Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 23rd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil’s suspicious activities

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Vaidika was convinced that Aarya can’t fall in love with someone like Puneesh. Aarya says parents must control the life of their children to a limited extent, she must realize she is a practical girl of this age and took her decision rightfully. Aarya was conscious of Puneesh’s presence behind the wall and slaps the door at Vaidika’s face. Vaidika was tensed and wonders what’s it that Aarya decided to marry that Puneesh overnight and is now hiding this. Inside the room, Aarya cries thinking she can never tell Vaidika why she took this step.
Sahil walks to the house cautiously hiding from Vaidika. Vaidika spots him and questions where he had been, if he is drunk? Sahil pushes her and tells her to stay away from him, much rudely and alienated manner. She was worried and asks what

has happened to him? Sahil at once becomes apologetic, he says he doesn’t realize what’s going on in his mind, a lot has changed in his life over the few days. He only doesn’t want to stress her, she needs peace of mind. Sahil had been daydreaming, Vaidika just came downstairs and finds Sahil knelt of the floor with his hands joint. She consoles him and helps him to couch for rest, as they have to do a lot. She takes his shoes off, crying while he had fallen asleep. She sits beside him while he holds her hand under his head while asleep on the couch.
In the room, Aarya stood with a handcuff for Puneesh. He asks what it is. Aarya says he has been flirting with his husband, he should now stop being surprised like old men in front of her. Puneesh happily lay on the bed while Aarya ties his hand with the bed post. She asks him to take his clothes off, he was excited. Aarya takes her cell phone to create an insta-story. It’s popular in their generation and she will get much likes. She leaves the room mischievously while Puneesh was left resisting. Outside the room, Aarya smirks thinking Puneesh must soon realize why she is doing all this, she is Aarya Mathur and isn’t afraid of him.
Vaidika finds herself in front of a series of mirror while standing in dark room. She calls Sahil as she was fearful. Soon, Sahil appears in the mirrors. She was relieved and turns around but Sahil was nowhere to be seen behind her, it was only a delusional visual of Sahil in the mirror. Vaidika screams for Sahil. Vaidika wakes up from the nightmare, she was sweating and heart raced. She wonders why she had such a dream when Sahil is alive and even returned. She looks around for him but he wasn’t in the hall anymore.
Vaidika stood in front of the mirror when Sahil returns home. She asks where he had been. He replies he went for jogging. Vaidika smells cigarette from his shirt and asks if he was smoking? Sahil hides his looks and makes up that someone in the garden must be smoking, else he never smokes. He turns to go fresh. Vaidika holds his hand and asks him to apply the sindoor. Their relation is an identity of the true love that Sahil has taught her, she just had a nightmare but Sahil can restore the trust in their relation. Sahil was taken aback at the demand and says he can apply it tomorrow, as right now he is sweating badly. Vaidika offers him her dress to wipe off his sweat. He finally picks the sindoor but his hands trembled.

PRECAP: Puneesh forbids Bari Amma to keep a pooja at Agarwal house. Sahil confronts Puneesh as he can’t have much influence over his family. A girl comes there calling Sahil as Jaati, and asks why he poses being Sahil?

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nina

    The theme of copy-Sahil seems quite boring. Jacky is grimacing drinking flirting with other woman this way is full set of the clownery. The mirrors there are In dreaming of Vedika as a prompting that Jacky/Sahil is a delusion.

  2. Naz the exact relply that i got from ZEE TV to my email is “Hi. Thks for yr feedback which has been shared with the team concerned. Do stay tuned and continue mailing us yr feefback. Team ZEE TV.”

  3. Also Naz i was watching a beautiful love story serial in 2013 which was SARASWATICHANDRA on STAR PLUS. The serial was based on a novel. Acoording to the novel story the maon heroines sister gets married to the hero who was as handsome as our beloved sahil. But on public demand n fans writing continuously on STARPLUS email ID, they had to change the original novel story n finally get the main heroine married to the hero. Fan power is such. Even 2 yrs ago KASSM serial used to be telecast on COLOURS. In that serial also when the main heroine dies they brought another dirty bhoomi type actress for the hero. But on public n fans demand they had to bring back the main heroine by showing plastic surgery. So i rqst all our sadika fans to wtite to ZEE TV on [email protected] informing them either to BUMP OFF the queen of exposure bhoomi or to that she should never be paired with KJ even if the serial ends. Only then will the channel n the writers know our hatred towards that lustful plastic face actress bhoomi. I am sure on public demand they ll listen to the loyal fans of sadika.

  4. These writers!!
    Don’t like it….

  5. Hi there ZTV Writers please stop repeating storylines in all your serials you have some good stories sometimes but then you loose substance in them we the viewers are sooooo fed up of your monotonous storylines and another thing which i am bringing to your attention is the lack of not ending the serials when you should and so making us loose all interest especially when you fail to resolve issues that arise in the serials and you just by pass them while we the viewers are waiting to see what comes next to no avial my gosh someone gets killed or kidnapped or even pregnant like in kundali bhagya and the perpetrators after doing so much evil are never revealed but always cover up the act and they get off scotch free. It is time that you satisfy the viewers and give us some good endings where the evil ones are exposed for what they did instead of rewarding them for evil and the good ones being punished.

  6. Naz, pooja n leslie waiting for yr comments.

  7. The only thing I liked in today’s epi is that mirror scene how visually creative the writers were Sahil is not there (the real sahil is not yet find) then the mirror image appears (jacky arrives) and vedhika asking why u r appearing in mirror not here when I look around sahil? (a gut feeling or intuition that this not her sahil) and finally image also disappeared (jacky would flee off with money), so for a 1 min visual they have given so much deep meaning but why the writers wasting their talent in this useless boring storyline when they have much more beautiful interesting storylines to explore. Anyways, and the final part where vedika says that sahil taught her love, I just gone back to the beginning where this is the same woman why u r harassing me sahil, what do you want from me? I don’t know what a 24 yr boy want from a 42 yr woman and she misunderstood that he wants her body and when sahil replied back or even during the course of reply, she gradually realized his love but why does he have to fall for me, she thought and finally just stopped him and wished him holi but through her eyes she was saying I am not worth of your and oh god why u gave me so much love where I can’t accept due to the societal values which I stand for(remember holi episode) and this is just my thought came while watching today’s final part. Coming back to current track I would go with @ Naz ‘s twin scenario but I have a doubt that Badi Amma would have accept both sahil and jacky as both are male child and we all know the love BA have for male child and the person concerned would be Usha maybe she had enimity with BA at that time itself and herself didn’t know that it’s going to be twins and recently she came to know and came back to take revenge with jacky.
    Finally, just now seen in youtube vedhika came to know the truth and angrily venting out in temple by striking bell byhand and asking the Radha Krishna where is her sahil?. I think the real sahil would arrive and tell vedhika to stay with the duplicate’s plan to know what he came for or who is the person root cause for this or vedhika herself sticking to it to manage this situation better and secretly searching for her sahil because once that mad not worth to be called human puneesh dog comes to know about it then it will become hell for vedhika and family. So eagerly waiting for the return of her original sahil badly missing him. And @ Raji, it’s automated response from zee, nowadays, fans took out to the social networking sites to change the wrong decision by tv and series team. @Naz, waiting for your thoughts .
    Sorry for the long comment just kept typing whatever I thought .

  8. Hi Raji.. there is not much to comment on the current track as I am not enjoying it. In fact I have started rewatching from episode 1 and my god I am enjoying it most than the first time. Sahil acting from day 1 is amazing. In the 1st meeting with Vetika he was blown away. MK I am on episode 20 and I can’t wait to get to the holi scene. There are so many moments That I can see over and over again.

    Friends download ZEE5 apps on your mobile or tablets and you can relive those special moment.

  9. I know I’m very late with my comments friends but better late than not as the all… Hello everyone… Busy weekend for me but I’m settled down now… Good comments from all.. The episode was so so, nothing to make me mad or bite my nails for, however…i LMAO during the scene with mad dog posing like a human Puneesh, my eyes popped out (literally speaking) when he was undressing, I didn’t think he was going as far as indecent exposure down to his boxers but my goodness, Puneesh did it, that’s how desperate the fool is for young flesh.. It was one of the most hilarious scenes ever in a long time for me…good thing we were spared a close up..😂😂😂😂😂..I’ve lost my hatred for what has happened as now we know that Aarya married the slimy snake Puneesh under duress… Friends, I ran out of extra descriptive adjectives for Puneesh…it could be because he threatened to kill her mother and Ved so that’s why she did what she did!! I’m not trying to justify her reasons, just trying to take it calmly. Certainly, this Agarwal mansion is running like a mad house…and don’t talk about the foolish Prachi, the only thing she hasn’t agreed to is supervising the doomed nuptial night for her husband.. So much for that…

  10. For me, the most important scene in the episode is the mirror one… I was blown away (literally again) by the creative detail of Vedika’s experience in front of the mirror… MK, I also thought the same as you…whoever came up with this idea, super duper job. You don’t get this kind of depiction on Indian serials, the regular graphics are more common on fake fires, supernatural plots where human movements come across as not looking authentically real and the most common of all the use of serpents and animals….for a moment I was reminded of the Phantom of the Opera …the scene spoke of the illusion in Vedika’s life, the mirage which is before her, it’s a message to her that what is in front of her isn’t what it really is… Just like dreams we get, some are frivolous where the mind has fun even in deep sleep or where our dreams exist within our moment of REM and carry a more important message, so much so, that when we wake up, we feel like we have experienced our dream because it’s still existing in our subconscious… Vedika has gotten a vision and I hope that she is successful in interpreting her dream, after all, when you love someone very deeply and you have that divine connection, wherever they are, your intuition will guide you well. She already has doubts about the man in front of her, no two people can have exact human traits, body language and mannerisms and Jacky is slipping up badly…some things cannot be taught!! As of tomorrow, writers should not allow any degree of intimacy between Jacky and Vedika… I can hardly wait for Sahil to return, I love him immensely and I miss him badly… Amazing how a single character could mean so much to us all… I always say that KJ is the one who did the fantastic job of breathing life into Sahil and when this serial is over, I’ll cry my eyes out…again!!! MK, I wish Sahil and Vedika find a way to spend time with each other and together they successfully unmask the duplicate Jacky…

  11. Pooja, I’ve already made up my mind to watch this serial all over again… I fell in love with Sahil Agarwal from the very first day I saw him… Amazing how he made this character so damn lovable…

  12. This serial began on January 15th and it feels like a lifetime journey already and that’s because writers move very quickly with what is happening. On most serials for instance in KKB, Divali day spanned 2 whole weeks, dragging the story, milking it for all its illogical worth and that’s really frustrating. Kudos to this creative team, directors of the serial, all the actors and everyone associated with the fast paced story…its worth my time…

  13. Pooja pls tell me in which episode nbr is the holi sequence. Even i want to watchbthat episode again sonce MK has described that acene very beautifully wherein vedika is telling sahil what does a 24 old boy want fm a 42 yr old woman. Pls sent me the episode nbrbfast.

  14. Hi Raji.. It’s episode 36.

  15. Guys i had to close my eyes seeing that slimy lizard puneesh undress..or shd i say shedding skin..cudnt help laughing.. dont know how arya just stood before him..
    ohh Sahil..where are u..where’s that lovey dovey look, that deep voice, those mischivious eyes.. missing u badly…

  16. Thks pooja. Will watch that episode at the earliest

  17. The only thing i can say right nw is dat i am missing sahil badly. Am really really missing him. Writers pls bring him fast. Jacky is no match for him.

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