1st Epi – Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 22nd February 2021 Written Episode Update: The family vote to elect the new head of the family


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In the morning of a beautiful day, a boy asks his Grand-father if it happened then starts playing a song, the second brother also asks the Grandfather if it happened, when their third brother is about to enter the bathroom he is stopped when the others say that they have also been waiting, all of them are waiting when one of their fifth brother also comes however they stop him saying how they are also waiting for Grandfather to freshen up so he should get in line, their father comes eager to go first however he is also stopped by his sons who say how his father is not able to go to the bathroom, they all then think of what they should do to make sure that their grandfather freshens up after which they finally agree on singing Qawali, they are amazed to know that their grandfather is finally able to freshen up, he after coming out exclaims how blessings are caused either from feeding the poor or helping the one who is not able to attend the bathroom, they all are with him while their father seeing the opportunity goes to the bathroom.

In the room, a girl is packing the belongings for the school and also ordering the child to not place the water bottle in the bag as it might leak and cause tremendous problem for them all, after turning she is shocked to see that the child is not wearing his school shirt, when she questions him asking the reason, he exclaims how he goes to school without doing his homework so would also go without wearing the shirt, she asks if he would go to school on the second year anniversary of his haircut, the child is amazed and asks how can she remember the dates to which the girl explains how these small happiness cause tremendous joy, she once again questions him about his shirt so he finally reveals how he was not able to find it, she recalls how she gave it to Aloki to wash it so immediately runs taking his hand.

The brother is beating his younger when is stopped by the servant who asks Asha Amar je to not beat him however stops, Asha Amar while beating asks why he has to dry off his underwear on hi towel and that too which has red colour as it is now imprinted on the towel, the brother jokes saying how he would look like a superman, the servant comments however is forced to leave while crying, Sargam comes asking Aloki about the shirt, she takes it however asks why they did not clean it from the back, Aloki reveals how no one would see it so he did not clean it and Asha Amar advised him to, the other brother hands her another shirt however she realizes how it is filled with chalk, the all reveal how it was also the suggestion of Asha Amar je, Sargam while talking to the elder brother asks why does he do it because when he asked him to remove the spiders web he had a stool placed in front of them to cover, the brother explains how they only want to hide the web. Sargam is not able to bear the conversation so leaves with the boy.

In the kitchen Sargam’s husband is trying to pacify her who says how there is nothing to worry about when Sangam says how he would be the first child who has his birthday four times in a year however she is not convinced and says how he should not say it but must act as nothing can be sorted, he asks if she has also made Paratha with the pua however she exclaims how there are no paratha today, he eats it because of her fear, Aloki also comes asking about the Paratha however sits when the brother mentions how there is only the pua, Asha Amar brother comes saying how he also desired to eat the paratha however is stopped by their father who says that he should not come to eat with ample time as Sargam is alone while he has ended his marriage forcing Sargam to raise his child.
Asha Amar says how they should look at their neighbors who cook three dishes in the breakfast, the father gets anger and mentions how they all are not even married, he taunts one of his sons who responds how the marriage is just another problem and even suggests Aloki to not marry however they ask him to never listen to their brother.

Asha Amar mentions how they do not even listen and always say he is wrong but he doesnot even want to eat the pua so is about to leave, the grandfather calls Sargam who is brings him to the table then she mentions how she always tries to make sure that she works according to their requirements, they all mention how they have even washed the clothes so then she signals her husband who asks everyone to not even think of the shirts however then stops talking after seeing how angry Sargam is.

Asha Amar stands explaining how even the government changes after five years so they should apply democracy as the household works should happen according to the one because of whom there is no problem when they all ask who will the person be, he says that it can be anyone, Sargam immediately mentions how he should take the responsibility as then she would be free however he disagrees then Aloki advises how they should take a card from the pack however the father stops him saying how it is an important decision and they would do it with a vote so it would be between Asha Amar and Sargam however she says how her system is to be changed and so Apu would stand against Amar, he however tries to plead with Sargam and even his father but they do not listen, Amar Asha says how he would do what Sargam asks him to, their grandfather taunts how he got scared even before the elections.

Apu tries to convince Sargam how he is not suitable to run the house and if Amar Asha brother wins then he would not be able to fulfil his duty towards the house which would cause immense problem, Sargam mentions how he might also win so he explains that he is also not an expert, she reveals how she has also been trying for the last four years, she has been answering all the questions and has even tried to pacify their needs, just they are talking Aloki comes asking for the stapler, Apu gets mad so asks him to come sit with him then questions why he even needs it so he answers how he desires to staple the differences between the families, Aloki then says how he has to staple something, Sargam then informs how the stapler is in the drawer of crockery cabinet, she advises him to open it slightly however Aloki doesnot listen breaking it, Sargam mentions how she would stand by his side but then Apu is really worried, she asks him to first seek votes, Apu and Asha Amar both start their desire to win and then try to bribe everyone mentioning how they would work for their benefits.

In the morning, the votes are casted however the father stops them, they all get tensed when he mentions how he had originally asked them to count it, Aloki explains that Amar Asha has got only one vote while Apu has zero votes, they are worried, so Sargam inquires who did they actually vote, Aloki explains how they all wrote her name. their father taunts Amar saying how he gave himself the vote so he explains how he did not give himself the vote.

Sargam after asking why did they vote for her leaves to stand in the hall, they all explain how she has taken care of their family without any problem and they can never do it like her, grandfather mentions how she might not be perfect but who needs someone who is perfect so she should do all that she can without worry and leave the rest, they all explain why they voted for her, Aloki mentions how it is easy as when she is around he did not miss his mother, Sargam starts weeping, Asha Amar coming to her explains how he saw her diary thinking that it would not be anything which he cannot do however he was shocked to see the tasks which she has categorized in the diary as a proper catalog and they would never be able to do it by themselves.

Sargam mentions how seven and half number is really auspicious for her as this was the time when she started her relationship with Apu and it is the same number of circles which she took in her marriage, so she is blessed to have them as her family as it would always be something which they can all live with, the boy comes back from the school and he inquires what can she cook in ten minutes she exclaims how pua is the only dish which can be made in that time which shocks everyone.

Precap: The father threatens the brother ordering him to accept the proposal for marriage if there is no fight between Sangam and Apu, Asha Amar along with him both start to make schemes that would create a fight amongst them both.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Nice start of the show.. vaise i havn’t watched it, as time nhi mila.. but update se pta chalta its ok show…☺️☺️☺️☺️
    Shall watch it for sure

  2. Enoughshanti

    The show has a lot of similarities with sbs, but the way of story telling is different. It’s like they skipped most of the melodrama part and made comedy the main thing. I think I am gonna watch this one.

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