3D (Dil, dosti, dushmani) Episode 1

ram , anu and lukky will go to the class room. in class al are making noise.
suddenly the lectureil comes and says silence.
sir: today our lesson about romeo and juleat
lukky: romeo is here hmm when juleat will come near romeo
sir: lukky do you have any douts?
lukky: no sir
sir: ok
than a girl in a red cudider her hair is flying and she came near the door and asked may i come in sir at that time ram saw her and opened his mought
sir: who are you?
girl: sir my name is ragini and i am the new joinner
than ram repeats the word ragini
sir: ok come in but dont be late next time
the bell rings. sir go away.
anu will go to canteen ram follows her and says

ram: anu go to her and make friendship na
anu knows whom ram is saying but she says : she who?
ram : she only ragini
anu : o…. rangini why?
ram: go naaa
he will push near ragini who is seating near cantten

anu :opps hii rags
rag: rags what?
anu: i kept for u short and sweet why not nice
rag : no.. nice
anu: friends she gives her hand
ragini also give

ram is leasning from back that what they are talking
rags: anu you know who is your back
anu turns back
anu : aaa i know but why
rags: he is leasining to our words thats why
anu: wait one min ramm..
ram : anu me coming coming coming
anu: ram this is rags ragini. ragini he is ram my best frien from childhood
ram will give his hand
ragini thinks and gives hand

precap: ragini asks anu why they are fighting always like that(ram and lukky)
swara say because…….

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  1. Wow..nice..awesome

  2. Nice bt Who is this ram

    1. ram is sanskar of swaragini

  3. amazing….next episode plzzzz

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