Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 15th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika finds the affects of black magic

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Vaidika asks Sahil to give her a chance to improvise herself. Sahil pulls Vaidika away from himself and leaves. Vaidika was under the effect of Nisha’s black magic, she couldn’t recall anything. Nisha smirks behind thinking she hates Vaidika and will continue make her suffer. Nisha comes to Vaidika offering her help for Vaidika. Vaidika wonders why Nisha interferes in their personal matters and is so concerned.
Vaidika was walking across Agarwal house with the aarti of pooja. Nisha and Puneesh come out of the room speaking pleasantly. She says she doesn’t believe in aarti and wish Vaidika doesn’t take any such flames to her room until she is staying. Vaidika inquires why Nisha is staying here when the case has now been closed. Nisha says she is staying until Puneesh’s legal case

needs her. Puneesh curtly says that Vaidika is also staying here as a guest, who is stubborn and won’t leave. Nisha asks Vaidika to focus on the pooja today. Afterwards she thinks Vaidika will have to suffer in the pooja testimony today.
Vaidika and Bhoomi had to carry water pots. All at once, Vaidika hears Ved calling them for help, he was hanging from the roof. Vaidika drops the pot and runs shouting Ved! Nothing will happen to you. Everyone was shocked as Ved stood in the crowds, and Vaidika pointed to an empty roof. Sahil asks what the matter is. Vaidika says she doesn’t understand what happens to her, she begins to behave strangely. Bhoomi taunts that this must be Vaidika’s trick to get closer to Sahil, but Sahil was sure Vaidika isn’t lying.
At home, Vaidika prays for some clue. The Pandit ji comes to her and says he can sense some black power working in the house. He gives Vaidika some rice and instructs her to hide four packs of it in the corners of this house, if this rice turns black then there is some black magic being done here. Vaidika infers that she is under the effect of black magic, and must counter the inflictor.
Vaidika hides the rice packs in different corners of the house. Sahil comes from behind asking if she was looking for something. They hear Deepak shout for everyone to come downstairs. Deepak had brought Manish home and blames Gauri to have an affair with another man. He was furious over Gauri and says Gauri must be grateful to him that he married a divorcee; still she betrayed him. He was about to slap Gauri on face, but Sahil stops his hand in midair. He stood between Deepak and Gauri and forbids him touch his sister.

PRECAP: Vaidika advocates Gauri but Bari Amma accuses Vaidika for distracting Gauri. There, Pandit ji tells Vaidika that someone has learned black magic deeply and is here for a purpose. They must find out the intentions first.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Leisa s morris

    Finally vedika asked d question I have been askin all along…what d france is nisha still doin there? Wat case does d worm puneesh has dat nisha needs to b in d house for and y cant she do it outside d home. Vedika brought her there to protect her so no one can harm het during d case so wat fear does she have dat she is staying in d house for puneesh sake. Time to expose dis black magic track and nisha/ nidhi and get dem out of d way so we can have real interaction between henceforth. And wT d hell has deepak done for gauri dat he is saying could talk now,besides torture her and give away her child.

  2. Leisa, Nisha answered your question… Lol.. That was fast!!! Anyway… I know only you would understand what I’m about to say… Nothing like a “good horn ” for a man to want to fight for his woman who was a recipient of his ill treatment for all their marriage. Hell, Deepak even gave away their daughter good thing it was Vedika bringing up his child, if it was up to Bhoomi, he’d have to get a lawyer to fight for their child, then Nisha would have more reason to continue living in the house … Now that Deepak is threatened by the thought of another man in Gauri’s life, he’s lashing back at her but it’s his wounded male pride speaking here. If he has to throw insults to her that he married her even though she was a divorcee, he got something out of the bargain too, he’s been living off Gauri’s family wealth for all these years and he had a roof over his head, he could have done worse in life… I wonder if he’ll tell her to go with her ex?? If he does, then he doesn’t need to still live in Agarwal’s house, right? Knowing BA, she could opt for her daughter to leave the house instead, as long as she can have a man to dance to her tunes, never mind in what capacity Deepak’s is in the house, she prefer him over her daughter… I think BA has too much time on her hands, that’s why she’s always in everyone’s business, if she had a man of her own, he would occupy her life and leave no space for her to wreck so much havoc… As it is, she could be one frustrated woman so she’s acting out her frustrations….

    1. Leisa s morris

      Yes it is only his ego and his dependancy on dis family dat he is getting angry. Wen it mattered he treated gauri like crap,molested her,verbally abused her and give away her child causing untold pain. Now he dare question her and BA is no one to talk afterall wasnt she d other woman who broke apart a family for her selfish reason..its like d pot calling d kettle black. She has stood by and watch her daughter be victimised and never said a word now she wants to act all high and mighty

  3. How strange this is.. BA loves to control the men in her life, is there a name for women like that, I’m sure there must be… First it was her husband ( Yash dad), then came along Sahil, Puneesh, Deepak and now little Ved… This woman has a problem!!

  4. U know naz what. BA has a penchamt for younger men n boys. That is why she married a younger man. May be that is the reason she likes Puneesh monkey, deepak idiot n if sahil was not her son who knows she would hv liked him also, he being the most handsomest man. Tch tch tch poor BA n the lustful bhoomi. Now even i am realizing that sahil has become an obsession for bhumi. She wants 2 hv him by hook or by crook. Ved is just an excuse to keep sahil close to her
    Sonetimes i feel may be BA.must hv brought
    Bhoomi to keep vedika far fm sahil. May after a few episodes this suspense would be leaked out. Yesterday after many episodes i liked when sahil told the wicked bhoomi that vedika does not tell lies n as far as he knows there might be some reason due to which she could not complete the 2nd task given by the pandit. He also taunted the cruel bhoomi that now that she has completed the task hope ved will be OK. Poor bhoomiji

  5. Muniya

    First of all…
    Wish u all a very happy Durga puja😊😊…Happy Maha Saptami

  6. Muniya

    Finally Vedika realized Nisha’s actual color…but don’t think they will reveal her real identity anytime soon.

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