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The episode starts with Yudh traveling in his car with Rishi to a mining contract bidding venue. Rishi says there is no network in this area. Yudh says once they reach town, it will be back. Rishi says after this mining contract, we should think about telecom business. Yudh says he is happy that he is thinking about business. They reach the venue and wait for the bidding to start. Yudh gets a call from Mona who asks her to ask Rish to stop tweeting about minister. Yudh asks Rishi to stop tweeting, else they may lose the contract. Yudh gets an SMS and he looks tensed. Minister announces that mining contract goes to Shanti constructions. Yudh and Rishi get happy hearing that and everyone congratulate them.

Nayan feeds sweets to Ranjan for winning mining contract and says Rishi will take their

business to the new levels. Ranjan says hope he gets work in new business. Rishi calls her and says there is no club or any entertainment here and even network fluctuates. Just then network goes off.

Ranjan meets his goon friend and asks him to get info about the hospital bomb blast culprits. He asks why he needs info. Ranjan says that hospital was his jija’s and it is family matter. Goon says he will kidnap Rishi and will give him 25% share in ransom money. Ranjan gets angry on him and says not to think of that as Rishi is his bhanja/nephew.

Nayan starts crying and asks servant to call doctor. Yudh reaches home and sees doc checking Nayan. He asks what happend to her. Doc says she is under stress, so her BP is high, asks him to take care of her. Rishi calls Nayan, Yudh picks his call and informs about Nayan’s illness. Rishi says he will come back then. Yudh asks him to concentrate on his work and he will take care of Nayan.

Yudh gets a call from commissioner who congratulates him for winning mining contract and says his hands will be black now. Yudh says with hardowk, hands get black/dirty, but one face should not get black with wrong deed. Commisioner asks him to switch on news channel and enjoy the news. Yudh switches on TV and sees news that shanti construction’s CD was fake and shows commissioner’s interview who says those 3 culprits are criminals and are in jail, so they cannot do this crime. Reporter asks him if the CD is fake. He says he has sent cD to forensic lab and says Shanti Constructions is a big company and can buy anything with money. Yudh gets annoyed seeing the news. Anand and Mona watch news and they meet Yudh. Yudh says Anand he would have listen to him. Anand says it is okay, people make mistake thinking about their children’s future and he thought of Rishi. He says it is important to not tarnish your image, says now we got mining contract. Yudh asks how will we prove ourselves innocent. Anand sayes he is innocent and says Dharmendra Malik himself told it was not your mistake and we can ask him to tell the same in media. Yudh asks him not to believe in malik and his son. He asks him to listen him, but do what he thinks is right.

Ranjan opens a box and shows money to his wife. She asks if he will blackmail jija now. He says he did not help him whe he went to jail and says why should his wife not enjoy lavish life like didi.

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Anuj’s wife meets his lover instead of going to morning tennis practice and they both enjoy. Anuj malik’s says commissioner that he knew Yudh will allege someone, so he hired a person who used jailed criminals to perform crime, so Yudh cannot reach him now. Commissioner asks who is this person and to give his number. He says he will give it. Anuj’s wife comes from outside. Commissioner asks if she had gone for yoga classes. She says tennis and goes in. Yudh’s aide informs him that commisioner is in dharmesh’s malik’s house. Anuj gets a call from his crime partner who asks him who made bomb blast CD with his men’s face exposed and scolds him for being careless. Dharmesh sees him tensed and asks what happened. Anuj says someone leaked the info from our house. His wife hears their conversation.

Anand meets inspector who identifes helper’s sketch and gives his info. He shows it to Yudh who asks who is he. He says he is a software businessman and runs night club now. Yudh asks if he is not related to Anuj, then why is he becoming courier boy. They both reach helper’s house who says sorry that his help did not work. Yudh asks why did he give fake CD as 3 culprits are in jail. He says CD was not fake, those culprits themselves did it and shows them the camera with which he recorded it. Yudh asks if he can get that camera. He says no, he cannot help more and opens door signalling Yudh and Anand to go from there. Yudh asks when he did not want to continue helping him, then why did he help him. He says he does not feel important to answer him. They both leave.

Yudh gets a call from his mining employee who informs that he is getting threatening calls from naxalites who are asking to stop mining. Yudh asks what did he do in 4 days that they are angry on him. Employee says they have problem with your name. He asks about Rishi. Employee says he is in his room and goes in search of him, but finds Rishi’s door locked.

Yudh asks him to break the door. He breaks it and wakes up Rishi. Rishi says he does not want to wake up. He says Yudh wants to speak to him and gives him phone. Rishi wakes up hearing Yudh. He asks employee who does he worry about naxalites. Employee says it is their area. Rishi says he is petrified with the mosquitos and it is their area here, who gave us permission to come in their area. Employee says he understood now why Yudh sent him to take care of mining contract.

Rishi and employee are traveing towards mining area. Rishi sees kids playing cricket and gets out of car to play with them. Employee asks to come back as they are getting late. A lady with 2 accomplices get out of an auto and watch Rishi carefully.

Jeet meets Yudh’s teacher who praises him for being proactive in his work. Jeet says he got his request letter, so he wanted to know who he is. Teacher says he is working from license raj days when nobody could work without breaking rules, he says I have a few days left and let me live in peace. Jeet says law sees crime and not criminal. Teacher says you do your work and I will do mine and asks who is behind me.

Yudh gets Anand’s call who informs that he has come to jail to check if the culprits were in jail that night. Yudh says already our reputation is under scanner. Anand asks hi not to worry as there is nothing wrong in trying. Yudh gets a call from Gautam who informs that there is enquiring going on him and even he may be under scanner. He then gets Anand’s call and congratulates him for getting the info from jail. He then meets doctor who asks him to go and rest at home after today’s treatment. Yudh falls asleep and gets a dream about clown who wierdly says a song can save him.

Nayan meets her friends at a club, thanks them and says she will take club membership. She sees Anuj’s wife mamata there who says she felt bad when she heard about Yudh. She asks what does she mean. She says she will meet her later and goes from there. Nayan is confused.

Mamata meets her lover and informs that she is pregnant. They both hug emotionally.

Anand meets jailer and asks him to show the footage of hospital bomb blast day, but the footage is missing. Inspector enters jail and signals inmates to move from there. Four inmates meet him, 3 of them are culprits. He kills them all.

Yudh gets a call from Anand who informs that all 3 culprits are killed while trying to escape. Yudh is shocked to hear that. Anand says we should ask Nikhil now. Yudh says he has asked his aide to keep on eye on him. Nayan comes home and says she had been to club and met Anuj’s wife who wierdly told that she is feeling sorry about bhaisaheb/Yudh. He asks which club is it. She tries to remember it, Yudh asks if it is Excaliber. She says yes. He leaves from there thanking her.

Precap: Yudh and Anand see a news report with news reporter telling about a CD released by Dharmesh, Dharmesh ells it is YES group’s conspiracy. Someone tries to kill Rishi. Yudh sees Mona coming in between meeting and angrily asks who asked her to come inside.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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