A Mesmerizing Love Story Of Those Golden Days – Episode 14


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The episode starts with the three girls chatting. Naina asks about what they could do to get out of the school. Swati replies, “Do you both know that every year we have a special inspection by a government official. The trustees arrive that day too. This year it will happen on Friday, which means day after tomorrow. Maybe then we could do something.” Naina and Preeti agree with a wide smile and Preeti says, “That will be the perfect day. Insulting the school in front of the official is the worst thing that could happen to the trustees.”

“Does the inspection take place in the form of a special ceremony? Do we have a school auditorium?” asks Naina and Swati tells, “It does happen as a special assembly. We don’t have an auditorium in our school. I have never seen an auditorium in my life. Do you know what it looks like?” Naina and Preeti are surprised but they realize that India is not as developed as London. Naina replies, “It’s basically a large covered hall where all the main ceremonies and functions take place.” “That is so cool. But here it’s just an adjustment under a tent and some table fans around because it is too hot outside.” says Swati.

“That’s even better. Making a tent fall down on the people and cutting off the fans’ wires shouldn’t be difficult, right?” says Naina. Preeti and Swati give her a cunning look and agree. The three start imagining their plan being successful.

“Great! We will manage to get scissors and knives from home. Also, this time we will do this in front of everyone so that they see we are the one behind this. And Swati, you will not be a part of this.” orders Naina but Swati asks for the reason to which Naina replies, “I don’t think you are planning to change your school, right? Why do you want to get into trouble?” “Fine. But I will be the first one to complain against you both at the inspection. At least that should be my right to help you first.” says Swati and Naina and Preeti agree laughing.

“Now that you both have come here, I will take you to the best Pani-Puri (Golgappe) place. It is just nearby.” says Swati and takes them along.


“Does Pani-Puri taste good? We have heard about it but never tasted.” asks Preeti shyly. Swati gets surprised hearing that but understands them and replies, “That’s ok. Pani-Puri is the best snack. It is really yummy.” As they reach the vendor, Naina whispers, “Is it hygienic? He is not even wearing gloves.” and Swati replies, “Don’t be so judgy. Just try it once, after that we will talk about hygiene.”

As they eat, they love it and keep on eating. “What about hygiene now?” asks Swati and Naina replies, “Who hygiene? I don’t know any hygiene. Let me eat Swati.” and the three laugh.

“Three plates bhaiya (brother), the spicy style.” a voice speaks and Naina turns behind to see Sameer followed by Munna and Pandit. They all are surprised to see each other. “Hi!!” exclaim Naina and Sameer at the same time and start laughing. Preeti holds Naina by her hand and takes her away whispering, “What is wrong with you? Why are you being so good to him?” and Naina replies, “It is just normal. He is a good boy and there is kind of a positive energy around him. So it’s fine. Don’t think too much. And anyways we will be leaving soon, so we should also have some good memories to take along.” and goes back. Preeti thinks, “This girl is unbelievable. Sometimes I feel she is more confusing than Maths.” and follows her.  “Hey I am sorry for just leaving like that. Do you live nearby?” asks Naina and Sameer replies, “Please don’t be sorry. Yes, I live near Swati’s house. I guess you both came to meet her.” “Yes we did.” says Naina and whispers in Swati’s ears, “Why didn’t you tell us that he lives near your house?” and Swati whispers back, “Because I thought you hated him. But now I think the case is different.”

“Do you want to have a competition of who can eat more Pani-Puri?” asks Naina and Sameer agrees happily. Munna and Pandit also challenge Swati and Preeti respectively who agree.

They start eating but after eating about 15 Pani-Puri, Naina starts feeling full and decides to give up but before she could, Sameer says, “I can’t eat more. Naina, you win.”

As the others continue, Swati and Preeti feel full too but decide not to lose. As Munna and Pandit notice them, they quickly give up. The girls feel proud by the victory. As the boys take out the money from their pockets to pay, Naina stops them by saying, “The girls won, so we will decide who will pay. We won’t let you pay.” Sameer tries many times to refuse but Naina stands stubborn. When Swati takes out money, Naina refuses her too. “Only I and Preeti will pay because Swati brought us to such an amazing place and the boys lost, so we don’t want to make them feel bad by paying too.”

Preeti and Swati give each other confusing looks and Naina and Preeti pay for all six of them. “Thanks a lot.” says Sameer.  “No issues. We’ll see you tomorrow.” replies Naina and they wish each other bye.

At Swati’s house, Preeti says, “I will call Chacha Ji. We should go back now.” Anand comes to pick them up and on the way back, Naina thinks how she noticed that Sameer gave up the Pani-Puri competition because of her and smiles thinking that he is a nice boy.


“Welcome back. We forgot to inform you both that day after tomorrow is a very important inspection in the school by a government official. The inspections decide the future of all the public schools in India. If everything goes good, the school gets better services from the government. And since it is your guys’ first time here, we would like you both to prepare a brief speech to thank the government for everything they have done for education.” tells Bela. “And in return, you can ask for anything.” says Naresh. “I hope you all stay on those words for doing anything for us. And I am in a good mood today, so I will not refuse. We will do it.” replies Naina and Preeti stares at her but Naina asks her to stay quiet for a while. “Perfect. Your speech will be at the end of the Inspection and Sameer will be welcoming the official with his speech at the beginning. I will inform him tomorrow.” says Anand. Naina smiles and both the girls go to their room.


Naina shuts the door. “Can I say something now?” asks Preeti and Naina nods. “Why did you agree for that stupid speech?” says Preeti in an irritated tone and Naina replies cooling her down, “Firstly, our speech is at the end. Before that, we will be done with our plan. So I don’t think we’ll have to say anything. Secondly, even if we have to, we can speak whatever we want and that includes insulting the official too. On top of that, our so called family has promised to do anything for us which includes sending us back to London as well. So I don’t think it’s a bad deal at all.”

Preeti smiles as she says, “You are so witty and cunning.”  “Thank you.” replies Naina as she bows down in style.

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  1. Shesha485

    The episiode is superb and especially the golgappa scene. I like the boys lost to girls wantedly and Naina paid the shopkeeper willingly. Also, Swati somehow understood the Samaina situation. So great. Excited to know what is going to happen in Inspection ceremony.

    1. Thankyou so much for loving that scene. I just added it while writing n it was totally unplanned 😋. But I just thought it was cute to be added. So Thankyou for that

  2. Adhu

    Nice episode. Golgappa competition was nice. Naina finds Sameer as nice boy was also nice. Swati 👌🏻. Waiting to see what will happen on inspection day.

    1. Thanks a lot for the comment n appreciation. I am glad u liked the episode. Keep supporting the same way. 😄😄

  3. @Shanaya
    Superb👍👌. Thia episode is really very amazingly awesome. Love the conversation among naina,preeti and swati at swati’s house.
    And at the street,the panipuri scene was really awesome. When swati ask Naina ” what about hygiene now ” the way Naina reply saying who hygiene??I don’t know any hygiene, kinda funny and really their conversation was worth watching.
    And when sameer and his friends came their to eat golgappas ,the way Naina talked to them was really nice and their panipuri competition was just amazing . And sameer deliberately lost to naina was really aww-some . And munna mad pandit also lost to preeti and swati was very cool. And naina paid to shopkeeper was really nice. And in Naina’s room when naina informs preeti about her plan to spoil the inspection day is really something I am looking forward to read. It will be really interesting to see what will happen on inspection day,does they succeed this time or something else gonna happen.
    Thnx for the update, really really enjoyed the update and waiting for the next update😊🥰😊🥰.

    1. Thankyou so very much for the lovely comment 🥰🥰. I will be updating very soon n the plan on the inspection day will be successful or not, that’ll all be revealed then. Till then keep up the interest 😄😄

      1. @Shanaya

      2. 🥰💖

  4. Mohita

    Very nice episode!!!! Golgappa competition…. And boys losing for their loves was nice….. Naina observed Sammer is knowingly loosing was good…. I am very much excited about the inspection ceremony…. Don’t know whether girls will succeed in their plan…. Naina paying for the everyone was nice…. FF is going fabulous!!!! Please update ASAP

    1. Thanks a million for ur comment. I was missing ur comments 😌😌. It feels so good to know that a teen younger than me, too admires the 1990s love. 😇🥰

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