Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 26th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika discovers reason of Aarya-Puneesh marriage

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Sahil recognizes the girl as Daisy and tells Bari Amma she is the daughter of his babysitter in childhood times. Puneesh asks why she then recognized him as Jacky. Sahil says her mother Lata was a fan of Jacky Shroff, so she called him Jacky. Prachi can’t remember who Lata was. Vaidika stops Sahil from explaining himself, and confronts Prachi that not everyone is a betrayer like her husband. Why he couldn’t let the pooja take place. Daisy sits on the floor saying she can’t leave without her share in pooja. Sahil takes Daisy outside to drop her. Puneesh thinks there is surely something wrong which he must find.
Sahil and Daisy go out in each other’s arms to have ice cream. He tells Daisy that right now he is Sahil Agarwal, Daisy must stay away from his family at every cost. Puneesh

follows her.
Nani comes to Usha’s house and asks for a box of sugar. Usha goes inside. Nani finds a photo album on the floor and opens it. It was the album with Usha and children. Usha snatches the album and tells Nani to leave her house, she is no friend to know everything. After Nani has curtly left, Usha breathes of relief as if Manjula had seen the next video, her presence here and connection with all of them must have revealed.
Vaidika sat in her room wondering where Bhoomi could and Ved go, Bhoomi is not replying to her calls. She wish Ved returns home and her unborn child is able to save his life. She was distressed that she left both her children.
Prachi was curt watching Puneesh’s disgraceful video in the room. She was curt wondering how Aarya forwarded her such disgraceful video. Aarya stood behind her in the room, she looks in the mirror and asks if her sindoor looks perfect? She reminds Prachi of the deal and says if she wants to cradle her and Puneesh’s child, she must keep a distance from her. Someone dropped something behind them. Vaidika stood behind and questions how dare Aarya even considered such a filthy deal with them. Aarya tries being rude with Vaidika and replies she is old enough to take some of her life’s decisions. Vaidika tells Aarya that Sahil taught her to fight for herself. Aarya is her life, she will fight for her life and anyone ruining it no matter if its Aarya herself. She drags Aarya outside into her own room. Aarya was crying and tries to explain herself. Vaidika takes her mangal sooter off and pours the whole jug of water to wash her sindoor. Both mother and daughter now badly cried. Vaidika asks how could she decide to marry such a filthy man, couldn’t she discuss it with her? She turns to leave the room. Aarya asks Vaidika how they will save Ved if she doesn’t do all this. She tells Vaidika that Puneesh has kidnapped Bhoomi and Ved and kept them in a hiding, he conditioned that if she wants to save Ved then she must marry him and give him a child.
Vaidika was broken and about to fell down when Sahil comes there and support Vaidika. She cries for help from Sahil. He asks Aarya what Puneesh said about Ved. Aarya says she was trying to trap Puneesh In his own game. Vaidika says she can’t let Aarya be with Puneesh. Aarya assures Vaidika she can’t let Puneesh come close to herself, even touch herself; doesn’t she trust her? Sahil tells Vaidika that sometimes, to deal with bastards one has to become a bastard too. He promises to find Bhoomi and Ved both.

PRECAP: Vaidika follows Sahil and caught him fighting some goons, he boasts himself to be Jackie and was badly drunk. Vaidika asks if he isn’t Sahil. In the drunk state, he replies he is Jackie and not Sahil.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I’m not trying to toot my horn friends but just Friday I was saying that probably Aarya married the stinking dog Puneesh because he threatened to kill Ved, not knowing that in order for this to happen, writers are trying to redeem Bhoomi’s character as well… I wasn’t even thinking that Ved would be in Puneesh’s captivity, much less the wretch Bhoomi….and now we know why Aarya did what she did… For this crazy ass plot, even Prachi should be put before the firing squad…

  2. Just my opinion but I think that this Daisy is an unnecessary character, don’t know how important she is in the Jacky angle, I guess time will tell…however, everything in this serial happens for a reason and not is written in AKAJS that isn’t important as well…

  3. Today’s episode was wonderful .In today’s episode Vedika holding her tummy and said uski hone wala bachha . When did she became pregnant ?

  4. Okay.. now the story is shaping up. Naz You could be right about writers trying to restore Bhoomi’s character. In my opinion she should be killed off. Jacky truth will be out tomorrow.
    I suppose Usha will have to come clean as well. Poor Vedika.. how much more does she have to suffer. I think she should let Jacky carry until Shahil come back, otherwise this Puneesh will make her life hell and rule Agarwal house.

    Btw Naz.. Daisy has been brought so that Puneesh can fantasize/lust over her. He preys on younger girl.

    1. Lol…. Maybe that’s why he wondering about Daisy… What a pervert and dog…. Is it true that the truth will be out as early as tomorrow? I too think that Vedika should allow Jacky to stay as Sahil so that she can get to the bottom of the scheming dog face Puneesh… I can’t wait to see his ass thrown out the house, imagine that he’s a son in law and wants to own his sasural’s house, why can’t he become a man and go live in his own house which is the kennel…concerning Jacky, if he were to help Vedika, it’ll mean that writers are also wanting to redeem his character and the only reason I can come up with for them doing this is because he could well end up being Sahil’s judwa…so it’ll be good to have him give Vedika the help she needs..this could also mean Bhoomi the wretch getting Jacky as her partner…sorry to say that Pooja,…thinking out loud here..lol, I think of too many conspiracy theories at times..it’s just to prepare us for the worst…

  5. Friends, I enjoyed today’s episode, it was filled with lots of emotions…especially Vedika. The last scene from the moment she pulled Aarya into the room and off loaded was really heart breaking. She’s a mother who is very protective of her children and it’s so sad to see her go through so much stress and turmoil in her pregnancy. Suhasi Dhami did a fantastic job in this scene…and when she broke down in Jacky’s arms, it was that moment I thought of how much she relies on Sahil emotionally…this is how important relationships are even when we think that we can live without a spouse or children or relatives, in time of need we are certainly grateful for their presence in our lives. Friends, do any one of you think that Jacky would become sympathetic and regrets having to swindle Vedika and the Agarwal’s? Won’t it touch him inside that so much Vedika has to go through and him seeing how much Vedika loves Sahil, shouldn’t he feel guilt and remorse and back off? Knowing well that he’s a crook? I wish he would have a change of heart… One thing I disliked in today’s episode was Puneesh suspecting Daisy and Jacky…with his dog nose, I’m sure he’s going to do some snooping…

  6. Nina

    I thought there was something wrong here. Smart girl Aarya isn’t recklessly doing all, and she is an important helper for Vedika.. The story needs to turn to Sahil’s return home as soon as possible. I have exasperated Jacky’s stupid googly eyes.

  7. Friends i read in google that jackys younger brother ll be introduced soon n sahil will ask him to marry arya. I think i done with this serial. As Naz said writers r trying to restore that lustful, wicked n horse face bhoomis character after that blo*dy bastard has harassed vedika. I csnt stand that actresses piggy face. Mark my words this fake sahil will be shown withthis hot ass, as she is physically crazy for sahil. Who better than his look alike. If this happens i might stop watching this serial. I also read n saw in u tube that this fake sahil will start liking or loving vedika.

  8. I read too thst hacjue eill fsll for cedika. How complecated can this relationship get, its about two lovers with age difference fighting society and tradition so to speak, what has it got to do with stupid multiple relationships? How many men will vetika go through before she can settle with sahil?
    I sksi noticed that hackue may be related to sahil that new neighbour is hiding something from the pictures shevgas am sure there is a conection berween she Jackie and agrawals.
    Will wait and see.

  9. I feel that Jacky will sympathies with Vetika and possibly fall for her. He might be the one finding Ved and Vetika will be grateful and forgive him. For now they have to stay together to get to the bottom of things and find Ved. Puneesh time is running out.. and when will Prachi open her eyes and see what a bastard her husband really is. Hope writers bring Sahil back before Vetika give birth and we get to see some Sadika moment.

  10. Hi friends… after long time Iam commenting…
    I read all updates and your comments..
    last night I saw epi…episode was so emotion full..vedika and aarya scene makes me cry..
    yes Naj Suhasi dhami is the best actress…she is my favourite actress have u seen Suhasi dhami’s kannada movie..?
    Anyway Friend’s when vedika shocked and fells down than jacky holds vedika from back ..than for a few minute..I was confused that,is he sahil…🤔?or jacky🤔

    1. The entire scene made me cry as well.. I don’t know how Suhasi does it but her tears really do fall in her scenes unlike some actresses who snivel and cry through eye drops.. When she pulled off Jacky’s shoes on the couch in his drunken state, her lips trembled with real emotions and her tears were sad to see. …for a moment I put myself in her position and I truly understood what turmoil she was going through.. I cried there too..anyways, I don’t know of the Kannada movie you mentioned, maybe you can tell me it’s name…

  11. Good epi…. Vedika nd Aarya’s scene was good… At least now they know the truth… Good precap…
    And these writers… They can even make 7s yate our own darling Sahil😏😏

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