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Neeti gets ready for school and comes out of room. She speaks to her pet fish Jalpari and goes to kitchen. She converses with her grandma/naani who is preparing juice and asks what is today for breakfast. Naani says orange juice. Neeti says she needs apple juice. Naani says she does not have apple and will get them in the evening. Neeti says she will accompany her to market then. Naani asks her to go and side on breakfast table. Neeti jokes wheter to sit under table or on table. Naani asks to stop joking and go and sit on chair as her mother will be coming out soon.

Neeti’s mother Vijiya gets ready with makeup and pink sari and gets Akshay’s office blazer from cupboard. Akshay asks how does she know he would wear this. She says she is his wife since 8 years and at least

knows his chioce. Akshay gets sad. She asks him to come on breakfast table and leaves. Akshay joins breakfast table with Neeti. Neeti asks him to wish Jalpari good morning. He wishes and Neeti says Jalpari understands their language. Vijaya joins them and Naani brings breakfast. Akshay gets a call from nursing home and he says he will reach in 15 min. Landline rings, he picks and says nurse he will reach in 15 min. He then goes and stands in front of his friend Nilesh’s pic. Neeti asks why uncle does not come to theirhouse. Akshay says he has gone far away from their house and will not come. Vijaya says they have to reach nursing home soon as she has called an anesthetist for interview.

Dr. Nandini waits at nursing home for interview. Vijaya reaches nursing home and calls her in. Nandini shows her profile. Vijaya checks it and asks if she has prior experience. Nandini says she has mentioned in her profile. Vijaya says it is impressive and asks which is her hometown. Nandini says India and if she will get job only knowing her house. Vijaya says no and says they work very dedicatedly with each patient. Nandini asks if she thinks she is not dedicated. Vijaya says she did not mean that, she will consult nursing home’s senior surgeon and will call her back. Nurse comes and informs that Dr. Patil anesthetist has not come yet and patient is on surgery table. Vijaya panics and makes calls and then asks Nandini to help her in this emergency.

Nandini enters operating theater (OT) wearing gown and masks. Akshay scolds her thinking her as Patil and says she came 120 seconds. Nurse tries to speak, but Akshay stops her and continues. Nandini with teary eyes apologizes and gives anesthesia to patient. Akshay asks her to move aside and monitor patient while he operates. Nandini stands aside and watches Akshay operating on patient.

Naani calls Vijaya and asks if she needs anything from grocery store. Vijaya says no and ask s not to give more than 1 choc to Neeti. Naani says Neeti will not agree and Akshay asked to give Neeti whatever she likes. Vijaya says she and Akshay will spoil Neeti. Naani asks her not to insult Akshay as he is very responsible and took a big responsibility like an angel, then says she i will buy only 1 choc for Neeti as she asked.

After surgery, Akshay congratulates team for good job and and is surprised to see Nandini as anesthetist. He runs behind her and asks where she had been for so many years. Nandini says he has mistaken her, she is not the one whom he is thinking, wishes him bye and leaves in lift while he looks at her sadly.

Precap: Akshay sadly looks at Nandini getting into car. Vijaya is shocked to see him looking at Nandini emotionally.

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  1. Sriranjani

    starting epdiyaa erukkanaum…….hmm.. paravala not bad guys………

  2. Oo I just love Gaurav Khanna !!!!

  3. Hey guys!!! Dr.Nandini bhat which us played by Khusboo Tawde. She is my cousin sister if you want to convey any msg to her I tell her

  4. Muslima

    Not a bad start. I already want to know where this is going.

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