2025 Jaane Kya Hoga Aagey 16th September 2015 Written Episode Update

2025 Jaane Kya Hoga Aagey 16th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Ganga’s software again malfunctioning and she losing voice. Ayesha speaks to her and asks if she needs Kishori’s samosas. Ganga nods no and then says. Ayesha says she will bring samosas then. Naisha stops her and says mom is saying no. Ayesha leaves. Naisha then rushes Ganga to a room.

Naveen gets tired of Paresh and Deepmala’s troubling him to show invisible chair. Bapuji catches him and while continuing to stuff food asks why Thapar’s did not come. Naveen somehow escapes when Nirmal comes there. Nirmal also escapes. Yash comes near him, unable to bear his stink asks why did not he take bath at least for party. Bapuji says he does not get free water on Sundays and will have to wait for 1 week and asks why Thapars did not attend party. Yash says they sent back Rithika after marriage and are not in talking terms.

Naisha corrects Ganga’s software and Ganga starts talking again. They all go out and when someone calls Ganga, she passes through inebriated Dr. Malhotra without noticing him. Malhotra is shocked to see that and passes through Ganga again.

Naveen sees Ayesha and starts flirting with her. He changes his shirt color and says they are wearing same color. Monica comes and says he was wearing black shirt some time ago. Geetu comes searching him and he changes shirt’s color to her dress’s color and says he likes that color. Geetu gets happy. Monica tells Ayesha that he is none case.

Malhotra finds his wife and informs that he passed through Ganga twice. She asks waiter how much did he drink. Waiter shows 2 bottles. Naveen hears his conversation and signals malhotra’s wife that he is bluffing in inebriation.

Bapuji tells Paresh and Deepmala that they should not let anyone know that Rithika’s in-laws sent her back home. Ganga passes by. Inder thinks she heard it and tries to inform Yash. Naveen enters and informs that Malhotra saw Ganga passing through. Inder says Ganga heard about Rithika’s marriage. Naisha and Rithhika also join them and they all try to explain ganga that she heard it wrong. Ganga says she cannot hear anything. Naisha checks software and realizes that Ganga’s software is not working since 10 min. Everyone relaxes.

Nirmal enters via window and tells Patel uncle is running behind her to give ashirwaad and she came here before falling unconscious. Family says they should cancel this party before anyone knows Ganga’s truth and asks Nirmal to act as falling unconscious. Nirmal says she will not, but falls unconscious in front of all guests when patel/bapuji gives her ashirwaad. Inder says party is cancelled. Bapuji says he will smell her onion from his plate. She wakes up again, says no, and falls unconscious again… All guests walk out.

Precap: Ganga hears about Rithika’s troubled marriage. Rithika’s jailed husband comes to meet her and she gets tensed when family knocks her door.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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