1st Epi – Aatma Bandhan 29th September 2020 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with a lady doing morning prayer. The lady was thankful for the house and the family she got. Her parent in law lend her the responsibility of the house. She never wants to break this trust.

In another scene, a middle aged man comes to his wife Rani who was getting ready in front of the mirror. He tells her to be prepared with a platter of aarti for welcoming his brother and sister in law, they are elders. Rani was furious and tells him to demand his share in the property. Her husband says she did not earn the property, nor his father did. He tells her to hurry up and come downstairs. Rani was determined to teach them a good lesson with Cheeru.

There were scenes of a handicapped boy.

The scene changes back to temple. The lady who was praying comes to her husband who was having fruits on sofa. She says he did not take a bath and is having fruits. Her husband leaves his seat. She backs up and reaches a wall. The husband holds her hands and nears her. She says they have two kids and are not any new couple, then withdraws his attention towards his approaching parents and leaves. On the stairs, she statues her. She takes his promise not to come closer then releases him. He now statues her, then compliments her as the daughter in law of the house, and mother of his children. Aarti’s tears fell. Her husband was concerned. Aarti cries that she is worried for her son Cheeru. He does not think of her as his mother, neither he eats from her hands nor would sleep with her. Her husband consoles that soon Cheeru would return to her.

Cheeru was playing piano. A girl comes to accompany her and says she wants to play the piano as well. Cheeru was not ready to let her play the piano. Aarti comes there calling Chaitra. Chaitra hugs Aarti and complains against Cheeru. Aarti says they had brought the piano for Cheeru, he will play it. They look towards the piano. Cheeru was not there. Chaitra complains to Aarti that Cheeru never cares for her.

In the room, Rani massages Cheeru’s leg. She says Aarti did not eat fruits well when she was expecting him. She always cared for Chaitra. She did not even massage his disabled leg with oil, otherwise he must have cured. Aarti did not even br*astfeed him. Cheeru was furious and begins ticking a button in his hand quickly. Rani goes to get him milk. In the kitchen, Rani mixes a powder she got from some one to control Cheeru. She thinks she had struggled a lot to withdraw Aarti’s br*astfeed and give Cheeru this milk, only so that he hates Aarti.

The maid brings a glass of milk for Cheeru. Aarti watches from a distance. Cheeru throws the glass of milk and shouts at the maid that he only takes milk from Rani Maa. Rani smirks as she comes inside with the glass of milk. She orders the maid to clean up and gives the milk to Cheeru. Rani thinks he hates her mother because of this milk. Cheeru asks why other milks are not so delicious. Rani says she mixes a lot of love in this one. She spots Aarti and says she would love it if Cheeru does not hate her mother. Aarti brings some clothes for Cheeru but he backs up saying he does not like the color. Rani now shows him his favorite colored shirt.
In the room, Aarti’s husband Aashok receives a call from a lady Ragini. He was cautious and says he can’t speak to her all the time. He does not like her over possessiveness. She then inquires when they are marrying. Aarti comes there. Aashok tells Aarti it was a call from his office, he will have to go. Aarti allows him to go at this time. Aashok says thanks. Aarti returns from the door saying the temple is downstairs, here he can kiss her. Ragini shouts from the other side of the phone, No. Ashok kiss Aarti on her cheek.

Rani does aarti of her brother in law and his wife. Aarti takes blessings of her parents in law. Their other son and daughter in law give them a precious gift. Dada ji offers to take a family photo. Chaitra says to Aarti that Cheeru is not here. Aarti opens her hands for Cheeru to come to them. He does not move. Rani calls Cheeru and he happily walks besides her.

An old Saadhu had reached outside the house. He was shirtless with multiple beads in his neck, unwashed dirty hair. He held a trishol in hand and walked inside.

For photograph, Rani calls for the old house maid.

Cheeru looks outside. Saadhu signals him to come outside. Cheeru walks outside. After the photo had been clicked, Chaitra notices Cheeru was not there. Everyone looked around for Cheeru. A servant comes to tell them that Cheeru is following a mad man. He is leading hi towards the forest behind the village. Everyone goes looking for Cheeru. A man tells Ashok that a young boy followed a Saadhu. These days, Saadhu sacrifice kids to gain power.

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