1st Epi – Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vaani Chaturvedi’s intro. Someone calls her Thapki and she is shown going. Her dad calls her in the Milan Samaroh…. Thapki reaches there and a man talks to everyone doing marriage match making. Thapki’s turn comes and her dad looks for any prospective matches. The man asks who wants to marry Thapki, she is very lovely, who wants to make her bahu, she is from good family, and has good values, whats the problem. Her dad says Kishori Lal ji, let it be, everyone has their wish. The people say they all know whats the problem in her, why to embarrass them by calling in this Samaroh. They taunt on her dad Krishnakant Chaturvedi that he took bribe being an agent, and this had to happen with him.

Thapki says enough, my dad is silent, it does not mean you can say anything, I stammer but its not anything bad for me, I m not bad at heart and mind, just at tongue, what you think about me and say, I don’t care about it. Thapki pyaar ki……………..plays…………… She says dad and I will not come here from now on. She apologizes to them for arguing with elders, which her dad did not teach her. Kishori says Mishra ji to see Thapki, she is clean at heart, he did not get any proposal for his son for two years. Mishra says fine, I will talk to my son and reply. Kishori gives the boy’s bio data to her.

Thapki and Krishnakant sit somewhere and he is upset with what happened there. She gives him a chocolate. She says anger is a disease that blood burns and others don’t know, and asks him to have it. He says I don’t understand why people make this stammering weakness such big thing, how should I get a good guy for you. Few foreigners ask about Taj Mahal and her dad says we are already worried, ask someone else. Thapki says wait, I will tell you and tells them the history of it. She says it explains there is someone made for everyone and come to the core on right time. The man thanks her. She asks her dad to understand, she will also get someone who loves her. He says come, lets go and explain your mum Poonam.

Poonam prays for Thapki’s marriage fixing. Shubh comes and she sends him to wash hands. Krishnakant and Thapki come home. He tells Poonam that Mishra will confirm it till evening and lies to her. Poonam gets happy. He asks for a glass of water and she goes. Thapki looks on and says she will not go so soon from this house and he does not look good lying to mum. She tells Poonam that nothing happened today and Mishra will also say no, whats the tension, the truth is she wants to be with her parents, and asks her to have chocolate.

Poonam throws it and says you both always joke. She cries and says this is not a joke that no one wants to marry my daughter, just because she pauses a bit and talks. She says they will not be alive always. He says everything will be fine, Thapki will…..She says don’t call her Thapki, her name is Vaani and people joked on her and names her Thapki, they kept it as they don’t care, but I get angry when people laugh on my daughter, and when they say her fate also has problem like her tongue. She says I care a lot and cries.

Thapki gets teary eyed and says it matters to me too when you cry, but I don’t care if world laughs, I got this name Thapki by love, like I complete my sentence by love pat. The FB shows Thapki getting stuck while reciting a poem and they patting on her shoulder to make her complete the sentence. She says the pat is her courage, she is fine if she does not get the guy, but if she does not get the pat/Thapki, she will….. Her mum pats on her shoulder and hugs her.

Krishnakant gets Mishra’s call and is happy. He says he has chosen Thapki for his son Diwakar, I will call Aditi and Varun to come. Poonam gets glad and smiles. Thapki goes to Taj Mahal and says thanks for bringing Diwakar in my life. Its morning, Poonam covers the torn sofa and asks Shubh to get samosas. Krishnakant brings the snacks and asks Poonam not to take tension. She asks did he call Aditi, when is she coming. Aditi gets down the auto and argues with the driver on the turn note. Aditi comes home and greets everyone, and asks about Diwakar’s pic. She says I have a cute surprise for you, and asks her to close eyes.

She brings sandals and says you like high heels, so I got this, you can wear on your date with Diwakar, we are happy for you, we were waiting for this day. Shubh says but I did not. Thapki asks why. Shubh says he will miss her a lot. Thapki says do you think I wish to leave you all, and says if she promises she will talk to him daily on phone, then will he get sad. Shubh says he can’t be without her. Aditi winks and Thapki tells an elephant and ant joke. Shubh laughs.

Krishnakant welcomes Mishra and his wife. He asks Aditi to get Thapki. Thapki greets them. Mishra says she looks more pretty today, where is Diwakar. Diwakar comes and greets them. Krishnakant and Poonam look at Diwakar, who is very short, and Poonam thinks his height is lesser than Thapki. Thapki smiles seeing him.

Thapki and Diwakar go to temple and they get married, after some hurdles of their weaknesses.

Update Credit to: Amena

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