1st Epi – Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 3rd April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

A boy Mannu tells that his bua Amala have climbed on to the tree to get his kite before her Bhabhi brings tea from the kitchen. He tells that Bua Amala is still on the tree, trying to take out the tangled kite. He says mummy came holding tea and her favorite biscuit in her hands, and seated on her chair. He says Bua is still trying to take out the kite. Amala’s phone rings. He says Bua’s phone rang again, Phuphu ji phone rings anytime and anywhere.

Amala attends Dev’s call and tells that Mannu’s kite is stuck on to the tree. Mannu asks her to take out the kite. Amala says I am on tree now to take it out. Dev says you are on tree. Amala asks when you are coming? Dev says I am coming tomorrow, and will see your face first, coming for 2 days. He asks her to tell Bhabhi not to give her work. Amala says Bhabhi will not agree. She gets the kite and smiles. Mannu is happy too. Amla asks are you driving, where did you reach? He says he will bring tourist in sometime and meet her at their house. Amala says okay and says she will come. Tourist come and sit in car. Dev makes them sit. Amala says she was about to slipped. Dev asks her to be careful and says he can’t bear even if she gets a scratch.

Mannu says my bua got my kite. Her brother comes there. Amala jumps down from the tree and asks Bhau if he got scared. Bhau asks what you was doing on the tree. She says she was ripening on tree. He tells that he got much stuff from the market and says how to take these stuff in two hands. Amala says who told that you have 2 hands and takes stuff from his hands. Mannu also takes some stuff and says now there are 6 hands.

They come home. Bhabhi Mando says you was laughing, and didn’t you hear my voice. Amala says I didn’t hear your voice. Bhau asks her not to get angry. Bhabhi says neighbors complain that I have a solid voice but how to tell them that my nanand is deaf. Bhau says she jumped down from the tree. Bhabhi says who will marry her if she becomes handicapped, even Dev will not. Amala gets Dev’s message. Bhabhi reads the message of Dev, which reads 60 mins more. She tells Amala that she will not permit her to meet Dev and asks her to work.

Meanwhile Amala keeps the veggies in the kitchen. Bhabhi reads Dev’s message “50 mins more” and asks her to kneed maida to make jalebis. Amala is tensed as her phone keeps on beeping. She smiles seeing Dev’s message. Bhao asks Amala what happened? Do you want to meet Dev? Amala nods. Bhao asks her to go and smiles. Amala smiles. Bhao asks her to hug him. Amala hugs him and goes to get ready. She thinks of Dev’s words asking her to wear white as she looks good in white dress. She gets ready in white dress and goes to take bus or rickshaw.

She hears a man Abeer calling his mum Maaso to come fast as they are going to airport. Amala thinks to take lift from him, but prefers to walk. Abeer asks his mum not to do makeup as everyone is aware of her age. His mum Maaso comes and says everyone is mad seeing her beauty. They sit in jeep. Maaso asks him to drive slow. Abeer says Viraj is coming for Suveer engagement with Suveer and Yuvaan, and says I have to reach airport on time. Maaso says your friends are rich, why don’t they call their cars from home. She says only Viraj is nice, others are spoilt rich brats and think you as driver and you don’t realize their intention. Abeer says they came for 2-3 days and that’s why I go to pick them. Maaso asks him to drop her. He drops her and goes.

Amala meets Dev’s mum on the way. Dev’s mum tells her that Dev said that he will come late. Amala don’t tell her anything. Maayi asks her to come and meet her often and asks if she was going somewhere. She says Abeerdu must have asked you to get something, and says once you got married, then stay happily here. Amala smiles. She says Dev must be coming then I will come to have food made by my noorani. Amala touches her feet and goes.

Abeer’s jeep stops due to traffic on the way to airport. Amala’s dupatta stuck on to his jeep. He frees her dupatta and looks at her smiling. Amala looks at him and takes her dupatta. She runs and climbs to the bus stairs. Abeer smiles.

Amala comes to the house which is under construction and sees her name with Dev written. She smiles. Dev comes there and keeps hand on her eyes. Amala says I recognize you smelling petrol’s smell. She asks him to move his hand and says she wants to see his face. Dev smiles looking at her and says who dares to touch you. He romances with her and says whenever I see you in white dress, it seems like angel came to meet me. Amala tells him that Bhabhi didn’t let her come, but she Bhao permitted her and she came here by walking and got rickshaw only.

Dev asks then what? Amala says I don’t want to talk. She says why did to lie to Maayi that you will come in the evening. He says if I had gone to meet her then I would have meet you late. Amala says he will be punished for his lie and asks him to pay fine. He gifts her music player with her favorite songs. She hugs him and says I yearn to hear Laadiye from your mouth. Dev says I yearn to see your face, and thinking to keep your pic in my car so that I see you always. He gets closer to her. Amala marks lakshman rekha for him. He asks her to mark it for Ravan. He says we are engaged and says we will marry as soon as this house is built. Amala asks him to come closer only after marriage. Dev says when you stop her, I come closer to you. He asks her to agree and is about to kiss her. Bhabhi comes and asks what is happening here. Amala and Dev get tensed.

Viraj hugs Dev at the airport. Suveer tells Yuvaan that when they are drunk, stepni (Abeer, another lead) drives the car. Abeer tells Viraj that he met a cute girl on the way. Bhabhi asks Bhao to see another groom for Amala and says this marriage will not happen. She tells that Dev’s mum called. Maayi tells Dev that she don’t want a bahu who lies to her saas. Amala cries.

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