Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 25th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Usha returns

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 25th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aarya calls everyone into the hall upon their return. Sahil hugs Bari Amma, Nani was happy that finally Sahil and Vaidika are united. Bari Amma was happy that today her family is complete. Prachi says she is happy that today is Vaidika and Sahil’s new beginning, and tomorrow Aarya and Guddu will get married. Vaidika says she was sure it is going to happen, and God made it possible through a special person like Pankti. They must thanks Pankti because of whom we got out Sahil back. She thanks Pankti for giving her the courage that it was possible, it’s because of her only that Sahil’s love for her invoked again. Pankti was happy to be a part of their special love story. She tells Sahil that he saved her through mangal sooter, but she knew only Vaidika ji could be his real life partner. Sahil says Pankti isn’t as crazy as she appears. Nani takes everyone’s attention to Aarya and Guddu’s wedding. Sahil was excited to do this wedding himself, he tells Vaidika they will do Aarya’s Kanyadan together.
Pankti’s mother thinks she can’t let her daughter suffer what she did, she will do something. It’s equally wrong for Sahil to sideline her daughter after the mangal sooter and Sindoor ritual. She must take some huge step now to save her daughter.
In the room, Bari Amma and Nani sat together happy that everything is fine now. Nani says she lost a lot of episodes of her TV dramas all because of the chaos going on in the house. Vaidika comes to the room and notice both ladies were lost deep into their TV serials. She then advices them about a subscription.
The next morning, Vaidika comes downstairs to find all the décor completed by Sahil already. He gifts a saree to Vaidika complementing and kiss her forehead. Mandagini was standing behind a curtain, fills a letter into an envelope and says Vaidika must know the truth of her son in law to be. Someone drags her from behind. Mandagini held a shoe over the veiled lady, but the lady removes her veil. It was Usha who silences Mandagini. Usha tells Mandagini her punishment was complete and now it’s time for them to punish these. She won’t spare Sahil and Vaidika now. Mandagini tells Usha that Vaidika told Sahil about their truth. Now they are marrying Guddu to Aarya, but she won’t let it happen. She will tell Guddu’s whole truth to Aarya that Guddu drives a taxi now. Usha questions Mandagini if she has lost her mind. If Aarya knows about Guddu she will leave him. Once she is married, they will enjoy spicing the matter up. They will teach them good lessons once this wedding is done.
Vaidika interrupts the drum beating and says groom’s family brings the drummers. Sahil and Nani boast that it’s their daughter’s wedding. Pankti says they will take Aarya’s Baraat. Aarya comes dressed up as a bride. Aarya comes to Vaidika and says she also wants a new age marriage. Her wedding can also be a cool one and she wants drummers on her end as well. Vaidika agrees and joins Sahil in dancing. Guddu’s Baraat arrives. Nani sends Vaidika to welcome them. Bari Amma, Prachi and Vaidika reach the main door to welcome the groom. Vaidika stops Usha who was in veil. Mandagini says she is a special guest who came from a distant place. Vaidika welcomes her as well.
Aarya and Guddu sat in the mandap together. The wedding rituals had begun. Pandit ji asks who would do the Kanyadan, she has no father. Sahil claims to be her father by the relation of heart. He and Vaidika together will do the Kanyadan. Vaidika was weepy and sits for Aarya’ Kanyadan. Sahil was emotional as he recalls his good times with Aarya. Vaidika was upset.
Mandagini and Usha stood hand in hand.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nina

    Pankti’s mother Mandagini Usha are going to ruin the fragile world of Sadika. What a pity again the split in the family.

  2. Friends do watch todays episode though it is SAT. So i think in 2days episode the enunch mother will see that the labrador dog will marry her daughter the hottie stray puppy n the next WHORE in the making. I cant believe that the chap is so lucky in marriage. Once married to nidhi, twice married to vedika, again once married to the the horse face whore bhoomika n now ll be married to another WHORE IN THE MAKING. Wow! 5 marriages in one serial. Wonderful writers. Fm where do they get such story ideas. Hope by the serial ends none os his marriage should be successful n he should die a pathetic death. In yesterdays episode also his acting didnt come thru his heart. That spark is missing in his romance with vedika now a days. He just acting like a ZOMBIE. May be we ll get to see all Hot scenes with this new stray puppy whore since both r young, energetic n VERY HOT. Hate him fm the last few weeks. He has lost his charm also.

    1. Nina

      Count of marriage exceeds a reasonable limit

  3. Leisa s morris

    Wat kind of punishment did usha get dat shes out already hmmmm

  4. Happy Republic Day Friend’s..
    Just loved Sadika movement…Nice epi.
    Waiting for today’s update..Jai Hind..

  5. Friiends read in u tube just now that the hot labrador dog will be separated fm vedika. Why not a hottie who fell in the bathroom in between his legs n that too a young lass will satisfy his physical needs more than vedika. What say? I also read the hottie stray puppys interview wherein she is saying that she will not kiss on the screen even if the actor is a Super star n ll also not permit the production house to use a body double since the viewers will not know the difference between her n her body double and think that it is she who is doing the kissing shot. I thoght to myself WOW PUPPY. U can fall in betwee the labradors legs but not do kissing shots. Great woman. During her show tu ashiqui it seems her father also put his foot down when she was asked to do a kissing shot in that serial. But in this serial since the hero is a dashing labrador her father allowed her to fall in the bathroom in between his legs. Wow father n daughter. What lovely understanding between the two.

  6. Its not interesting anymore this sadika thing.
    Each time we see safika unite the writers are possessed with separating them or getting them marttied to vilans. I want to see how sahil reacts to this marriage even vefika since she has promised to fight for their love, that is if there is any love going on because the writers contradick themselves by showing doubt in this relationship . How can antbody mistake vedika for pantry house? whatever her name is
    Please those who have watched the future series explain to me what will happen otherwise i have stopped watching. Series have writers with no creative minds. May be writers are keen to support bad men who.mis treat women by marrying more wives, sleeping around and not protecting their wives or fiancee, wake up writers the world has moved on relationships like sadika are already happening.

    1. Madeline …as you already know..that pankti is not bad not hevoc for our Sadika..so it’s clear no doubt on her..though she was trying to hard for reunion of Sadika..pankti will be not marry with sahil….Yes Our Sadika again remarried in bride-groom dress..interesting.
      But nevertheless troubles in Sadika’s life..
      Are you understand with me..?

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