Vikram Betaal 12th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikram manages to save his people and family

Vikram Betaal 12th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikram worrying seeing Padmini becoming stone. She can speak to him and says she is here. Bhadrakaal laughs and asks how you are feeling now? He says I have been seeing dream since 1100. He says you will not feel the pain until you suffer and says I have to do this. Padmini tells Vikram that she can hear him and see him, but can’t move from her place. Vikram hears his people calling him for help and tells Padmini that he will return soon. Vikram comes out of Palace and sees his people becoming stone and asking for help. He comes to Bhadrakaal and says you did wrong. He says you have enmity with me, but not with my people and family. Bhadrakaal says if you have become stone then who would have brought Betaal here. He asks him to go and says stone idols are waiting for you.

Vikram says you have done injustice. Vikram says it would have been wrong if I had not given you life, if Padmini becomes widow, if Bharmal becomes king, if your wife becomes dasi to Pingla and says I have saved your people and wife and you are telling that I have done injustice. Vikram says I will not bring Betaal until I come to know about your truth. Bhadrakaal says promise shall be fulfilled and shall not be enquired. He says God Ram didn’t question his father and went to vanvas and asks him not to question him. He says when you bring Betaal to me then you will know the truth. He says I can tell you fake story like Betaal. Vikram says I didn’t refuse to fulfill my promise and asks what about my praja and family.

Bhadrakaal says what is their mistake and gives him sword. He asks him to love his people and wife. He says I didn’t understand. Bhadrakaal asks him to give death to his family and people, and says you will get your life. Vikram says if I was not worried then I wouldn’t have killed you right here. He comes to Padmini. Padmini asks if he found the solution. Vikram says I have no solution than this. He touches her with sword and she becomes human again. Others become human too. Padmini asks what happened to us. Vikram says it was done by Bhadrakaal whom you thought as Devtulya. Padmini asks how you will stop him? Vikram says I have to bring Betaal here from Pret ghaati to end Bhadrakaal. He tells her that he has to go there and bring betaal. He comes to Pret ghaati and asks where are you Betaal? Betaal says you came here again and says I thought you will break the promise given to Bhadrakaal. Vikram says my promise is strong and can’t break. He says truth will come out when you both come infront of each other.

Betaal asks him to catch him. Vikram catches him and tells that he will tell him a story of a person whose behavior was angry. He asks why God Parshuram killed his mum? He says you might be thinking he killed his mum on his father’s insistence or killed her knowing her character. He says if you are thinking this, then I have to tell him this story. He says it is God’s parshuram story.. He says katha begins with Parshuram’s mum Renuka’s rebirth and tells about her first birth as Sudeha and says she was Sudharma’s wife. Sudeha and Sudharma do puja together infront of God Vishnu. Sudharma asks his wife to give Prasad to everyone. The people present in the temple refuse to have Prasad from an infertile woman. Betaal says people take just a moment to call her infertile woman. She did puja and other things to get the baby, but fails. She gets shattered with people’s taunts and goes to cliff to die.

Sudharma asks her to stop. She is about to fall down from the cliff, but Sudharma saves her. She asks him to let her die. Sudharma asks her not to worry about people’s taunts. Sudeha says I die every moment thinking that I can’t take your legacy forward. Sudharma asks her to forget everything. She agrees and asks him to accept her sayings. Sudharma promises her. Sudeha asks him to remarry for the baby. He agrees. Betaal tells that Sudeha got her sister Gushma married Sudharma. They get married. Sudeha showers flower petals on them. Sudeha blesses her sister after marriage. Betaal tells that Gushma was Vishnu bhakt and gave birth to a baby. Sudeha gets happy and asks everyone to tell the people that she has become a mother. Sudharma gives baby in Sudeha’s hand. Sudeha gets happy and says I am your mum. Betaal says she thought she is freed from the curse of infertility, she has to face the harsh reality.

Pandit asks Sudharma to keep Sudeha away from baby. Sudharma asks Sudeha to stay away from baby. Next day, everyone was shocked in the Palace as the baby goes missing. Gushma asks Sudeha if she saw her baby. Sudeha is shocked and recalls drowning the baby in the river. He says she did everything to get the baby, but killed him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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