A Journey of Love(Episode63)

The episode starts with Aman and Lavanya arguing with each other…
Aman:Yes..I said that..I try to love you..Bcoz..you said you love me..So,I dont want to hurt you..
Lavanya:Yes..I said..I Love You..But..If you proposed me and ask me for marriage..then only we married..
Aman:Then now only i ask you for marriage..bcoz again i dont want to miss you..
All are shock for that statement..And all girls put their hands on their waist and look at him..And all boys bang their foreheads with their hands..
By seeing their actions Aman recollect what he spell and look at Lavanya..
He took one rose flower form Anjali dhi and sit on his knees and propose Lavanya infront of all..
Aman:I Love You…Will you marry me.. and stay with me each and every step in my life..Bcoz..i am not ready to lose you again..I already bear this pain from past three years..plzz…
Lavanya run towards him and took the rose from his hand and hug him..
Lavanya:Really you love me..?
Aman nod his head..
Lavanya:Then why did you tell about your feelings..
Aman:Bcoz..you r from big and rich family. I have ni family..I am equal to Orphan..Thoshi aunty and Dadhi give life for me..I scare to expose my feeling on you..Moreover i always remember your slap..So…
Lavanya:Stop it Aman..I Love You.. Bcoz of that reason only i reject all matches..Today also Dad request me to attend this function to talk about marriage praposal..
Raman:Yah..Thar guy is this Aman only..But now we cancel that praposal.. Bcoz he said he has no family..he is orphan na..All his four brothers are dead na..
By hearing this Aman hug Raman…
Aman:It is not like that..I know you are my brother..but..
Mantu:Then..we are all family Aman.
Arjun:You are not intrested to stay
with us..You want to stay where your parents stay before they..Bcoz of that reason we didnt compell you..
Arnav:Yah..we just leave bcoz of that reason..we disnt leave like orphan..
Anjali walk towards Aman and hold his hand and wipe his tears.Dont cry my dear little bro..Your jijju and dhi can talk about your marriage praposal.. It is my promise..
Princi look at them and feel happy for their bonding and look at Lavanya..
Thoshi:Aman beta..I have five sons.. Your father is best friend to Mr.Bhalla.Your father and Mother gave life to us and leave this world.. How can i leave you?
Mr.Bhalla looks at him and wipe his tears..
All couples and kids drag elders to one place and form a circle around them and sing a song”Hum saath saath Hai”…
All guests invited for dinner..all enjoy the dinner..Ishitha and Raman thank the guests and give the return gift.. i.e interior plant with designed pot..
All praise for that idea and all functions and arrangements..
Amaya and Radhika are bussy with kids..Thee kids from orphanage also here for this function with Ramu kaka.They all are gifted eith new clothes,with diffetent toys etc..
At last the friends or so called brothers sucessfully completed their sisters marriage..They give this comete credit to their love girls and present diamond rings to them infront of their elders..The girls have tears in their eyes..and they go and hug Thoshiji and Dadhi..
Madhu and Madhumatiji feel happy for their daughters..
Finally,The day end with happy moods..
All leave the hotel and move to Shivas house..
Ishitha:Shiva..You go to your room and do packing for your honeymoon..
Tomarrow there is satyanarayana swamy pooja..After that only you..
Shiva look at them and said ..
Shiva:God took so many things from me..To compensate those things he give four sisters..a big family..And beautiful wife..
By saying this he go with a side hug to Anjali and Kiss her on forehead..
By hearing this lavanya ask..
Lavanya:What about me jiju..You forget about me na..
Shiva:Five sisters..
All laugh for that and adjust in respective placeses or rooms..
Radhika sit in garden and look into sky..The sky is dark color..The clocl struck 2:00AM..Bcoz of some uneassyness Arjun come out from the room and stand in balcony..He saw Radhika sit in lawn and wipe her tears..Arjun feel so bad for her..He also go there and put his hand on her shoulder.
Radhika wipe her tears and turn her head back..Arjun stand behind her and look at her..She bring smile on her face and look at him..
Radhika:Arjun sir..Why are you here? Cant you go for sleep?
Arjun look at her and Ask..
Arjun:What are you doing here in this time?
Radhika:Nothing..just like that..
Arjun sit beside her on bench and cup her face and ask her..
Arjun:Radhika..you trust me or not..
Radhika:I trust you Arjun sir..Why you ask like that?
Arjun:I already promise you na..still you are worried..and cry like this in this time..
Radhika:Muje neendh nahi ayi..so..
Arjun:Why sleep didnt come to you.. What are you thinking about..
Radhika:About height..
Radhika:S sir.You r above 6feet and i am 5feet..Really i didnt think about it sir..Dadhaji told to me that perfect couple means..They are perfect in all including height..How can we be a perfect couple..
Arjun put his index finger on her lips and said ShhShhh…
Radhika look into her eyes..
Arjun:You hide lot of things from me. Tell me..Why are you here in this time and why are you crying..And what is the thing you hide from me..
Radhika:Sir..Really I Love You..My heart beats for you..When you are near me it beat so fast..I know you love me..But still i have lot of doubts in my mind..and now my height…
Arjun:I am sorry Radhika..Really your height is not problem for me..I just kiddig you..Leave it and why you are so sad now.Dadhaji called you…?
Radhika nod her head..
Radhika:Anu is still in coma..It complete 4months that i ran from reshikesh to Mumbai..I didnt see them from four months..You know sir..my Anu..My bhabhi is pregnant..I didnt know till now.Today dadhaji told to me..Bcoz of not proper diet baby growth is not good..If any thing happenes to Anu.. Ankush bhai didnt forgive and didnt accept me.
By saying this she cries vigrously.. Arjun didnt bear that pain
Nothing happen to anybody..I am here.
He hug her and try to control and console her.
Radhika:Who ever i love..They face many problems..I give pain only to my loved ones..First my parents..Next my brother..And my best frnd and Bhabhi..My daddhaji..I am worried about you sir..You love me a lot..My fate is not good..I worried now that bcoz of my bad fate any thing happen to you..Arjun sir..plz dont love me..Then nothing will happen to you..
Arjun:Radhika are you mad?Who told you your fate is not good?
Radhika:Things and situations told to me..I dont want to see you in pain..
Arjun:Radhika..you only bring happiness in my life.You only sacrifice your future amt for my dhi and do good to my sister..I have lot of money with you..but i cant do it..I promise you Radhika..I clear all your problems.. just close your eyes atleast sleep for one hour.
Radhika huged him and put her head on his chest and slowly went into sleep.
He lift her in his arms and went into the house and walk towards the girls bedroom..Just that time Raman come out for water and saw Arjun with Radhika and Arjun with pale face.. Arjun went into that room and place Radhika on couch and cover blanket to her and come out from that room.
Arjun walk into Ramans room and sit in that room lifeless..Raman swith on the lights..Reamaing two disturbed by the light rays on thrir faces and open their eyes and rubbed their eyes.. Mantu saw the time..it is 4:00AM.. before Mantu didnt talk anything…
Raman walk towards Arjun and place his hand on shoulder..Arjun burst now and cried like a little kid..Arnav come towards him and ask him what happened Arjun..
Arjun:I want my Radhika..I want to live with her..You people can do anything for me na..Do this for me..Plz..
Raman:Arjun tell me..Why you are so restless and nervous..and why Radhika in that state..
Mantu:What happened to Radhika?
Raman:Speak out Arjun..
Arjun narrate each and everything now what Radhika express her feelings..About her fear and Pain.
Arjun:Raman..I want Radhika..We do things better as soon as possible.Plz..
The trio hold Arjun and assure him we can solve all mess arround Radhika.
Mantu:Aman arrange all things there..We go Reshikesh tomarrow..

Today mrg we have satyanarayana swamy pooja and dhi left for honeymoon..Next we clise Shyam chapter.Bcoz he give pain and tension to our girls and try to give tension to our dhi..We didnt spare him..Tomarrow mrg at 7:00AM we will be there in Reshikesh..
Aman saw this and hear their conversation and come to them.
Aman:Dont worry bro..Nothing to worry..I can arrange all things in Reshikesh..
All five hold their hands and promise themselves we can make things set good..
Mantu:After dhi left from here we discuss things with girls also..
Shiva:May i come in..
All five look at door and shocked to see shiva there..Raman:Shiva..no need to take permission..Come in yaar..
Shiva:I hear your conversation..i want to postpone my honeymoon..I want to be with you in this critical time.
Mantu:No shiva..you go with dhi..Then only we can see shyam end without any tense..Bcoz we didnt want give any pain or fear to our dhi..
Shiva:You people think Anjali didnt know anything..
Anjali enter into that room with Ishitha,Amaya and Kushi.
Anjali:How can they know Shiva?They think their dhi is so week.But they didnt know their dhi can bear anything for them.
Arjun:Dhi..how can you know everything..
Anjali:On the day Amaya give warning to that person..I saw it from window.. Afterwards Shiva send that vedio from Mantus phone scerectly..
Shiva:We togeather solve our problems..
Lavanya:Stand out of the door and look at them confusion look.
Raman:But dhi..It is time for u to spend happily in your life.
Ishitha:Dont disturb this time..It didnt come back..
Anjali:You four can do lot to me and my family..Now we are one family right?
The trio nod their heads..slowly Lavanya join to them.But still she is in dilama only..
They all convence and decided they can do that mission togeather..
Suddenly they hear a sound from Radhika..
Radhika shouts Anu..Anu…Arjun sir..
All run towards that room..Radhika shout in her sleep only.Arjun run towards her and hold her tightly.
She slowly opened her eyes and touches Arjuns faces and cares his face..Radhika:Arjun sir..Saral aim gun towards you..R u ok..
Arjun nod his head and hug her.All look at Radhika..Kids feel tense..
Bantuy walk towards Arjun and hold his hand..Arjun look at him.
Bantuy:Jijju..I want to see dhi happily with happy face.
Chotu:Arjun bhayya..What happened to bhabhi..
Pinky and Ruhi sit near Radhika.
Radhika realise and wipe her tears. She hug kids and said dont worry.I am happy..A small bad dream..She put tickels to kids and chear up them and run towards them.
Anjali walk towards Arjun and try to console him..
Arjun already it is 5:30AM .It is time to go for temple.Today we go for temple to complete pooja..Hana Ishitha bhabhi..
Ishitha nod her head.
Arjun:Then go and ready bhabhi..and ready for satyanarayana pooja.
Àmaya:Arjun bhayya…
Raman:ok yaar get ready for temple. We all togeather go to Reshikesh..
Lavanya:Mssion Reshikesh…
The scene shift to temple.All togeather complete the pooja.
Panditji:You four girls tie these threads to your beloved ones and to you also.And today is final day of pooja so after pooja and satyanarayana pooja you drink water only.Again in evening you come to temple and break your pasting infront of godess..
Panditji:At sharp 8:00AM we start satyanarayana pooja..I will be there at 7:45AM.
All are ready to left to Ramans house expect Raman and Radhika..
Raman:Radhika we go in my car and on the way we buy list of items for pooja..
Radhika:I already buy that list bhayya..
Ishitha:Actually..i use some items from that list..It is better to buy new list..
Radhika look at Arjun..Arjun look at her and nod his head to go along Raman.
All started in their respective cars and reached to Ramans house.
On the way in car..
Raman:Choti..You know you are like small girl to me..Just like my pinky.. But you are to brave than us..
Radhika:Thanks bhayya..
Raman:Really from your heart that you feel i am your bhai..
Radhika nod her head..
Raman:Then promise me one thing..
Radhika look into Ramans eyes..and ask promise for what bhai..
Raman:We dont want to hide anything from you..
Today evening we are movkng to Reshikesh..
Raman narrates complete plan to Radhika..Radhika listen it silently..I know there is some risk..But we togeather solve it na..Am i right or wrong..
Radhika:You are right bhayya..
Raman:We need your support that you behave like a brave girl..Bcoz yesterday night..really i am eorried about you..Arjun loose his hope.If you are so much week it is impossible for us to move forward in our mission.
Radhika look at him with teary eyes and said sorry to Raman.
Raman stop his car and eipe her tears and cup her face and kiss her on forehead(by brotherhood right..dont think bad).
Raman:Choti..Arjun is too voncern about you..He cant see any pain for you..So be brave infront of him.. bcoz we are soul brothers and friends..If any one are in pain from our four remaining three didnt move in our lives..Finally,I promise you that we are togeather by solving our problems..
After their discussion they complete their shopping and return back to house..All are waiting for them.Arjun saw Radhika face with new hope and glow and said thanks to Raman with his eyes only.Arnav and Mantu also feel happy for Radhika seeing like that.
NOTE:Raman and Ishitha..
Arjun,Mantu,Arnav and Aman called Ishitha as Bhabhi..and treat snd give importance to Raman as elder brother even though they are best buddies.. Their age gap is ony three to six months difference..
Similarly..Radhika and Lavanya called bhayya for Raman..
Sometimes they called with names and sometimes bhai for remaining ones..
Kushi and Amaya called Raman as Raman bhayya..Sometimes Arjun with name and bhai..
Aman called Ishitha ,Kushi and Amaya as bhabhi and Radhika as choti..Chasini…Bcoz Radhika is younger than all of them.
Lavanya called dhi as Ishitha..Kushi and Amaya..and Radhu or chashini for Radhika..
All these called Dhi as Anjali and our boys called Shiva with name only..and for formality sometimes called as Jiju..Our girls called depending on their moods..most propably shiv bhayya..But lavanya called him as Jiju..
They called whatever they feel.But they fix that they are family living togeather.They love their partners and similarly they show love and concern to remaing all.Assume that..If anything happen to anybody they didnt bear that pain..They develop such type of bonding..This is just information from me for next comming episodes…
Present continution…
All ready for pooja..Girls wear pink color sarees presented by dhadhi and put same set of jewellery presented by Thoshiji..Lavanya has also received things from Thoshi and dhadhi..They the set which is made for pinky..Pinky give it happily to Lavanya..Bcoz kids also trained and learn things from our girls.Thoshi give another two sets to Neelu and Rani..Dadhi give Red color sarees to them.when Raman and Radhika enter into the house and look at them..All are ready for pooja. Thoshi give saree and jewellery and ask her to wear it.Madhu brings dresses to boys including Aman.All wear shearvanis with gold and maroon color..and bring grand saree and jewellery to Anjali from in-laws side.
Radhika also wear saree and jewellery and get down.Panditji also come and start pooja..Shiva and Anjali sit togeather and did it.Amaya distribute prasad to family.After pooja Radhika and Kushi start preparation of food for family with help of Shanta and Neelu.Raman and Ishitha sit With Elders and discuss about to move Reshikesh for some days..They listen it and bless their kids.Madhu:Raman you tomarrow mrg beta..Bcoz after satyanaraya pooja according to our tradition Wife and Husband share their life..So..atleast arrange their suhagraath for them.
Anjali feel shy..Raman nod her head.. and ask girls to do arrangements.
We have some work..so we six go out and return back for lunch..Take care..
Precap:Shyam behind bars..Arjun and Radhima convence Bauntys mummy to stay with them..Family move to reshikesh..

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