1st Epi – Mahek 19th September 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Mahek is shown cutting vegetables and humming song. she prepares breakfast and opens window to get fresh air. cooker makes noise, Mahek smiles. Everyone in house is sleeping but wakes up listening cooker noise, all are disturbed. Mahek’s sister says that Mahek’s cooker starts even before cock waking up. Dadi(PD/grand mother) wakes up and sees dilip Kumar’s photo, she passes flying kiss to it. Mahek comes and gives her tea, PD says why you waste your every night in kitchen? Mahek says all are busy, men go to business and women are busy in this so i can handle kitchen atleast, PD says you should sleep, she dark circles under your eyes, Mahek says okay. Mahek goes to sleep.
its morning, Mahek’s sister Nehal and her mother Mansi and is in jogging park and trying to jog. At home, PD is weight lifting. One brother asks Mohit to come out of washroom fast. Mother says to father that there is paint smell in whole house, father says why dont go you jog like Mansi? mother says i work at house so my weight is controlled like that, PD says Balwant to not keep checking blood pressure, its normal. Mohit comes out and says chachu there is not water in washroom. Balwant says to father that my doctor changed my medicine prescription, what if i get heart attack, you will be orphan. PD says you should take sanity medicine, Balwant says you keep Dilip’s photo with father’s photo, PD says your dead father didnt have problem with it then you shouldnt complain. Nehal comes, chachi asks why you jog backwards, Nehal says its good for my curves, chachi says what? PD says its to maintain shape.
Balwant is looking at breakfast and contemplating to eat or not, woman comes and says i made it. Mohit bring newspaper, father asks Mohit to reach shop at time, Mohit says okay, he asks for custard, Mahek comes with custard, father says this whole house keep wishing for food like its palace, they dont have class but have attitude like Pakistan. Mother says dont scold Mohit but Mahek, She wakes up at 4am and starts cooking, dont know what she gets, PD says she gets peace, life is good when you give happiness and if you keep taking then you would become bitter. Mahek starts eating but mother stops her, she asks Nehal to take her for jogging from tomorrow. Mother gets call from woman and says today? yeah you are most welcome, she ends. She says to family that Pammi and Surindar is coming with their son to see Mahek for wedding proposal. Chachu says but today.. Mohit says today.. PD says today is India-Srilanka match. Mother says to everyone that be ready and be at home when guests come, she asks Nehal to get Mahek ready, this proposal should approve.

Scene 2
Mahek goes to market and buys groceries.
Mahek comes dhabba and cooks pulse. she tastes it and says to man that it has extra salt, man tastes it and says its fine. Owner comes to Mahek and says you cook great, Mahek says if Kanta Bai rejects me again then it will be problem. Girl comes and says i have more experience in this field, 3.5 families came with wedding proposal for me, Mahek says 3.5? she says once boy didnt come, only family so its 3.5. She says to Mahek that hold guy’s hand, he will get spark and will run to his family asking to marry you, all guys are like that, they just need sensation, dont take tension, just rock, Mahek smiles.
Surinder and Pammi are going to Mahek’s house with their son Raju.
Mother asks father why he is not ready? he says i changed clothes, she says your pants look unwashed, he says its your fault, she says change it, he says they are coming to see Mahek not me, make tea for me, she says change your pants, she pulls it, he says what are you doing.
Nehal is getting ready, mother comes and says they are coming to see Mahek not you, Nehal says i dont need to get ready for some guy to marry me, my Sawyamwar will come on Tv and i will get my groom on Tv.
Balwant says why no one is giving me Kurta, this Kurta has stain, PD says even Tv says stains are good, thank God Mahek has my genes not yours, Balwant says keep my respect infront of guests, PD asks him to go and see where is Mahek.
Mahek is driving scooty. Surindar with is family is walking towards their house. They enter house, Mother and father greets them. Mahek comes, Mother shoos her away. Guests come to lounge and sit, they meet PD. Surindar sees Dilip’s photo and asks if he is your relative? Father says no she is fan of him. Pammi looks around house, mother says house is old but its our own. Mother comes to room and scolds Mahek for coming late, she sees Mahek ready, Chachi says isnt she looking like bhabhi? mother gets emotional and puts black spot under her ear to save from curse, Mahek hugs her, mother asks if her hairstyle is fine? Nehal says its fine, mother asks Mahek to bring tea to guests, she nods.
Nehal brings tea to guests, Raju(considerate groom) sees her coming and get mesmerized seeing how modern she is, he smiles at her. PD says this is wrong number, she is Mahek’s younger sister, Mahek is coming, Nehal asks how is he? he says fine. Mahek comes there, Raju is not impressed with her simple looks and compares to Nehal. Chachi whispers to Nehal why did she bring tea tray? Nehal says to help Mahek . All ask Raju(Ajay) to take Mahek to terrace and talk, they go. Mohit whispers to mother that i want to watch match, she asks him to shut up, Surindar asks if they dont want match? they say yes, he asks them to open Tv, all gets happy.
Raju asks Mahek from how much time she is working at hotel Taj? she says for two years, she shows her gold pendant and says this is for you, she says no thank you, she says father grabbed it from custom last night, take it, she takes it. He asks if she met senior management of Taj hotel? she says i know Ratan Chacha, he says you call him chacha? i was thinking to apply in marketing department of your hotel, i have diploma in hotel management, she says but why you want to work at our small hotel, he says its big hotel, Mahek says okay i will talk to Ratan chaha and will Jeevan chacha to talk to him, they are childhood buddies, he says Ratan Tata is your family friend? she says no its not Ratan Tata, i work at Taj dhabba, he says you dont work at famous Taj hotel? she says no, he asks if she has plans to take job at hotel? she says i applied once but was not called back, i dont have plans, Raju says let me say straight, your chachi told us that you work at Taj hotel, what you want in future? she says i dont know about future, i just like to cook, he says even Tv serial bahus want to become IPS officer and doctors. Mahek says not all want to become that, cooking is my passion and hobby, i learned it from my mother, he says i want career oriented and ambitious girl not some gilr who cries while cutting onion, she says if you chew gum while cutting onions then you wont have tears, he glares at her and leaves.

PRECAP- Mahek looks at her mother’s photo in laptop and says you were right, good food can mend heart strings, oneday my heart will be attached to someone through food too. She sees Karela king’s profile on social media and says who is he? Otherside Hero is shown.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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