Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 10th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ved diagnosed with cancer

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Nisha watch Sahil and Vaidika thinking there is a drama in the house each day. Vaidika goes to wash her hands. Nisha plays music for dancing while Vaidika goes to wash her hand. Nisha works with her black magic that affects Bhoomi and Vaidika. Bhoomi comes down the stage to Vaidika. The lights of the hall goes off at once. Vaidika begins the dance in spotlight, Bhoomi accompanies her. Everyone was taken aback at their act. Nisha comes to the hall clapping for sisters.
In the room, Bhoomi was ready in bridal attire. Vaidika comes to the room and says her wedding can’t be complete without her own family. She came over as her elder sister and even brought a gift for her. She drapes Bhoomi in her bridal dupatta. She explains to Bhoomi that she had reasons for what she did, fatefully she

couldn’t prove anything in her favor. But she has no hard feelings for Bhoomi. Bhoomi hugs Vaidika and requests her to take her downstairs.
Sahil sat in the mandap thinking about Bhoomi. Vaidika brings Bhoomi to the stage, Sahil forwards his hand for Bhoomi. Bari Amma asks Vaidika to do the Gadh Bandhan. The couple was asked to stand for wedding vows. Bhoomi announces that today she has written her own vows. She holds Sahil’s hand and says, ‘We were friends first, then spouses; I wish to tell you that being his wife was my biggest blessing, I love you dearly and will confront any situation for his and Ved’s protection, she will spend her life as his wife and lover fulfilling every promise of their wedding.’ Ved who was enjoyed throwing flowers over the couple feels dizzy and fell on the floor unconscious. Vaidika runs towards him from behind the stage. Everyone gets attentive towards him, Sahil breaks their Gadh Bandhan knot and runs to Ved.
Later, Vaidika and Bhoomi sat with Ved. The doctor gets the report on his phone and suggests there is lymphoma indication in his report, he might suffer from cancer. Sahil grabs the collar. Vaidika wasn’t ready to accept this and suggests about a second opinion. Everyone was upset. Nani curses Bari Amma that this is a punishment for their acts, they kept Ved away from his mother since a young age. Prachi claims Vaidika must have fed something to Ved. Nani shouts at her to shut up, she is infertile herself. Aarya now interferes and forbids anyone to blame her mother again. She claims that no one can be like Vaidika, she will surely get her love and Ved.
In the room, Vaidika, Bhoomi and Sahil sat with Ved. Bari Amma asks about the specialist’s opinion. Bhoomi cries badly. Sahil says specialist was of the same opinion that Ved has cancer. Bari Amma says she will get Ved treated from the most able doctor. Ved opens his eyes and asks what happened. Vaidika says nothing happened to Ved, he just fall off while playing. Ved is strong like a Superman, but he needs some rest now else his super powers might weaken. He must now sleep. Ved smiles and fell asleep contently.

PRECAP: The Pandit says its necessary that child’s real mother sit in Pooja for his safety. Bhoomi allows Vaidika as she could do anything for Ved. Vaidika stands over burning coal as a testimony.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nina

    Wise Nani is correctly cursing Bari Amma that this is a punishment for their dirty acts. The Bible says The fathers eat the sour grapes, but the children’s teeth are set on edge.

  2. Poor sahil n bhoomi. There is a saying DHOBI KA SAHIL NAA GHAR KA NAA GHAT KA. Poor cruel bhooi after reciting all the vows (according to her written by herself) what she gets in the end tch tch tch. By now shevshould understand that this jodi was made by the ALMOGHTY . No matter whatever happens sadika r meant to be together in this life at least. Who knows many more lifes to come. And our MAHARATHI sahil instead of listening to his would be wifes vows is busy giving looks to our Adhed umar ki aurat (name given by the blo*dy wicked murderer BA) vedika. Bechara fickle minded fellow.

  3. It’s evident now that there’s cyberbullying taking place on this forum from a couple viewers who can’t seem to stop castigating Raji for everything she literally says. This ought to stop!! Now!!! Bullies shouldn’t be tolerated… if someone has a comment to make, make it and move on, it isn’t necessary to reply to anyone’s comment if you don’t agree with it but these requests from a few for others to stop watching if they don’t like what they see, is very out of place. There’s a reason why a viewer would insert another viewer’s name when typing their comments,that’s because he or she is speaking directly to the person whose name is mentioned, not for Tom Dick or Harry… Dialogues are welcome but like I’ve been saying since ages on these forums….we should always agree to disagree, without being offensive to the views of others. So far as I can remember, when Raji joined the forum, she immediately started her conversation with Leisa and I…..i stand corrected… Whatever her views are, she welcome to them, just like we all are to ours. Who loves Sahil, who agrees with Vedika, who thinks that Bhoomi is wrong in her selfishness, who hates Puneesh, who symphatises with Gauri, that is all within your rights to feel for the characters, one thing we all agree on is to put BA to stand for judgement, whether we want to shoot her, poison her, hang her….we all agree with that!! Today as I was reading the newer comments from yesterday’s episode, I became concerned, why is Raji being picked on?? Her comments are on par with her critiques, she is intolerable to Vedika’s harsh treatment and the others are on the same page with Sahil’s treatment.. So it’s like the pot calling the kettle black!! A couple weeks ago, one highstrung viewer alluded to some of us as being old… Dear youthful friends…one day you all would traverse the same road as ours, someone else would call you old, remember that with age comes wisdom and it’s only when you reach that pinnacle in life, you’d look back and question your thinking from the past. Time has a way of shaping you, one day you’ll understand!! I don’t really know why I took this upon myself but I think people’s views should be respected, progressive conversations are a must, if your views differ, nothing is wrong with that but kindly refrain from suggesting to others to drop out or stop watching the serial because we don’t like what we see…we are here to exchange ideas, not view our presence here as being on the right or the left, we are here to find conversation with those who have similar taste in entertainment… On a last note, this is a fictional story not a survival live show so if Vedika was nosy and poked her nose in Gauri’s personal affairs, most of us does that from time to time, right here is an example….some comments are beneath me to comment or respond to, I just had to stand in defence of another viewer whose views should be respected…. I rest my case!!!

  4. Thks Naz. In the forst place sahil gets married to that lady its OK he has 2 move ON in life n he is still very young. Then our maharathi has the gusto to invite vedika 4 the marriage to male her jealous or whatever. Then the maharathi’s current lover has the chic to tell vedika to leave her up to the mandap. Why? Is she lame or blind. And then she starts taking her vows drafted by her n our maharathi starts giving those dirty stares to vedika like she has committed a very big crime. Oh dear HEIGHT OF BACHPANA AND CHILDISHNESS.

  5. Well said Naz. I feel the same and I have become selective as to whose comment I read. This forum is meant to be fun and get to know and respect everyone’s opinion. But I think some people has too much time on hand.

    Back to the story.. i liked it how Aarya stood up for her mother. Bhoomi has no self respect and her insecurity is beyond belief. Vedika as usual held her head high and deal with Ved brillantly unlike Bhoomi who has no clue what to do. I think even BA was impress and Sahil had admiration in his eyes. The feelings for Vedika are still there, stop fighting it.

  6. The selective ‘we’ had a great time enjoying Sadhika.. and what has happened now?? Along with the storyline, has the feel too changed?? Cudnt be , rgt Naz? We all still believe in love and feelings… I’m sure these mixed views will also change..

  7. Dolly dont u feel sahil is not that much in love with vedika like he used to be in season one. I am feeling very depressed n low watching this serial esp sahils attitude towards vedika. What big blunder has she created that she is meted out with such harsh behaviour fm sahil. Now even if later he starts loving her i wont feel that excitement as i used to feel whilst watching season 1. And do you know in yesterdays episode when bhoomi was reciting the marriage vows drafted by her he was so proudly looking at vedika when bhoomi told him I LOVE YOU SOOOÒOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH. How sad he doesnt realize the difference between TRUE AND PURE LOVE AND LUST. GOD SAVE THE MAHARATHI SAHIL

  8. We know how the serial goes right…Sahil might have given that proud look to bhoomi..but the way he looks at vedhika each time is different.. i see it that way.. thats the look i love..and most of us here do too.. we know that sadhika’s meant to be together.. no bhoomi or BA or Nidhi will win in the end…

  9. Muniya

    Vedika really hv a bad luck…deprived of everything…mostly love and also motherhood.
    Now…when she got to know about her son…again being deprived…that’s not fare…she’s been cheated by all…even Sahil nowadays.

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