Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 26th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Sahil attracted towards Vaidika

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 26th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vaidika cries in the washroom that she can’t do anything on her will because she is a woman. She wonders how long a woman will continue to suffer in the society. She decides not to be a weak woman, she wants to live for her own-self sometime as well. She can’t live on directions of others. She wonders where someone is like that guy, he comes to fight for her and respects her. She wonders why he came over in her life, and always reaches in the moments of problem.
Sahil enters the male washroom and was shocked to see Vaidika inside. He asks what she is doing in men’s washroom. Vaidika feels uncomfortable and turns to leave, but slips over the water. Sahil holds her into his arms. They share a close eye lock. She asks him to leave her. Sahil says he can’t let her fell down. He asks why she faces her repeatedly, if they are connected somehow. Vaidika backs up but her dupatta was stuck with his watch. Both look towards each other in shock. Vaidika now hurries to leave the washroom but it seemed locked. There, Sahil pulls the tap but it got broken. The shower of water bathes both Sahil and Vaidika. Later, Sahil pulls open the door for Vaidika. Before she could leave, Sahil says it feels they know each other from some past life. He met an old woman, she said Vaidika was his lover in his past life, and that they shared a strange love story which couldn’t complete. He wonders why the woman said so, but he feels like believing her words. He feels to be falling in love with her. He holds his heartbeat, and says he is sure this is love. He wish Vaidika believes him. Someone calls from outside. Sahil asks Vaidika to think about what he said, and they will surely meet again. Sahil opens the door to find Rekha and other woman. Sahil explains first it was a W but then it turned to M. The women didn’t believe the story. Rekha takes Sahil along.

In the car, Rekha was still tensed. She warns Sahil not to get involved in any affair, his proposal has been fixed. Sahil says he already clarified he didn’t want to marry. Why force him. Rekha says she feels fearful, what if he falls prey to a stranger and brings her home. She asks Sahil to vow he won’t ever meet that girl. She doesn’t want him to get into a trap of divorcee. Sahil says what’s the problem, divorcees are extremely sensible and he wants to live happy. Rekha was weepy that Sahil doesn’t care for her at all.

It was night, Vaidika was at home and thinks about Sahil’s words. Her mother comes to her and says nothing will be fine if she stays silent. It will continue to happen, for how long she is going to bear taunts of people. She says she is a mother, it hurts when people point towards her. They did everything for Vaidika because she is dear to them. But society holds her as a woman left by her husband. It will continue to hurt them all. They want to protect Vaidika from all this blame. Vaidika asks how an encaged person can be happy. It was her fate that her marriage couldn’t work. It must have been her bad luck, had she suffered all that harassment. Vaidika’s mother agrees, and convince her to marry someone. She requests Vaidika to agree, it’s about two children only. Vaidika says she will live alone, but won’t connect a relation because of someone. Vaidika’s mother says God has made everyone in couples; there must surely be someone made for her. They prey Vaidika finds a companion. Vaidika claims it to be bookish. She doesn’t hold any more courage to work on any relation. She was happy for Avantika, Avantika found a good house and will stay happy.

At Kashab house, Pandit ji counts the good time of wedding after two days. Rekha says she will do the preparations, and want the marriage within two days. Shashi tells Sahil he is now getting married, and wasn’t ready to accept any argument from Sahil.

PRECAP: Sahil gets a call from Avantika. Sahil cuts the call. Avantika feels offensive, but Vaidika says he might be busy. Nani comes there, and cheerfully says Sahil can’t marry Avantika, he will marry Vaidika instead.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Awesome Sadika….loved it..??
    Interesting precap..?

  2. But, I am not happy with the new supportive cast….there scene’s makes me bored..It seems like they are doing overacting..

  3. Avantika is the new Bhomi!!

    Sahil look fresh and very boyish. I am still not yet connected with this new family set up.. and I think Vedika looks prettier in the previous Season. Let’s wait and see… early days yet!

  4. ya vedika looked prettier but still she is pretty even now…..i loved the scenes of Sadika in this episode. awesome

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