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Hi guys. Hope u are fine. This one is requested by our lucky charm aarushisoni πŸ˜‚ I know am late par bhn ff ka episode bhi bahut mushkil se likha mere brain cells dead hain par fir bhi likh rhi hunπŸ™‚. So ya let’s start
V pov
My family is now complete . I am complete.Β  And this is all bcs of ridhima and the little bundle of joy in our lives. Sometimes when I think abt my life I feel if ridhima wouldn’t have been there then my life would always be there in the darkness.Β  Just work nothing else but she came like a light brightening up my whole dark life. The one who made me left the dangerous work yes now am a businessman only and now I feel that Vr enterprises also fulfill all the needs of my family and the most important thing is now I give them time love care and get that in return too. Ishani aryan and chachi changed ishani and angre have a two children one is sakhshi who is 6 years old and aditya he is 4 year old. Aryan also got married with sejal and have two children who are twins one is vamika and boy is akshay. Siya is also married with vyomΒ  and have 5 year old kartik and 3 year old girl ritika. And now abt my two cute children one is riansh 6 year old only some months younger than sakhshi and riva is 4 year old. My life is complete but I have only one prblm that is created by the children of this house like they can’t live without ridhima for a second . My daughter is my princess but she is also always with her mother and my son he is toh mumma boy and due to all the children I can’t romance with my wife like I also want to romance but no she don’t have time and when she have these devils poke their nose between my romantic moments.Β  Now finally she is having time and I am going to her for some romance as romance is good for health isn’t it you know na from when I came from goa am extra romantic πŸ˜‰
In the room
Ohh my beautiful wife is standing near the window and now I backed hugged her and started nuzzling my nose near her neck.
Author pov
V:- Sweetheart finally u are free do u know how much I missed this romance but that little devils of the house don’t let me romance with my hot wifey
R:- u toh say like I don’t miss ur touch hmm.
V:- yes u don’t u are always busy with with those little devils.
Ridhima turned and was now facing him.
R:- hey don’t call that cute babies devil they are so cute. Just accept it that u are jealous of them haina haina.
V:- Accha baba I accept that am jealous and who won’t be(making a face) jab dekho tumhare saath chipke hote hain kuch time apne pati parmeshwar ke liye bhi bacha liya karo.
{Translate- everytime them are stick with you spare some time for your husband too}
V:- That little devils
Ridhima looked at him angrily. Vansh rolled his eyes but then gave a naughty smile.
V:- If they are not the little devils than someone else want to be a devil(naughty smile)
R:- who
V:- me(naughtily)
Ridhima smacked his arm.
R:- U shameless creature kuch toh sharam karo{have some shame} u are father of 2 kids.
V:- so let me be the father of 3 kids even 10 20 30 40 even100 kids .
R:- vansh u are just shameless.Β  Kuch nhi ho skta tumhara.{nothing can happen of yours}
V:- Tum ho na meri {you are mine}
Pulling her closer and was going to kiss her but again some voices disturbed their moments and that was none other than that little devils according to vansh
Ridhima giggled.
V:- and still u say they are not devils.
Ridhima again giggled but placed a quick peck on his lips before going with the kids.
V pov
Ridhima u don’t know how much I love u and maybe these little devils disturb our moments but they completed our life. U completed me and they completed us. Am always thankful to you ridhima for making my life so happy.
Author pov
Smiling he also went downstairs and enjoyed the time with his family and some romance with ridhima while playing with the little devils.
Aye dil laya hai bahar apno ka pyaar kya kehna
Mile hum chalaak utha khushi ka khummar kya kehna
Khile khile chehron se aaj ghar hai mera gule gulzaar kya kehna

Aye dil layaa hai bahar apno ka pyaar kya kehna…..

With this they enjoyed their day with their family where everyone loved each other supported each other and cared for each other…….
Finally did. So hope u all like it and an important announcement actually on wattpad many aksed for the pair of ridhima and akshay and now I gave a poll so pls save riansh bcs I want riansh at end but can’t deny readers wish so the couple with more votes will be at endπŸ™‚. And our lucky charm aarushisoni hope u like this. Wear mask and use all precautions.Β  Till then take care and luv u all πŸ’•

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