A New Start (NAUC, Chapter 10)

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Roopan and vasu quarrel like kids and no-one is able to stop them and dad g enters with the driver and gets stunned to see the view in front of him …. He thinks of a way of stopping them and say something to0 viraj who signs a yes and smiles ……………. And……………… he shouts in pain which gives a break to the petty fight all rub/check their ears and can’t believe there was a silence in the room…………….. vasu runs to viraj and ask him what happen?? He says that the ward boy was helping him to get up from the bed and he dropped him down on the bed again and it hurts…….. She says tell me where is he she will sue him and the whole hospital……… and a ward boy standing nearby gets the scolding to which he reply he didn’t do anything he just entered the room………….. all look at viraj and he says yes he lied and the reason he lied was your fight mom & aunty pointing at vasu & roopan see you both were so engrossed in your fight that you don’t even know what’s going around you……. What about the other patients who are having inconvenience because of you??? They both look at each other and start the blame game again all shout in a well coordinated voice just stop It !!!! and roopan and vasu stop fighting and see everyone giving them cold looks & feel bad and look down the police officer says it looks like a sensitive matter …. And start recording the statements…… he starts questioning them and when he asks them to narrate the full story of the accident inside all I mean the cousin party and the royals one voice is heard screech….. noo….ahh and bang… and then ambulance’s siren and then silence…….and then all turn pale at the questions ………………. The officer records the statement and warns them for over speeding and rash driving and handover the fine slips to the parents and leaves and silence rocks the room and all look at each other the silence is broken by a giggling sound made by a small boy admitted in the same room all look at him and smile he smiles back. And dada g say let’s leave or you have decided to live here only all laugh and virender say that he and mohan will complete the formalities and they should pack the stuff. Vasu ask dad g to pack the stuff and leaves for the completion of formalities.

HEY!!! Didn’t we forget something??? Nisha mummers within herself and thud she collides with the wall and kabir laughs loudly she looks back stares at him and is about to leave but kabir comments on her and she goes near him point her finger near his nose and say you……. And just then ramesh calls her and kabir let’s out his bredth which he was holdind unknowingly out of surprise.Vasu comes in and deliver the news of their discharge and ask them not to do it again and scolds the driver and they look towards bua g who is abnormally/strangely quiet.

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Hope u like it frnds & sorry for mistakes & I said we forget something can u guess whatb is it??? And stay tuned and keep reading

Credit to: fan writer

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  1. Well done richu…..

  2. Nice epi

  3. thank u riya dr hope u enjoyed

  4. good episode richu dr

  5. thanx a lot natasha u also write awsm dr

  6. hyy pragss nyc to c u dr and thanx hope u enjoyed

    1. ya richu dr.i enjoyed a lot…

      1. nyc to hear this prags 🙂 🙂

  7. Nice dii ?

  8. thanku vs dr nyc to c u dr nd hope u too enjoyed reading dr

  9. Loved it …Richa di …. please post the next part soon

  10. nyc to c u pankuri ok i will update soon

  11. It was a pretty good narration
    i could imagine each n eveey scene
    good job but please post the next part soon

  12. thanx a lot veepra your appreciation gives me strength and encouragement to write moe…..

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