100% love (MATSH) Episode 9

Episode 9

Taran comes near Ranveer and gives him a handshake , Ranveer thinks oh taran is changed and gives him a handshake, while Ishaani watches them both and thinks something is not good with taran… Hope nothing happens to Ranveer because of taran…
Everyone enter into ishaani’s grandmother house when ishaani’s grandmother janabai comes with an arati thaal and gives arati to Ishaani and the family she even calls Ranveer and his family to stand nearby and gives arati for Ranveer too. She asks them all to enter the house sirisha and gauri along with rishi and nethra enter first while Ranveer and Ishaani enter next as they are about to enter inside the house sindoor falls from goddess lakshmi photo on ishaani’s forehead and flower falls on ranveer’s hands. Only for ishaani’s grandmother and everyone to get surprised and watch them together feel like they are a match made in heaven.
Ishaani’s grandmother comes before Ranveer and Ishaani and say both of you are going to be very lucky as the goddess has blessed you and she turns to Ranveer and says you will get all wealth beta , you will become a successful person in life making your family proud. Hearing this gauri’s eye well up and she thanks God by saying no evil should fall upon Ranveer and Ishaani..
Taran who was watching all these happenings fumes more and thinks no one will come between me and Ishaani ,she will be mine and mine only.

Ishaani’s grandmother says children everyone get freshen up we all will eat first and the servants take everyone to their respective rooms. They all freshen up and finish the lunch.
Rishi says let’s all go to the garden nearby it will be good to see the flowers and fruit trees , Ranveer tries to hesitate but rishi insists let’s go Ranveer..
Watching Ranveer hesitating Ishaani comes near him and asks what happened Ranveer why are u worried come let’s go….Ranveer thinks Ishaani I feel some danger is going to come to you and looks at her.. While Ishaani grabs Ranveer’s hands and takes him to the garden along with rishi nethra sourish hamsaa , taran and dhanya…
They all go near the garden and see a swimming pool there and all walk towards the swimming pool there and say wow it’s really awesome sourish and hamsaa go to see the trees while taran watches Ranveer nearby the pool he tries to push Ranveer down into the swimming pool, Ishaani who turns to see Ranveer watches this and pushes Ranveer by her side only to lose her balance and she falls into the swimming pool…
Ranveer seeing this immediately jumps into the swimming pool and grabs Ishaani while rishi also jumps into the pool and they all pull Ishaani outside while Ranveer comes near Ishaani and tries to make Ishaani open her eyes , he cries and calls Ishaani Ishaani while Ishaani slowly opens her eyes seeing Ranveer crying wakes up and says I am fine Ranveer don’t worry.

Ranveer says don’t do like this Ishaani my heart stopped for a minute when u fell into the pool , rishi looks at Ranveer and thinks that’s y he hesitated to come to the garden.
Ishaani wakes up and goes to taran and says until I am near to Ranveer I ll never allow any of your harm to come near him and warns him that I am not going to say it out as I do not want to make this issue big.
While Ishaani is speaking to taran rishi happens to watch all this and thinks so u tried to push my best friend in the water I will not leave you taran I will definitely teach you a lesson.
They all go back to house and everyone changes their dress and start to watch cricket on tv.
The next day morning everyone gets ready and they all proceed to temple with Ishaani dressed up in a beautiful lehenga and Ranveer dressed up in a awesome sherwani
…the function starts with the priest tying kangan on everyone’s wrist and says this function takes place for two days and no one should remove it.
Ishaani and Ranveer look at each other and smile…..
The function starts with pooja of goddess Durga and everyone is served food by ishaani’s grandmother… With best dances, music and everyone enjoys the starting day function and they all return home in the evening

Sirisha takes gauri with her and she introduces gauri to her sister and her brother while sirisha’s sister Tripura is happily greeting gauri parmesh rao thinks she is not even worth my status and smiles fakely…….
Ishaani along with Ranveer and others start to play and listen to music…
They all fall asleep as such ,the next day everyone wakes up and leaves to the temple
All the rituals are performed and everyone returns happily home in the night…
Ishaani’s grandmother comes to them and says tommo we will all go to the mango forest for a picnic so everyone get ready in the morning soon… Everyone shouts and express their happiness
Ishaani and Ranveer come down along with nethra and rishi together watching them all sirisha thinks Ishaani and Ranveer are definitely made for each other my daughter is so happy when she is with Ranveer god please bless them to get together in their life…..

They all start to the mango forest and set up a picnic table while Ishaani and Ranveer start to chase each other and run inside the forest whereas others start to play and they all run in each direction…
Ranveer and Ishaani come near a tree nearby and see a love symbol encarved on it both felt something about it and say together and say we will write our name in this tree and every year we will make sure we visit this place
Ranveer says sure Ishaani and they both carve their names on the tree and return back to the picnic spot
They all play antakshari and Ranveer sings tum hi ho by seeing Ishaani while Ishaani sings humari adhuri kahani and they both smile at each other while taran gets angry seeing the, thinks I should do something but not here after going to school I will definitely seperate you both

Precap: Ranveer and Ishaani both dance together in the class day party and everyone says they both look perfect for each other

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  1. wow mam ur ff made me love to love ISHVEER more than anything

    1. Thank you prince

  2. It’s really superb dear,,,,,u r amazing ,,,,,

    1. Thanks dear

  3. Lovely and superb epi.

    1. Thanks inu

  4. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Really awesome epsd keerthi dr.ishveer caring for each other.lovely.god also blessed them.when they will grow dr?

    1. Surely in another two or three episodes u ll see there college life dear….hope u are enjoying


    Really keerthi dear…..its awesome….love u and your ff too…..

    1. Thanks dhruva dear

  6. Ishveer child hood love story…., suuperb ….. dr …..

    ishani save Rv…..

    ishveer scenes loved so much…..,
    Awesome epi ..?

    1. Thanks vyshu u liked it na

  7. Keerthi dr oh no words dr really i write tis with my teary eyes i miss my ishveer a lot dr,and the pictire is awesome pls dnt change tis picture dr its very natural,every scene i imagine ots awesome dr i want tis to see in small screen dr .i want shadika play tis story dr..and last episode train scene awesome scene in real..,if ishveer is in teenage something romance ll happen in train na so pls dr after they growing up pls add tis train sequence pls dr

    1. Sure Sathya dear will add it …..?

      1. Your cover pic ….
        Amazing ….. ?…

  8. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    keerthi dear its soooooo nice pls dont want colleage life na . because its so super . pls dear . and dear if possible can u add the name ambri in a positive role

  9. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    and pic suuuuuuuuppppppper . i totally agree with vyshu

  10. Nice superb episode dear.

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