Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 25th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika narrates Sadika’s story during party

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 25th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vaidika convince the ladies that Sahil’s importance in their life, they must try and defeat the one’s responsible for Sahil’s condition.
There, Usha shows Sahil his childhood photos. Sahil had extreme headache and leaves home. Usha calls Bhoomi with an idea.
Guddu and Aarya sat in the café. He tells Aarya if she thinks Jackie is her Sahil Papa then he stands with her. Aarya withdraws her hand as soon as he places his over her hand. Aarya says no boy in her life ever came without some intention, she can’t trust him. Guddu complains if Aarya is inconsiderate about his feelings, his agreement implied he will have to lose Jackie forever but he did everyone because he likes her. He turns to leave the café requesting Aarya not to tell anyone about it at home.
Vaidika and

Agarwals were having pooja at morning. Usha comes dancing with the drummer’s band. Usha comes to announce he will marry her son Jackie with Bhoomi within next three days. Bhoomi clutches Jackie’s arms. Usha had brought sweet for Vaidika.
Jackie was confused and wonders why he feels bad for Vaidika if she is nothing to him. Usha says Vaidika is fond of helping others, then what she will do at her son’s wedding? Vaidika replies she will stop this wedding. She can’t let her husband Sahil marry anyone else. Usha about to slap Vaidika when she holds her hand in midair. Sahil was intrigued and heads forward but was held back by Bhoomi. Vaidika warns to touch her, else she may break this hand. She swears to unveil their filthy plan within next three days. She was silent by now because she felt for Usha having lost her son, but now she can’t bear her trouble Sahil anymore. She says this dummy, silent Sahil isn’t the man who used to be an energetic and full of life son of the house. She vows to bring her Sahil back within next three days. Usha takes the challenge.
In the room, Nani and Bari Amma were worried what Vaidika will do. Vaidika discuss a plan with them which may not stress Sahil’s mind as well.
Bhoomi questions Usha why she challenged Vaidika, she is crazy after Sahil. Vaidika comes from behind and warns Bhoomi and Usha tonight will be their last night. Usha blames Bhoomi and youth for not being able to attract Sahil.
It was the engagement party at Agarwal house. A dance performance in which switching the companions was allowed takes place. Sahil and Vaidika end up together in masks. Vaidika now comes to speak to the guests. She says tonight is a special night and a lot will happen with the family. They have prepared a special performance for them. It was a tableau recalling her story with Sahil; there were stage actors while Vaidika narrated the story. Sahil was intrigued. Bhoomi tries to take Jackie from the hall but he resists and stays there. Vaidika ends the narration on the note how two wicked women made the young man believe he was actually his own twin brother. This is the story of Sahil and Vaidika. Sahil stood frosted as Vaidika held her hand to him.

PRECAP: Sahil had come to Vaidika’s back and hear her say that he fooled Sahil by telling the false story. Sahil goes out agonized about his quest for reality. Bhoomi had taken Vaidika’s attire and used a voice changer.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nina

    Usha looks like a spoilt child with chubby lips. I liked a special performance it’s like Vedika picks up the pieces of the broken cup. Again Sahil is balancing on the brink of past and present.

  2. Episode was really so nice from two days..loved it..just because Our Sadika??..But it was quite funny too..It seems like that,vedika forgot that she is pregnant..and not caring own health..vedika stressed at high level..walking fastly..,and dancing..jumping?
    Anyway where are u all my friend’s..

  3. Friends MERRY CHRISTMAS to all sadika fans. Pls see u tube. U can see the lustful, hotty potty, wicked and horse face witch’s dressing sense. She is almost naked on top. It looks like any moment her top will fall exposing her u know what. blo*dy naked b*t*h. Good only in this n nothing else. Now toh her hair looks exactly like a horse’s tail. And now on our fickle minded hero. Since he is angry on vedika in a heavily drunken state has announce his marriage in 3 hrs time to the horse n donkey face bhoomi. Friends i think its high time this young lad leaves vedika n sleeps with the lustful woman to quench her thirst of 6 yrs. Hardly sadika r shown together for a few days n again they r separated. Its high time the writers change the story n let bhoomi sleep with that fickle minded hero.m

  4. Oh my goodness…where have we all been? Nevertheless, happy holidays still, to all of my friends here on this forum, I guess we’ve been more naughty than nice…so few comments.. Nina, Raji and Gayatri, hats off to you all for finding the time to post your contributions, I just couldn’t find the time to do so. Hopefully everyone enjoyed their Christmas dinners or lunches and appreciated the family time together…

  5. Friends, I’m tired of this memory track thing, we’ve become accustomed to seeing a fast track in all plots so far so I really do think that this one is dragging too long and it’s high time Sahil regain his memories and shove it to Bhoomi and Usha… Try as much as possible, I can’t watch Usha’s antics without lol… Her curling lips are really funny to see… I’ve seen a few clips on YouTube on upcoming episodes where Sahil would announce his marriage to Bhoomi but of course we all know that in the last minute he’ll remember the vows he took with Vedika and he’ll stop the wedding rituals….anyways, what do you all think of Aarya’s budding romance with Bubblu? I don’t like that name though but he acts like a good guy, it’s left to be seen whether or not he changes from Mr goody two shoes…he’s Usha’s son after all and sometimes the fruits do fall far from the tree but you just never know with these writers…i see Bhoomi’s relegated to the status of the other woman now….what a greedy woman she is saying that Ved is HER son!! I can understand she fighting for Sahil but declaring that Ved is her son is just the most unintelligent thing for her to say..

  6. Hey, have you all realized how BA is treating Bhoomi with much disdain? All this time she thought that Bhoomi was the best thing that happened to Sahil, now she can’t bear to even watch her.. How the tables have turned!!! Thank goodness BA saw the light and changed her attitude and accepted Vedika, she was so blind for so long, not seeing how much Vedika loves and cares about the welfare of the Agarwal family.. One message this serial does teach us is that good does conquer evil everytime..so let Bhoomi remain in her negative role, I’d like to see her destruction one day..but knowing Vedika, she’ll plead for her sister’s forgiveness and acceptance…it’s a pity Bhoomi doesn’t have a mindset like Vedika’s….bur then that’s how we can understand how good always triumph over evil!!

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