society where their love would be questioned, frown upon and cursed, the only think she is guilty of is not having enough faith in herself and Sahil love to face the society being that she is older than him.

      If Vedika is to be blame Sahil is to be blamed too for believing that Vedika could commit such a heinous crime such as killing his mother. She couldn’t stand his mother hurting when she request her to sit for the puja for Sahil life, so how could she kill his mom,

      1. well the prblms r created by her ….but sahil never held her responsible for anything ….as for marrying yash ..ya she did that for sahil’s family but not for sahil ….2nd thing yash came to agg house becoz of nidhi , as she was able to give him 51%share of agg property …and she was able to do that becoz ba was not well and that happened becoz she was the one who pushed her from the stairs ….and nidhi came to agg house is all becoz of vedika ….agree or not …vedika doesnt have the right to take anyone life’s decision no matter whoever she is …..yash tried to kill sahil twice …so that 49% share for which she married yash will that be enough to buy sahil’s life ???? she had the chance not once but twice to tell sahil the truth about baby …but woowww grt vedika decided to hide for what reason ….that police inspector threatened her??…but would she be able to hurt vedika when sahil was there ??? i think sahil would rather give his life on saving vedika and her baby ……you r right being at her age i would resist but their is a difference between running away from your feeling and being foolish which will only gonna hurt sahil … rest that u r saying about vedika killing if that’s the case after vedika returned to kanpur he would have used all his powers to send her behind the bar she wouldn’t be roaming around so freely ….sahil doesn’t think that way ,he is upset that even his mom died but she is not ready to tell him the truth ….its his anger ….as for ved ba is responsible for creating the illusion that vedika left the baby to sahil and bhoomi ….why would they believe her when she never looked back ..never returned ….and now we r having blame discussion …how can vedika believe that arya mms was sahil’s fault and she gave him such a big punishment for that …sahil never knew that mohit could do something like that ….just like vedika didn’t told sahil early about the baby as she couldn’t have guessed that ba can kill anjana …
        as for vedika if she was ready to give yash a chance …then isn’t this a humanity to move out of that house and live separately …that’s fine she doesnt love him but atleast she can respect his love ….and making vedika accept her love is the very concept …reality mein kya hota h i know that ..but this show was supposed to bring change .,…. i havent seen that…

      2. Leisa s morris

        My sentiments exactly I cant see y she has so much hate for vedika I even pointed it out before but decided to stop wen I realized I wasnt getting through..vedika had been through hell from day one with dat family. She was kidnapped on bari amma’s orders…money was flung in her face even her daughter was attacked by dis family just because sahil fell in love with her. From beginnin she had to fight her feelings because of society and her own beliefs. She endured alot and yes sahil sided with her everytime but he still didnt understand where she was coming from.. with all young ppl because its wat u drsire society doesnt matter but vedika lived with all d taunts from her neighbour hood and even in sahils in household. An older man loving a younger woman is romantic but an older woman lovin a younger man is total taboo not just in indian culture but all over and vedika felt he was better of with someone his own age hence her letting herself b convinced to marry nidhi. When u sacrifice urself to save someone do u tell dat person or keep dem in d dark knowing dey would b safer dat way. Yes she didnt tell him d truth about his mothers death but would any woman who’s unborn child life is bein threatened.I know I wont my first instinct would b to protect my child no matter what. As for her goin away with yash on honeymoon she tried to get out of dat but her mother made sure she went and with yash threatening d family wat choice did she have as she already committed herself to protecting dat ungrateful family by marryong yash and gettin dem back their 49%share and place in d house. Wat more did she have to do after all dat was done.to her.

      3. As for sahil vedika herself accepted that she rejected anjanas proposal and anjana cudnt take that amd she died…now let me ask u..if vedika dint know sahil was her kids dad..if anjana came and asked her for marriage..will she say a yes..?..vedikas till knowing that sahil was her childs father had no any thots to acceot sahils proposal only just cos she was pregnant with sahils child..she had the courage to accept the relation..so now did sahil know this? No wright..acc to him vedika herself told she rejevted the proposal and anjana cudnt bear that and died..i mean why wud he have to think that ..no vedika was being blackmailed and shes lying ..i mean seriously..and tell me the last time this woman had told a truth to sahil..before the leap….she always lied to him..when a person constantly hide things and lie to u ..why wud u have any trust on him..and please dont talk abt her so called sacrifoce of marrying yash..did was sshil and fam under gun point or something?..akd it was just abt monwy..whuch jer so called pati..took control of the whole by cheating..there were ways to think properly and fight yash..but no she had to show jer mahanta by marrying yash..u guys are saying as if sahil and family requested her to sacrogice her life for them.. it was her own decision to do that..so please dont blame sahil for that..she had a lot of other alternatives..but still sje chose to marry yash cos she knew yash is a gud guy.and she was ready to give him husbands wright too..she was ready to give a chance to their relation too..and now thats not a sacrifice..sje very well knew yash loved her and hes a gud guy who can give a gud life to arya and her mom..she herself told that shes doing this for arya nani and soumya too.. now please dont blame sahil and family for that..madam ne sab ke khushi ke liye kiya ..and that was purely her decision..she dint have faith in sahil so she chose the shortcuts to the problem… remember madam her self told in one epi..paisa firse kamaya ja sakta hai but not relations..why was that not applicable here?and even now if yash hasnt died she wud have remained his pativrata patni all life..80 percent mistake of what all happened was of vedikas mistakes only..she married yash when there were other ways for agarwals to live..still sahil trusted her..then even after getting pregnant this guy was ready to accept her.. but no she chose to run away…then even after ba accusing vedika he went to vedika to know the truth as he thot vedika wud say him the truthh but there u me and i know vedika was blackmaiked..why wud sahil think of that? I means seriously i hate when people blame him to believe that..people including vedika believe what they see..(like she dint trust sahil in nidhis case) so from sahils pov he saw his mom falling from stairs ..and she points at vedika…then he comes to jail to know the truth she accepts it..nw why wud he not believe it..what had vedika ever done (that sahil knows ) in which he can trust her…was she that trust worthy?..whatever it is shes that woman who agreed to marry him amd then at mandap fooled him into marrying nidhi?…then sje agreed to acceot his proposal if he bcums a gud son …but then ome fine day got emgaged to yash..then one fine day married yash..still sahil trusted her and thot theres a reason for all this..but then sje got pregnant with yashs child…still after yashs death he was ready to accept her..but one fine day ran away..then came back one fine day..n saw his mom who came to ask her abt marriage proposal falling down from stairs and she pointed vedika..then still cos of trust he came to ask her the truth he did tell he knew there was something else that happened and begged her for truth..but madam accepted that anj died cos she rejected her proposal ..and not just that..tumhari maa tumhari junoon ki wajah se mar gaya..now isnt that cruel words from her side..u me and viewers knew that she was blackmailed but what abt sahil?..this is sahils pov..nw is this lady trust worthy?..more than the gud things she did for sahil was the bad things..she always broke his trust never gave any reason for him to trust and loosing a mother is not a simple thing for a son..and that too when the reason herself blames him for her death..so please dont forget all her bad deeds and foolishness just cos she is now all helpless and bechari..

    2. You are wrong.. Vaidika is not lying.. You didn’t watch the previous episodes.. So plz go amd watch them.. And then u may comment ur views..

      1. Ok so ill count her no. of lies if u have forgotten just cos shes all bechari now..
        1.lying to sahil that sheel marry him and then got him married to nidhi
        2.lying to sahil that sheel accept his proposal if he bcums a gud son
        3.lying to sahil abt being yashs mangetar(but eventually it turned out to be a truth)
        4.lying and hiding and doing the marriage with yash
        5.lying to sahil that shes happy in her marriage and did this marriage willingly
        6.lying to sahil abt getting pregnant with yashs child( ok now thts not accountable cos actually she got pregnant fr him only and duniye ke liye its yashs child only)
        7.eventho by blackmail lied to sahil in jail..but she escaped na..that time she cud have told the truth to sahil na..but no madam chose to run away with sadika..and then she came back did she ever try to tell sahil the truth?..no tgere also when sahil was asking for her answers..she accepted to be khudgarz lalchi..remember..so this lady dint have any problem in sahil misunderstanding her..and had no thots to tell him truth..she was ready to bear his hatred but now wanna tell him truth cos sje wants ved.. so its just abt herself and her kids sahil was never a priority for her..like she said..tumpar kya beet rahi hogi usse mujhe koi farak nahi padta..it was always like that for her..she never thot of what sahil will go thru cos of her mahanta..if veds truth was not out she wud have still beared his hatred and never must have told him the truth.. and the last lie yesterday only she told..
        What ba told..wasnt it true..she married yash but wasnt she behind sahil in one or the other way..her patidev had cancer 4th stage and instead of spending time with him she was busy behind bhumi amd sahil convincing bhumi to not do engagement …and this lady again lied to the court that there were never fights btw her and yash..and that yash trusted her…lol..really..if my memory is wright ..yash always forced her and fot with her telling abt sahil..also the day yash died they had a fight regarding sahil..and shes saying they never had fight and yash trusted her ..lol..this lady is really unbelievable…

  2. Nina

    Bhoomi persistently seizes by the else’s son though will be able to birth own baby. I stay on Vedika’s side she has the indisputable sacred right to her son. But why does she keep silent about her forced conduct?

  3. Leisa S Morris first of all sahil whole family is not ungrateful…becoz of ba and punesh u cant say that for the whole family, prachii always taunted vedika but never did anything more than that, anjana shruti and gauri they never did anything ….its not about young generation thinking …it about what right and wrong …decisions taken becoz of your personal belief r not always right …and we can see very properly in case of vedika …..let me tell u one thing vedika mom is a gold digger, i dont know how can i respect someone like vedika’s mom she is all about money and was ready to marry off vedika to any rich man of her age …but vedika what’s wrong with sense of decision she has a daughter what about her opinion ??….she wanted vedika to marry gautam ….but sahil saved her becoz he knew gautam was not the right person ….something was off about him ..if he didn’t have saved her in the first place …so many problems would have solved …..but no he didn’t becoz he loved her that’s why he went deeper to find out about him ….its not vedika alone but sahil also has done a lot …he has put his life on the line for the sake of vedika not once but multiple times …u keep someone in dark only when it was for the benefit ….but where it is that ??and if u say money well i dont agree benefit is not about money ……and as u said that saving the child was a mother responsibility/ priority well that goes same for the father …isn’t …?? as for society u r talking if u dont make an attmept to change it nothing will change…you r only considering from vedika’s pov …but i m thinking from all prospective that’s the difference …if u say what she did was right then there is no sahil and vedika …and when there is no love story ..then why r u watching this show ??? moreover sahil has already given vedika an upper hand by expressing his love in the radio ..he blamed that everything happened was becoz he loved her ..but she hasnt even replied ..everyone praised his guts to love her ….as u said what else she could have done …well if she really wanted to help she shouldn’t have married yash ….no matter what ..money and life cant be valued at same level ..yash married her for love and revenge from sahil …why sahil when he never did anything to yash ..it was ba …and he suffered becoz yash wanted vedika ….i m from young generation ,….with time thinking needs to be changed ,…so that u can write a better tomorrow …and all of the india is not backward ….i wont say that can be changed at 100% but we try to make a difference thats the very concept of this show ….

    1. Leave it dear….these people have totally forgot everything what sahil did for vedika..they only remember vedikas so called sacrifices for sahil…from day one if she is hurt ..then why did she chose to stand in that hurt.?…see.if she was a normal woman who was scared of society then she shud have stayed away from that family..why was she finding reasons to help the family and acting like a bahu..u all are saying she suffered cos of ba and sahils family..from which he always saved her…but sahil suffered from her mental tortures itself…u guys are telling it in a way that sahil loving vedika was like a punishment for her..Cos she had to suffer a lot..I mean seriously?…I repeat vedikas suffering was cos of sahils family and sahils suffering was cos of vedika herself..like some people said..vedika suffered a lot cos of sahils love..why did she take all that suffering she cud have just stopped herself from.interfering in him and his life matters..but was madam ready to leave him alone?..no she wanted to show mahanta by getting him married by fooling him..if u cant love or marry its fine..but why deciding their life decisions?..she shud have just stayed away from him..And his cruel family..and then why keeping on doing things like a bahu to that family who tortured her..she shud have stayed away again..but no madam wants to be Mahaan again..and for their sins when sahil seperates from them this lady sends him back..prays for ba who has done this much to her…goes to dargah brings holi water..now is this all for real..?..if ur tagged with a guy and family..And u don’t like it..then u shied stay away from them..but vedikas chose to stay with them and do duty of a bahu..And I still ask what was the need to.marry yash for saving his family?..was anyone gonna die or what.?..instead she had to be sahils support and what’s wrong it was just agarwal house and jewellers whole kanpur wasnt in yashs name..why wudnt vedika sahil deepak and all get a job?and start a new life..But no madam wanted to give them their lucuries back..u guys are saying she suffered fro day one..but for her it wasnt a suffering..if it was then she shudder have stayed away from them..And what to say..sahil helping vedika in nishis marriage case..otherwose she wild ave been homeless..sahil saving arya from goons whom vedikas then mangetar gautam hired…then sahil proving bedikas innocence in s*x trafficking case..then sahil saving vedika from gautam..then sahil saving vedika from truch sahil paying aryas school fees sahil doing bike stunt to stop vedika from going to jail..sahil saving vedikas from pandey…all these have been forgotten just cos he is now misunderstanding vedika now..wow..slow claps..people only remember vedikas so called sacrifices for sahil..If vedika has gone thru a lot sahil too has gone thru even more..also I dont understand marrying yash was a sacrifice?.. And remember before marriage he told he wont force er it’s just for soumya hes doing marriage lol..after marriage soumya was no where in his thots…he just wanted vedika and her body..but wait before marriage vedika knew yash is a gud guy and will keep her mom and daughter happy..now how is that a big fat sacrifice she knew yash is a gud guy..she thought he wont force her..she kneww her mom and daughter will be happy..And she knew she will get rid of sahils pagalpan..in her language..And I am saying thatthat the gurl whom everyone are blaming now..for stealing vedikas baby..u can call hers a sacrifice..for her sisters child she married a man whom she knew wud.never bcum hers..she knew she wud mever get wife’s wright but still decided to be veds mom..never complained or forced sahil to love her..even after having ebey wright to question him for spoiling her life by getting her into this loveliness relation..now thats called sacrifice..marrying a guy for someone near to u even when u know it won’t be a happy relation..And I really feel her love is more pure than vedikas so called love which u all say..(as I never saw or heard saying abt her love)…vedika never valued his love..also dint ever think abis sahils feelings..did she ever think of sahils feelings before marrying yash..in a so called helpless situation..I mean seriously sold herself to yash or what?..And then when hash too wasnt convinved abt art insemination this lady was so excited to get pregnant cos she wanted t stop sahils madness(in her language).. bhumi always understood sahil..but vedika never did or even try to understand him..for her his love appeared as bachpana and pagalpan always…

      1. One more point I forgot to add..acc to vedika she had experienced everything in life ..And was 42 years of age..And then she.married yash..but look at bhumi..a very young gurl..who had to experience a lot of gud things in life..literally sacrificed her life for ved and sahil..And her possesiveness for ved is justified atleast to me..and im really liking how sahil is supporting bhumi.here..If he wud have supported vedika and wen around her..I wudnt have liked it..sahil and bhun. Are wright in their own way..Cos they dint steal ved..they were made to believe that vedika left ved..And why wudnt they believe it..I mean she.never came back after that..also left arya a 15 yr old daughter and mother..then why not this small kid…And what vedikas is doing to bhumi.now is absolutely wrong..its ok if u want ur child or a mothers wright..but all alone? Thats not done.. And atleast cant she give some time for bhumis and sahil to detatch from ved if she wanna take him away..for.her it maybe was easy to give away sadika..And now sadika is no where in.her thots..that poor lil gurl is all sad thinking her mumma loves ved more..just imagine her condition?..I really feel now vedika is obsessed with ved..she doesn’t think of others hapiness anymore..especially her loved ones like sami ved and sadika..its just abt herself and her mamta…but I wud say even bhumis mamta is equal to hers..yes she is veds yashoda only no doubt in that..And I hate it when people make fun of her and calls her name..cos shes possessive abt ved which anyone in her position wud do…if vedika was in her situation all wud have sympathised with her.. And I really feel bad for bhumi cos in fiture when sahil comes to.know the truth..heel return ved to vedika and bhumi wont be able to do anything abt it..

  4. Muniya

    Deepak was good…
    I don’t really like the long court room scenes in serials or films…but it was good.

  5. Ok dear divya n shika if you so much want bhoomi n sahil to become one then why argue here write to channel or director to make bhopmi n sahil together. After all both r young n can hv as many children they want. If u think that disgusting sahil really loved vedika as he shows then why did he hide ved’s truth fm vedika. And madam bhoomi knew sahil would nevet love her. Yet with her cock eyed eyes wide open she maried the matlabi sahil thinking one day this handsome person would become hers and also his vst wealth. So pls tell bhoomi to gv vedikaher ved back n to try n make sahil hers n hv a child every yr as they both the disgusting characters r very young n energetic. Shame on both of them. Dont feel like watching this serial any more. Or better tell nidhi to do some kala jadu n bring both disgusting sahil n bhoomi together n produce many children.

    1. What abis vedika leaving arya?And now sadika..can that be justified?..did arya come in her thots before leaving kanpur wit sadika?..And please dont tell me that it was maas tyaag for one child she had t sacrifice othet one..but no..for a maa all her children shud.be equal..And she cud have atleast told arya the reason why she was leaving before leaving kanpur…And I dont understand u guys u had no problem with vedikas supporting yash who tried to molest her kill sahil cos of revenge against ba he torture the whole family..still vedika tagged him as a gud person and was ready to give their relation a chance..And I have the same dialogue what vedika told sahiis yesterday for u..the hatred shudnt be this much that u dont see the truth..its not easy for a mother even tho not by blood..to just give away a child like that as vedika did with sahil..And u think ved will be happ. Living alone wit vedika without his dad..ok to bhumi he isnt that close I agree..he has more motherly feelings towards vedika..but not more than sahil..he is way too attached with sahil..when vedika was running away with him..look how did ved react that he wants too see his dad.. so its not just ant samiand but also it wont be easy for the kid to have a sudden change in his family status..where once he had a whole family and now only mom.. And fyi sami din steal ved..it was ba..And then vedika never came back..also she left arya..this is their pov.. now shud they think that there was. A child swap..And she took someone elses child and went away..I mean seriously?..And fyi vedika escaped from jail she cud have gone to sahil to tell the truth..but did she..?If she had done that then.whole mu wud have been clear…but after 5 years things have changed..sami has been taking care of ved like their own..both sami arent happy their only hapiness is ved..And vedika just can expect for them to give back ved …I mean seriously cant she already give time to them…u have only problem in sahil hiding things ..dont have problem in vedikas doing the same?..as for sahil ved is the only happiness left in his life..when sadikas truth was out sahiis was abt t say to vedika but bhumis stopped him..And there what he did was wright..acc to him he has see bhumi giving all her love to bed like own child…And just cos bedika is proven innocen, doesnt mean vedika can take away bed like that…And mind u..vedika did tell sheel take bed away from them if she gets custody..but sahils motive isn, that..he never wants tow seperate ved and vedika..he is fighting for the custody cos he knows if vedika gets custody..sheel take away ved and run away like usual..but sahil has no thots of doing that..he was happy when ved took vedika with him..to his room..now thats the difference btw sahil and vedika..this custody drama was brot in by vedika herself…And that’s why sahil had to fight..And saw in yesterday’s epi when all went after puja..sahils expression told that he isnt happy doing this..but again its vedikas selfishness which is being problem here..they say na..its abt not giving birth but taking care of that baby and loving the baby makes a mother a real mother..she left her 15 yr old daughter who stayed with her these many days..in the name of sacrifice and sabki khushi keep liye..then why not a 5 yr old son..whom she did not even know to be her son.?…And talking about blood ved is not just vedikas ..he is also sahils… so whats wrong in sahil having ved?…And please dont tell me abt producing children every year and all..thats not sahils or bhumis cup of tea..we all know who has the ability to produce bacha even in this age out of insaaniyat…lol..vedika as a mother is a failure..to arya whom she left one fine day..And look at sadikas condition…the day she knew ved is her son..she totallme forgot abt sadika wit who she lived these many years..now is that a mother..in that way sahil and bhumis are much better than vedika..they very well knew ved isnt theirs but, still gave hi all the love and care like their own..really felt bad for sadika when she asked gauri that whis dI’d vedika take ved with her..now her daighter na…did this so called MAA think of that luttle kid before taking by his step..thats why its better for sahiis to get veds custody..cos like sahiis said aapak koi baraosa nahi hai vedikaji..aap kabhi bhi kuch bhi kar sakti hai…tomorrow out of other helplessness what guarantee she wont leave ved and go..after what she did wit sadika…I hate her even more..all she cares abt is of ved..atleast sahil is guilty for doing all this..its eveident from his expression..And his dialogues..And he is not being able to see vedika in this condition..but look at vedika..she doesn’t care ababout, what wil sahil feel when ved is taken away from him with whom he spent almost 5 years..as his own son..atleast as a MAA can’t she think ved..he will loose his dad..If she gets custody…u guys had no problem in vedika slapping sahiis for yash ..supporting yash even after he molested her..but now has problem wit sahil supporting bhumi who sacrificed her life for ved?…whatever u say its ones opinion..And yes after vedikas marriage to yash and her being a pativrata patn, to yash and she doing everything to please yash and hurt sahiis thru that…I dont mind in sami being a real couple..after all yashika was a real couple only..if hash dint have medical problem she wud have beared his child..so as a human bhumi deserves hapiness..as she never hurted anyone intentionally..If vedika gave a chance to molestor yash why can sahiis give a chance to bhumi whose love is also selfless like vedika…more than sahiis and vedika..now im having more sympathy for bhumi..in your disgusting nd shameless language cock eyed digusting woman…

    2. Not evencos interested in explaining to u..of what I feel or not..cos I cant be or think as cheap as u..And ur comment shows not just hatred for bhumi but also the actress playing it..have seen ur comments too..in other episode wu I’ve seen it..And abt making babies..its not samis cup of tea…we all know who at this age can produce bacha for hum umars..lol..arya with anurag ved for yash accidentally sahils..now wait for next hum umar sheel produce child …I’m sorry..but I talked to u in your own language..I usually dont speak like this..but to talk to I had to come to your low standard…And yes for me better than mahaan vedika who only thinks abt samaajs and hum umars hapiness…And not sahils..is bhumi who genuinely cares for sahil..And loves him..And really I’m not being able to accept vedika as sahils after her pativrata patni act to yash..If hash hadnt died she wud have still remained his wife…And dont even get me started with vedikas mamta..left arya for sadika…then left sadika for ved..lol this is her mamta.. she doesn’t care abt any of her kids..left arya cos of so called helplessness..then when she came to sadika isnt her blood..now sadika is nowhere in her thots..poor gurl still cares a lot for her mother who dint even think of her while running away with her own son…now is that a mother?

  6. divya and shika , we understand sahil and his pain …but do writers feel it no they dont …they will show vedika mahan and sahil again behind her asking for forgiveness that he could have believed her and all that ….they were never on the same page …..vedika shown as mahan overpowered by her beliefs ki main 42yr ki hun jo karti soach k karti hu …and sahil was always beneath her …always asking for her to trust him and asked for forgiveness even if he was not wrong all becoz he loved her by all his heart …how many times did vedika said sorry for ruining his life?? …just once for nidhi …and how much he suffered becoz of nidhi ?? thats just nothing for vedika …but still sahil never blamed her ….and seriously i m telling u they will show him again going behind her ..and she knows how to use him ….even in yest ep he was happy at the time of puja …and when she said about yash’s condition in court and why she got preg ..he was kind of relaxed …so its very obvious he wont que her and her decisions ….which is bad…since i believe vedika needs to realize that her mahanta never helps anyone …

  7. Makino i think u r a very big fan of botj sahil n bhoomi. I think u r also young like them. So naturally u lllike ttheir pair. U keep on harping about that fickle minded sahil and that over acting ki devi bhoomi. You r criticizing vedika all the time. Tell me when vedika told that sahil thatcshe has not murdered his mother why didnt sahil try to find out who is the murderer. Also when ved was kidnapped n sahil came to know latet that he was not kidnapped by vefika thenbwhy didnt yr sahil try to find out who kidnapped ved. And how can u forget that it was great sahils mother who forced vedika to sit in the puja to save her maverick son. vedika came to live in Aggarwal house for her daughter aarya n also yash was owning 51% share. So stop criticising vedika.

    1. ohhh really she came to agg house for arya and then ran away with ved ….wowwwww what a woman she is … i may be young but i m talking about sahil and vedika not bhoomi btw i have mentioned as an example not for some relation , i think u need to read the comment properly before pointing out someone may be becoz u r old geezer and not able to see things properly and with your way of ur language it shows how old u r ….and moreover if u r young that doesnt means u r wrong …u have a wrong perception about that ….lady ….as for sahil’s mother death well she told him after he lost his trust over her ….just like arya case she didnt trusted him even though he tried to make her understand …as for kidnapping he did …but the writers didnt showed more than that ….as for vedika sitting in puja with sahil …well sahil saved that unworthy and selfish woman so many time by risking his own life … freedom of speech u see…

    2. Who are u to stop us critisising mahanta ki devi vedika..how can u justify her actions of marrying of sahil to nidhi?huh?…And like sahil dint vedika also misunderstand sahiis when nidhi told she was pregnant?..wh din she try to find out the truth then?..And this lady is a person who can say anything anytine..I means seriously.. one day she accepts of killing anjana and after 5 yrs comes and says she dint…now whats that..why shud sahil trust her..did she do anything to him in which she was trust worthy?..always she broke her promises hid things from him..even if now veds matter wasnt out she wud have never told sahil abt her innocence…in nidhis case sahiis was always blaming vedika and all saboots were against her and did ur vedika ji the intelligent lady try to find out if sahil aaying is true or not..even when everything like nidhi stealing money and she misbehaving wwith sahil was infront of vedikas eyes this lady found reasons to support her.. And now ur saying sahil had to find reasons behind her lie really…?fickle minded isnt sahil its vedika…who agreed to marry cruel yash and then forgave him even after molesting her..And slapped sahil for him…And what wrong did ba say..vedika married yash but was always behind sahil one or the otehr way..even yash had complaints regarding that..And yesterday in court shes saying they never had any issues..what a big liar..lol.. now thats what u call cheap.And disgusting…inside she loves sahil ..And goes behind him but when problems arises she makes it looks like it’s sahils pagalpan…And mind u..u r no one to stop us from critizising a character we dont like everyone has their own opinions and we are free to express….we will criticize vedikas as much as we want..And that’s our own wish…she was not a gud friend or lover t sahil was not a gud wife to yash and is nit a gud mother to any of her kids..And that is the truth….all she does is a lot of magenta and hurt sahil..im really happme sahil showing nafra, to her..she deserves it..And shes even more over acting than bhumi..u know how..was showing and doing all possible ways to make sahil.move..in life and when he actually decided to move on this lady was busy convincing bhumi to nit do engagement…And was feeling bad for sahil moving…And now that’s called double standards..And this shows that this woman wanted to be yashs wife and show off to world that theres nothing btw her and sahil and wanted sahil to behind her like a dog.wanted to keep his guft and all..And now thats called utter cheapness..how much ever u try u cabt justify all this actions of vedika like getting him married to midi marrying yash and all

  8. Interesting conversation. I thought that my contributions usually were too long….Wow!! Just for the record, Anjana did go to Vedika with marriage proposal…and Vedika had accepted, to cut a long story short, Anjana subsequently died from the fall, Vedika was blamed, there wasn’t an investigation, as in all serials (conveniently) and the rest is history. However, before blaming anyone for where the chips are lying, society is to blame as is portrayed here, IF a relationship between two consenting adults could be accepted for what destiny gave to us, and not set stipulations on age, gender, race, class, financial status and whatnot, then we wouldn’t have something to discuss as in the case of AKAJS.. This is a serial of not who’s right or wrong per se, it’s more about what should we do about the bias thinking of our society and how the decisions which are made which impacts on the lives of the people who experience the rigors of narrow mindedness. Vedika was content in her life as a widow with a daughter and mother to take care of, trying to make ends meet, until storm Sahil fell for her, she didn’t go looking for a relationship…for all of us who have been watching from the beginning, we tried to understand Vedika but no one’s perfect, neither in their thinking nor in how they live life, everyone makes mistakes, while I don’t agree with a lot of decisions made by Vedika, this character just epitomizes what could be the life of one such woman. Vedika acts in situations after much thought and we’ve always seen how fast paced problems do get solved in this serial, we’ve seen her use reverse psychology a lot of times to get to the bottom of issues, her mind is that of a mature woman, always thinking of the people around her whose lives would be impacted by her decisions so she’s careful of what she does. Sahil is the opposite of her, I don’t need to elaborate on this everyone knows his mind, but it’s the blinders he wears, is what has shaped his life, he’s put too much trust in the woman whose love is warped and that’s why his life is the way it is and subsequently, the woman he fell in love with, has to pay a heavy price since he happened to be the man destined to her.

    1. Leisa s morris

      Naz maybe its because we’re older and has been through some tough,life changing situations and had to subsequently make decisions dat not only affected ourselves but others dat we can sympathize,not always agree but sympathize with some of d decisions vedika makes. As u pointed out vedika didnt go lookin for a relationship but wen it found her it was in d guise of a boy/man half her age who only felt and didnt care about d said society dat was brandishing vedika as some kinda pervert. Ive liked guys before but didnt give them a chance because of my thinking no matter how convincing they were and some were younger dan me. Its just how ur wired sometimes. Fighting ur feelings having ppl tell u u shouldn’t feel how ur feeling even going to d lenghts to destroy ur career, yes sahils family tried to destroy her career, trying to destroy u and ur family emotionally and physically is not a gd ting to go through. Is only wen she found out dat she was carrying sahils child even wen dey were never intimate did she realize dat god believes dey belong so society could tale a flying leap. Sometimes we all just need to believe dat wat we’re feeling is right and just go for it but im telling u if I had to go through wst vedika has I will think 100 times before I take dat leap.

  9. WTH… Since when has this forum become so toxic? I’ve been watching this serial since its inception and this week comments from a few new commentators have sunk to a new low. Makino, I’ve been reading your comments dear, since a while now and I do admire and read your contributions, but this conversation of yours has attracted a right wing or left wing, depending on which side one looks at it, and it’s coming across unattractive. Please be mindful that our contributions should all be respected and that it’s OK to agree to disagree without being offensive to others. Shika and Diya, please respect the views of others on the forum, I wouldn’t like to see a repeat of the denigrating comments which occurred on another recently concluded serial… WAS… I don’t own this forum, neither do any of you. You all write like that of a youthful mind, but there are those here who don’t see through rose coloured lenses because we’ve experienced life in its true colors. A healthy discussion would give us a better chance in life if we were to ever be in a position like Vedika one day…This ought to be a great lesson for us…im still learning.

    1. frankly i dont speak so heavy words like u..what u say is not clear to me and some of it i dont agree ..society is made of individuals if one can not make a different opinion/ choice then nothing will change …as for my perception well i believe in “never give up”… and i never take sides i always evaluate the situation first then i make my decision …..whom should i help …and what i believe is, if in a situation u have other option but dont becoz u r scared to do it …then u dont have the right to complain about the consequences of it , neither u have the right to blame some xyz person or the society or the situation since thats just an excuse…u urself is to be blamed for ur situation unless its totally unavoidable …
      and yeah one more thing the era u live is very different and people r searching for a better tomorrow to live with and if u dont leave behind the old ways then for sure u will be left in the mist of time …
      and moreover if society is that important for her then she should have accepted she loves him …as it will give courage to other widows that they deserve a better life than that whether to be with someone who respects and cares (young or same age ) or without anyone ….if i were in vedika’s position i will still do what i have mentioned ….i would rather make different choice ….becoz i believe in gutsiness… and yeah u sound like a highly person so i m sure u will also come up with better solutions than what vedika opted …

      1. Makino, if Sahil and Vedika hadn’t ever met…on paper…you and all of us wouldn’t be having discussions at all…

    2. waise its not about side …one needs help and other needs to realize where she is wrong …so that she can be saved to …if it solely on me i would do something which will help both of them ..

  10. Well said Naz.. Thank you.
    Hope this ends now. We are all allow an opinion and it would be nice to respect each opinions.

    1. That’s all we ask for. You know Pooja, we can have constructive conversations here….like we’ve been doing since AKAJS’s inception but as has been happening in all of the serials, there are those who see it black and white and some who see it in colors but it’s the disrespect for having your own opinions and having healthy discussions which doesn’t line up with the thinking of others, is what is the reason for the bashing and wanting exclusivity on the forums. I’ve said what I thought was right, if I offended anyone, it wasn’t my intention I was just trying to enlighten… Happy to be back…

      1. But naz dint u read rajis comment abt she calling bhumi cock eyed..And also I remember seeing her comment bad abt the actress playing bhumi too..now is that fair?..its ok u hate the character..but why the person playing the role..And commenting on someones looks?..Is that fair?…and what abt her comments like sami producing children every year as their young and energetic?..now is that a fair language ..?..u blamed us..but why not raji..who was equally or even used more foul language to not only the character..but also the actor playing it…and is commenting on her looks too…cock eyed really?..is that fair from her side to comment on actors looks or any features of the body…now is that a healthy discussion?…If I’ve offended anyone im sorry..And will never ever commen, from now on..but this is wrong..raji..ur hatred shud be to the character shud not go to the actor playing it..And bhumis as a character isnt that bad..she is wright in hertheir own place her insecurities are justified ..her son whom she took care of these many years is going away from her..And she has seen and is seeing sahils hidden love for vedika in that mask of hatred he has wore.. And cos of black magic she saw sadika in a close position at night..isnt it obvious for her to react this way.? Anyways its ones opinion all have wright to express.. but wont comment here after…as the wrong ones were pointed out clearly…sorry again if ive hurt anyone..but this is my opinion that raji has to mind her language while commenting and try not to troll the actors for their look and call them names..

  11. Thk u Naz. I was missing yr comments. Wondering where u hv gone. I felt so happy2day reading yr comments n supporting vedika. We all know bhoomi was eyeing sahil since the time she came in aggarwal house. Sahil himself has told her this in one of the previous episodes. She also knows by keeping ved to herself shealways in aggarwal house n still thinkin that sahil will accept her one day. Secondly 2 people ie BA n Prachi r suuporting her. Thks Naz once more. I love to reaf ypurs n Laxmis comments

    1. You are most welcome dear. I came back from a little vacation in Cancun, needed it. As you know, vacations are hectic even though you go for relaxation, and even though I was reading the updates, typing comments would have taken up too much time and so here I am. I missed all the chats though and reading those subsequent comments, were rather appalling. Lakshmi is taking a little break from this forum for the time being. Anyways, I couldn’t see you guys getting trolled, it wasn’t fair. Leisa, Pooja, Dolly, Muniya, yourself and Nina has been here as loyal viewers for too long, we’ve seen the genesis of Vedika and Sahil’s very unique relationship and you know that while we don’t agree with some of the things Vedika has done but that’s how real life situations do happen and we have to find solutions and solve issues and make mistakes like humans ought to and that’s the curious case of Vedika’s life as it is. Sigh… As in all Indian serials, writers seem to be screwing this one up too. When I read about the witchcraft thing, I couldn’t believe that the only serial I was holding on to, had become tainted by this abhorrent track of witchcraft. Why why why did writers dabble in this crap, is beyond my thinking… Seriously, I hope that Deepak’s testimony is beneficial to the case. I still cannot tolerate Prachi, I wish she can catch the slithering lizard of a husband in some kinda questionable position, that would give her something to focus on and leave the others to their problems…too meddlesome in my book. I think Bhoomi’s love for Ved is borderline obsession, this is the only way for her to hold on to Sahil. Her character was a selfless and beautiful one but writers are turning her into a shrew of sorts, even Sahil isn’t the Sahil I fell in love with, I don’t know him these days, I’m wish writers can do a 180deg turn… However Sahil in intimate situations with Vedika, in any form or mood, I’d accept, anyday… He’s just this charismatic… Let’s hope to see a little more positivity in the weeks to come…

  12. Shika.. You don’t need to come off the forum, you have friends here who agree with your comments, in the same way, I wouldn’t leave because I cannot get along with a few, I’d leave because the story would have lost its direction and then it would be my choice to stop watching what I don’t like. You carry on..from now on, it’s either I read your personal comments or leave it because we may not see eye to eye on certain situations…fair enough? When this witchcraft mess started, I almost called it a day but my reason for staying is much more than the crap of witch Nidhi, I’m more interested in seeing how this unique story ends but at the moment, writers have lost their way, the characters have been butchered and if things keep going downhill, I may even take a break. As I see it now, whatever happened, has happened…Vedika made many a bad decision and instead of us arguing why she made them, the conversation should be how to fix them instead because the decisions have already taken place and a lot of lives have been affected…. Just like how Vedika and Sahil have to still coexist in each others lives, it’s the same thing with us, if we don’t agree with another person comments, it’s a personal choice to rebutt or agree with what’s been said and we should hold ourselves accountable for the conversation which follows… I in no way think it’s right to personal attacks, characters are allowed but if you see the the glass half full, it’s also half empty, Bhoomi is expecting too much from Sahil and her way of holding on to him is through Ved, I think she has lost sight of what her position is in Sahil’s life and Vedika is her sister, she could walk away from the situation at hand but when Ved’s paternity is revealed, the dynamics of the relationship among Sahil, Bhoomi and Vedika is going to be changed drastically. Vedika is trying to hold on to the only thing that is Sahil’s, that’s Ved. Come hell or high water, Bhoomi would never have Sahil’s love and this isn’t real life here where she has to worry about the sanctify of wedding vows and what society thinks, writers have thrown that out the window a long time ago, it’s easier to walk away from the situation at hand but in reality, this is a more difficult thing to do. Makino has mentioned that this is modern times and examples should be set but it’s easier said than done especially in conservative India. I know in my space that people have a 7 day mentality and things just blow over but I don’t know how it works in India, maybe people they aren’t that forgiving, this serial is set in India and I base my views, opinions and comments on this premise …when you get older, you wouldn’t see life as it is now, time has a way of changing our minds and the way we see life and then maybe you’d understand the decisions made by Vedika, although we don’t agree to a certain extent by what she’s done at times, we need to think of the consequences of our decisions and how it would impact the lives around us that really matters…that’s the predicament of Vedika’s life!! Hope I didn’t offend you it wasn’t my intention… Peace!

  13. Cathy

    Geeeeeez, and i thought the KumKum forum was going bad…Naz, hope your Mexican VaCa was wonderful, did you stay at the Moon Palace? My sister and her family go there a least once a year.

    1. OMG Cathy… Vacation was AWESOME!! I’ve never seen such tropical beauty before and yes, we stayed at the Moon Palace…before I could put my luggage down, we got warm towels to wipe our hands, the ambience was beautiful, when I thought that the waters on the Barbadian coastline was beautiful and I should try diving from the aircraft, here comes another scenery worth every moment of watching it. I want to go back there, preferably with my children but with their work schedules, it’s a bit of inconvenience, i went with friends instead. You should try it. Hell… The USA isn’t the only place to visit!!

      1. Cathy

        No U.S trips for this girl not until that idiot Trump is out of office…My bff and i are planning a trip to Cuba!! couple of old ladies on the prowl lol, okay not really but we can look. 😉

  14. Guys what are u all arguing about actually? V r enjoying the delicate love story of Sadhika..but the writers have spoiled it to a greater extent.. let’s just enjoy our favourites as it is..

  15. Leisa s morris

    I agree with naz theres no reason for anyone to leave d forum unless they r not happy with d serial itself. Healthy discussions r gd d older folks on dis forum has been through most of it I wont say all cause we still alive to go through more. I can attest for myself that ive made some bad decisions in my life, would i change it if I could, to b honest if I had d same knowledge as then and goin through d same im sure i’ld do d same ting again lol cause at any given point in life we make decisions based on wat we think is right,wat we’re going through at d moment and who we can confide in…and sometimes we have noone so we have to decide and hope its for d best. Vedika has had to bring up a child on her own labelled as a widow ,that in itself is not easy. She had to take care of her mother.Every decision she makes she has to take both of dem into consideration. Then theres so society but I wont go into dat again lol.Wen ur younger its just black or white ,i know ,I was there once its only wen u get older u know theres other colours to life dat falls outside dis black or white reality. So pls dont feel offended by our comments and dont leave because of it. Try instead to learn from dis and decide wat contributions u can make to ur life and others through dis forum and dis serial.

    1. Charmin Anderson

      Agreed, both Sahil and Vedika have made mistake. Why Sahil have a certain mindset vedika was grown up in a certain way, the traditional way. It will take time for her to be brave enough to go against the social norms. I think she will in time. We can all agree to disagree what we must not do however, is be disrespectful in our comments. Some love sadika some don’t the end game is sadika, this is just the journey to get to that point. The road is often not straight, it has a lot of corners, bumps and potholes. What we are seeing now is sadika corners, bumps and potholes. I like Bhroomi, however, she knew sahil loved vedika and will only love vedika so she should have never injected herself in the middle. She should have stood her grounds and told sahil and bari amna no to the marriage proposals. She should have insisted Sahil searched for vedika. She knew vedika longer than sahil and should have known vedika would never have left home if it wasn’t for some dire situation. I think Bhroomi fell in love with sahil even before vedika left and believed with vedika leaving sahil would have forgotten vedika. I like Bhroomi, i just don’t think she have the type of chemistry needed to be the jodi of the show.

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