Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 14th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Sahil-Vaidika saviors of Pankti’s mother

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 14th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pankti panics after Tej Pratab’s call and says she must go back her mother is in danger. Vaidika asks them to listen to her plan.
In his villa, Tej Pratab had tied Pankti’s mother with a pillar. He warns that if Pankti doesn’t return today, she will be molested by five men here. He then asks for some celebrations, a goon calls a folk singer’s gang from Rajasthan. It was Vaidika as the singing lead, Sahil as the drummer and Pankti in veil to dance. Tears fell off Vaidika’s eyes as she sings, ‘Menu ishq da lagya roag’.
Vaidika distributes sweets amongst the attendees. Everyone including Tej Pratab goes unconscious. Sahil carefully observes Tej Pratab. They untie the ropes of Pankti’s mother and turn to leave. Tej Pratab stood outside the main door clapping with his goons. Tej Pratab comes to Vaidika and says he had already known there was something wrong when she presented the laddu. He was about to harass his wife again when Vaidika slaps on his face. Tej Pratab stops his goons from moving ahead. Vaidika says they stand with his wife here, she need to call the media once and the reporters and journalists will be here. Sahil removes the fake moustache and stands with Vaidika. Vaidika says men must pray women, they love their sons and praise their husbands. They warn that from today, Pankti and his wife will remain under Vaidika and Sahil’s surveillance; he must well be aware that a defamed politician never gets enough votes. As they turn to leave, Vaidika was about to slip. Sahil asks Vaidika to be careful with her child as well. Pankti tells her mother that Vaidika is pregnant, still she came to help them. After they have left, Tej Pratab tells his goons that they got their weakness now. Sahil will bring Pankti and his mother, else Vaidika won’t be able to give birth to her child.
Aarya and Guddu return from grocery. Aarya was excited about the festival. The doorbell rings. Aarya says she ordered food from restaurant, can he pay the bills. Guddu had no money in his wallet. Aarya comes with the money. Guddu explains that his salary didn’t yet come into his account. Aarya replies that it’s alright, they can share the bills just as they will share the chores. Guddu thinks silently that Aarya believes him a lot, what if she leaves him when she knows about his truth.
Vaidika and Sahil come home with Pankti and her mother. Bari Amma, Nani and Prachi strictly prohibits them from entering the house. Vaidika convince Bari Amma that they needed help and she deemed it right to bring them here and help them. Bari Amma thinks Tej Pratab had turned her life to help, this woman had to suffer this all. Pankti requests Bari Amma to let them stay here, she promises to never be a burden over them. She also assures Vaidika to never hurt her sentiments. Sahil announces Makar Sanktrati celebrations tomorrow and takes Pankti’s mother into the room. She bless Sahil and requests him to think about her question. Pankti and Vaidika come to the room. Pankti inquires what reply she wants from him. Sahil says its their personal matter. He asks Vaidika and Pankti why they hugged each other last night. Vaidika had brought dinner for them. Pankti says Sahil won’t stay silent until he knows the reason, she must tell him now.

PRECAP: Vaidika and Sahil were playing with Ved. The maid in the house spies for Tej Pratab and sets a trap so that Ved slips on the floor and his head bleeds.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nina

    I couldn’t make it past any episode. So it may get better I don’t know what write about the recent episode. Try it If you have your opinion and free time.

  2. Friends just fed up of seeing the faces of these out of job n low salary actors in this serial. Also fed up of seeing the face n listening to the useless interviews of the stray puppy dog on u tube. I dont know with whom is this girl close to in the production house that wleverytime she keeps on giving all senseless interviews on u tube. God pls save sadika fans fm this girl n the blo*dy writers of this serial. In yesterdays episode last scene sahil was looking so tired n lost. And less said about his unnatural acting now a days the better.

  3. Raji – be ready gir mohit he just left me with a bad test in my stomach, he was thinking of what ariyah will think of him when she finds out about the true readon he is there. He said that might be the end of their relationship,
    He sure has a creepy smile and eyes.

    Am fed up are they no honest people in this series?

  4. You see Madeline, I’ve suspected guddu since day one, no one from around Usha is clean, they all just like her, lousy, materialistic, conniving and are blood sucking leeches. I’m pretty sure that he doesn’t even have a job, that briefcase he used to take around with him, are full of tricks. Aarya’s falling in steps with her mother, wrong choices in life and now paying the consequences of her actions, hope Aarya sees guddu for what he’s worth before its too late.

  5. Raji dear, what do you think of the live in relationship between Aarya and her almost there, good for nothing beau? This has been the trend for years now.. The world has evolved so dramatically, that couples prefer to live together and if they can make it happen, then they take the plunge. Here in my country, it’s been happening since forever it seems like, it’s legitimately and legally termed “common law relationships ” and it entitles the spouse of legal rights on all spheres, just like if a couple is legally married. Young people enter into this relationship and it depends on whether they think they love each other enough to sustain them thorough a lifetime, then they plan their marriages. …mind you, that’s after the fact that the honey already the moon ok….and everything that goes with it. In two weeks time, my cousin’s son would be tying the knot through such an arrangement, he lived with his intended for 7 years…they could have had 3 kids in that time… Lol… The consolation is that if he could have weathered the storm for all those years, then for sure they can multiply those years many times over and have a good marriage… So, this is what’s happening here with Aarya, with the no intimate contact clause thrown in for security… Hopefully, she’ll see in time the true guddu and dump his ass…but of course we have to see enough drama before that happens… Anyways, I have nothing to say concerning the other characters, I rest for a while… It’s goodnight here…almost morning in your part of the world.. Chat soon.

  6. Look naz i feel this arya damsel is more hotter than bhoomi n i dont believe in this livein relationships. I dont know how many boy friends she ill be changing till the serial ends. Look at her mother vedika n look at her. She has also become fickle minded like that fi kle minded sahil. Really Naz now a days i just dont like to see sahils face. How can a person after just meeting a girl for 5 mts. Decides to saVe her n then marry her n then bring both the stray dogs ie puppys mother n the puppy herself to his house. What r the writers thinking that we viewers are fools a what. Spoilt the lovely unique love story. And enough is enough of this vedikas sacrifices. She should just leave this fickle minded fellow n go n live in her old house. All out of job actors n with less salary hv been taken in this srial barring a few good actors. Dont know when ll this puppys track get over. Just see all her over confident n over enthusiastic interviews on u tube. Now a days it looks like she is only the main heroine.

  7. Friend’s today AAJS completed 1year successfully..??so happy for Our Sadika..
    Please friends watch the epi..plzz..they both SADIKA is looking so nice in Banjaran dress..I can’t explain..when vedika was falling Sahil holds vedika tightly..
    Now,clearly I can tell from u all sadika fans that pankti is not hevoc for our Sadika but now..,Pankti’s father Tejpratap is really a big problem for Vedika…Friends from beginning when Pankti fell into Sahil’s arm..and still not observed any love between them..I mean Sahil -pankti bond.. although in this situation I saw only Sadika scene’s and their pure love while Sahil have not remember anything..
    ..oh really friends..really..
    Friends Arya is not like her mother..she is not a good daughter..I hate Arya..I also not believe in living..vedika her mom is in big problem always tensed and instead of her care arya is living with robot type guddu..and very soon she wants marry with guddu…her mum is pregnant also.She is not 24 25 year old she is only 21 year..how a shameful girl..and our great Vedika permitted them for living for her happiness..makers showing another love story between arya -guddu..like Vedika-Sahil..

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