Paanch 16th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Paanch 16th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gauri…Roy..Yudi..and zara finds themselves in the dark room Gauri shouts whats the place…Yudi says his head is paining…Roy says.he is feeling sleepy and his head is paining..Roy tells.there have been kidnapped..Gauti says that Rosh and Nikhil kidnapped them Its Rosh”s .jail.Gauri tells Gauti is gone crazy.Yudi says that they have seen Rosh and Nikhil”s body in Morgue ..Gauti tells is it drama that basanti will dance and Thakur is standing….Zaraa says may be Gauti is right..Rosh appears on screen wearing a Mic and tells she is alive and that was fake bodies they have Seen in Morgue…Gauri and gang gets shocked..Gauri tells they cannot prision them for long time as someone will come finding them and Rosh will caught..Nikhil tells the gang are trapped in a area that is located in a forest that is 3km away from city no one can find them…Nikhil tells that room contain chambers and the door of 1st chamber opens with the 2nd and the third gets opened with the 3rd chamber and soo onn.. Nikhil tells before that they have to answer few questions and then they will get the key..If they failed then have to bare the consequences..Roy tells he may answer in homework and then show him…He dont want to answer any question…Rosh tells she have fixed a bomb which will explode in 20minutes if they dont answer the question Nikhil says Roy”s flesh pieces will be scattered. Rosh says she will free them only on one reason if they answerd frankly who killed Neha di.. ..Zaraa tells Rosh is right..Yudi says zaraa is right…Rosh asks the question that that “who wrote the Name of Neha di on the wall with naked photographs and painted…Gauri and Gang sees Each othee.. Yudi shouts Nihal…Zaara shouts she dont want to answer the question…Roy and Gauri shouts Nihal Roy tells but Nihal is dead….Rosh gestures Nikhil…He press the button of bullet and Yudi gets injured…Gauri shouts Rosh.Says .she will never leave her..Everyone shouts.”Yudi”..Yudi scolds Zaraa to confess as he is in pain…Gauti says only one have art to write on walls that is zaraa…Zaraa confess that she wrote Neha”s wall…Rosh press button sends rats …Rosh tells the Rat are not healthy they are suffering from plaque..Roy shouts what do she want from them…

Rosh tells their Confessions…Roy tells that Gauti killed Neha Gauti shouts noo Gauti tells he only Bullied her..Gauti confess that once Roy lockes Neha in a Room She cried for help..Roy asks what she will give in Return and laughs..Gauti comes and fights with Roy..and beats him..Roy goes away Gauti opens the door..Gauti tries to get close with Neha…Neha shouts and pushes him tells that she never thought him like Paanch..And have said that she will.complain to Dean..Gauti tells from that day..He never talked to Neha…Rosh tells good job and says there is no key and she will open the door for only few Seconds..They have to run as as possible…Roy…Gauti and Gauri runs in the other room Zaraa pushes Yudi and Runs.The door gets closed Gauri Shouts Yudi…Yudi falls on floor helpless shouts for help…Gauri scolds Zaraa why she pushed Yudi..She cries and tells yudi came in between by mistake she pushed her…Nikhil tells Rosh that if they would have fired real bullet than Yudi would have killed Rosh tells she wants confessions…Now Rosh asks Next question that who druged Neha…Zara tells Roy…Rosh shouts that she want to hear his confession..Roy finally Confess that Zaara trapped Neha and invited there party…Finally Neha accepts and goes in the party..Roy mix drugs in her colddrink and offered her..Rosh tells that she said warned Neha often but she trusted Paanch…Rosh Instructs zaraa that she will find cuplings..To lock all of them except herself..Roy shouts noo zaara..Zara locks all of them Now Rosh tells zaraa to exit through the another door..Roy..Shouts noo Zaraa…Zaraa runs but faked finds it was a glass she gets injured and falls…Rosh tells Zara trapped Neha soo she took revenge..Rosh tells she will open the next door of Chamber for only 2seconds..The door gets opened Everybody goes Gauti..Gauri and Roy…Zaraa still on ground shouts Gauri for help…Gauri calls her coward and tells she has pushed Yudi and she will never Save her….The door gets locked…Roy..Gauri..and Gauti is another Room

Precap:Gauri and Gauti started fighting Gauri tells Sorry Baby brother..And press the button..

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