Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 23rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Bhoomi’s fears of losing her family

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Nani comes to Bari Amma and says no matter how much she tried, truth unveiled itself. She must touch her feet as her daughter gave Agarwal’s a legitimate heir. God has shown Bimla Agarwal her real place. Puneesh wonders why Bari Amma didn’t reply to her, she is surely hiding something. He wish to take advantage of Sahil and Vaidika.
Vaidika stood in the window of her old house.
Sahil cried on the floor of his room.
Vaidika thinks she is sorry for Sahil but she couldn’t tell him the truth, she would have to explain him the events behind it as well. No matter how wrong they get but children can’t punish elders.
Aarya comes to Sahil and says it seems there is a relation of distress between him and Vaidika. She was happy that Ved was her brother, but now she is happier

to know he is Sahil’s son. She wants to see a positive Sahil who can fight situation. Sahil hugs Aarya.
Bhoomi cries in the kitchen, crying and cursing her fate. She will have to sacrifice her marriage to save her son. No one can stop Vaidika and Sahil from uniting again. Puneesh comes to the kitchen and provokes Bhoomi against Vaidika. He says he knows Sahil since childhood, his youth’s crazy love with the adult woman has prevailed for long enough and now it’s even strengthened by the bond of a child. Bhoomi leaves the kitchen. Puneesh thinks he has fueled the fire inside Bhoomi enough.
Sahil lay on the bed with Ved who was asleep. He says it’s Ved who taught him the real fatherhood. He will fight for the whole world to save Ved. Bhoomi comes to knock the door. Sahil doesn’t open it. Bhoomi cries at the door, she says she always feared a broken marriage and losing Sahil. If five years of her sacrifice had no meaning in his life? Sahil tells her not to ask questions that means nothing to her. Bhoomi decides that she can’t let go of her husband, her child who means a life for her. She comes to Vaidika and tells her to leave now. It’s Sahil who has to donate the bone marrow and save Ved, there is no point that Vaidika stays here anymore. Vaidika agrees to leave as she doesn’t want to be a means of breaking her wedding. She won’t leave Ved alone, Bhoomi must return her Ved to her and keep Sahil. Bhoomi asks if Vaidika has gone crazy, what about her. How can Vaidika be so selfish? Vaidika argues that Bhoomi is also selfish, she has to save her family as well, and snatch her child as well? Bhoomi claims that Vaidika has always taken advantage of her; she lost the court’s custody case and she will now see how Vaidika takes Ved from her.
Sahil walks the street to Vaidika’s old house. Vaidika sat on a couch and spoke to Ved’s photo that she knit the sweater when Ved was still unborn. She wish she could bring him along. She doesn’t want to snatch him, but wonders what’s in their fates. Sahil reach there and questions why Vaidika did this to him, their relation must have been different. He hugs Vaidika and says at least Vaidika must accept his love was true, her God also gave the approval of his paternity for Ved. Why she let this happen? Sahil loses his balance and was about to fell off. Sahil asks if Vaidika would ever be his; or will continue to save him this way. Vaidika was hurt that she is always the cause of Sahil’s pains
Bhoomi receives a letter and was distressed that Sahil’s bone marrow didn’t match Sahil. Vaidika says there is still a way.

PRECAP: Bhoomi blames Vaidika for playing tricks to steal Sahil and her Ved from her. She hurries into her room and attempts to cut her wrist.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Get loss Bhoomi!! Since when was Sahail and Ved yours? You got the cheek to tell Vedika to go😡😡. Good episode and Sahil was brilliant as usual. Somebody please give Puneesh something to do so that he can stop meddling with other people life.

  2. Nina

    Sahil is absolutelly right when he is saying that God had bound Vedika and Sahil with their own baby. Heaven is on Sahil’s side but, Vedika seems don’t surrender to her destiny.

  3. So…
    1. Bhoomi still wants Sahil despite him unequivocally saying that he never loved her and was suffocating in the marriage?
    2. Does Vedika have a hard head? Does she not understand what Sahil told her in the hospital? So, whose marriage is she trying to save ? She should at least understand that as long as Sahil knows Ved is their son, nothing would keep him from coming to her?
    3. Why is she so stupid at times…when Bhoomi told her to go away, why did she agree so quickly?
    I cannot understand how Vedika could be so soft hearted, soft hearted for others but not for Sahil!! This is what get me madddd!!! Grrrrrrrr…he came into the house, she could have made his pain go away grrrrrrrr….. Anyways… Vedika is reiterating what we’ve been saying all along, she does everything in the best interest for everyone else except for herself AND Sahil!! Why can’t she just ease his pain, by just acknowledging that she loves him dearly even after all these years, that’s all he wants to hear 😍😍😍😍😍…and I’m positive that this would be his strength going forward! You know ladies, men cannot live without us women you know, our gentle nature and femininty is what is their strength, a hug and kind words are enough to make a man conquer all his battles, that’s why I’m saying that Vedika should offer Sahil soothing words and help him to smile, that would go a long way. With the precap, maybe it looks like the other sibling issue is going to rear it’s head. What fantastic news it’ll be if doctors advise Sahil and Vedika that ONLY a sibling sired by both of them, not any other partners, would work. Now, this would fly into the face of BA, she would die or end up in the hospital if that does happen, not to mention Bhoomi!! 😂😂😂….sigh… Once again Vedika is trying to save BA from being hated by Sahil because of her bad deeds but if he finds the pen drive, then Bhoomi’s goose is cooked…for knowing and not telling him, never mind she only knew this recently.. Good episode 😍..i cried along with Sahil, his pain is my pain!!

  4. Friends, I’ve just read where it’s said that Sahil and Vedika will be planning to get married for Ved’s sake so that means they have to give him another sibling of themselves BUT Bhoomi…now I’m going to use Raji’s expression …lustful Bhoomi is going to put forward a condition of hers if Sahil has to marry Vedika and that condition is that he has to spend a night with her before he’s allowed to carry out his wedding ceremony ….and Vedika would agree!! This is the same scenario that is happening as I write, on Ishq Subhan Allah…exactly as it is. Let’s hope Sahil’s love for Vedika is strong as the love Kabir has for Zara and at the last minute have the strength to pull out or circumvent the worrisome situation… I’m putting my trust in Sahil… If he was able to live with Bhoomi for 5 years and not touch her or develop feelings for her, then he’s strong enough to fight this crazy ass condition of Bhoomi’s…

  5. Wow well written Naz. Yes you said correcct. Since now that the bone marrow of sahil also ll not match with ved that is the time the doctor ll tell sadika 2 hv another child. And the dr. Will also tell that only sadikas 2nd childs bone marrow ll match veds n not by any other partner. But this blo*dy B n queen of exposure will tell sahil that hebhas to first consummate with her before he marries vedika. Such a cheapo lady she is. Absolutely no self respect. Though sahil ll not agree to this vedika in order to save ved ll tell sahil to fulfil bhoomis lustful wish. I dont know if this happens i ll stop watching this serial. I really cannot stand the likes of bhoomi. In ISHQ SUBHAN ALLAH I think Zara dies. Hope this idiot bhoomi n that murderer BA also dies.

  6. That scene where sahil comes to Vedhika’s house and the look in his face…and the way he hugs her..does it need more words guys? It gives us the assurance that no matter what, it is only vedhika for sahil and no one else…

    1. OMG… That hug was so full of love and emotions, no matter how beautiful a woman is, Sahil would never be swayed in his love for Vedika. How many women in this world wish for a man like him!!! 😍😍😍…i can imagine how his heart is full and overflowing right now, just thinking that he shares a son with Vedika should be enough to understand the sacrifices she’s made and still is making, for the good for his family. Dolly, when I see flashbacks of a younger Sahil, my heart flutters and melt like butter 😍😍😍😍😍😍….what a gem of a guy, he deserves the woman who occupies his heart.

  7. So true Dolly. How this man expresses his love for vedika either by body language, his words or by his jaan leva looks. As u say what more do we need than this gesture n dialogues by sahil. That blo*dy woman bhoomi should be kicked out of this serial. I only hope Dolly that sahil doesnt agree to her demand of consummation first with her. I am tensed. If he agrees to that i ll stop seeing this serial. Pls explain what u think.

  8. It seems zee tv’s serials are just copy pasting each other’s storylines. In Ishq Subhan Allah, Ruksar kept the same demand of spending a night with Kabir before divorce, same thing Bhoomi will do here. There was a stupid black magic track in this show, and something similar is going in Kaleerein right now…. instead of copy pasting, why can’t the writers think of something organic that follows from their own character motivations? This is why viewers stop watching

  9. Muniya

    SADIKA Scene was beautiful…
    And Bhoomi…being stupid again.

  10. Raji Im so very sure that from what we have seen of Sahil, he wont even think of such a thing.. Bhoomi can never win over sahil even by hook or crook. remember the scene where Nidhi wanted to do the same thing when Sahil was staying at vedhika’s house as a tenant.. even in that unconscious state, he couldnt come closer to anyone.. then how will Sahil do such a thing in his full consciousness even if that’s the condition.. He wont..unless some writer is really mad to change Sahil’s character.

  11. Thks Dolly. I am really tensed. That blo*dy lecherous lustful bhomi putting all false apersions on vedika. When ll she quit this serial.

  12. Stupid bhoomi

  13. Naz we are that hopeless romantics that drool over everything Sahil does 😍😍 bcz we are still normal in this crazy world 😁😁

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