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Scene 1:
Location: Mumbai (31.08.2003)
A young girl, Survi is enjoying the Ganesh Utsav, when she misses 4 calls coming in on the mobile. she comes inside and finds shanti, another young girl, eating away the snacks when she was supposed to keep a count. She angrily snatches it from her, and the girl apologises to survi, asking for the snack. Survi tries to get her count and learn, but she doesnt pay heed, and when she gets the next chance, shanti again gets to eating snacks. But when survi gets angry, sahanti starts reciting the table of 3. Survi again gets the call, and this time she picks up, and its a goon like fellow, who tells her that he is trying to be her father’s friend, but her father doesnt let him be. just then, her father comes, and asks who is it. survi narrates everything. he gets angry, and then talks in the phone. While the goon light heartedly chats, Srikant asks him to excuse him, as he cant do what he wants him to do. thie enrages the goon who tells him that he needs tjhe Bhao at any cost. He cancels the call. srikant is tensed. Survi is boggled and questions him, if he cant tell this to her. And if he cant, then he should tell it to bhao Kaka. Srikant gets tensed, as she asks him to share it with him and lighten up. The girls leave. He stands tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
While they are light heartedly bantering on the road, when they come across, a 50 rupee note, which survi decides to pick up, and keep, to give to whoever claims it, and then if nothing like that happens, then they shall give it to the police station. Survi tries to pick up, but the note keeps slipping away, as its actually a prank by Kartik, a bubbly spirited guy, who is teasing survi, along with his boy gang. Survi is enraged, when he comes and teases survi, indirectly through shanti. Sanhti however says that she doesnt wish to speak to him, as he keeps teasing her friend, survi. Survi says that she shall complain in his name. he asks if she is threatening him, and asks her to go and tell the full name. he leaves with his gang, but survi notices that he is about to retreat and fall into a pit, when she extends out her hand, just in time to hold him, from falling. he seems thankful. she leaves hastily. he calls out to her, but she doesnt respond. While walking, she comes across the same fellow, who had called her father.

Scene 3:
Location: Goon’s Hideout and Bhao’s residence
kartik comes to find his aunty, learning english from the english teacher, while the other young family members make fun of her weird english. They are amused and snigger, while she reprimands them for her learning, as its her 25th marriage anniversary, after a couple of days, and she has to deliver an english speech. They ask her to chill and speak in hindi, but she is adamant, having sworn once. she starts pointing out how she sent all the children to english medium schools, but all in vain, as noone bothered to make her learn anything. they are amused. she starts reprimanding her teacher, in marathi, and he is completely boggled. kartik tells the teacher that if for her speech, she is ridiculed by anyone, then she would kill him. He is scared. Just then, another girl comes in asking how does she look. Her sister comes and tells her that she wont wear it, as she herself is wearing the same dress. they start squabbling, while kartik is amused. Tai gets to learning lessons yet again. just then, bhao enters and all get tensed and scared of him. The teacher and every other young member disperses away. Just then, srikant enters tensedly, and bhao greets him, boggled, asking if he has come for the payment of the interest. Srikant comes in. kartik gets to know from Bhao, that his informants have told that he is going to be attacked and is shocked. Bhao’s right hand asks if they should increase security. but tai steps in saying that noone has the guts to kill bhao. Kartik says that they shall ruin the criminal. tai says that would happen after the bullet is inside bhao, but what shall he do when the bullet is being fired. Kartik stands speechless. Tai asks if he shall stand inf ront of bhao, to face the bullet in his chest meant for Bhao. kartik is shocked. A lady hears this from behind the curtains, and is shocked too. tai expresses that bhao has done a favour on him by giving this kind of a lavish life, and if he shall repay or not. kartik says yes, while the lady is tensed. tai commends him, and says that till the time, he is with bhao, nothing can happen to him, and she shall stay married. Srikant is tensed. bhao is happy.

As survi is kept captive, the goon amusedly banters with her, while she is scared. he says that he finishes his tasks properly. They give her Vada Pao, and she hesitates, and begs to be sent back to her father. he eyes her angrily. She is scared.

Meanwhile, Srikant’s number rings yet again and he is tensed as its the same goon calling him again. they all look at him boggled. srikant says that its an urgent call, and leaves to take it. The goon asks how could he reach Bhao, and tells that his daughter was wanting to be with him, and instead of coming to his place, he went to bhao. He asks him to leave immediately and come straight to a given address. he cancels the call. srikant composes his face, and says that he had come to pay the interest, but forgot the wallet. tai asks how could he forget the interest money this time, as he is very punctual about payment. srikant stands speechless, while she asks if theres any tension. he denies. she comes and faces him, asking him to go and get the money. srikant takes their leave. tai eyes him doubtfully. Srikant meanwhile storms out of the house, and straight to the designated address. he enters inside and finds Survi like that. They both rush but are helpd by the goons’ men. The goon says that they are running out of time, and they need the bhao at any cost, and asks if he shall work for them or not. He eyes his girl helplessly.

Scene 4:
Location: Bhao’s residence
Tai reprimands lata, the lady who was helplessly eyeing srikant earlier, for making the same staple diet everyday, and asks her to prepare special dishes. lata says that she would have to learn. tai tells her thats not her problem, as she told her what she wants to eat and she would love to have that. She tells lata that if she doesnt comply, then she would have her thrown on the streets, with her mental daughter, Shanti and son,Kartik. she finds bhao and kartik talking, and to express her love towards lata, she begins to fake praise about her culinary taste, in front of her son, kartik. After they are gone, she again reprimands lata, who feels helpless and disturbed at the situation that they are in. She asks lata to focus on her work, as kartik is doing his.

Outside, Bhao asks kartik to take a bag with fuill security and when he reaches that place, give it to the person who’s there to collect it. kartik leaves. tai comes and asks why he gave such an important work, and whether he shall be able to do it. he says that they have to let him free so that he learns and picks up trade tactics. he says that after him, kartik has to deal with it, as his own children shall not join in this messy business, nor does he want them to. He says that kartik is the best person as he shall be obligated to do so. tai asks what if anyone listens to them. He says that they have done a favour on them, and this is the only way they can reciprocate the favour, under which they shall always be indebted. he asks her to always keep them realising what they did for them, his paternal’s brother’s family. She complies.

Scene 5:
Location: On the road
srikant tries to mend the chain, but just then the bag falls onto the floor, and pistols come out of it, due to his collision with srikant, who is coming in with the goon’s men. Srikant is tensed and asks him to leave this work, as this isnt right and he would be trapped someday. Kartik asks him not to lecture. Kartik says that he doesnt want complications, as his principle is clear, that he wants to stay with Bhao, and become like him someday. The goon and his menask srikant to move ahead. he complies. Kartik asks srikant who are these men. He fumbles and says that they are his friends who have come from afar, and want to meet Bhao. Kartik questions that he had gone to get the interest money, then how did he meet the friends, and if they wanted to meet bhao, why didnt he get them there before. Srikant fumbles. kartik senses srikant tensed, and asks if there is any tension. Srikant stands silent. The goon signals ons of his men, who places a revolver on kartik’s waist, and then places a hankey on it. he takes kartik aside and tells him that he shall make him like bhao one day. He then locks him inside the same house, qwhere survi is kept captive. they both are shocked and tensed to see each other, in captivity. the screen freezes on survi’s face.

Precap: Tai is super angry at srikant, asking how could he betray them like this, particularly after how bhao helped them. Meanwhile, kartik and survi come out, after he manages to overpower the goon’s men and escape. A scuffle breaks out in bhao’s residence. Bhao picks up the revolver, and loads it, but just then, another of the goon’s man shoots him point blank in his head from behind. He staggers on the ground. tai screams out in horror. Srikant is shocked. Survi and kartik enter in just then, and are shocked and apalled to see the dead body. lata and the rest of the family members are in despair.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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