A Love Rekindled (A Swasan FF) (Epi-5)

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Sanskar: come with me

Swara : where

Sanskar: to that pani puri shop

Swara : which shop is open at this time sanskar

Sanskar : ranjan bhaiya, dont you remember

Swara : but dad and dadi

Sanskar: are you little kid , when you were 16 you did not need your father’s permission , you used to take your cycle and come with me

Swara : and my sister used to go and complain to my dad

Sanskar : see one day i am going to take revenge on her by leaking all the details of her love story to your grandmother

Swara: what do you mean , ragini loves somebody

Sanskar : presently nothing is confirmed , i just feel ragini and laksh are in love

Swara : omg i missed  so many things in life , and laksh omg i just cant believe , they are two different people

Sanskar : yes they are , but laksh is always roaming around ragini only

Swara : i will ask about that to ragini  sanskar , let me ride your bike no , please ?

Sanskar : swara please yar , you are wearing a saree , i  will let you ride tomorrow please

Swara : ok , fine , you are letting me ride your bike tomorrow ,,ok ?

Sanskar : ok , now sit  , let us go

Swara and sanskar went to the shop

The shopkeeper(ranjan): omg , you both , i cant believe my eyes , you are sanskar and swara right , you always used to come to eat panipuri together

Swara smiled : ranjan bhaiya you remember us

Shopkeeper: so you guys are married

Swara laughed

sanskar was shocked

Sanskar : no no no you have misunderstood us , we are not married

Shopkeeper: sorry , you always used to roam together , now also you came together  , anyways , sorry

Swara : its ok bhaiya

Swara and sanskar enjoyed the panipuri , suddenly swara started coughing , sanskar was concerned

He ran and took the bottle of water and fed swara water . swara was surprised the way sanskar still cared for her so much , she remembered their old times when sanskar used to bring water for her the same way

Swara : lets go to the icecream shop at the street end

Sanskar : swara its really getting late yar , you need to go home

Swara : oh please , what if it becomes late ?

Sanskar : swara , i feel like my old swara is slowly coming back , that that cute , funny . lively , that swara who could to anything to keep herself and others happy

Swara realised what she was missing in life , 20 minutes with sanskar ,she was back to her old self, but in two years with siddharth she had never been so happy

To be continued…


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  1. Jasminerahul

    sanskar is so caring n protective that he didnt let swara ride the bike in saree.the shopkeeper still remembers them n asked if they r married.so sweet.sanskar making swara drink water when she coughed was lovely.loved sanskar saying that the old swara is coming back.good that swara too realized changes in her,want to know the flash back of swara siddharth.nice pics

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