A Love Like No Other… Character Sketch

I don’t want to give any more introduction now. I know how eager you all are after witnessing your beautiful comments.

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Love is something we can’t measure it’s an endless rope…We can’t even imagine how endlessly we have to think to know the real meaning of that..Love is the purest and richest feeling, that comes from one’s heart and soul…It is something we cherish but it ends up with sacrifice and hurting..Love definitely means “To love” but its real meaning is to sacrifice and been hurt at the last….’Love is unpredictable’ How? When? Whom? Everything is hidden,, we are not able to identify that..We must not be assured also…coz, it’s an endless feeling which needs understanding, trust, sacrifice and many more things to add spice in life..We get influence but it is not exactly love, it is just a mere ‘attraction’.When love is there you don’t need to feel anything..it’s something self-feelings that come across…

This particular comment touched my heart and rejuvenated my views on love… 

So here is the Character Sketch for which you all have been eager and waiting for.

Character Sketch –

I. Kunapareddy Family :

  • Vishwa Kunapareddy – A sweet, obedient, loyal, joyous and lively but simple teenager of seventeen years living in Vile Parle West, Mumbai – One of the posh cities in Mumbai. He believes in living life as it goes on. He is in Class XII – Medical Stream and studies in Sunshine Groups Public School (SGPS). He is also self – conscious and thus maintains self accordingly. To him, there is nothing beyond love and emotions. He is a tall, handsome boy who is extravagantly extrovert and his emotions are straightforward. He is studious and always gets a good grades above 90 %.
  • Poojitha Kunapareddy – Sister of Vishwa. She is charming, bit conceited, compassionate, self-confident and a little bossy in nature. She is 14 years old teenager and studies in Class IX at Manava Bharati Public School (MBPS). She is modern more in looks than in behaviour and perspective. She aspires to become a psychiatrist in future.
  • Mr. Abhimanyu Kunapareddy – Father of Vishwa and Poojitha. He is a calm family man who has unconditional love for his children and takes out time to spend with his children. He works as branch manager at State Bank of India. He has no worries for his children because he believes that his children will chose a good career and lifestyle themselves.
  • Mrs. Nethra Kunapareddy – Mother of Vishwa and Poojitha. She is an educated homemaker and is dedicated towards her family. She is concerned about the lives of her children but at the same time, allows children to pursue their own dreams. She is an epitome of, love, care and strength but is strict when it comes to her children and their wrong doings at times.

II. Rayapureddy Family [ as a gratitude to my surname ] :

  • Anuradha Rayapureddy – She is a self-reserved and a very simple girl for whom there is nothing beyond passion and family. She is courteous, shy, dresses simple with full length clothes, lacks self-confidence when most necessary, doubts her own capabilities though she is academically brilliant, emotional but doesn’t express it. She is seventeen years old and lives in Andheri East, about 5 km from Vile Parle West. She studies in Class XII – Medical Stream at Sunshine Groups Public School (SGPS) and was the school’s topper in Class X boards. And thus people and teachers have high expectations on her due to which she doubts whether she can reach their expectations. She is sincere but acts according to the situation. She is argumentative with her father and upsets her father at times. In eyes of society and parents, she is very courteous and respectful and talks less. But she is talkative in house and loves her family beyond words. Overall, she is more introvert and less extrovert.
  • Shiva Rayapureddy – Brother of Anuradha. He is a tall boy with good physique, quite understanding nature, cooperative and teases Anuradha often in a loving way. He is more loving and affectionate towards Anuradha than his parents. His sister, Anuradha is his world. He is Twenty years old and is studying final fourth year in Electronics and Communication Engineering in IIT Bombay, Powaii. He is a complete extrovert and speaks up what he feels. He gets angry when someone cuts his sentence midway. He was an ex-student at SGPS and he was among the toppers there in Class X th and XII th.
  • Mr. Sreedhar Rayapureddy – Father of Anuradha and Shiva. He is short tempered man yet is friendly. He loves his children immensely but often gets angry with Anuradha when she is not even wrong. Despite of being angry on Anuradha often, he praises her over Shiva. He loves both his children immensely but is affectionate towards Anuradha in particular but ends up hurting her sometimes. He is a very money conscious person and hence, everyone in the family is quite simple, and purchase things which are only necessary and avoid travelling often for trips/restaurants/theatres for movies. He works as Quality Inspector at JSW Steel Industries Ltd.
  • Mrs. Vasundhara Rayapureddy – Mother of Anuradha and Shiva. She is less educated and a homemaker and treats both her children equally. Though she is less educated but she initially taught both of her children upto Class VIII after which they themselves flourished in studying. She influenced her children’s interest in education and is over-concerned about her kids and their future. She believes her children to become efficient and independent and wants her kids to pursue their dreams. Her children’s dream is her dream and goal.

III. Friend of Vishwa : 

  • Aditya Kumar – He is the best friend of Vishwa. He is care-free and tries to help Vishwa in every way he could when Vishwa faces any problem. He is in Class XII -Medical Stream at SGPS and knows Vishwa since ages, from when he joined the SGPS.

IV. Friend of Anuradha :

  • Anjali Nair – Anuradha’s close friend. She often tease Anuradha. She is a tall and charming girl who is rude at times. She can’t tolerate anyone disturbing her. She is the one with whom Anuradha shares everything without any hesitation. She is a listener who can’t wait to answer back. She motivates Anuradha to be confident at times when she loses her calm and confidence. She knows Anuradha since Class 6th. She is eighteen years old and studies in Class XII- Medical Stream at SGPS.

Forget about complicated surnames for a while… This won’t be required much in the story except at a point !

Hope you liked the names of the characters too..!

So dear readers, what is your take on the Character Sketch ?

Whose love story are we going to witness soon?

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  1. Jaskiranarora0605

    I loved the introduction and it’s so detailed about every character in the story. The thumbnail looks so amazing and professional. I can’t wait for the first episode ❤😍

    1. Optimist

      Thanks a lot, Jaskiran ! Looks like you look into all the perspectives !
      Will post the first episode tomorrow itself !!!

  2. 1234Aayu

    Oh! My God!!! I didn’t knew my words will be so immense that it will touch your heart!..
    I am glad it did..✨

    Well,all the characters are perfectly define..and each character as his own uniqueness..The name and nature are really need to be appreciated..I love the way you expressed each identity..I could take Anuradha Same as her as I lack confidence where I need it more..
    I often think that I am not capable of doing so…
    So I can say Anuradha is a slight simmilar to me….
    And I think I really need to work on this weakness of mine..but it is said na Every weakness is there in a person so that it can turn into strongest thing in that person…!
    I am in love with the way you wrote this…..
    I can bet you will be doing great ahead..All the best!
    I will be eagerly waiting for the first chapter…✨

    1. Optimist

      Actually two of the characters mentioned here are the exact copies of me and my father. Anuradha is 💯 percent, the real me and Mr.Sreedhar, I mentioned, matches my dad !
      I always lack confidence when I am in need of it at the most moment ! This is my weakness too and how much ever, I try, I fail to build it up. Every weakness turns into a strength when we are able to repair ourselves.
      Thanks a lot for the appreciation !!!

  3. Shesha485

    I am really in love with the characters. All the Characters are interesting. But of course, the most interesting one is Vishwa. I found Shiva and Poojitha’s traits more fascinating. Anuradha’s character is so realistic. Talkative at home and Introvert outside…

    1. Optimist

      I am glad that you loved the characters !!
      Will post soon ❤️

  4. Aldy

    Nice characters….like viswa…… everyone characteristics are awesome….. waiting for your first chapter…. upload soon

    1. Optimist

      I am as glad as you to post the first episode !❤️

  5. Cutuuu

    Wowww!!! It’s very well written and the characters are so relatable especially Anuradha’s character.Most of us are like that only.Loved the way you write although it’s just beginning but efforts must be appreciated. Good Luck 😊 👍

    1. Optimist

      Thanks a lot for pinpointing what you liked ! The comments are a really a bliss for me ..!❤️

  6. Parita

    What a sketch!! I’m really interested in to this story and i can’t wait to read the first part of it!
    The characters are fascinating and i’m waiting to learn more about them in your coming episodes for sure!

    1. Optimist

      That’s the reason, I mentioned the characters in detailed manner. It is because more than mystery, I think emotions is what is to be felt and experienced. There will be many folds in the story and firstly, I planned ending, so this would have a wonderful and realistic ending. Perhaps I can make it to 100 episodes of more.
      And I am really very glad that you felt the characters very interesting.
      Will post the first episode sooner !!!

  7. Mannu

    Very nice!!!!!! I think, the pairs are vidha and antya. I am feeling somehow, pooji is some trouble maker. Let’s see what will happen. Curiously waiting for next one.

    1. Optimist

      No one will be actually a trouble maker here but one situation will arise which will be a trouble maker for life.

  8. Optimist

    No one will be actually a trouble maker here but one situation will arise which will be a trouble maker for life. So let’s see.
    And thanks for the appreciation !

  9. Attractiveuser

    Outstanding dear ❤️!!

  10. Crazydoll_185

    Yaar it’s really fantastic
    And please read my ff too

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