Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 22nd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil as tenant at Vaidika’s house

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Vaidika finally hands the keys to Sahil, allowing him to stay. At night she hands him a booklet with rules for the tenant.
The next morning, Vaidika was talking to Maya on call and knocks the door for Aarya. It was Sahil inside with his headphones on. Maya had reached home. Vaidika was knocking the door when Sahil opens it and fells over him, then turns around. Vaidika was angry at Sahil for spending much time in the washroom; he must have read the rules book. Sahil tells her that water tank also emptied adding to Vaidika’s worry. She tells Maya to go to school, she will be late today. Sahil thinks for a while, then goes out to get two buckets filled with water. At home, Aarya meets Sahil in a cheerful introduction.
Bari Amma sense that Anjana was helping Sahil monetarily. She

offers Sahil’s sister a bribe to get her a proof against anyone helping Sahil.
Panday ji and others taunt Vaidika on the way. Maya replies to them, but Vaidika drags her home and says she can’t counter everyone in the streets. The right way to live confidently is to ignore people like Panday. Aarya returns home and complains that Vaidika didn’t buy her new dress for party in school tomorrow. Vaidika was upset that Aarya will complain with her only as she is the single parent. Sahil watched this from upstairs and gets emotional over Vaidika’s selflessness.
At night, Vaidika was stitching for Aarya. He helps her by pouring torch light at the needle then holding the cloth for her to cut. He asks why she is afraid of her brother in law, she must fight for her right. Vaidika says there are two ways to spend a life; by running away from the problem or by facing it; but Sahil is immature and won’t understand. She asks Sahil about his wife, he lies that she was unwell so her mother stopped her for another day. He hands her some accessories to be placed on dress before leaving.
The next morning, Aarya comes cheerful and thanks Vaidika for the new dress. Sahil also complements the dress. Aarya goes to change. Sahil asks Vaidika why she never chose her talent to earn money, she could be a good designer. Vaidika gives him a cup of tea. Sahil says he met Vaidika because they had to. Vaidika ignores it and comes out of the kitchen but slips. Sahil comes to hold her at once. He looks into the eyes saying she is the elder, but he has to support her. Sunil and Panday enter the house then, Panday showing Sunil what Vaidika is upto.

PRECAP: Sahil asks Vaidika if he can hug or kiss her. Panday continues his blames over Vaidika’s characters. Bari Amma comes to Vaidika’s house looking for Sahil

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Angelk1

    Wow just love IT, HIS SO SWEET Helping her and I’m glad he sees how hard working she is, and her talent.

  2. Thanks for the update..i really love this show❤

  3. I like this new show. The guy is so cute as well. Lol. Let’s see what happens. Hate this Pandey already ugh

  4. Muniya

    Loved it…

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