Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 11th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Sahil brings his child from Vaidika’s house

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Pankti drags her mother outside. Her mother cries asking if someone behaves like this to her mother. Pankti says she isn’t worth staying in the house, she proved to be her enemy and fall so much so to break Sahil and Vaidika’s relation and didn’t even care about her daughter’s grace. Pankti’s mother wasn’t ready to leave. Pankti holds a knife from the fruit basket and warns to kill herself if her mother doesn’t leave the house. Her mother cries that she did everything for Pankti. Pankti questions when she wanted all this, she wanted to bring Sahil and Vaidika closer and in return her mother turned her into a second woman. Her mother holds her luggage bag to leave. Pankti apologizes Sahil, she had no other way. Sahil thanks Pankti, as he wished to do this but didn’t have the

courage. Pankti says they will now bring Vaidika back home.
Prachi goes to answer a door bell. The post man gives her papers for Sahil Agarwal. Sahil was shocked to see Divorce papers from Vaidika. Prachi was happy that Vaidika’s departure is a blessing for her child. Pankti asks Sahil to call Vaidika, Vaidika can’t take such a huge step. Prachi argues why her brother would call Vaidika. She also forgave Puneesh when he had an affair with Shruti, does Vaidika realize the meaning of divorce. Pandit ji had suggested tomorrow’s date for naming ceremony, and here Vaidika is thinking about divorce. Sahil vows that no one can take his children away from him.
In the police station, Puneesh was happy and tells Prachi that they must take full advantage of this divorce news.
It was late at night. Someone breaks into Vaidika’s room and takes the child from cradle. It was Sahil who holds his little son. He thinks Vaidika can’t take his child from him, he is Sahil Agarwal’s son as well. He is taking his child, his naming ceremony must take place in the right time. Vaidika wakes up at the click of door, she comes out. At home Pankti questions why Sahil did this. Sahil was angry and says Vaidika also didn’t tell him anything, she sent the divorce papers silently. Vaidika reaches Agarwal house and was shocked to see Sahil standing with the child. He clarifies to Vaidika he brought his son rightfully. She can’t take all the decisions of life solely. Vaidika questions if it was her sole decision, and he had no share? Sahil says he wants to do the naming ceremony of this child, he wants to announce to the world that he is Sahil Agarwal’s child. Vaidika argues why they didn’t take her consent in this decision. Sahil asks if Vaidika asked him before taking her decision. No one can stop him from becoming his father. He leaves the decision on Vaidika if she wants to leave the house, or stay till naming ceremony. Vaidika says she will stay till naming ceremony, right now he must give her the child as he is hungry and needs feed. She takes the child and leaves into the room. Bari Amma was happy and goes to prepare for the naming ceremony. Pankti says Sahil is doing wrong here, they must speak to each other. Prachi warns Pankti to stay away from this matter, if she wasn’t happy after ruining their life already.
Pankti’s mother reaches Usha for help. Usha promises not to let her fail. Usha says Pankti now believes in love after Pankti and Vaidika’s love; now this love will solve the matter.
Pankti cries in the room while thinking about the recent developments. She decides to resolve this matter in any possible way. She must add some positive energy on this Naming Ceremony and prays for Vaidika and Sahil.
Prachi tells Puneesh she has taken care of everything, he will be free tomorrow. She now wish he gets an entry in Agarwal house without anyone knowing. She was happy that her child won’t have to live fatherless now. Puneesh kiss the back of her hands and assures he will be there. Prachi tells Puneesh its naming ceremony of Vaidika and Sahil’s child tomorrow. Puneesh thinks the future will ring huge devastation for them.
Aarya was going ahead to check for her mother. Guddu passed by and stops out of concern. He asks if everything is fine. Aarya was annoyed and asks why Guddu always attempt to get closer to her. Guddu was offensive and clarifies he only stopped because it’s late. Aarya gets a call from Vaidika, she was tensed and promises her mother to stay with Ved here. Guddu wish everything is fine.

PRECAP: Puneesh arrives in disguise at the naming ceremony of Sahil and Vaidika’s baby.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Well just when i thought pankti mother was history the dam woman have nine lives now she gone back to pair with usha and prachi and horse face puneesh also join the separate sadika train pure nonsense in my book…..writers there are TOO MANY VILLAINS now….if so get sadika back together so they can fight them as a couple and send pankti abroad she’ll be safe there….Why are you hell bent on destroying our beautiful unique love story all zee serial need to be disposed of….I’m over the top annoyed with this crap oh and on top of that vadika knows nothing about the divorce so she’ll have to deal with sahil demands as he think otherwise

  2. Yes Sam- please writers let sadika fight against society together and prove that they are in love what ever problem come their way they will deal with it. Society tried to redicule them but they lost so please let sadika stay happy. Get rid of pantry house, puneesh and ursha their story has nothing to do with sadika they are just greedy people who want money and wealth from agrawal mansion period. so its not a nice line to include them after all they are not good actors anyway, sorry.

  3. Writers while you are at it let sahil doubt the divorce papers not bevome bitter and sensless also vefika should know about the D papers so you see its not FIction coz in real life couples fight just.like sadika so if its unique story with a unique relationship then let them be happy and work together no fighting each other let tjem show society what thry are mafe of and let them show society this guy sahil and lafy vefika can bring up their children in a happy home and teach them good values,
    Let them grow old together and leave a legecy to their grand children that it is possible to be in love with a woman older than a man and live happily ever after.

  4. Yes Sam.. too many villains and that include Aarya who has become too big for her shoes. Guddu is a good man and I feel that he will play a part into exposing his mother. I just hope that the divorce paper does not make Sahil bitter. I wish Nani had said something to Vedika about the divorce papers. I am mot going to waste my time om Prachi. She is just a snake!! Hope it all blew in her ugly face.. writers please give our Sadika. All this twist and turns is becoming to much for Sadika fans..

  5. Leisa s morris

    How d hell did dis traitor prachi get puneesh out of jail. She is one of d most foolish woman in soap land eh. Her husband cheated on her, treated her dispicable ,choose aarya over her etc it was only sahil and vedika who stood by her side and yet she gone against dem for dis looser. I hope dis time she gets so ruined dat she repent for d rest of her life.

  6. Nina

    The scriptwriters go too far Vedika couldn’t decide about a divorce so quickly. Pankti’s plotline is terrible. I don’t understand what much of she is saying I tend to zone out. She doesn’t pull me into the story she kicks me out! Please, end it up.

  7. Friends, if you all have never seen an authentic stupid woman, Pankti’s mother is it!! Even after hearing her daughter emphatically screech out that there’s no way on earth she and Sahil can even have a relationship, the stupid bozo still doesn’t comprehend… When I look at this woman’s face, she’s such a good expressive actress, she has the most authentic dumb expression ever, as if she’s really so.. This is why I dislike her so much, I don’t like to see women so stupid, they must have an ounce of grey matter certainly!! Anyways, I can’t stand Aarya today, she’s the type who looks for it, when her husband goes hunting!! She’s giving guddu a hard time and it’s uncalled for, she’s lucky to get a submissive man like him, if he was different, she would have been quiet!! Don’t talk about Prachi!!! Oh lorrrrrrrddddd, she gave me a migraine today, she’s another stupid example of a woman… After all that transpired for the time the slithering snake was in the hole, she just fell in Puneesh’s trap again, can’t she be independent and bring her child up by herself? She must really be hard up for a man, to take back that vampire!! I’m really happy about BA and her reverse relationship with Vedika, who knows, it might be BA who’ll throw Prachi’s ass out of the house this time around… She ain’t taking nothing from nobody when it comes to Sahil’s children… She loves Sahil and his children to death!!!.. The episode was very much like reality, with Vedika wanting to br*ast feed her baby and going privately to do so…nice episode nevertheless…ane ohh yes, KJ is doing a good job with this present situation…

  8. Guys if you could recall that pankti storyline is the same way bhoomi own started by trying to unite sadika lets hope it don’t end the same way where she become obsess with sahil

  9. Friends just yesterday i heard fm u tube that there will be a sort lwap of either 5 to 6 months or 2 yrs amongst sadika where some viewers ll be happy n some sad. I dont know what it means. But in the poster it is shown vedika is sitting far end, ficklw minded cjap in between n little nwxt to him the shorty tender whore cum stray b*t*h. The lady alao said vedika has moved ahead in her life. I was very upset hearing this. I dont know what it means. If hv seen yesterdays episode didnt the constipated usha tell the enunch mother that since the stray b*t*h has started believing in love seeing sadikas love thus pankti believing in love will be the victory for the enunch mother. As Sam said the bastard stray b*t*h cum tender whore pankti will finally go the way as horse face whore bhoomi. I cant understand why r we all watching this senseless serial. In yesterday episode the tender whores acting was so HOPELESS. Writers pls listen to us n end this whore panktis track. Fm where did you pick up both the enunch mother n the stray b*t*h who cannot act for nuts. I think you got both of them for low payment.

  10. Sam.. Its clearly that Pankti is developing feeling for Sahil and Usha had promised Pankti mum that she will make sure that Sahil and Pankti get together. Hope Guddu do something as I don’t want aq repeat of Bhoomi track. Sadika got too much to deal with at the moment.

  11. Guys i just hope bariama will sort out her daughter and puneesh once and for all.
    Lets hope its ved who finds puneesh video him and give sjow it to vedika and sahil am sure vefika will have a fit and she will not spare him.
    I hope depak will help sort out puneesh this time as he was the one who got him jailed with is stupid plot to get rid of him.
    Puneesh has a lot of enemies this time, nanni, ghuddu, bariama, ariyah, vedika, sahil depak and jackie if he is alive, i hope the writers give puneesh a hard time let him suffer for his sins
    So should ursha.
    I loved the naming ceremony i saw on video, sahil looks like he is going to win back vedika hopefully .

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