2025 Jaane Kya Hoga Aagey 13th October 2015 Written Episode Update

2025 Jaane Kya Hoga Aagey 13th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Nirmal misunderstanding Jamuna as Ganga and asks why Kanpur people are roaming here and if Jamuna has also come to trouble. Jamuna starts yelling in her typical style. Nirmal watches her surprisingly. She then goes to kitchen and sees Jamuna picking apple. Inder comes and she happily says she is surprised to see how Naisha has learnt advanced technology and improved bhabhi’s software that she can even hold apple now. Nano also enters. Inder signals him and he with his comic dialogues says she is jamuna maasi. Nirmal is shocked to hear that. Jamuna yells it is her sister’s house and she can do anything here and leaves. Nano says Nirmal that they should hide about Ganga from Jamuna, so he will take her to Patel’s house. Nirmal resists, but agrees hesitantly.

Deepmala and Paresh wait for Nano and Nirmal and with their jokergiri informs Bapuji. Nano enters with Nirmal. Bapuji gets happy seeing her and says he forgot to bless her during their party meet. She reminisces how bapuji troubles her with his untidiness during party and nods yes. He moves to bless her, but secretary stops him and asks to bless her instead.

Inder and children see clock ticking 6 p.m. and happily bids adieu to Jamuna and family. Jamuna asks if they want her to get out. Inder sees her wearing still Ganga’s saari and points it. Jamuna shouts Ganga is dead, if he will wear sari. She then asks Naisha to check if her flight is on time or delayed. Naisha checks on her mobile and panics. She gives mobile to Rithika who passes it to Geetu, who passes it to Inder. Inder also panics. Naisha says Jamuna’s flight is after 4 days. Jamuna gets very happy and asks her husband to get back their bags.

At Patel’s house, Bapuji says he prepared 1 cup tea as he got back his 1 rs. A big cockroach sits on Nirmal’s shoulder and they all try to shoo it without Nirmal noticing it. Bapuji sees cockroach and says he was waiting for it since 3 days and jumps to catch it. Nirmal realizes and panics. With a bit of drama, bapuji catches cockroach and keeps it in his pocket. Secretary asks to kill it with spray. Paresh says bapuji does not buy spray and they have 10-15 more flying in house. Nano and Nirmal escape from there.

Nano reaches house and happily sings and mimics with family thinking Jamuna has gone. Jamuna speaks and he gets nervous. Deepmala enters saying Nano left his mobile. Paresh enters saying Nirmal left her tissue paper. Bapuji enters saying secretary brought his kerchief, snatches it and wipes his nose with hit. Nirmal panics. Nano thinks Patel’s should not speak about Ganga. Bapuji sees garland on Ganga’s pic and asks Jamuna why did she put garland on her pic. Nano says she is jamuna bua, ganga’s twin. Patel’s are surprised to hear that and a series of comic events continue.

Precap: Jamuna shouts at Bapuji that he brainwashed children and made them believe that Ganga is alive when she died 14 years ago. Bapuji says Ganga was in coma and is awake after 14 years. Jamuna shockingly looks at Joshi’s.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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