1st Epi – Gathbandhan 15th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhanak Pledge to be against Goons

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Gathbandhan 15th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Show starts with heroine Dhanak getting ready. She writes in her checklist for Seju’s sangeet ceremony. She asks Kaka to bring everything. Her father comes to uncle and ask to bring flowers. He says Dhanak already brought it, he says she is perfect. His son says Dhanak arranged DJ too. Sejal shows her mehndi to her father and says Dhanak arranged everything.
Her father says to his wife’s photo that Dhanak manages everything now, dont know what she will do when she becomes IPS officer.

Dhanak is riding her bike when goons snatch her dupatta. She stops and goes to them, Goons go to enjoy talking to her. Goon says we have mothers and sisters but we like to tease girls. She says I am Dhanak. She says to goon that you cant tell your name because of your acts. She asks to give her mother’s dupatta. Goon says ask for love. She says lets take a selfie. She takes selfie with them and says you wont forget me. She says I will make you famous now, I appreciate you teasing girls on roads. Goon says what? Dhanak says everyone will watch you now, these boys will see you and would eve-tease your sisters too. Police comes there and sees picture, they catch goons and take them. All clap for Dhanak and says she didnt raise voice and brought them to justice, we need girls like her.

Dhanak comes to mandir and prays.

Savitri Bai is dancing in her chawl in function. She says all will see me celebrate. Goon Aslam says its time to bring Raghu. Savitri says to her husband that our Raghu is coming from boat after taking training for one year. A girl comes there. Servant says your would be daughter in law is here. Savitri says to Maya that you look nice, do Raghu’s aarti, she blushes. Savitri says you blush too? They all laugh.

At dockyard, all are waiting for Raghu. She sees his boat and screams for him. Ragu hears it and waves hand. His hands are tied by handcuffs. He smirks. Raghu jumps on dock and goes to Savitri. They all start dancing. He hugs her. Savitri asks Maya to do his aarti but he stops her and says I will do aarti of my God, I saw my Mai after on year. He does her aarti and says if someone hurts you then I will cut them. Savitri says lets dance. Savitri asks policeman to free Raghu. He does. Maya hugs him and says did you miss me? Raghu moves back and says I dont miss anyone, everyone is beneath me.

Dhanak’s father calls Sapna that is Sejal’s mother in law. Sapna says we wanted our daughter in law to come in a big car for Chetan, we give necklaces in sangeet. He says I will do it but is tensed to arrange money for it.

Raghu prays in mandir with Savitri Bai. They all dance for him. Raghu puts garland on his father’s photo. Tai and Maya brings food for him, he says its amazin.
Savitri shows him photos of Sanjay Dutt, he says my favorite. Savitri sees Sanjay’s photo in inspector dress and says who put it here? She slaps Raghu’s friend and shouts that no police photo can be here, they separated Raghu from me for on year, I am allergic to police, this Maya took care of me, she steals, threatens people and takes extortion money, I am just waiting to make her daughter in law. Raghu says I am not interested in that, I want to know who made me get arrested. Savitri gives him gun and says use it. Tai says leave it. Savitri says he is a lion, show them that you wont deny my orders. She makes him point gun to her and says shoot me, all are scared and shouts to not do it. Raghu says I cant deny you, he shoots but there is no bullet, they laugh. Raghu says we know that our guns dont have bullets but Pakaya doesnt know, go and wish him birthday.

Scene 2
Dhanak comes to her father and says you gave 40K for mercedes? why didnt you just buy it? take more loan. Father says you are joking? Dhanak says we are getting loan notices but who cares. Father says think about Sejal, she will be happy to go there in that car. Dhanak says what about your tension? She asks her brother Parag to bring car key and says I will give it back. Father says I promise this is last buy, I am giving my last happiness to Sejal. Dhanak says this is last time, she hugs them. Dhanak says I am going for IPS training and will come before function, she leaves.

Dhanak is getting trained by her coach. He asks her to lead the operation and think that this site is hijacked by terrorists, how you are going to evacuate it, its your job. Dhanak starts climbing up building using rope. She beats fake terrorists. Otherside Raghu goes to his enemy Pakaya, he beats him and points gun at him. He asks who gave tip to police? He shoots but there is no bullet, he laughs and says to Pakaya that there is no need for killing. He pushes him to edge of building and asks who took his name? Pakaya says his name is Mahindra Parekh.

Dhanak evacuates building and completes her mission. Major praises her. She says to him that my father Mahindra Parekh have given me dream to become IPS officer and protect nation against goons.
Raghu says Mahindra Parekh is gone now.

PRECAP- Raghu comes to Sejal’s function and disguises as a dancer. Dhanak is dancing in function. Raghu eyes her. He sees Manidra and says he is going to be away from his family so he can enjoy for now. Dhanak gets surrounded by fire but Raghu pulls her back.
Sapna breaks her son Chetan’s marriage proposal wit Sejal but Dhanak says who are you to do it? we break this relation.
Raghu kidnaps Mahindra and takes him in car. Dhanak follows their car and sees it getting hit by truck. She screams father..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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