A Journey of Love(Episode62)

Anjali and Shiva went to their room.
Amaya feed food to Ananya.Ishitha took food to Anjali and Shiva.Kushi is with Pinky and Ruhi.Bunty and Chotu are with Arnav.kushi and Arnav stand beside the gate and give a small gift pack to guests which consists Ganeshji pratima and ask them to join for evening reception..
Arnav(with low voice):Kushi..I am sorry.
Kushi:Why Arnavji?
Kushi:No need to say sorry or thanks Arnavji..Bcoz..you are my love and my life.I accept anything from you.You just give a little bit of place in your heart.i.e enough for me.
Guest:Raman..you people rock it every function with perfect plan yaar.
Raman:Thanks..It is all bcoz of my…
Guest:Yah..i hear about them..Every time i feel jealous on you four people. You are good frnds..you people behave very rudely with your employees even though they suppourt you and your company..Now these four girls..Good employees for your company and for your families..
Raman got angry and control himself for not beating him.Amaya listen and watch this..Amaya:Raman bhayya.. A phone call for you..go answer the call.
Amaya to Guest:Hello sir…You thank me..
Amaya:I save you from 1lakh hospital bill..Bcoz if my brother give a punch on your face means..once just imagine that..
Guest look wired at her…
Amaya:Just be in your limits…We four are to be bhahus to this family..and my family didnt treat bhahus as slaves like you or like your family.
Guest:How dare you to talk to me like this.
Amaya:I know who send you here.On the engagement day only I saw you with that dirty creep shyam.
Guest look with tensed face and adjust his coat and try to move from there..
Amaya:If my Mantu…so called Dhruv Bandari knows this means..your chapter is so dull…
If in case my brothers so called Raman Bhalla…Arnav Raizada… Arjun Mehara..They just close your chapter..
Be careful and be in your limits. And ask that creep dont play such stupid plans..get lost from here.I dont want to see you in evening reception..
All this is recorded by Mantu..He is also little bit shock for Amayas other angle.
Raman:Amaya..nobody didnt answer the call..
Amaya:Dont worry bhai..If it is necessary call means..they only call you..
By saying this she left from there to handle Ananya..Rama looked at her..
Mantu put his hsnd on Raman shoulder and handover his phone to Raman.
Raman watch that vedio and look at Mantu..
Raman:Why these girls are so possasive abt us?
Mantu:Raman,Before doing anything they think abt next sequences..We didnt do it..
Arnav:What is the serious discussion.. Why you both look so worried..
Mantu explain the whole scene and Raman give the phone to Arnav and ask him to show the vedio.
Arnav:These girls are stuborn yaar.
Raman:Where is Arjun?
Arnav:Both Arjun and Radhika went to shivas house.
Before Dhi gruhapravesh Radhika want to arrange all items which are used for that Rasam.
Raman nod his head..
Raman:Arjun has time now to convience Radhika..Lets start from our side also to convience our girls..
Arjun drive the car and Radhika see outside from window.
Radhika:Haa sir…
Arjun:Plz dont use that word sir..
Radhika:Ok Arjunji..
Arjun:Ji…Sir is better than this..
Radhika:Tell me sir..
Arjun stare angry look at her..But she didnt look at him.
Arjun:Madam Radhika..
Radhika:Madam…I am your subordinate sir..So,I called you sir…
Arjun:You are Owner to my palace..So i called you Madam..
Radhika looked at him..Arjun:Sorry Radhika..Arjun stop his car infront of Shivas house.
Radhika get down from car and walk towards the main door.Watchman open the door and give keys to her.
They both enter into the house and switch on the lights..
Radhika:You sit here..i complete my work..By saying this she tried to move from there..
Arjun hold her hand and turn her towards him..He look at her cheek and kiss her.Tears scroll from her eyes..He cuped her face and said..
Arjun:I am sorry Radhika..plz understand me..I know i am wrong..But hide things from me..I am not able to digest it.
Radhika:It is for dhi sake only..If anything messy happened in marriage..

This is also my family Sir..If anything happens to you,or dhi,or my family.. I cant take it.
Now it is your turn to handle the things..After dhi and Shiv bhayya left for honeymoon you four people settle the scores with that rascel.I didnt stop you..
Arjun sir…If happiness is with us only.. but we cant enjoy it..That situation is horrible.I am in that state only.I have my love with me.Even though i think for someone who didnt even think about me.I want to reach them who even didnt try to trace me..
I think we want to give all happiness to dhi.That is the best marriage gift.So we hide things from u.That is only reason sir..Plz belive me and plz be with me.I dont tolorate your anger on me..Just love me.I want indefinite love to me..from you.
Arjun hug her and kiss her on forehead,next on eyes,next on cheeks.. and look at her lips..He start kiss her slowly and convert that into passionately…They unlock their lips for breathe…
Arjun:I promise you Radhika..Next time i think twice before i react on you.Similarly you also convience me and control me..But dont hide things from me..
Radhika nod her head and hug him.He cup her face and pat her cheek smoothly and said punish me for this Radhika.
Radhika:Def..i punish you sir..First close your eyes..
Arjun close his eyes..Dont slap hard Radhika..plz..
Radhika:Ok sir..
By saying this she kiss him and run towards kitchen.
Radhika clean kitchen and prepare kheer..She arrange pooja mandhir with flowers and put diya stands to light diya by Anjali..She Clean infront of main door and put rangoli and decorate with flowers..she arrange kalash with rice,Red water in plate, tumaric paste in bowl…
Arjun sit and observe her..
Arjun:Cant you feel restless..
Radhika:Not at all..Bcoz..first i am doing it for my family.Second..when things are going good you feel happy na…so,I enjoy it.
In Ramans house…
Kushi:Mummyji you go and take rest. I can make all things here..
Thoshiji:Kushi..These are all items send with Anjali.
Dadhi:All things icluding silver items.. place them in van..
Kushi:Dont worry dadhi..i can hadle it.
kushi checks the items list and put all the things side and ask Ramu and Ramesh place them in a van.
Kushi feels someone stand behind her..
She turn and saw Arnav..
Kushi:You want anything from this room..
Arnav:Yah..A 50kg item..which always blabbering like a tiny kid..From mrg onwards i didnt hear any noise from her..
Kushi:Blabbering..That to 50kgs.I am 48 kgs only.
Arnav:oh really..i think 50..once i check and confirm it..
By saying this he lift kushi by placing his hands on her waist..by this sudden action kushi is shocked and place her hands on his shoulders for support.She bend her head and ask him to get down.
Arnav:I am sorry..
Kushi:Is this is the way to tell sorry?
Arnav:I dont know how many ways are there to tell sorry and which one is right..Bcoz i didnt tell sorry to anybody till now..
Kushi control her smile and look into his eyes..
Kushi:Then who ask you to tell sorry. Why you are telling to me..No need to tell that..First leave me down.
Arnav slowly get her down on his foots and pull her close..The gap btween their lips is less then two inches…Arjun just touch her lips with his lips.She close her eyes and tight her grip on his shoulders.He feel her shy and her acceptance and start his kiss by taking his kower lip and slowly start it and continue it..They break it when they both came into senses that some one call kushi…
Ramesh:kushi bhabhi….
Arnav:Arey…why you always do bhajan towards ur bhabhi name..
Ramesh:Bhayya..how can i expect you are bussy here..
By saying this Ramesh run from there and Arnav followed him to catch him..
Arnav:Chotu and Bunty hold him..
By listening Arnavs statement they both try to catch him…Ramesh run towards dadhi and finally hide behind dadhi..
Ramesh:Dadhi save me…
Dadhi looked at Arnav and asked him, what happened..?
Arnav:Nothing dadhi..
Ramesh:I tell you dadhi..
Arnav jumped towards him and close his mouth and drag Ramesh with him.
Dadhi look at them with smily face..
Ramu:Dadhi i tell everything to you..

He narrate everything to dadhi..
Dadhi:How can you know?
Ramu:Things happened like that dadhi..
Rani:It is nothing like that dadhi..We already there in that room before you and Thoshi aunty enter into that room.After you kushi bhabhi enter…
So,We have no chance to come out from that room.After you to left the room..Arnav bhayya came there…
We observe all..what happenned there.
Dadhi hold both Ramu and Rani ears..
First it start from you people only na…
Thoshi:What happened maasi..why are u laughing..
Dadhi:First it is time to marry these people…
Thoshi:It is our responsibility only..
Both laugh looking happy atmosphere in the house.
Neelu:Ishitha bhabhi..Can you give this green tea to Raman bhai…plz…
Ramesh csll me before 15mins back. If i didnt go there means he got angry on me..plz bhabhi..
Ishitha control her smile and nod her head..she took the grean tea cup from her hand and walk towards Ramans room.Before that only Mantu call her and ask about Amaya..
Ishitha:I think she is in kids room.
Mantu:Thanks dhi…
Ishitha:Sometimes you called me dhi and sometimes bhabhi..
Mantu:I see both in you only…
Ishitha smile for his answer and walk towards Ramans room..Mantu walk towards kids room..
Ishitha enter into Ramans room..and her eyes search for him.She didnt find him..Before she leave the room she hear sound from washroom.She turn that side and saw Raman with towel..She suddenly turn back..sorry..
I bring green tea for you..she strech her hand back and ask him to take.. He walk towards Ishitha and took cup with one hand and hold her hand with another hand.He place cup on table and pull Ishitha towards him..and turn towards him..and hold her by putting his left hand around her waist..By this unexpected act she just close her eyes.Raman:Look at me Ishitha..
Ishitha didnt lift her head.
Raman:Plz Ishu..look at me..
By saying this he just lift her head by using his right hand finger.Ishitha close her eyes..He cares her hair and lock the hair behind her ear shell.By using his identity finger he touch her lips and slowly bend his face towards her…Raman:I am sorry Ishitha..I worried for you people.Bcoz of that reason only i react like that.Plz..
Ishitha open her eyes and look into his eyes.She find that worried and trust in his eyes..and nod her head by accepting his sorry.He feel happy for that and hug her tight with happiness.
Ishith:If you look angry means..i am not able to talk or look at you.Raman plz be normal in any situation.You put trust on us..We four can do anything for you four..We are family Raman..
Raman:I know it Ishu.If anything happen to you people we are not able to take it.After facing lot of things in our lives you four are gods gift to us.
Ishitha understand his feelings and hug him.He just kiss on her neck and ask her to stay lile that for some time.
Mantu:Chotu..where is Amaya bhabhi..
Chotu:Bhayya..we ask noodles…Just now only she go towards Kitchen.
Mantu enter into kitchen and saw that Amaya turn towards stove and bussy in cutting.He stands behind her..Amaya cut vegtables and bussy in cooking noodles.
Mantu hug her from back side..By that sudden action she jerk and some hot water drops fell on his hand.
Mantu screamed with pain.Amaya turn off the stove and turn towards him. She took his hand and put it under tap.After that she use ice to massage on wound and look at him with teary eyes.With in fraction of secs she shout on him..
Mantu:Nothing will happen to me..I am ok..Dont cry like a kid.
Amaya:I am sorry..I didnt sense you that you are behind me.
Mantu:It is not your mistake..Ammu fir this small thing you react like this..Then how can you people took such a big step to face that shyam..
Amaya:Bcoz..we dont want to see tears in dhi eyes.And we dont want to give any tension to you people.Till now you four face lot of things.So,We try to handle until dhi leave for honeymoon.After that you handle him in your manner..
Mantu wipe her tears and hug her..She also hug him.Mantu kiss her on cheek and ask her..Amaya..next time dont do such type of risks.If anything happenes means…
Nothing happenes Mantu.Nobody can seperate us..Dont worry..Be with me for some time.I cook noodles for kids.
Mantu:Always bussy with work..Cant you feel restless.
Amaya:Anything for our family.. Mantu can you do one help for me.. Do something and settle Bunty stay with us with his mother..plz…
Mantu:We think about that only..But Arjun told to me that he want to kept Bunty with him only..
Amaya:Oh..Thanks for that…
Mantu sit on compartment and see her waist when she cook…
He get down from that place and kiss her on waist and run from that place.
After lunch all started to Shivas house to do gruhapravesh..Ishitha call to Radhika and inform that they start from Ramans house.
Radhika:Arjun sir..They start there.I think with in 15mins they reach here.
Arjun:Why you are worried..You prepared all na..Dont be tense..
Radhika wait for Anjali and Shiva…
She didnt realise that Arjun stare at her with love..Suddenly she feel that a cool breez touch her..She look at that direction and realise that Arjun state at her..She walks towards him and sit on her knees and look into his eyes.
Radhika:Arjun sir..I hide one thing from you..I want to share it with you..
Arjun look at her and ask her what is it?
Radhika:I stole one thing from your wallet..I show it to you..but ,you never ask me to return it..
Arjun:What is that?
Radhika show his childhood photo in her locket.Arjun saw it and ask her to give it.
At same time she hear car horn and run towards main door.She saw Ishu,Kushi,Ammu and Shanta with Ananya get down from car.Radhika run towards them and took Ananya from Shanta.She went in and saw all arrangements..
After 10mins remaining all are gather there..Anjali and Shiva stand infront of main door.Radhika give Harathi plate to Shanta and ask her to start Ritual..Shanta:How can I..? Arjun:You are our family mamiji..You have that right..By listening this shanta give Harathi to new couple and give it to Radhika..Radhiks called remaing three and four togeather give harathi.
Radhika ask Arjun to hand over Ananya to Anjali.By holding Ananya the trio stand there.After harathi Ishu put kumkum to new pairand Amaya sprinkle rose water on them.. and kushi put haldhi to Anjali’s foot.
Radhika put kalas filled with rice and adk them to enter into house..Anjali touch the kalash with her right leg and it fell down.Both holding their hands and come into the house. Radhika ask them to go towards pooja room.Shanta ask Anjali to light the lamp.Radhika:Before that you put your plams in this haldhi plate and place the marks on the wall.She put her plams in haldhi plate and put her plam marks on wall where Anandi photo is placed.Radhika asked newly couple to place a garland to Anandhi photo and light lamp infront of her..
They do it..Kushi:Dhi place this saree infront of her..Anjali place the saree infront of her.While doing this a flower from garland fell on that saree.Anjali feel that Anandhi blessed her.After that Radhika took red water plate and rotate around new couple and left the room to pour the water outside.
Amaya again rotate harathi to them and ask Shiva to tell his wife name.
Shiva:You know it na..then why can i?
Kushi:We know her name as Anjali Mehara..Now it change na..So,I want to hear it from your mouth…
Ishu:Tell us….
At that time Radhika pour the water in between plants and break pumpkin and coconut infront of main gate.Bcoz,by breaking pumpkin all evil sight left us and things are going good with us..After that Radhika enter into room.
Shiva:My wife name is Anjali shiv raj sekhar..
By hearing this tears flow from Arjun eyes..Radhika observe it and hold his hand by placing herl left hand plam in his right hand plam and hold it tightly.Arjun wipe his tears and be normal..Radhika bring kheer and ask Anjali to put infront of god.
Thoshi:Anjali beta go and change..
Shiva hold Anjali hand and walk towards his room.In between Radhika took Ananya from her hand.Amaya serve kheer to all.Kushi give one keer cup to new couple and get down.All sit in hall and chit chat with each other.
In shivas room…

Shiva lock the room from inside and turn towards Anjali..She feel shy and didnt lift her head.Shiva walk towards Anjali and lift her head by his finger..
She look at him and he look into her eyes..
Shiva:I am so happy..Bcoz..today onwards i have my complete family. You are the reason for that.
He ask her to fresh up and change her dress.Anjali first you go for freshup.. It take time for me to remove jewellery and…
Shiva nod his head and went into wash room.Anjali sit infront of mirror and try to remove her jewellery one by one.After 10min shiva come out from was room and saw that Anjali is removing one by one.But it is not possible to her bcoz something stuck with her hair and blouse knot..
He walk towards her and stand behind her..She saw him from mirror…
Shiva:Can i help you…
Anjali nod her head..
Shiva put her hair properly and remove chains from her neck..He try to took mangalsutr also.Anjali hold it and nod her head in negative manner.
Shiva:Wear it after bath..
Anjali:No..until my last breath it will be here only..I didnt take it
Shiva look at her and unpin her dress..
Anjali feel shy and hold his hand.She look at him and went into wash room. After 10min she come out by covering long towel around her..She think Shiva went out from room.But her sudden shock he is in room only.He look out from glass window.She slowly walk towards wardrobe and try to select one saree.Shiva turn towards her and walk toward wardrobe..She feel his hot breathe on he shoulders..He put his hands on her shoulders..He turn her towards him.Her cheecks were turn into red color..He give one packet to her and ask her to wear it..She took it from his hands..He just kiss on her hand and ask her get ready and come down..After that she just come down…
All turn their heads towards steps where Anjali stands..She is in beautiful blue color fancy saree with white color stone work and wear diamond set which presented by Shiva..
Radhika:Wow dhi..you are so cute like a kid..
Ishu:Wow…looking like a beautiful flower.
Kushi:No no..like a swan..
Amaya:Dhi..you are Amazing like a white peacock….
Arjun walk towards her and hold her hand and bring her to sitting area and ask her to dit beside Shiva..
Shiva move left side to sofa and give place to her.she feel shy and stand like that.Raman place her beside Shiva..Raman took Anjalis hand and put it in shivas hand and ask him..
Raman:Take care of my sister…She is so sensitive…
Shiva:She is my wife..Which i love to my life..Dont worry Raman..I take all her pain and give more happiness to her…
Arjun:No..We always be shell to you both..We didny give permission to pain to touch you..If it want touch you means first it cross us and if we are not alive then it comes to you..
Both shiva and Anjali look at them who sit on knees infront of them..They hug them and said..
Shiva:We are family Arjun…Nothing will happen to anybody..We all togeather and stay happy with each other…
Raman:Yes..I already plan to buy the site which is bedide your house…So..We construct our houses near by you people only…
Mantu:Yah..The project is handeled by Radhika only…
Thoshi:Bless them and always be like this only…
The scene end with happy moment.. And next scene start in RAAM associates hotel in open place which is back side of hotel…The function is Reception party to Shiva and Anjali..
Decoration is extraordinary with flowers and lights and it was designed and handled by Radhika..
Seating arrangements were planned by Amaya.
Snacks and dinner menu was planned and decided by Ishitha.
Selection of dress and jewellery to all and mskeup was/is handeled by kushi..
All guests reached one by one to venue..Mr and Mrs.Bhalla invite them.Mantu show the way to guests where to seat..According to their family members Amaya can arrange the seating..so both Mantu and Amaya handle this.
Raman and Arjun stand there and welcome business frnds.All praise the Decoration and seating arrangements.
Raman:Hai sir..Thanks for comming atleast for reception..
Person(kids school principal):Sorry Raman..We are bussy

in expanding our branches…so…
Arjun:Oh..it is gud news..
Prinicipal:Raman..You kids are generally good at studies..But they just come to classes and go.They didnt participate in any events till now.
But now a day the trio are too active and participate in games and shows also.Shravan(chotu) perform excellent dance..Ruhi is good in psinting..pinky marvelous..Lot of change in your siblings.I am very hsppy for that..
Arjun:Ishitha bhabhi…
Ishitha look at him and walk towards Arjun…
Raman hung up the mouth and look st her.She is damn hot in that saree black and pink color combination.
Arjun:Sir..meet Dr.Ishitha..she is to be wife to Raman Bhalla..Our bhabhi take care of our siblings about their studies and maanners.
Raman:Mantu and Amaya…
Sir..meet Miss.Amaya..she is MBA specialised in HR and Finance…She is certified by international university for hospatality and Maintainance. She take care about my kids how to plan and how to behave with elders.. and She is to be wife for Mantu.
Arnav walk towards them and Wish principal..Raman:Where is Kushi..
Arnav:She is in Room with Dhi helping her in ready…
Raman saw Radhika near the stage with final touch ups..
Radhika look at them and walk towards them..
Arnav:Radhika…He is Mr.Sinha.. Director and Principal of Our kids school.
Radhika put her hands togeather and wish him…Arjun is not in his sr..Bcoz he is with Radhikas beauty..She wear black and cream color saree with steps and leave her hair…
Raman:She is our little girl who complete her masters in civil and Architectures and specialised and certified in Iinterior and Exterior designs..She manage things and do lot of noise also…Radhika:Raman bhaiii.
Arnav hug her with one hand..side hug and said she is to wife for Arjun Mehara..
Kushi:Raman bhai…Call Shiva to dias..
Dhi is ready…We start it now…
Arjun:Kushi…come here…
Kushi go there and look ay them..
Arjun:She is Kushi..Completed het MBA specialised with Finance and Marketing…and specialised,trained and Certified in Fashion design…She is to be wife to Arnav..
Principal look at them..Raman ask girls to go and bring Anjali..
Ananya run towards them..and look at them..Ananya:Four mammus..Anybody can lift me…Arjun lift her and kiss her..Raman:She is Ananya..Our dhis daughter..i.e Dr.ShivRajSekhars and Anjalis daughter…Chotu and Bunty hold Shiva from two sides and walk towards Raman.Raman introduces Shiva to Principal…
Arnav and Arjun take Shiva towards dias and make her to sit on chair on dias..
Principal:Raman..I am really happy to see a complete happy family..
Raman:All good things happened in our lives by those girls only sir..They are very possasive about us..They change a lot and bring colors in our lives.Actually..we love them..ours is love marriage sir..Principal:All the best to you four…
Kushi wear black and Red color cpmbination saree and Amaya wear black and light blue color combination.
They bring Anjali on dias..Anjali wear cream and Orange color saree with steps..She wear all jewellery and exactly look like Andhra women…Shiva wear cream color suit..
The new couple sit on dias..Alk guests placed in their seats..Family members
are seated in firsy two to three rows.
Mantu:Rani and Neelu nice dresses..
They both said:Bhai….dresses are gifted by Bhabhis…
Our four heros wear black color suits..
Ishitha and Raman start reception by hanover garlands to mew couple and ask them to exchange…
Ishitha announces that we planed some rituals to newly married couple basing on fifferent states cultures.. So lets start with flower ball game. All boys are Shivas side and We all girls are from Anjali dhi side.
After exchange of garlands the new couple sit in opposite directiins on riund cushions.
Raman:Ishu….Look here..
Ishitha:Gud evng sir…Hw r u?
Prinicipal and Dean(medical college): Ha fine Ishitha…long leave from one week..Raman:Actually uncle…
Princi:I know every thing Raman..I am happy for that.
Princi:She is my daughter lavanya…
Lavanya:Hai…Hai Ishu dhi…

Lavanya hug Ishitha and ask.. Lavanya:Hw r u dhi?
Ishitha:Fine..Come lets join with us..
Ishu hold Lavanyas hand and walk towards their team..
Aman saw Lavanya and said…
Aman:Hw r u here with my bhabhi…
Lavanya:What are you doing here?
That to with my dhi..
Aman:She is not your dhi..she is my bhabhi..and it is my family..
Raman:Stop it yaar..Why you are fighting like this..
Aman:Raman..I told you na..In my college days about my junior devil..
Raman:Yah..you told me that she gave a slap to you…
Aman:This devil only..
Lavanya:Ishi dhi..It happenes by misunderstanding..But this Akhadoo didnt listen to me..I tell N number of sorries to him..
Aman:Who need your sorries..You kept with you only..
Lavanya:Hw many feelings i kept with me..I already kept my love on you in my heart only..You know how much pain is it for me..Now you suggest me to kept my sorries also with me..You stupid cant you know what love means..
Aman shocked for that…
Lavanya realise what she expouse infront of all.By realising that she ran from there with shy..with fear.. with tense…
Ishitha try to follow her..Raman hold her hand and stop her.He look at Aman …
Raman:Aman..she confess her feelings for you..Wat abt you?If it is ok for you..then go and convence her..and confess her..
Aman:Raman..You know..i didnt love anybody till now.I have no such feelings on her..Then how can i?
Ishitha:Aman..We didnt force you..But think abt her.
Raman:Actually..I only give this praposal to uncle(principal)..Bcoz..he ask me to see good match for Lavanya..Imedieately your name strike for me.You are also family for me…
Aman:Bhai..She slap me infront of all.
Raman and Ishu:It was three years back..not now..
Raman:Final devission is yours..
Principal pat Aman on shoulders and followed Raman.Aman look this side and that side and unknowingly he steps towards Lavanya…
Here both Shiva and Anjali throw ball to each other..Kushi bring another ball…Arnav(slowly):Why this one?We both played with this one..Kushi:No..it is also for them only..
Kushi give another one to Anjali dhi and ask them play with two balls..They play like that..One ball thrown to Anjali side and immediately he catch the ball thrown by Anjali..Finally Anjali won it..
Amaya:Now get to your normal places.. and ready to play ring game.n
Shiva stand and look for his shoes..
Radhika:Dont search here bhayya.I already stole them and hide.It is your team responsibility to search them and give it to you.If you loose the game pay amount for us and buy your shoes from us.
Arjun:How can yo do this?
Radhika:Arjun sir..With my hands…
All laughed…Arjun stare at her..
Arjun:Dont worry jiju we are here..you continue ring game..We bring your shoes before you end it.
Radhika and Kushi show their thumb fingers up and said best of luck..
Ishitha drop golden ring in the big vessele which considts of milk and rose petals..They put their hands in that vessel and search for ring.Shiva hold Anjali hand and look into her eyes..
Ishitha:Shiva..dont do romance with dhi..Search the ring..
Shiva and Anjsli feel shy…
First Shiva took the ring and show it to girls..Amaya took it and drop it again in vessel..Shiva look at her.. Kushi:You played it gor three times..
First time you win na…May be this time our dhi will win…
Again both search for ring..They look at each others eyes…Anjali show the ring to group..
Mantu took it from Anjali and drop it again in vessel.Again they both search it and togeather hold the ring and show it to group..
Radhika::Equal points…They share things like this way only…
Arjun:Jiju here are your shoes..
Radhika and Co:How can you find..
Arjun and Arnav lift their collars and look at their faces..
Kushi:Radhu..Where did you hide it yaar..
Radhu:Radhu i hide it under the corner table.
Both Radhu and Kushi look at them..
Ishitha:How can you guess that place yaar..
Arjun:Bhabhi..i didnt guess ..we search them..
I know she didnt put anything on height not more than 5feet…Here all are height..Only tables ans chairs are supported to her height..

Arnav and Mantu try to stop the conversation..Raman hit his forehead by his palm..Ishitha and Amaya open their mouths..Thoshi,dadhi,madhu and madhumathiji look at their faces.. Mr.Bhalla and Iyer:Again Arjun chapter close…Sashi:Arjun beta…
Anjali and Shiva:Shh……
Arjun:Radhika is 5feet height na..How can she hide the things more than that height..Pinky with Ruhi:Really Arjun bhai naaa.. Chotu and Bunty close his mouth by their hands and ask him think about further consequences before you talk about height bhayya..Your chapter close..
All laugh for that…Kushi didnt know how to react…Radhika look angry towards Arjun..and her eyes were filled with tears…And her cheecks and nose point turned into red..
Now Arjun realise what mistake he done…
Nobody didnt extend the topic.. Radhika control herself and behave normal infront of all..But Arjun know how she is…He didnt know what his future is..
Ishitha it is time to dance…Only pair dance…Here we have some rules…
This theme was designed by Radhika..
Here lights rotate and stop..when lights stop rotate and be in standby mode..The light stop on which pair they can dance….it rotates like that and stop once.
All sit with their partners…Aman came there by holding Lavanyas hand and stand there..Ishitha smile by looking at them and ask them to come and join…They also join in there and look at each other..
First light stops on Lavanya and Aman..
They dance for the song Pahela pahela pyaar ka…They both dance for that song and they forget that they are in presence of people..They lost in each other eyes…All clapped for them..Then they came into reality…Aman walk towards Raman and co..Lavanya walk towards Ishitha and co..
Ishitha hug her..Arjun and Radhika stand in different places.Arjun msgd her…Plz..dear..Actually i dont mean it. Plz..excuse me..If you permit me..i come and stand with you..
Radhika read the msg but didnt give any respone to him.He just stare at her.Remaining all stood the condition of Arjun.
Next light stop on Mr&Mrs Iyer…
They both dance for the song Roop tera masthana..pyaar mera diwana…
They both dance for that very romantically..
Next turn to Kushi and Arnav..
For them the DJ go with Raba ve…Raba ve…Kyun dardh hai itane..tere ishq mein..Background song from IPKKND……
Arnav hold Kushi atound her waist and do a romantic dance with her…(just imagine their dance in IPKkND).
Next turn to Mantu and Amaya…
Song for them is..Meri Rang mein Rangne wali from maine pyaar kiyaa…
First Amaya stand in center and bend her head..Mantu come and hug her from back side and put his hand on her waist and it move front and stop on her stomach…and another hand lift Amayas hand and start their dance…
They both dance in romantic way…
Arjun slowly walk towards Radhika.. and stand behind her..She search for Arjun with her eyes only..Arjun:Dont search for me babe..I am with you only.Radhika turn her head towards him..and stare an angry look towards him.
Now the turn is for Mr and Mrs.Iyer..
Song for them is Na Na Karte Pyar karke..Dhadkhan movie..Both dance for that song..
Next turn to Ishitha and Raman…
They both dance for Teri meri prem kahani from movie bodygaurd..Atlast Raman lift her and rotate her round and complete his dance..But they both forget about it..and share a cute eye lock..Raman sit on his knees and ask her will you marry me..All clapped for that..Ishitha nod her head and ran towards Thoshiji..
In between some other couple dance for some songs…
Arjun msg Arnav to do something..I want to dance with Radhika..plz..
Arnav read it and look at Arjun..
Arjun look at puppy face and look at Arnav..
Now..The lights stop on New couple..
The DJ play song for them is..tere ishq pe..tere wqat pe bas haqu ikku mera..private song.Anjali feel shy..but shiva make her comfartable and they both dance for it.
Arnav set Dj and plan that the light stop on Arjun and Radhika..
Radhika is ready to move from there. But Arjun hold het wrist and drag her on dias..The DJ play song for them is..
Khwahishein phe likhi..dhil ki arziyan…

This song is from our original DYM background song…Radhika and Arjun dance for that song.First Radhika do it formal..but next by Arjun console her by his touches and try to do best..
But Radhika temprarily about her anger and dance with him in romantic way.They did better performance..
Finally Arjun kiss her on cheek and sit on knee infront of her…While Radhika return back he just hold her hand and ask her….
Arjun:Radhika..I am sorry…plz forgive me..
Radhika:Arjun sir..You really feel that i am angry on you.
It happenes when it is my last breath..
You are my soul Arjun sir..Really my height problems you..if it is problem means…
Arjun put his fingers on her lips and ask her dont talk anything..Just be like that..And kiss her on forehead…
Aman:Arjun is crazy…
Lavnya:All r not like you…wat u said you try to love me na..I will bet that you only proposed to me for marriage.
Aman:I …never..

Precap:shiva and Anjali honeymoon..Our gang ready to arrival reshikesh..Arnav share kushis pain yo their gang…

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