Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 12th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Jackie as Sahil’s twin

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Jackie stops Vaidika from screaming, he says no matter what Vaidika always takes him wrong. He put his life on stake only to save Aarya and Ved, because they have a deal and she will pay him for it. However, his life completely changed as soon as he met her. Today he must tell her what’s going on in her mind. Jackie at once jumps aside as Usha enters the house, furiously. Vaidika wonders if Usha is his mother. Usha complaints that she will never forget this night when Jackie betrayed her. He will now be responsible for whatever happens. Jackie follows Usha to his house where Usha pours kerosene oil over herself. Jackie was left outside and tries to stop Usha from the window. Usha calls Jackie a betrayer. Jackie tries to break the door, then forbids Usha take any such step. Usha had lit the

matchstick and was about to touch it with her clothes. Vaidika comes to snatch the matchstick off her face. She pours water over Usha to wash the oil. She questions which mother puts the burden of her death over her son. She opens the door for Jackie. Vaidika tells Jackie to take care of his mother, she needs him. Usha complains that she is dead by heart, because her son has been crazy after Vaidika. Jackie doesn’t hear anything against Vaidika, he says he was always his, he belongs her and will always be hers. Sahil always loved Vaidika, and he can never bear anything against Vaidika. Usha was astonished to hear the word Sahil. Jackie claims to be Sahil Agarwal, not her son Jackie.
In her room, Bari Amma finds some old files and pendants. Nani comes to her room and says she was getting bored all alone. She asks about the file and box in the wardrobe. Bari Amma says she was only watching the photo of Sahil’s childhood. Nani grabs the file, she finds the discharge papers of Anjana at the time of Sahil’s birth and there were twin babies. Nani asks if this is what Bari Amma had been trying to hide for years. Anjana gave birth to two children, and Sahil has a twin sibling?
There, Vaidika stood in front of her house’s temple and wonders what’s happening to her. She can feel Sahil’s presence whenever Jackie is around. Her heart repeatedly asserts that he is Sahil, it’s impossible that Sahil’s Vaidika feels for someone else. She cried.
Usha asks how it is possible, he is Sahil Agarwal. She was in a disbelief and says he must be lying to her, or teasing her. Sahil tells Usha that he met her son, therefore he had nothing but to create all this drama. Usha asks what happened to Jackie then. He narrates that the story begins when he fall from the cliff. Someone saved him there and took him to hospital. When he woke up, he was astonished to see someone exactly like himself sitting there, it was Jackie. Jackie said they are look alike, exactly like one another. He tells Sahil that his mother wants him to get to Agarwal family as Sahil Agarwal; his mother wants him to loot on Agarwal’s wealth. He clarified that he is a man good at heart and will go to Agarwal house and take care of Sahil’s family. Outside the hospital room, Jackie turns to inform his mother that he is ready to go to Agarwal house as Sahil Agarwal. Someone points a gun towards him from the front. Sahil had walked to the door and watch Puneesh fire a bullet at Jackie and sent him with his goons to die; they had thrown Jackie down the multiple floored hospital building. Usha cries and calls Sahil a murderer of Jackie. Sahil tells Usha that he is sure Jackie is alive, that is why he came over as Jackie to revenge for him. Usha tells Sahil that Jackie was his twin brother.
There, Bari Amma tells Nani that she couldn’t bear that Anjana becomes the mother of two sons of Agarwal house. She left one of the child over the road, and waited there until someone takes the child. It was Usha, their neighbor who took the child. Vaidika heard this conversation from outside and wonders if Jackie is her brother in law? She decides to give this news to Jackie.

PRECAP: Sahil tells Vaidika that she is her husband Sahil, not Jackie. They had just hugged each other when someone kidnaps both of them. It comes out to be Bhoomi.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Leisa s morris

    Sorry raji lol guess bhoomi is still in d pic and not there to apologise as I wuda hope. Hmmmm wat now?

  2. Omg.. This is too much.. my poor heart can’t take it any more. Shahil I love you😘😘😘😘
    Sadika acting is brilliant. The love they share is unique. Best ever couple of all serial.
    I cannot believe to what extent BA would go. Disgusting!!! Stone hearted woman. Sahil will find Jacky and hope BA have answers for him.

  3. Madeline chasha

    I thought so too leisa, bhoomi shouldn’t have been in the picture even doing the kidnapping? No guys its nit good and its nit even funny. Bhoohoo should go to jail right away. As for barysmah she shouldvaploguse ptoperly to sshilvhuvs back the money rightly belonging ti Jackie, the poor boy has lived a hard life and yet he had money how selfish can some women be, having female kuds us a blessing in it self.
    Please do something anout bhoomi in the meantime j still continue to read updates.

  4. Nina

    4th December I had written it’s possible would be turn out that Sahil searches for solutions his problems under a mask Jacky. It turned out that was right. Bari Amma has a bad habit to damage the destiny of infants.

  5. Ohhh…. My heart is full of energy now, Sahil is back! I experienced so many emotions today, I cried, no joke, I cried when Sahil announced himself, didn’t matter he revealed his identity to Usha, just hearing him brought tears and a sob from me. So much to analyze but no problem, all of you know that I love seeing our forum decorated with many comments…so I’ll just go ahead… Starting with the beginning… Usha’s over dramatic antics, she doused with kerosene from head to toe, the matchstick so close to her body but the match refuses to catch!! LMAO.. Honestly speaking, I didn’t expect the truth to come out so quickly but considering Usha’s melodramatic behavior, Sahil thought it best to just spill the beans…and the entire explanation unraveled itself. So…. We were correct, Sahil has a twin, Sahil was pretending to be Jacky all along…no wonder Puneesh nearly died when he saw Sahil in the flesh, he knew that he and his goons has thrown him down the building… BA had a hand in separating the twins, just yesterday I mentioned that…she was jealous of Anjana giving birth to a son, much less two when she couldn’t produce one… What a wicked wretch… Anyways, it’s good to see BA and Nani enjoying the much needed camaraderie, for too long they butted heads, maybe BA realizes that she doesn’t have much friends left to fight with… Nani is the next best one …

  6. Friends, I’m truly feeling sorry for Jacky, he’s been through a rough life when he should be enjoying the opulence of the Agarwal’s lifestyle. For sure Usha had him stealing from a tender age when he should have been going to the best school and making a life inside Agarwal’s jewelry fortune. He didn’t bond with his brother, the very brief encounter in the hospital was all Sahil had….how commendable of Jacky to take his brother to the hospital without knowing their true relationship, it must have been a shock to see someone who looked just like him.. Now.. Bhoomi the blo*dy witch has kidnapped her so called husband, like she forgot Sahil was her husband?? Anyways, now that she has a hand in Sadika’s kidnapping, how the heck writers are going to try to make Bhoomi (yuck) and Jacky a couple? This is a crime and I hope that Sahil doesn’t forgive Bhoomi, Vedika doesn’t forgive her either but the police catch her sorry ass and throw her in a dark jail cell… I would like to see Jacky included in the family, don’t know if he’s alive..if Sahil can survive that long fall, so too should Jacky.. Waiting but impatiently for tomorrow’s episode… Sahil my darling is back and every YouTube viewer in the comment section posted their endless hearts and love for his return… Pooja, I too say that I never believed that a serial could touch me so deeply the way AKAJS has, every day, if I am unable to comment on my other serials, I make the effort to come here and say my piece, I don’t know how I’ll feel when this ends… When Jodha Akbar ended, I cried for weeks, I hope I don’t become depressed here.. I’ll watch the serial all over again, with much pleasure than before…

  7. Naz u were so correct in saying that since BA had 2 girls n anjana had 2 boys she only must hv separated the twins. blo*dy PIMP. Nowv o am sure BA, horse faced puneesj n lustful bhoomi will join force with rosogullah usha 2 destroy sadika. Wish they had not brought bhoomi back. Hope the writers dont show her ending with twin sahil. Vedika was looking very beautiful yesterday in that light pink sari. In fact last few episodes she is looking very beautiful.

    1. Yes Raji, it made sense that BA would be jealous of Anjana. You know what’s surprising about this, even though BA had no sons, she understood unequivocally that Sahil should be sole heir to the Agarwal’s fortune, she didn’t discriminate. It could have been different you know but if it’s one thing she ever did correct in her life, it was her unwavering love for the male scion of the family which she gave to him and him only…and her wish for him is to take over from her one day…however, we all know how screwed up her love for him is and like most mothers in law, her son’s wife is always a threat to their position in their lives …

  8. The way sahil acclaims that he is sahil in a stern way and when he said that he wud always belong to vedhika..i was just drooling…i rmbrd u all guys in that scene.. and im happy that Naz felt the same way i did.. This serial is like a jumanji in itself..we are all getting dragged into this and hopelessly no return.. the love sahil has, i feel that i fall in love with him everytime i see him.. is that what it is??? hmmmm..

    1. Dolly, I know with certainty that I fell in love with Sahil from day one, not only did he remind me of a lost love, it was his infectious personality and charisma which brought me to my knees… Truth be told Dolly, I am like this as well, my son has always told me that I make friends with people anywhere I go because of my infectious personality, it’s just how I am. In the most serious of cases, I have an unfortunate way of smiling, don’t know why that happens, but say what that’s how God made me…right? Some things are blessings in disguise.. So, to your point, how you felt hearing Sahil’s voice in true Sahil’s voice, made me cry tears of joy, it felt like my husband…and this is hypothetical…has come back to me after a long time.. This is what I do to feel the emotions of Vedika’s character, so I know her pains, how much she loves Sahil but is so afraid of totally committing to him on an emotional level, that’s why she would cry so much for him, would look at his photo and deeply regret not seizing opportunities when she was supposed to.. Regrets are painful, excruciatingly painful Dolly, when you love someone, in your heart you know you didn’t do your best in the circumstances and knowing fully well that time is passing and you would never get the chance again.. I’ve lived it… On the brighter side of things, Sahil gives us reason to believe that finding true love is possible, that there could be someone like him for every woman, tear down the barriers of age, class, financial status, religion and color of skin and embrace love as it was meant to be embraced..

  9. Dear friends.. I feel should share this with you. In precap lustful Bhoomi is acting as if she is James Bond. 😂😂

    1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂…Raji is forcing me to look at Bhoomi’s face closer and I think she looks like a cross between man and woman.. Didn’t mean to be so mean OK, just saying it like I see it …i can imagine how hilarious she looks doing the scene… Look at it this way Pooja, she’s the comic relief for our entertainment…

  10. Dear dolly not only james bond – A horse face james bond. In the precap i am not joking her face was looking really like a horse face. Friends hv you all noticed one thing. Whenever sahil kisses vedika i mean only on her forehead or head n hair, it is just not a peck, it is a proper long kiss. Oh so romantically he does it. Such a wonderful actor he is. Friends in case in future if he comes in some other serial which TV actress would suit him? Pls tell. I remember i.once saw his interview on TV somewhere in june on Jazbaat on ZEE TV he was asked which actress he likes amongst the current lot, at once he had told SURBHI JYOTI.

  11. Naz i am not joking. She really looks like a cross between a man n a woman. I told u all a few days back that my maid told me her face looks like an enunch. These r not my words but my maids words. FYI she doesnt even watch any hindi serials. Forget about this lustful wretched witch bhoomi toomi pls pls all of u watch sadikas jungle romance on u tube. U ll not believe it-it is so passionate. Pls all of u see it n pass yr comments.

  12. I dont think i can see sahil with anyone else other than vedhika for now..bcz we are so emotionally related to that character.. I know most of us here, become vedhika watching it..and sahil’s love is for us types..
    Naz i feel u r more like me.. it is that smile that never leaves our face under any situation.. we dont forget to share that 1000 watts smile or laughter..
    and Raji somehow i feel that bhoomi is not horse faced but donkey faced…

  13. Excuse my language… I think Bhoomi is a total arsehole.
    Agree with you Dolly. Right now I. can’t imagine anyone else apart from Vedika with Sahil. Their chemistry is out of this world.

  14. Ladies.. I’m just here to say that I love you all… We are a team.. We are the best commentators ever, we are unique because we don’t hide our emotions whether it’s disdain, love, anger, sadness, pain or happiness.. We just share.. We all treat Sahil as our Lord Krishna.. We don’t mind sharing him, we see ourselves in Vedika and no other serial has touched us in this profound way like AKAJS… PS. Just for the record, ETRETR 2nd season had me this way too, I was totally in love with Raja 😍😍😍😍 and the love between Jodha and Akbar used to turn me on.. Yeah, I’m that crazy… Lol… Dolly, I’m happy to know that I have a personality like yours, that’s right, I can never hide my smiles even in solemn situations… Like I said, God made me this way for a reason…..and that’s what I tell people when they ask me how old I am… I tell them that how you are in the inside becomes the reflection of what one see on the outside, meaning if you have negativity in your heart and mind, it makes you look older than you really are but if you have a kind heart and soul and mind, your mind reflects that positivity on the outside, I guarantee you that a smile a day makes you feel and look younger than you really are.. Later…oh yes Raji, I saw the jungle romance 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  15. True dolly since even the horse looks very smart. Correct she is donkey faced woman. I think we r unnecessarily giving importance to this lustful dirty woma. Pls friends watch u tube to see sadikas jungle romance. U all ll not be in yr senses after u watch their romance.

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