A Quest for the Heart – Episode 13

Hi all, sorry for the delay. Actually I write all these episodes from my phone and it’s quite hard to type on a small keyboard. I have tried to do it on my laptop but I can’t get the picture to load so I will just do it from here. That’s why there is always a delay in posting. Anyway hope you enjoy this episode ❤️

Epi starts..

VR mansion..

Vansh goes to the basement to check on Hang. He sees him tied up and goes towards the cells.

Vansh: Let’s make this simple shall we..why did you go to Kabir?

Hang: …

Vansh: Answers nowwww!

Hang: Face it Mr Vansh, he is a much better dealer than you. He could get me a lot more things than you ever could, there’s no partnership that can be formed between us both. You are losing your touch man

Vansh was getting angry and crunched up his hand.

Vansh: Mind your tongue and remember who you are talking too ok.

He walks away while Hang smirks.

Riddhima’s POV

Riddhima: I need to see Vansh

She walks around the house and finally spots him coming out from behind the hallway. He sees her and wanders what happened. She quickly runs and nearly falls but Vansh catches her and carries her in his arms

Vansh: Woah sweetheart. What is the rush? There is no threat here

Riddhima: S..Sorry sorry I was scared being alone. Why did you leave me this morning?

Vansh: you were sleeping so peacefully and I didn’t want to disturb you.

He puts her gently back on the floor while stabling her with his arm.

Vansh: So where were you rushing too?

Riddhima: I wanted to thank you for last night. I am sorry the nightmare always seems to come every night when I try to sleep peacefully.

Vansh: What happened in the past?

Riddhima: Let’s just say it was hard. There was a boy that loved me in then beginning but then held me as his maid for more than 5 years he wouldn’t let me go even outside for some fresh air. I couldn’t get free until I found a way out of that torture house and seeked help.

She started to sob with tears in her eyes.

Vansh was shocked to hear Riddhima’s story. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing because he had experience almost the same thing as he did with Anupriya and his dad. That’s why he had no place for other things including his own feelings.

Vansh grabbed hold of Riddhima and pulled her into a hug. She started to cry into his shirt as they stood in each other’s embrace for a long time.

Vansh: Now I understand how you are so brave and strong.

Riddhima: I am not

Vansh broke the hug and lifted Riddhima’s chin to meet his eyes.

Vansh: You are in my eyes and always will be. Come on let’s go to the kitchen, you look like you could use some food.

Riddhima’s eyes lit up with excitement all of a sudden from the mention of food.

Riddhima; Yayyyy

Vansh laughed as he watched her inner child coming out of her. He walked with her and lead her to the dining room.

Meanwhile in another building..

Kabir was on the phone talking to Aakash.

Kabir: Listen to me. I need a plan to destroy Riddhima and Vansh.

Aakash: I am warning you Kabir, do not touch my sister. I have already risked everything by faking this deal with him but I am not doing anything that will cause harm to Riddhima. She is my sister.

Kabir; I know that dude but please it’s important.

Aakash: Tell me your idea then I will decide.

Kabir tells the plan in mute..

Aakash: Actually that is a great plan. As long as you promise not to hurt my sister I am with you. I will drop this fake deal and join you. Should I get Riddhima out of that house?

Kabir: No she is a good assert in all of this. Don’t worry.

Kabir (thinking): Dumb person. My motive is to destroy them both. If you come in my way I will shoot. He laughs

Kabir hangs up and then phones Ahana to tell her the conversation. They decide on the next stage of their plan.

Precap: Vansh takes Riddhima out for dinner while Kabir turns up at VR mansion secretly to steal a secret weapon.

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