A Journey of Love(Episode57)

All started to home from the beach road where the four coouples meet unexpectedly.They move from there in their respective cars. They reached the home at 6:30pm. Mrs.Bhalla waiting for them.They all enter into house and see Mrs.Bhalla is in tension.All four girls identify and understand her fear and hug her and said..

Ishitha: Dont worry Mummyji 85% works are completed.No need to worry.
Kushi:Yah mummyji all works are finished.
Amaya:Ha mummyji tomarrow morning we ask them to come and start fruit basket packing also.
Radhika:Ha maa..Dont need to take any stress..you go and take rest.
Thoshiji:I know my daughters can do any work..There is nothing impossible for you.I feel tense that afternoon also you didnt eat properly…already it is 6:30pm..So i worried foe you.
Radhika:Dont worry ma..Wat can we do for night?tell us..we complete in 30mins…
Shanta:No need of that..We already start preparetions for dinner.First of all you people drink this juice then go and fresh up.Sharp 7:30 we arrange dinner on table.You people can eat early and go to bed.Bcoz 2marrow you have lot of work.
Arjun:Badi maa your total concentration is on your daughters-in-laws only.You forget about us na…
Thoshi:No no beta..I live and lead this life for you people only.How can I?
Raman:We know it maa.We just kidding you.But you one thing is true maa.You love them more than us.
Thoshi:Ha beta..Bcoz i saw you four from past 5 to 6 years onwards.You people live like statues without any smile,any feelings on your faces. When these girls enter into my house on Ruhis bday that day only i observe a small concern and possasiveness on them.Then only i pray to god to fullfill my wish.
Mantu:Ha badi ma..It is true.They bring charm into our lives.
Arnav stare at Kushi and feel her smile.Dadhi look at him and said..
Dadhi:Dont look like that Arnav. Thoshi said right that they can do all works without tension..
Anjali:Dadhi…Wat abt me?
Thoshi and Dadhi look at Anjali and observe a new feel and happiness in her face.

Before Dadhi and Thoshi want to tell something…Our girls said Anjali dhi you are Angle to this house without you there is no shining for this house.
Thoshi:Ha Anjali they are correct.We are waiting for this day from so many days.
Both Dadhi and Thoshi are with happy tears and kiss her on forehead. Shiva stand beside Anjali and ask them what abt me.There is no kissses for me. All laughed for that and Thoshi kiss him on his forehead.
All drink the juice and go to their respective rooms for freshup.

After 10mins :
Raman,Arnav,Arjun and Mantu stand in balcony and discuss how their lady love(their girls) can do shopping and how they manage the things in market.All this conversation was heared by Thoshi,Dadhi and Anjali.
Really they all are happy for that time.
Anjali:Hello brothers…Can i join with you..
Mantu:Ha dhi…Why not.
Arjun hold her hand and ask her anything serious dhi..
Arnav:R u ok dhi…
Raman:Arey yaar…Wait…Dhi tell me who give pain to you…I just kill them this time…
Anjali:Hello Ravan kumar,lord governer,khadoos,Bhudhu…nice names na…
Anjali:Then youu are over protective yaar..I am here to share one important thing with you.

Anjali narrate them what shiva planned and how she feel when she met her frnds and how she react and feel when she face shyam..How shiva support her…And now how she feel…
Anjali:I am ready to face society. Now nobody didnt talk abt me…Bcoz my are wealthy people in society.And now they can do anything for me.Second shiva didnt give any chance to others to talk abt me.Third one i am ready to face people and i know how to answer them..And after my marriaage i decide to handle some company responsibilities.Shiva suggested and support me to do work and ask me to shape my future well.
All four hug their dhi and share a happy time.Thoshi and Dadhi look at each others face and feel happy.
All sit infront of dining table and complete their dinner.Before going Raman ask about kids.Ishitha:They were in sleep Raman..Radhika made them bath kushi and Me feed them and Ammu tell stories to them.
By listening stories they went into sleep.
Ammaya:Ha bhayya..You people go early to bed.Morning you have lot of works.
Kushi:Ha so many works.Mummyji, Dadhiji and Amma,Buaji all goto sleep early.
Radhika:Papaji why are you laughing. No exception for you.Same thing for you also papa.
Mr.Bhalla:Ha beta..Def.
Ishitha:Shiva..Dont stare like that at our dhi.Already she is restless.
Anjali feel shy and look at shiva. After that all went into tbeir respective rooms for sleep. Neelu and Rani set all thimgs properly and Shanta clean dining table and they also went for sleep.Lights off in all rooms.
Ishitha made gift packs for the objects which are to be gifted or presented for Anjali from her brothers side on engagement,Mehandi and on marriage. Kushi is busy in making attachements and some modifications for Anjali dresses for her according to occation.She attached kundhans and some works.
Amaya made a paper work regarding seating arrangements and prepare cardboards to show the directions to people who attend for function. Radhika is bussy in pumping gas into ballons.They are too bussy in their works.

After some time Radhika getup and went out to bring water for them. She open the reftigarator and find icecrem..She stare at them.But didnt touch them.
Arjun:Why are looking like that..If you want to eat took one and eat it na..
Radhika turn towards him and said.. it is not like that sir..I remember something by looking them..So i look lime that…She hide tears..but Arjun notice that..But he didnt prolong the topic.He hold her hands and pull her towards him and hug her.. Radhika:Why god give pain to our loved ones..Arjun:I dont know abt love,god,laughing,etc..All these are enter into my life with you only… Radhika broke the hug and look into her eyes.Arjun sir..Are you angry on me..Bcoz i didnt love you properly by thinking abt my parents..Arjun:You know radhika..By thinking like this every day you mostly think abt me comparing to others..You are the one everything for me in my life.
Arjun took one bottle and ask her to go and sleep.Radhika nod her head and prepare tea for them and give the tea to remaining three.

They help each other and complete their works at morning 4:30Am. They do their morning activities and do bath and open the main door and come out of the house.Ishitha and Amaya brings water with buckets,Radhika and kushi clean the floor by water with brooms.After that they put colorfull Rangoli and made beautiful decoration to main door with mango leaves and flowers.They put banana plant leaves to both sides of main door.After that they clean pooja mandir and decorate gods with different flowers.
At 6:00 Shanta wakeup and enter into kitchen after completing her morning activities and bath.She was shock bcoz our girls prepare three variates of tiffins and kheer..now they are bussy in preparing items for lunch.

Neelu,Rani,Ramesh,Ramu stand there and look at them.
Neelu:Bhabhi..you only do all works what can we do?
Rani:Ha bhabhi..Now what is our work?
Kushi:Sharp 7:00 clock beauteian is here you go and cleanup ur faceses. This is your first task..
Amaya:Afterwards eat tiffin…
Radhika:Wear this dresses and ready for engagement function.
Ishita:do these things and prove that you people love us.This the main task.
All our heros staand on steps and watch this scene and smile lime kids.
Radhika sing a prayer song and Ishitha gave Arathi,Kushi light lamp infront of god and Amaya put prasad infront of god.
Remaining all come down and come out from their rspective rooms and shocked by looking the arrangements. Dadhi feel happy for prayer they do..
Thoshi call dadhi and show her the Rangoli and decorations.
But these four girls do their works and prepare items for lunch and place it in hot dishes.
Radhika made kids bath and kushi made them ready.Ishitha annd Amaya feed them.
Anjali wake up and saw full of water in bath tub with rose petals and rose water.She turn back and saw that our girls stand there with laughing faces.
Ishitha:Dhi tub is filled with rose water and rose petals.
Kushi:Do bath with the water in tuband come fast..
Amaya:Wear this dress..dhi..
Radhika:Use this jewellery set..

All four ask Anjali come fast bcoz there is an important pooja..So make it fast.Kushi left there and remaining three left.Kushi made light touchup makeup to Anjali and help her ti wear saree and jewellery.In down Radhika made arrangements for pooja. Amaya and Kushi help her.
Thoshi:What are you doing?Function is at hotel na…
Radhika:Maa..Actually we made arrangements for lakshmi pooja. Three days later dhi left us and go with his husband na..Before that if she do lakshmi pooja it is good for us and for her too.
Ishitha:Ha last week we went to temple there one panditji tell these things to some others.We listen it.He knows me very well.So yesterday night we call him and ask him to do pooja.
Amaya:He agree for it maa.He come here at sharp 8:15am.he starts pooja at 8:30am.
Dadhi:Preparations and items for pooga…
Kushi:Dont worry dadhi..We do all arrangements.We ask him to buy all the things what needed to pooja.We pay him.Prasad was prepared by us.
Anjali:how lucky i am..She hug them.
Arnav:You are so beautiful today..
By saying thus he look at kushi..
Ishu ask Shiva to come fast..Radhika go to kids room and make them ready.
She lift Ananya and come out from that room.
Arjun:How it possible one small babby lift another small kid.
Radhika:I am not small kid.I am 24 you know…
Raman:Arjun..Dont dare to throw a word on Radhu…
Radhika phone rings and it display the name dadhaji…Arjun looks it and feel tense…He quickly lift the phone..
By saying this he walk from there…

Arjun:Helloo dadhaji…Is any thing serious?
Dadhaji:Is this Arjun…
Arjun:Ha dhadaji…
Dadhaji:How is Chashni?Nothing serious?All left to temple..I am alone. So i called to hear my chashni voice…
Arjun:Today is my dhi engagement and she is bussy in work.Wait…i call her.
Dadhaji:No no beta…If she hear my voice def she is in disturbed..Convey my blesses to her…You take care of my chashini….
Arjun:Def dhadhaji…
Dadhaji:ok…bye Arjun.
Arjun(himself):Radhika..I promise you that I bring your family to you.
Arjun enter inti hall and see all are stand like statues.He also look at same direction.He also stand like statue.
Neelu and Rani are very pretty in their new getups.
Neelu:Raman bhai..
Ishitha:You are looking so cute..
Raman:Ha neelu..So nice..I think it is time to search a husband fir you..
Ramesh:How can you do that..When i am here why you are try to search another guy…
Ramesh walk towards Anjali and hold her hand and put puppy face..
Anjali:Raman..Why you search another one..
Arjun:Arey..Ramesh you are in live with neelu.
Thoshiji:All my hoyse is full with love only.
Ruhi:Ramu bhayya..Its time to tell and expose your love also.
Arnav look at Ruhi and Ramu..
Arnav:Arey Ramu..You hide things from me.
Chotu:Arnav bhayya..Still you didnt get the answer…
Mantu:Chotu you know abt her..
Chotu look at Rani and answer him how can i know..
Arjun:Tell her name…
Ramu:I think i have love on Rani.
Rani:Ramu..Still you think..On that day you told to me that you loved me na..
Rani stare angry look at him.He hide beside Arnav and ask him to save from that devil..
Panditji enter into hall and wish the girls.Thry four went and took blessings from him.Afterwards Anjali also took blessings from him.After that he starts pooja.Shiva looks at Anjali with love..she perform all things what paditji tell to her.They complete pooja and kushi give prasad to all. Radhika give some clothes and money to Anjali and ask her to give it to panditji and took blessings from him. Both shiva and anjali took blessings from him.Amaya:Panditji can you attend for all rituals..Tomarrow there is haldhi function..Can you do gowri pooja for sake of dhi happiness.
Day after tomarrow we go with marriage.After marriage i suggest that to perform stayanarayana sawmy pooja.
Panditji:Def beta..I can..These are items list that you can arrange for those poojas..
Radhika handover it and said him that we can arrange all the things.
Kushi:we have another three houses.
Can you prepare Rakshas for remaining three houses..We can go and tie them to main doors.
Panditji:ok beta..I prepare it for you.Already it is 9:30.Before 10:30 you tie it.Bcoz from 10:30 onwards the time is no good up to 3:45pm.
Ishitha:ok panditji..We can manage it.
Panditji prepare Rakshas for four houses and put it infront of god and he leave from there.
Ishitha:Mummyji tie it infront of main door.Thoshi:No no..you can tie it Ishu.. Dadhi:Ishu you tie here for this house. And beta Arnav you and kushi tie to your house.Smilarly Mantu and Amaya, Arjun and Radhika…

Thoshi ask them to take tiffin first. Shanta and neelu take care of food for kids.Remaining all take their tiffins except Ishu,kushi,Ammu and Radhu.Thoshi ask them to take tiffin. Radhu:Maa we eat it after completing this work.Ishu:I pack it to you. Ok na..
They took their tiffin boxes and ready from there.Ishu:Before tie the raksha clean infront of main door amd put small Rangoli infront of door.They three nod their heads and took some colors and move from there. Thoshi and Dadhi feel happy for their concern and planning and mainly for their pureness.They look at Madhu and Madhumathiji and said we are thankful to you to send your daughters for us.They said no no thoshi..We are all one family.
Here Ishitha and Raman togeather tie raksha to maindoor rod.Raman:Ishu thanks for everything..I love you…
Ishitha:keep your thanks with you and give my love to me.Raman:Achaa.. In which from you want to take love from me..Ishitha:Its your wish..In any form.by saying this she moved from there.Ishu:dhi you go and take rest. All works are done. We start here from 6:00pm.The function starts at 7:00pm.So all take rest for some time.
Ishitha:Raman..you also go and take rest..
In Arnavs house:
Arnav and kushi get down from car. Arnav open the house door and turn back to see Kushi.But kushi didnt follow him.She bring pipe from garden pour water on floor..
Arnav:Kushi first come inside and atleast drink water..
Kushi:No Arnavji..First we tie the raksha then water…
By saying this she clean there with broom.Arnav fold her hands and stand there and look at her.She clean it and put rangoli there and applying colors to Rangoli.After that she took one garland from bag and try to put it for front door.She tried and fail.
Arnav help her and they both tie Raksha and went into house.Kushi opens the pooja room door and light lamp infront of god.
Arnav:Kushi come here and sit.Today i want to know about your pain what you want to share with me.
Kushi:Arnavji..I Love You so much..
She hug him..Arnav also hug her.
Infront of Mantus house:
They both get down from car and Mantu open the front door.Amaya ask watchman to bring water pipe and she clean infront of house.She put Rangoli infront of house and decorate front door with flowers.Amaya ask Mantu to tie Raksha with her.They both togeather tie it and they share an eye lock.Amaya try to move from there Mantu hold her hand and pulled towards him.Amaya turn towards him and hug him. Mantu:Ammu stay with me for ever.And dont be angry on me when i give any pain or hurt to you. I promise you that i didnt give pain intensionally.But anythings happened stay with me Ammu.Amaya:Dont talk like that Mantu..Anything happenes i stay with you.My last breath only separate from you.Mantu hug her and say I Love you to her.They both stay like that.

In Arjuns House:
Arjun stop his car infront of his car. Radhika sleep in car.Arjun look towards her and ask her to open her eyes.Radhika didnt open her eyes and said no Arjuu…Arjun:Why baby? Radhika:Feeling tired..I need some energy.Arjun:Radhu you are looking so cute today.It is highly imposdible for me to control.Radhika open her eyes and said…Radhika:You know how to tell lies also…Arjun:me…?Radhika:you praised me that i am beautiful in this dress..without combing hair and nothing…Arjun:I dont know all those things.You are my love and you always rock with your smile.aRadhika look at him and ask him..Radhika:Arjun.. I need a small kiss from you which gives more energy for me.Arjun:Really..
I didnt realise that.If i know that initially na…Radhika:Arjun..First give one on my forehead.plz…Arjun give one kiss on her forehead.After that they both getdown from car and Radhika start her work quickly and complete the cleaning and Rangoli work with in 10mins.Arjun stand there and look at her lovingly.After that she look at Arjun and ask him to help to tie Raksha.He walk towards her and lift her.She tie it and him to drop her. He put her down and hold her hand and ask her to sit.Arjun fed tiffin to Radhika and give water to her.
Ishitha call Amaya and ask her to come back.Ishitha:Amaya..that person from fruit market.They are waiting. Come soon.Amaya:Ha..Ishu.We are there in 15mins..Amaya:Mantu..Its time to go back.Mantu:Its ok madam.

By saying this he lift her and walk towards his car and left from that place.
Radhika:Dont look at me like this.
Radhika:If u look like this..I feel nervous…
Arjun:What ever it may be..I want to see u..Bcoz..I Love You.
Radhika:I know that.Stop and store your love..There is lot of work..
Arjun:Still you have work..What is that?
Radhika:list of items for pooja and some gifts to di from my side.
Arjun cuped her face and kiss her on cheeck.And they both left from there.
Kushi:Arnavji..Can we move to sweet shop.We can shift those packets from shop to function hall.Arnav:Kushi.. Next time dont think abt that.I am very clear from my side.And your past is not important for me.Now you feel relaxed..Bcoz you expose your past to me.Kushi:Ha..Arnavji..Now i am happy that there is no scerects from my side.And i am happy now.Arnav:You forget all those things and dont scare for darkness.Only 45 days kushi.. afterwards you are with me only. Kushi nod her head and hug him.Arnav hug her with one hand and pat her on head with another hand.
After that all went on their respective works…
In Ramans house:
Amaya show place to workers to go with their work.The fruit seller and his cousin handle those things.Amaya serve snacks for them.Ishu is bussy in household works.Kushi and Arnav are in function hall by placing sweet packings in one room.Radhika purchase all necessary things for pooja and stop infront of function hall and they both went inside to the hall. Radhika is satisfied with that theme and suggest some more sggestions to them.
All gathered in Ramans room at 1:00 clock and they are planned to move at 6:00 clock from house to function hall.

These four girls went into their room and lock the door from inside.
Exactly at 4:30 they open the door and ask kids to go for bath. Radhika is bussy in making milkshakes for kids. Kushi is bussy in making rotis.
Thoshiji:Kushi why you are preparing rotis now?Kushi:Mummyji..For kids. We are busy in our works.If they can eat anything now means,They can play happily.Radhika ask kids to sit and eat rotis..Kids togeather nod their heads in opposite direction and ask Radhika to feed them.Radhika hug them and feed them.Kushi ask Neelu,Rani and Shanta go and ready for function and she will take care of Ananya.They nod their heads and leave from there. Ishu:Mummyji and Dadhiji you also go and ready..You reach thete early and receive guests.All are bussy in ready to function hall. Radhika made kids bath and wear new clothes.
Pinky and Ruhi wear blue color lehengas,Chotu wear blue and white color traditional suit and Ananya wear blue color barbie frock.All kids are Amazing in their dresses. All are ready according to their style.
Our heors wear white coor suits and are looking handsome.
Kushi:Raman bhayya you people carry on and give keys to us.We made Ready to dhi and we five came there in one car.So,leave one car for us. Arnav:Why you people alone..any one of us waiting here.Arjun also nod his head for Arnavs statement.Radhika:No no you four go there first.Receiving guests and remaining works are there na..
Mr.Bhalla:leave them..They can do perfectly na…Ok beta take care.We are leaving.But come fast…

All girls said ok papaji….Shiva look at Ishu.Ishitha:Dont bbe worry.We make her ready.Radhika:Shiv bhayya you are handsome in these appereals.
Shiva wear medium blue color suit with small chain.But looking like à handsome and like hero.Amaya:Shanta massi take care of kids.Dont leave them alone.
After that these girls made anjali as angle and they also ready with their dresses.Anjali wear lehenge which is matching to Shivas dress.She is like angle only.After that these girls also ready with simple and elegant look.
Ishu sit in driving seat and remaining take their places and reached to hall sharp 6:30. They get down from the car and enter into venue.
Guests arrive one by one into hall and occupy their places.All went according to plan only.All guests appriciate stage decoration and arrangements. They feel proud infront of guests and all four feel happy.
Time 6:45pm..

All lights are off..All look at each other.
Someone start Ganapati prayer and lights are on.pinky,Ruhi and Chotu sing the song.After that they announce in chorus…Gudevng frnds.. Today is our lovly Anjali dhi and Shiv jiju engagement.We request you to them to shower your blessings on them. Now we request Shiv jiju and Anjali dhi on dias.
Arjun and Mantu bring Shiva on dias and Thoshiji and Dadhi bring Anjali on dias.After that pinky get down from dias..But Ruhi and Chotu stand there with hand mikes.
Chotu:Hey..I am chotu..I am here to continue the function with some events with help of my sweet frnd Ruhi.
Ruhi:Hai frnds….Namaskar…Hey chotu thanks for ur coordination.
They both hold their hands and put namaskar to guests by joining their other two hands.All guests clap to her.
First we start with Wishing dhi and Jiju.On behalf of all pinky dhi give flower bouquet to them.Pinky walk on to dias and hand over bouquets to them.Again all clap for them.
Chotu:Ruhi..You know..A sweat little princesses dance for a song with pinky dhi for Anjali dhi and Shiv jiju today…
Ruhi:Really..Who is she?
Chotu:wait and see…
Lights off..
Pinky and Ananya perfrom dance to a song…with their cute expressions.
song:Chanda chamke song from Fana.
After completion of dance Ananya run towards Anjali and hug her.Pinky go and hug Shiva.
Chotu:How is the performance Ruhi..?
Ruhi:It is Amazing..What next?
All guests are sit infront of their tables and watch the kids and performance.All are concentrated on function only.
Chotu:Ruhi next one…Four ladies bring rain and love with them.
Ruhi:Wow rain…and love….
Arjun:I think it performance by Our girls only…
Raman:When did they plan this?
Mantu:They can do anything yaar.
Arnav:How cute Ruhi and Chotu can do their anchering.Pinky and Ananya are fabulous.
They walk towards dias and sit bedide their elders.
Chotu:Rain brings happiness in our lives.Love is the thing which is similar to Rain.
Ruhi:Chotu..you have lot of knowledge on Rain and Love…
Can we give chance to the girls who bring rain and Love…
Ruhi and Chotu togeather welcome them..Again lights off…Shiva hold Anjali hand and they both share an eye lock.

Four round circles are appeared on dias with four different colors.Again they turn into dark and turn into color circles.This time in each circle a girl is there with peach and blu
Ae color lehenga(half saree).A small water drops are falling from top.It is just an imaginary lights appereance. The song starts slowly and they start the dance.The song is going on and they four dance with extra ordinary movements and slowly the lights also appear and all recognise that they are Ishitha,Amaya,Kushi and Radhika.
They are really pretty beautiful in their dresses and for our heors it is very difficult to control their feelings.They didnt blink their eyes also.They dance same steps without fail.The song is Barsare megha megha..barsore megha megha… from guru.They four perfrom amazing performance.They complete their dance and all clap for that.
Chotu:Wow..Ruhi,What is you comment for this?
Ruhi:Mind blowing..
Chotu:Next single and solo performance by pinky dhi for the song yeh ishq hai from jab we met..
Pinky perform it excellent.
Guest:Raman..after so many day we attend a function like this.Now a days in every function we discuss about financial matters ir business.
You four planned it very well.Sorry to say this..but Raman i observe lot of change in your(that means you four frnds) attitudes and behaviours. Now i feel frndly and normal to talk with you.Similarly a lot of change in your sibblings also.last time i saw them in one or two functions..they are so dull and inactive.Now they are energytic and on full josh.But i am happy for this Raman.
Raman:Thank you so much chobeyji.
Enjoy the function.
Ruhi:Wow chotu what a dance?
Chotu:You know next one is ..suspense.
After 5mins Chotu and Ruhi on dias to perform and Rock the function for the song Saadi ke fall sa kabhi match kiya re..At the end of song pinky and Ananya also join with them.
Chotu:Now its time to exchange rings. So,We request to bless my dhi and jiju with your pure hearts.
Radhika bring rings and give to shiva and Anjali.
Arjun stand beside Anjali..Shiva and Anjali exchange rings.Ishith and Raman give garlands to Shiva and Anjali..They both exchange it.
Mantu and Amaya along with kids pour rose petals from upstairs.Arnav and Kushi bring curd mixed with sugar and feed to New couple.Amaya and Mantu give gifts to them.Dadhi and Thoshi control their tears.Mr.Bhalla hug thoshi and kiss her and control her emotions.Neelu and Rani feel for Anjali.Ramesh hide her tears and hug Neelu.Raman:Arey you people give chance for us to do your marriages. Shanta feel happy.Both Shiva and Anjali took blessings from Shanta.
Ruhi:It is time for dinner.Lets join with us.
All enjoyed the dinner and when guests are ready to move Pinky and Ruhi give Sweet pack to them and invite them for tomarrows Mehandhi and Sangeeth.Ishitha and Kushi stand with them.Radhika is bussy in decoration party.She thank them with givinf return gifts and finished their payments.She also welcome them for next day party.Amaya is bussy with Catering people.She also give gifts and payment to them and invite them for next day and give menu list for next day function.

Arjun ask decoration people about payment.They show finger towarda Radhika and tell him that dhi clear all the payements.Arjun look at her..
Same thing happened to Mantu also with cattering people.
Raman:Mantu..call our hotel cheif cook.We pay extra amount fir them.
Mantu:Already it is done by Amaya.
Arnav:Then call Decoration people.
Arjun:It is done by Radhika.
Arnav:Ok call the lighting and music people.
Raman:Arey see there it is going by Kushi.
Ishitha give extra amount and gift boxes to sweapers and security people.
Mantu:All are handle by them only…
Shiva and Anjali sit there with Ananya.
Shiva:Ananya beta eat some thing. Otherwise you feel hungry..
Ananya:No..I want to eat with them.By saying this she point towards
Pinky and co.Anjali:Ok..Go and call them.Ananya:No..I stay with Thoshi dadhi..By saying this she go to Thoshi and sit on her lap.
Shiva:Anjali..You eat something light.. Otherwise tomarrow you feel tired and week.Anjali:I am not in mood to eat..Shiva:ok can i feed you..Anjali:No.
Shiva feed to Anjali and he took some amt of food from same plate.Anjali hold Shivas hand and place her head on his shoulder.They both sit like that.
Thoshi:Maasi(Dadhi),I didnt expect this day in my life.At last My beti go to her house with martiage and Function is extraordinary.
Dadhi:Thoshi all bcoz of our bhahus..
Thoshi:Excatly..The credit is for my bhaus only..Madhu:No no thoshi..They can do those works with support of my son-in-laws.i.e with help of my sons..
Buaji:Yes..I vote for Madhu..
Mr.Bhalla:It is their coordination and support.Sashiji:Yes..it is their bond and love.Mr.Iyer:Finally it is sucessfull bcoz of our sons and daughters…
Ishitha:Mummyji you people go home and take rest.Tomarrow you have lot of works..Kushi:Yah..neelu youpeople go with kids and take care of them.
Radhika:I arrange cars to u to drop you people in home.Amaya:Mummyji, move fast and reach home early.. and
Rani give milk to kids.They didnt eat properly.Radhika:Madhu maa..Evil eyes are around Anjali dhi and kids. After reaching home do those formslities.I put white pumpkin in kitchen only.Madhu nod her and all left from there

Precap:Haldhi function arrangements and romsnce of five couples in haldhi and MehAndhi functions.Dance by five couples.

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