SCENE 1: Kabir blurts out something about riddhima’s ex-boyfriend…

Vansh & Riddhima: What??

Kabir passes out, rudra takes the intiative to drop him in his house and leaves…

Vansh: Mom, can we talk?

Anupriya: Yes!

Vansh: Riddhima, stay in the room, we also have to talk about something!

Riddhima: Ok..

Vansh talks to anupriya..

Vansh: You knew? You knew why we fought, and according to you kabir is not his son, and papa was just taking care of their family just like that? If he was not his son then why didn’t he tell me? Why didn’t he fight back!? Or maybe he just lied to you!

Anupriya: Vansh, please! You don’t anything about him, and why did he do everything!

Vansh: No, mom, you don’t know him!

Anupriya: *opens a drawer and hands him over a letter* I think so it’s high time that you take look at this, and read it! I also got to know the real truth recently…

Vansh leaves to his room..

Riddhima: Vansh?

Vansh: What kabir said was it right? You thought i killed your whosoever boyfriend?

Riddhima: Yes!

Vansh rolls his eyes and is about to leave, when riddhima stops him..

Riddhima: Hear out what i want to say! Then you can divorce me, kill me i wouldn’t mind, but just give me a chance to explain everything! Because not only you, but i also need some explainations from you!

Vansh: Fine, go ahead..

Riddhima: It’s true i came into your life for revenge, but i am way past that! I believe you and trust you! I don’t have anything to do with that..i will..

Vansh: *he keeps a finger on her lips* Shhh! It’s enough that you trust me now! But for one last time i will tell you why i was looking for nithya!

Riddhima: You don’t need to..

Vansh: No riddhima, atleast for my satisfaction i need to tell you! Rishabh thinks nithya is danger for him..

Riddhima: Wait what? No, no! You have mistaken vansh, nithya can never harm rishabh! In fact, she was the one with him in the hospital before you took him!

Vansh: Before i took him? No, riddhima, i didn’t take rishabh anywhere, in fact i saved him! he was about to get killed, i saved him and kept him safe here in mumbai..

Riddhima: Killed?

Vansh: Yes! before abhi died he told me to push of his vehicle, so that i would be safe!

Riddhima: How did he?

Vansh: Some people thought it was me and stabbed him instead, before i could save him it was too late! I asked a friend in the hospital to manage about his death…and they took him in a ambulance!

Riddhima: Then whose body was found in that lake? Where the car was found? According to what you are saying, you only pushed a vehicle without any dead body, then whose body did rishabh identify?

Vansh: I guess we need, i mean you need to talk to nithya, for clearing all this up!

Riddhima: How is rishabh? Is he alright?

Vansh: His health seems to be fine, but still in coma, the doctors are trying!

Riddhima: What did anupriya ma said?

Vansh: Well she gave me a letter and told me to read, i think so you should sleep, it’s been a long day and night…

Riddhima: Do you want me to join you, in reading the letter?

Vansh: No, i guess it’s better if i read it alone..and you better doze off, we have lot of webs to untangle!! (YES!! Finally, they seem to be on one team!)

Riddhima: Fine..*she dozes off, vansh goes to the balcony and reads* 

Vansh: Now lets see what he has been hiding..

“dear vansh,

I am writing this now with the hopes that you would forgive me someday, after our fight, we never spoke…i could never gather my courage to tell the truth and you were angry on me to not come back to india..i will be soon dying vansh, i have a heart condition which cannot be cured..so my days are numbered..

Vansh: If he knew why didn’t he tell anyone? Everyone thought it was a heart attack?

*contd* ” I know, i know you might be wondering why didn’t i tell anyone, because i didn’t have  a reason to try and living…there was a possible surgery because of which i might have been alive, but the chances of that surgery getting successful was very low…so i didn’t take it! Anyway, if you are reading this, i am probably dead, Kabir’s mother was not his actual mother, and neither did i ever cheat on your mother! But still kabir is your brother because, his mother is anupriya…


Riddhima: *she wakes up* vansh? Are you ok?

Vansh: Kabir’s mother is anupriya ma…

Riddhima: What?

He shows her the letter

Riddhima: Vansh, read ahead, he has written something else..

Vansh: I can’t…..you read!

Riddhima *reading* “She didn’t cheat on me either! She had kabir before marriage, with her lover, she resented kabir alot, he was a living reminder of her deeds, which she didn’t want! She hated him..but when your mother married me, she told me that she gave away kabir in some orphanage, at that moment she needed me as a husband, i supported her..but in my mind i knew that kabir needed someone to take care of him, so without anupriya’s knowledge, i personally took care of kabir’s needs with the help of orphanage helper who volunteered to adopt him, but vansh, anu loves you as much as she resents kabir! And you saw me with asha, i wanted to tell the truth, but then you would have hated anupriya..which i didn’t want, so i let you hate me, i hope you will forgive both of us for our deeds, whatever we did individually it was wrong, but it seemed correct to us…hope you will not hate me and anu after reading this, PAPA LOVES YOU BETA”

~~ Ajay raisinghania..

Vansh: I misunderstood him riddhima…

Riddhima: Vansh, no…anyone would have done the same!

Vansh: I killed him!!

Riddhima: vansh please…you didn’t kill anyone, there somethings which are out of control..somethings happen which we cannot change….

Vansh: I hated him riddhima, even till the moment i read this letter i hated him, wish i could change it! I loved him soo much….

Riddhima: What difference does it make? Because in the end, when you lose somebody, every candle, every prayer is not going to make up for the fact that the only thing you have left is a hole in your life where that somebody that you cared about used to be….you have to just go with the flow, there are many things which people wished they could do…but in the end the sun rises reality sets in…and people forget…i know its hard…but it isn’t impossible vansh, you did a mistake…now, you have to let go…and maybe not hate your mother like you hated your father..

Vansh: Never!! *they both tightly hug each other, consuming the warmth, from the depth of their hearts*


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