Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 10th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Sahil and Pankti’s growing easiness

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Sahil takes Bari Amma’s challenge to earn 10 thousand in next ten days, else he will do whatever they say. Bari Amma leaves the room. Sahil tells Vaidika she is the only one who always trusted him in life, she is the only angel in his life. Vaidika was lost in her own thoughts as she watches him speak continuously. Sahil jerks Vaidika as he notices she wasn’t listening. Sahil speaks to Vaidika about Aarya and Guddu. He says he understands her fears about their relationship and he is with her. Vaidika nods with a smile.
Nani comes to the dinner table and says she send the cooks on leave. Now that Pankti will have to cook all the food. Pankti bring the bowl on table. Nani asks her to bring the plates and serve them as well. Vaidika comes there and says Pankti won’t serve the food, she has already cooked enough. Sahil comes to the table, tastes the food and complements it to be tasty. He asks if Vaidika cooked it? It’s extremely tasty and wish to award her a life time award. Vaidika corrects that Pankti cooked all this. Sahil goes to kiss the back of Pankti’s hand but she withdraws her hand fiercely and questions what this all is. Sahil says it was a joke, and follows her upstairs. Bath in the dining room, Nani mocks Vaidika’s while Bari Amma was furious over Vaidika’s courtesy for Pankti.
In the room, Pankti was furious over Sahil for crossing his limits. Sahil explains he had only complemented food and not her. He suggests if she has some boyfriend whom she can’t send her location; that makes her frustrated? Pankti was at once emotional and says Sahil is happy because everything is normal in his life. But since her childhood, she has seen her father’s furor and her mother being tortured and crying. She always wishes to find a safe haven for her mother. She is here today, because he mothers promised she won’t be tensed till she stays with Sahil. She wants her mother to be happy and divorce Papa. She believes one must part ways from the relation that can’t bring happiness. She wishes to give the world’s happiness to her mother. She will have to earn for her mother. Sahil was also emotional and requests Pankti to sit here. He says he also wish to do something and prove to his family that he is responsible. He wants to do business while she cooks really well. He suggests about setting a Chat-Stall. He will attract public through his good looks. Vaidika stood at the door of the room hearing their conversation, she wonders why she is getting tensed by all this. Pankti likes Sahil’s idea and says she makes good Gol Gappay. Vaidika watch them connect their fingers playfully.
Maya comes to Vaidika and takes her along to speak to her. They reach Vaidika’s old house. Maya reminds Vaidika it’s the same place Sahil helped Vaidika set up Saree stall to pay the loans of her brother in law. Their story started in this very yard. The story is being repeated today, but Vaidika isn’t a part of that story anymore. She says Manjulika told her about the strange turning in Vaidika’s life, and none other than Vaidika is responsible for all this.
Vaidika says she has complete faith over her love. Maya questions what’s her love up to? Sahil is helping a girl, she is young, beautiful and his age fellow; can Vaidika see a girl making space into Sahil’s life? Vaidika questions if Maya is unaware of all the true situation? The real question is; would she be able to see Sahil lose her mental stability? Should she prefer her personal happiness over Sahil’s life? And the reply to all this is a big No. She says she has thought extensively; Sahil always saved her and her family and today it’s her turn. She will continue to protect Sahil till her last breath. Maya insists that Sahil is her love, her husband; till when she will be his protector. Vaidika replies she will be till he needs protection. Nothing has been able to harm their love story, and it will not be in the future as well.

PRECAP: Vaidika tells Pankti that she and Sahil are married. Sahil hears this.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. NAZ I suspect prackti is sahils half sister. Because when bariama saw the goon dad on news she got a shook of her life. This must be sahils dad
    Knowing bariama she kicked him out because he was an abuser and told everyone he was dead. Bariama had one last secret kept i suspect this is the one.

    1. Ohhhhhhh… That could be true Madeline.. If pankti is Sahil’s half sister, that won’t be a problem for me, better that than being a love interest…i wonder if that’s because the record is set straight by Sahil that it’s a fake marriage and that could explain the jovial atmosphere around them…do you think that we’ve read the signals wrongly, because everyone is mad about her intrusion in Sadika’s life.. I hope she does end up being his half sister…

    2. You know, we’ve never heard anything about Sahil’s dad…not ever. He remained a mystery throughout the entire serial so far… What is confusing to me is that sindoor BA wears…unless she puts it on as an accessory
      I hope we get clarification on that one day.

  2. In the upcoming episode of Zee TV show Aap Ke Aa Jane Se Vedika (Suhasi Dhami) will reveal the truth of her relationship with Sahil (Karan Jotwani) to Pankti. Vedika gets attacked by a goon. She beats him up. She saves Pankti’s life. She reveals her marriage truth to Pankti. Pankti finds Vedika protecting Sahil. She gets a huge shock by the big revelation. Pankti tells her that she will tell the truth to Sahil.

    Aap Ke Aa Jane Se: Pankti apologizes to Vedika

    Vedika makes her swear that she will not tell anything to him, that could hurt Sahil. She threatens to leave the city if Pankti discloses anything. Pankti doesn’t want Vedika to sacrifice. She promises Vedika that she won’t tell anything to Sahil. She apologizes to Vedika for coming between Sahil and her. Pankti is very confused as the drama has to end some day. She sympathizes with Vedika’s situation. What will Pankti do? Stay tuned in for more updates, upcoming twists, future stories and spoilers on Aap Ke aa jane se..

  3. Judging by Sahil expression when he heard Vedika saying that she is married to him, in precap, Friends I think we are heading for a temporary separation of Sadika, until he regain his memory.

  4. Nina

    Now that show makes me depressed mood only. Suhasi Dhami has made such convincing acting. Poor Vedika survived many painful events.She makes her closest women nervous who want to see her firm acts. Vedika, please. turns Pankti out of your life.

  5. I cant understand why am i watching this foolish track of the fickle minded chap n the puppy. I dont think henceforth i ll ever like sahil even if his memory comes back. Since the last few episodes i hv completely started hating him. His behaviour courtsey the writers has completely washed off my memory of his last full years acting n his lovey dovey scenes with vedika. Can a person change so much with memory loss. If he is not liking the puppy then why does he gv her lovey dovey looks at times. My foot memory loss. I think i am done with this bloody serial n sahils over the board acting not to forget the puppys expressions whenever the camera is on her. What a turn this story has taken.

  6. There are a few inspirational sayings which explains what is happening here, the one that comes to mind is the one that Vedika herself consoled herself with a couple days ago… If something is yours, it’ll come back to you but if it never was, it’ll never return.. Vedika is giving Sahil the freedom to choose who he wants to be his companion in life…..his memory loss is a test….its better to let him go and if his heart truly beats for her, he’ll surely gravitate towards her of his own violation through destiny. While I agree with this..
    a woman can never keep a man in her life by force he’ll surely rebel because they are hunters by nature…i find it uncomfortable today to see the closeness of linking hands…writers, that’s too intimate, please don’t turn pankti into another Bhoomi… She isn’t interested in Sahil intimately so why do these things? Spending time with each other has the potential to bring a man and woman together and if pankti’s mother wishes her to stay away from her and remain with Sahil as if he’s her angel in disguise, then problems can arise here. I have the same philosophy in life as Vedika’s…nothing happens before its time and if someone is meant to be yours, they certainly will be yours, set them free and if they come back to you, they were yours in the first place. Good luck to Vedika in her belief that Sahil’s love belongs to her..

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