A New Start (NAUC, Epi 3)

sorry for giving a short chapter last time……



last time we saw virender tau gi has fallen from his bed in shock & vimla tai gi is cooking in the kitchen…. here vimla tai gi is also younger & a little bit slimmer than before & she is wearing a beauutifullllll purple rajasthani saaree with a heavy rajasthani print ……….well friends now let us take a look of the wholee gangwalll house after the morrrning earthquake brought by our one & only nishaa down in the small temple situated near the hall dadi gi is not at all looking affected by this happening & is peaceefullly sitting inside the temple praying/meditating but!!! ander ki baat kisko pta hai woh toh bass situation k after effect se bachne k liye acting kar rahi hai( who knows the inside matter or wat’s going inside dadi gi {granny} she is just pretending she is not aware of the situation just to avoid the after effects) inside her she is in shock & just was about to getan heart attack but she won’t show bcozzzz……. she’s our granny coolll.. 😀 okok lets now let’s move forward where we see a chubby & cute boyy sadlyy sitting on a sofa in school dress with him sits a bautiful girl again dressed in school dress weraring large broad framed spectacles….. welll i know you might hav guessed the twoo they are our plumpyy pumpkin boy bunti…..& our specky betty jawala ……. they bothhh lokk annoyed &tenced & irritated & frustated & hmm…. can’y say anything looking at them alll emotions have gonee round & roundd like a jalebi & tangled like a string……well i pity them….

bunty says jawaloooo di we r screwed today itss not they have done something wrong but!!! they aree late for their exam & the person responsible for dropping them to school has gone missing!!!!!!…….. poor children……

let’s move forward and enter an old fashionly arranged room…… there we see an old mannn sitting on a old wheel-rock-chair with a torn newspaper in hiss hand and a broken tea cup is seen on the floor with tea spilled aalllll overrrthe floor……… & the old man is looking at the scene as itss natural to him…….

we move to our royallll family nowww where we see viru entering a room…… he gets insidethat roomm & pulls the matress of a bed with a sudden jerk on which someone is sleeping …..it was easy for him as he is muscular ……. & to our suprie we seee that sleeping person still sticking to that matress asif he is glued to it…… viru seighs…& says ok ok i loose i won’t send u to colledge but lets go for jogging & the person wakes up happily & looks up to him & says broo u rr d bestt & viruu smirks as he has a plannn for that guyy after which he surelyy will hav to go to colledge…….

ok now let’s go to gangwall housre but firstt!!! lets rewind & see r matress sleeping beauty any gussess who is he?? well obvio itss ourr kabira.a young handsome boy & like his brother the heir of royall familyy & a prince…… who is lazyy & a bit spolit butt don’t getsad as we alll know who will get thiss lazyyy one right……

to be continued….,

srry don’t mind as i took longg for intro & srry for long essay story hope u enjoyed it & any guesses for our missing person who got jwaloo & bunty annoyed where & who is he??

next update: i will end intro & start story….

Credit to: fan writer

  1. I love it it is the best please continue and donot forget binny says u are the best

  2. Thank u @ binni ok i wil continue but nxt update wil take tym

  3. I cant wait for till the nxt update… plz do it fassssst.. i am vry excieted!!!!
    Love u Kabiraa..♥♥♥

  4. So Nys dr,fnaly u introducd VSR.lve U viraj 🙂

  5. Wow! The story is cool, continue soon…

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