A Burnt Rose – IMMJ2 : Chapter 3 – Persuading! (Saam)

CHAPTER 3- Persuading! (Saam)

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“I’m Abheeti Jaiswal, AJ”

She introduced herself to him by proposing a shaking hand, While Vansh was still agitated. He can’t digest the fact that AJ is before him. He thought AJ to be any out of sight rival of him. But he never thought it should be someone whom he never met. What made him agitated was the fact that AJ is a WOMEN!! How could he fail to figure out that?

“Mr Raisinghania, do you have Haphephobia?”

She raised being perplexed by his no-reaction. Out of blue Vansh replied

“No…No Ms AJ”

He grabbed her forearm. They formed a power shake hand, Vansh welcomed her.

“Have your seat, Ms…..”

“Abheeti ya AJ sounds cool, Ms. and Mrs are little weird.”

AJ cuts-off him. To which Vansh just shook his head. They took their respective seats, then Abheeti put forwarded.

“So let’s talk business VR.”

It was 2 hours since both were having their discussions. AJ wants Vansh to sign the deal, for that she is ready to travel miles. But on the other hand, Vansh is still adamant.


Angre intervened their talk. Vansh

Angre left from there while both Vansh and Abheeti continued.

“I’m not at all surprised by your reaction, very well know that Vansh Raisinghania won’t accept anything easily,”

“Your deal is intriguing, but why VR industries? ZIVENTA group can build their self, then what’s the need of a partner.?”

With an evil smirk, Vash queried. Within a spur, Abheeti replied with her full attitude and confidence.

“From past three months VR Industries’ gross value is drowning, This deal is vital for VR Industries, ZIVENTA can rise without joining hands with VR Industries, But if VR signs the deal; then ZIVENTA and VR together will be a Strongest global brand. Now it’s up to you Mr Raisinghania.”

Vansh is lost his thoughts. He wasn’t able to make up his mind. He very well knows that The proposal by Abheeti only results in the heightening of his business, but still he is adamant as he doesn’t want to join hands with some random stranger. AJ is still an unsolved puzzle for him.

Breaking his thoughts, Vansh heard the rhythm of a finger-snapping by Abheeti.

” I will be here for a week, so take your time. Future of VR Industries is in your hand If its destruction or success you are only responsible!”

More than an offer, it sounds threat to Vansh. Vansh took his intercome on the cabin corner and dialled.

“Angre !!”

As soon Vansh disconnected his call Angre entered to Vansh’s cabin. Abheeti was about to leave when her Phone started a beep indicating a call. She swiped on her screen to answer the call.

“What the hell!! ” Hot under the collar she squawked.

“How could you be too careless in your job? Now, where shall I…… No! I don’t wanna hear a word from you. Do whatever you can within 3 hours arrange me a place for accommodation with the same luxury. And remember to pay the bill from your salary.”

She disconnected the call and started walking to the door. She started counting within her mind

” 5,4,3,2,1″

“Excuse me AJ”

Vansh stopped her and continued.

“If you don’t mind, then you can stay in the VR mansion until your accommodation gets ready. “

Vansh said it with a smirk, while Angre was showing his denial in his face.

“Not needed, I’ll manage my self. And you’re just inviting in the sake of Mehmaan nawaazi I appreciate that But I can’t stay with strangers.”

she replied to his offer with a hidden smirk.

“I have to provide accommodation for you, it’s my duty. And I make sure that by the time you’re staying in VR Mansion we could have a healthy discussion about your proposal. It’s all about a business only.”

Vansh put forwarded. While Abheeti thought

“This is what I needed Mr Vansh Raisinghania. Get ready for your destruction. By staying near you only I could witness your wrecking ship.”

Abheeti just gave a “Hmm” as an acceptance.


A car was heading towards its destination for so long, once it reached. Abheeti Got out from the car and removed her sunglasses. She stared at VR Mansion.

“VR Mansion or Semi-haunted mansion, what should I call this den?” 

She thought. A servant came and took her baggage. Vansh was waiting before the entrance, he welcomed her.

” won’t you introduce your family?” Out of curiosity, she queried.

“Of course” He replied and forward his hand showing the way.

Vansh took Abheeti to the Living room where whole Raisinghania’s were present. Abheeti’s gazes shifts from one to another.


” Dadi, the elder and matured member of Raisinghania family, but when it comes to her Vansh, she’ll forget all her life experience and become like a 1-year-old child.

Chacha and Chachi, how much they try to hide their greediness are always visible in their face.

Ishani, pretty sister of Vansh, Whose only companion is ego.,

Angre, True-blue to Vansh and Family.

Aryan, ‘khudki koyi sikka bhi nahi hain aur doosron ki kaamai barbaad karne mein lagi hain’ A life of Riley!”

“Who is she?”

Abheeti asked looking at Sia.

“She is Sia Raisinghania, my Lil sister our apple of the eye,” Vansh replied

“Why I was unaware about this girl?” she thought.

Hello, I’m Mrs Ahaana Vansh Raisinghania”

Ahaana Introduced herself, While everyone present there except Abheeti furrowed at her action.

“You both doesn’t seem to be.”

Out of blue Abheeti said. Ahaana furrowed at her.

” I meant you both seemed to be soulmates, a perfect pair”

Ahaana had a grin from ear-to-ear, while Vansh excused himself and left from there. Abheeti smirked looking at vansh walking away.


“Something is there in AJ, “

“But bhai, why you invited AJ to stay here? she might turn out to be a menace”

“Keep our rivals close to heart, I made AJ stay here only because we can have an eye on her every time. Angre, I wanted to get full details of Abheeti ASAP!”

“OK bhai”

” I wanted to know whether Fish is on trap or Fish is laying trap!”


Vansh: What!, How does she got released?

Angre : Ahana is responsible.

Author’s note:

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