Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 24th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil helps Vaidika with her shop

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Bari Amma hands the responsibility of the house to Anjana. She blames that Anjana wants to prove that she hasn’t been able to keep the family intact, and that Anjana is the mother of the heir of this family. Anjana apologizes Bari Amma. Deepak and others had gathered, Deepak asks how they would be able to run the house without Bari Amma. Bari Amma says Anjana supported Sahil monetarily just to boost his courage of revolt. Deepak says Sahil came to her for money as well, but he didn’t help him at all against her wish. Bari Amma leaves Anjana crying helplessly.
It was night, Sahil jumps into sight while Vaidika was arranging the clothes. Vaidika tells Sahil that people liked her work, and she got some five to six orders. Sahil suggest her to appoint him as his salesman, he will do the

right kind of marketing for her. As she turns to leave Sahil asks if he can kiss her, hug her or take her to room. Vaidika was shocked. Sahil asks if he demanded anything as difficult. Vaidika tells him to stop interfering in their personal matters and shuts the door. Sahil thinks it might not be possible anymore.
The next morning, a lady tried to bargain with Vaidika. Sahil tells the lady that her driver is waiting outside, she should leave the bargain. He gets the full amount from the lady. Maya appreciates Sahil’s ability. Vaidika says Sahil must have got a job in this age. Sahil replies that he considers himself appointed as a salesman in her shop.
Anjana again apologizes Bari Amma. Bari Amma says Anjana is ruining her son’s life and turning him to useless by herself. He won’t be able to do anything for a lifetime now. Deepak thinks he wish Sahil can never do anything, and he gets the advantage of this family’s business. Deepak doesn’t let Shruti interfere in Bari Amma and Anjana’s matter. He tries to defend Anjana but Bari Amma doesn’t agree. Shruti holds herself guilty for all this.
There, Sahil and Maya helps Vaidika in all her sales. It was night. Sahil asks Vaidika if she is happy with his work, but he won’t take all the credit as her special Sunday smile also holds some importance. Vaidika goes towards the customers. Some neighboring men tease Panday, as Sahil and Vaidika have fallen in love with each other. Sahil gets a call from his friend Karan. He tells Karan that he is falling in love.
Maya was happy about the sale. Sahil comes there, Maya invites him inside. Vaidika offers him some money as his income as a charming salesman. Sahil was happy and accepts the money. He gets a call from his mother and leaves towards his home, worried. Vaidika hopes everything is fine at his house.
Sahil comes to the house and calls everyone around. He finds Anjana in the room. The maid says she only had low blood pressure. Bari Amma comes from behind and holds Sahil responsible for his mother’s condition. He had left by throwing his wallet over her face then why demand any money from his mother. She has handed the keys and all the rights to his mother now; even today Sahil is eating from Agarwal family. Sahil tells Bari Amma he came here concerned that something happened to Bari Amma, but she is a very stubborn person. He returns the 8 thousand he had taken from Anjana, and demands Bari Amma to return the peace of his mother. He will stand against whatever is wrong. He kiss Anjana’s forehead and leaves. Deepak says Sahil’s attitude is very wrong, he shouldn’t misbehave with the elders no matter he is an heir of the family. Bari Amma leaves the money on the bed. Deepak was happy Sahil didn’t discuss about the money he lend him.

PRECAP: Vaidika cries for her shop being destructed by committee members. Sahil was arrested, the media questions him about his crime. A reporter asks if he had to leave the house because his Bari Amma isn’t his real mother. Bari Amma comes to Vaidika’s house and asks about Sahil.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Angelk1

    What is Wrong with people, how can they destroy her shop without a very good reason. And I’m glad sahil didn’t fall for amma guilt.

  2. Lakshmi… I’m so happy to see you here. Hopefully you saw the 7 episodes so far…..this is indeed a very unconventional love story which begs the question, if an older man can fall in love with a younger woman, why can’t it be vice-versa? You know, normally this is frowned upon in the psyche of the Indian mind but it does happen in the western world.. Sahil is a downright charmer and I don’t think it’s love that he feels at the moment, I think it’s a crush or some sort of infatuation that he feels for Vedika. Any young man today, with the drive that Sahil possess, will reach very far in life. His heart is in the right place and he has ideas to progress in life, it’s just that being so youthful and carefree, he hasn’t discovered this side to himself as yet. It doesn’t take him long enough though, to see the talent and goodness of Vedika so much so that he’s encouraging her to start a business with her talent. He’s got a sharp mind unlike Prem, and soon enough I’m sure he’d be an asset to the family business. Their business will flourish under his leadership while his brother in law, thinks of enriching himself at the expense of his in laws. I don’t see why Bari Aama needs to take such a drastic step, Anjana was content to live the way she was living although it’s plain that she’s somewhat terrified of BA… Deepak’s wife shouldn’t be so afraid of him but with her situation and coming from Indian perspective, a divorcee is always frowned upon. So far, I don’t get negative vibes from Nidhi but you know how writers are!!! I don’t agree why such a huge age gap was made between Sahil and Vedika, it could have been less, 10 yrs and under would have been better. This actor is so cute during a crush, I’m sure he’d be a helluva Romeo in love…

  3. Hey Naz and Lakshmi..is this show worth the time to watch i?, im a little gun shy to get involved and they ruin the story with the same old crap…by the way Naz, my sister in law is 11 years older then my Brother and they’ve been married almost 30 years now, and im 3 years older then my man…so it does work.

    1. I also don’t see a problem with the age factor, Cathy. Most of the Indian viewership may not like this older woman/younger man relationship so that’s why I thought it would have been better if the age group had narrowed a bit. Nevertheless, I’m all for this storyline, there may have been other serials with this issue but i’v not come across any. My own bua is married to a man 9 yrs younger than her and they are still happily married for 35 yrs now. I think I know the reason why such marriages work…but it’s too much to explain here but just to say that a woman who is of younger age won’t prioritise the same way an older woman would…when one wants to embrace the single and ready to mingle life, the other may think that their happiness lies in the security of marriage and building of a family life. So, in my book, I’m embracing this story but with the hopes that writers don’t screw up this time. This serial is moving smoothly and quickly and I see details being used….for now!! You know, I’m a die hard romantic so I’ll be here on this forum since our dear Prem and Teja are leaving us…let’s watch it, at least we’ll still be able to chat with each other and I’m hoping that Lakshmi stay with us too although I know how busy she’ll be with Shivratri around the corner but will drop in from time to time to say her piece….

    2. Cathy, my husband was 5 yrs older than me but I was still the mature one in the relationship and I still don’t think he ever grew up..most men never do…what most men need is to have a mature mind making the decisions,because at the end of the day, our opinions rule!! ??

      1. I’ll give it a shot, i’ll do a marathon watch on the weekend and try and catch up.

  4. Muniya

    Sahil did right with Bari amma…she is so moeny minded.
    But Loved how Sahil is helping Vaidika..

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