Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 16th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil begins hating Vaidika

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Anjana slips off the stairs and fells down. Sahil had entered Vaidika’s house with a rose bouquet and media personnel run to him. Sahil runs to Anjana’s help. Vaidika steps downstairs and asks Sahil to call the doctor. Anjana points towards Vaidika before dying. The media blames Vaidika for killing Anjana as she pointed towards her at her last moments. Sahil thinks about Bari Amma’s fears. Bari Amma had just reached Vaidika’s house and smirks watching Anjana dead, then runs towards Anjana in a state of panic. She cries how Anjana can leave her so easily, they had wished to marry Sahil to Vaidika. The police reach there. Bari Amma blames Vaidika for killing Anjana as everyone witnessed. Vaidika was handcuffed and taken away. Bari Amma thinks she is responsible for everything, she will surely miss Anjana as she had always been obedient.

Later at Agarwal house, Sahil cried while everyone was mourning Anjana after her last rituals had been performed. Puneesh insists Vaidika is a curse for their family, they suffered a lot she came into their lives. Aarya comes asking Sahil if Vaidika is in jail. Sahil decides to go and speak to Vaidika and is sure she won’t lie, he is sure Vaidika won’t lie to him. Puneesh whispers to Bari Amma and asks if she is involved in Anjana’s death? Bari Amma only stares at Puneesh, but thinks she was losing everything so she got involved with the matter. Now it’s her game.

In the police station, Sahil asks Vaidika what happened between Anjana and her that Anjana couldn’t take hold of herself and died. Vaidika replies that Anjana fell down because of her mistake, she never accepted this proposal and has always insisted she doesn’t want a relation with Sahil. Sahil understands that media was right that she killed Anjana. Sahil asks Vaidika if she is responsible for his mother’s death. Did she push her? Vaidika turns her face away and replies that his mother died because of his craziness, she was unable to hear a no. She couldn’t hear her denial, had a heart attack and fell off the stairs. Sahil questions if this is why he loved Vaidika so dearly? Vaidika was stubborn, she argues she didn’t invite Anjana and it was an accident. People die in accidents be it someone’s mistake or not. Sahil says the biggest mistake was to trouble his mother so much, he always insisted that Vaidika was the best woman he could ever get. He turned his house into a battlefield. He always considered his love as a blessing, but now takes it as a curse. It’s a son’s responsibility to bring peace and love into his mother’s life, he always gave her trouble and that too for Vaidika. He hates himself and his fate for falling in love with Vaidika. I hate myself for loving somebody like you, I hate myself for loving you Vaidika! Bhoomi convince Sahil that there must be another story behind all this. She requests Vaidika to tell her what the truth is. Vaidika tells Bhoomi to take Sahil away from here, else he might lose someone else as well. Sahil says meeting Vaidika was the unluckiest happening in his life. She has only seen Sahil’s love till today, she will now witness his hatred. He will gain his ego and his pride back. Vaidika argues that in no time Sahil will return to her. Sahil accepts her challenge. He hurts his hand by hitting on the bars and presses his blood into Bhoomi’s hairline; dragging her outside the police station. Vaidika cries when alone, thinking about all the times Sahil had gone crazy for her.

Bari Amma gives a gun to the police inspector and asks if she turned Vaidika’s mouth shut? The lady inspector remembers deterring Vaidika to kill her child if she doesn’t stay away from Sahil. Bari Amma tells the lady inspector that she doesn’t want to kill the child and wants her Sahil’s heir to be born but not brought up by Vaidika.

In the jail, Vaidika cries and speaks to her unborn child that they will apologize his father when he is born. All at once she feels pain and goes into labor. Bari Amma hears Vaidika’s scream and was hopeful that this child will bring a turn in everyone’s life.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. How is this really possible?? No matter what, even if vedhika herself says smthg, Sahil wud never back out.. he has never failed to trust her..what happened now? And even in a fit of rage, he would never even think of marrying someone else.. but everything’s changed now.. nowadays I get a melancholy feeling to watch this serial.. a beautiful love story is totally damaged.. y can’t this BA get paralyzed again or go into a coma or even die? Every relation is changed because of her.. sick b*t*h BA and sick slimy lizard puneesh..

  2. Do you know what my problem is? It is how tv series make fun of the sanctity of marriage. They way they get married and divorce just makes me wonder..Should people actually get married?

    Sahil will marry bhoomi, yes and then the love will come back again and he will be expected to leave bhoomi, how will that be fair to her? She would have grown to love him and given 5years of her life and she will be expected to just leave…#sigh! And another interesting show bites the dust! So sad.

  3. I wait to see how much credence is given to Sahil’s blood on Bhoomi’s hairline because when Sahil’s blood fell onto Vedika’s maang, she didn’t accept it as legitimate. As Sahil has vowed to hate Vedika, maybe his mother’s death was straw that broke the camel’s back, we have to give him some credit though, he trusted her longer than the others ever did in other serials. When she told him to go and never return because he could lose someone else, I believe that she was referring to their baby. So….here she does it again, denying her connection to him but now that she had decided to accept him, the cruel hands of fate has dealt a huge blow. That’s why one should tell the person he or she loves before it’s too late, because that time would never come back to you and forever will it be a regret. Dolly….even I think that BA should have remained a cripple and live to see Sahil marry Vedika. As things stand, Vedika might be walking with a cane by the time she gets around to marrying Sahil….

  4. Thinking about it now.. I wish Nidhi had killed BA. It really made me sad that Sahil has taken this route and said those horrible things to Vedika. I only hope thats it’s the grief that talking and Bhoomi does not take this act seriously and turn against Vedika as well.

    Too many bad deeds happening at the moment. This serial is portraying that evil always win. Not a good message. The original message that this serial wanted to show has completely disappear. ???

    1. Exactly ..! This was supposed to be a different kind of love story, which we have never witnessed on Television.
      But I think they have started following the same track, like the others. Make Evil Plans, succeed or fail… End… Again a new evil plan and end… This shit will go on until the channel decides to put this tv show off air! …TRP is gonna fall anyway after watching this track! ? Intolerable.!

  5. Sigh….If only the policewoman didn’t threaten to kill Vedika’s baby!!! Im sure she would have told Sahil the truth.

  6. Hey friends, there’s a YouTube video which shows that Vedika will go on the run with her baby and also where there’s the leap, Vedika is speaking with a little girl while the boy who’s with Sahil, is looking rather playful. …and Vedika looks awesome, like how I imagined she should have always looked..face to face with Sahil, I can still see the attraction he feels for her in his eyes… Where are my two previous comments I posted earlier ???

  7. They all started out good in the beginning look at Piya Albela etc now no one comments on Piya Albela the same will happen here just give it sometime lol.

  8. Very happy that Sahil married Bhoomi. Vedika had her chances & could have easily accepted Sahil’s proposal on innumerable occasions but didn’t. She decided to marry Yash and everything after that went downhill. Bhoomi is a very good girl & is perfect for Sahil. Both have golden hearts & i would love to see Sahil develop feelings for her eventually. It’s gonna be unfair for Bhoomi if Sahil leaves her in future for Vedika. This show is nearing it’s end coz the main theme has been thoroughly devoured by the writers!

    1. Leisa s morris

      Unfortunately vedika lives in a place where society defines wat is right and wat is wrong. In dat society an older widowed woman marryin a younger man is taboo even in normal society its an issue and ppl tend to look down on it as oppose to men marrying much younger women. As a result vedika believed sahil would be better of with someone closer his age and I dont give her wrong for dat. Yes he tried countless ways to change her feelings on d matter but each time society showed her that she was makin d best decision for him and when u love someone u put them first. As for marryin yash we know y she did dat,remember she had rejected him until he started torturing d family and put dem out on d streets so to save dem and give back 49%of their stock she agreed to marry him. Once again she made her decision based on sahils happiness not hers. So no im not happy with boomi and sahils marriage( r dey really married though) boomi herself knows dat sahil will never luv her he might try but he will never but I guess marriages has wrked with less but we still have d case of sahil and vedika son to think about and with dat said its only heartache for boomi. Oh I wanna say someting else as we saw in sahils premo of lst birth he didnt get vedika, wat if in dat past life vedika was d one to prove her luv and in dis birth it is sahils turn. Just a thought

  9. Muniya

    Don’t know what to say after this….Congratulations to the writers…they finally succeeds in ruining the beautiful love story by Sahil and Bhoomi’s marriage.
    BA is real stone hearted…how can anyone smile seeing a deadbody lieing in front of the eyes??
    Sahil showed enough love and trust to Vedika…but everytjing has a limit…he has suffered a lot for her.
    Though feel bad for Vedika too…her fear proved to be true…when there is something good to happen…always things goes upside down.
    Now BA will also take her baby away from her as she its of Sahil…total mess.
    Sahil has to pay a lot more for this decision…though he is not wrong.
    I’m really attached to the hsow now…otherwise…i’d quit it by now…things going horrible.

  10. Once Vedhika had hurt Sahil by marrying Yash right in front of his eyes, and now its Sahil’s turn to do the same.. It really hurts a lot when we realise love and due to circumstances we are forced to see our love with someone else.. Its rather painful and shocking..and it does take a lot of effort to get over it.. But atleast vedhika thinks that she has Sahil’s kid as a reason to live. i think she might know the swapping between gouri’s kid and hers.. but she will be happy that Sahil’s kid will be in the same family , with its father… could be..

  11. Naz,I really don’t know what to say…it is just unbelievable that Vedika ended up in the jail….how could they convict Vedika for Anjana’s death on heresay evidence..Just because the deceased was talking to Vedika before the final moments doesn’t mean she is the culprit…and Sahil believing in all this nonsense without even insisting on a post mortem .but our writers seem to be in a hurry to get rid of Anjana so that Sahil can have a credible reason to go on with his revenge/ hate track…Plain misery to watch this illogical turn of events….As you said ,Vedika is looking great post leap but difficult times ahead for her as Sahil will be married to Bhoomi and all out to take his revenge…I wonder where is Vedika’s friend Maya who knows the truth ..with the exception of Vedika ,BA and the hospital staff,She is the only one who can tell Sahil that Vedika is carrying his baby….Anyways Vedika’s decision of informing Sahil the next day proved to be too costly….as you said some things in life should never be postponed as we are not sure whether those moments will come back or not…

  12. Naz,I couldn’t stop laughing at this rather funny image of an aged Vedika ,with all grey locks,and taking the support of a cane,finally tying the knot with Sahil…we,poor viewers ,have no other alternative other than inventing some humour in this gloomy turn of events..

    1. ????….because of recent happenings, I’m forced to see this could be a possibility ????

  13. I agree i thought it would a unique series compared kumkum n kundali…but looks like same story lines like in kumkum n kundali. What are the writers thinking i think they were drinking. Very disappointing…gave me a migraine. Well typical india showing money to get job done. India hasnt changed a bit…why innocent women are the victims in alll these?it giving bad lessons to viewers

  14. I too feel so related to vedhika’s condition now.. when she wants to do something good for herself, smthg bad follows immediately.. v all live in some constant fear of our circumstances.. sometimes we fear laughing too bcz of crying that follows.. we get love, we lose it.. we find good people around, and miss them eventually.. sometimes nothing stays how much ever we want..

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