1st Epi – Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 26th October 2015 Written Episode Update

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Manvi writes a registration form. She has learnt everything from her Baba. She has come to a new city (Delhi) to test herself. I only believe in faith and talent. Destiny helps when you have both of them. She gets her Baba’s call. She assures him that she is old enough to take care of her. She ends the call as she notices a guy misbehaving with a girl on the road. She tells the auto driver not to go away. I have noted down your number. She looks at the couple from a distance. The talks about their love. No one can change fate. Manvi walks toward the couple. She sprays something in his eyes. The producer announces cut! The girl scolds Manvi for spoiling the shoot. That was Rahul Sabharwal, India’s super star! She sends Manvi away. People wont spare you if they find you.

Twinkle gives water to Rahul so he can pour it over his eyes. Manvi sits in the auto. Rahul wants to resume the shoot as he is feeling better now. Rahul is not happy with the script. Who believes in love at first sight? Twinkle says that girl (Manvi) dint even turn to look at him. She might be one such girl in India or every other girl is your fan!

Rahul’s father (Raj) tells the director to end the shoot right away. I cannot let anything bad to him. He says the same to his other son, Shaleen. Rahul is a super star. His voice helps us fill our bank accounts. We have to save it at any cost. We have to find the girl who will sing with him. She should be the best! Rahul is the God of music talent. People go mad after hearing him. His voice unites the entire world.

Manvi’s Baba is angry with the guys who are putting up a poster of Rahul Sabharwal in their lane. He is not happy with it. They are selling their mother. Raj and Rahul know nothing of music. Manvi stops her Baba. I did worst with him today. He will never forget it all his life. Her Baba gets happy. Manvi tells him what happened. He laughs happily. He might be deeply hurt when you had put pepper spray in his eyes?

The guard is having a hard time stopping the reporters. 5 doctors have been checking Rahul upstairs. Raj asks them to do anything but nothing should go wrong with my son. Rahul sends them all outside. I need to rest. I will be fine. Raj says we used to give small performances in different towns when I used to sing. My eyes used to get dirty because of the dust. Your mother used to put cold water bands over my eyes just like this. I wonder if the magic was in her hands or the bands. Rahul’s mother sits with them. She knows Raj was talking about Gayatri. You can talk about her in front of me. There is nothing to hide.

Manvi is feeling guilty for running away. Her Dada is happy though as Rahul’s fans wouldn’t have spared her otherwise. He shows her the audition ad where Rahul is looking for a lead female singer. She hides it when her Baba comes there. She knows he will never like it. Her Dada insists. We will make him agree once you grab hold of this opportunity. Manvi is unsure.

Manvi’s mother asks her husband to stop feeling hatred towards Raj and his family. It will kill you from inside. He cannot give up on it. They can get any girl to sing with Rahul Sabharwal but they will never get Manvi Chatterjee!

Rahul’s mother brings milk for him but he asks her to keep it aside. I will drink in a while. She doesn’t want him to exert himself. He cannot help it as music is his love. No one can replace it. I am only waiting for that one voice with whom I can sing! She wants him to choose wisely. She should have a standard as she will be singing with him. It doesn’t matter to him. Only her voice matters. Every voice has a voice to connect with. I want that kind of voice which can touch my heart. I will feel just the way I felt after that pepper spray incident once I hear that voice. I can find that voice from 50k voices. I am waiting anxiously for that voice, for my partner!

Manvi asks her mother if they are doing something wrong. We are hiding it from Baba. Her mother justifies her stance. A girl looks at the same ad in her notebook. She tries to excuse herself as she wants to go for the audition. The paper falls from the notebook. He scolds her badly. Anyone who wants to sing for Rahul Sabharwal is not welcome in my house. This worries his wife. What if he finds out that Manvi is going there?

Manvi prays that Ma Saraswati helps her today. Manvi’s parents fight over Rahul. The father of the girl comes to talk to Mr. Chatterjee. How did you scold my daughter? Your own daughter is going for this competition. I saw her filling the form with my own eyes. If you don’t know about it then you aren’t a lucky father. It is good that my daughter should not learn music if you are her teacher! Mr. Chatterjee is shocked. He confirms with Manvi. I trust you. I know you will not sell my puja like this. Manvi accepts it that she was going for the audition only. He is heartbroken. I hate them like anything and you were going there? You sold everything! Manvi’s brother (Harsh) says we hid it from you. We manage this house on meagre earnings. His mother tries to stop him but in vain. Mr. Chatterjee blames Harsh for spoiling Manvi’s mind. He tells Manvi that no one can force her. He calls Harsh a shopkeeper! Manvi finally says that she wants to sing with Rahul Sabharwal. Mr. Chatterjee looks heartbroken.

Manvi stands in the queue. Her Baba’s words keep echoing in her head. She goes inside the audition room.

Mrs. Chatterjee plays a recorded message for her husband. It is Manvi’s message. I know I have hurt you. You were right. Your daughter cannot disobey you. You are not just my father but my Guru as well. My talent, my music is your shadow. I am from you. Trust me I will never let you down. I want the world to know what real music is! I want to take it on an international platform. I have come here for you. I want people to know your place. I want Devi Ma to be back in her temple. Mr. Chattejee gets emotional.

Manvi sings in the audition. Twinkle points out that the singers were supposed to sing pop or filmy songs. The other judges are impressed though as she is singing beautifully.

Rahul is on his way to the auditions room. Raj hugs his son.

The judges praise Manvi’s voice. They ask her to wait outside for final call. Rahul reaches the same room where she is! She is scared that he might recognize her. He thinks that he has finally found her.

Precap: Manvi apologizes to her Baba for going in the auditions. Manvi is in one room. She is shocked to see Rahul with a girl.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. boringgggggg..

    1. shut up akansha or something which ur name doesnt mean anything. btw r u a boy or a girl.ok it diesnt matter. this show is better than matsh

  2. Oh my god….. I just love Karan’s acting… I used to watch his show…. What a story …. I hope Manvi won’t misunderstands Rahul…. Waiting for the love story….. I love the carecter of Rockstar Rahul….. Manvi… You are too pretty…. Thanks Pooja for update…..

  3. Waiting anxiously for karan kundra to b back on TV after KMH & FANAAH .love you karan.very much.

  4. Wow….I m a big fan of karan n I m gonna watch this show even if it is BORING

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