Yrkkh ,TEI and SNS fanfiction (Episode 1)


hey this is my first fanfiction i hope u will like it

so the episode begins with..

Meera(sns)getting jealous seeing naksh and tara(yrkkh)hugging..she cries..and runs home…there she sees her sister twinkle(tei)hugging her bf kunj…kunj is also nakshs brother…they both are shocked seeing meera in that state…she tells them she will only let them marry if naksh agrees to marry her..they agree…meanwhile nara’s hug has turned into a fight…they say this is the end of their relation…meera looks happily as twinj goes to convince naksh…to make tara angry he agrees…he goes to meeras house….he is shocked to see her parents romancing…he doesnt want to interupt them so he goes through the kitchen..where he finds twinj coming out together…he runs…he finds meera crying…she tells him that her bf adarsh cheated on her for swadheentta…where naksh tells her that hee cheated tara becz he loved her…meera gets glad and tells him he loves her too…they go in he hall and see nakshara talking to gohem about twinjs wedding……they run and ask for a double wedding when their younger sibling vidya comes in with naksharas third son sharavan…they too say they love each other…..

they ask for 3 wedding….gohem and nakshara refuse and say they will have 3 weddings starting from naksha then twinj then shraiyathey all get happy..and spend time alone….all couples romance in their rooms….suddenly taras dadaji comes and asks why naksh broke taras heart and he sees meera..and says she is much hotter than tara..u sholud marry her….tara comes and gets angry….she shouts…she leaves…….the girls bond with nakshara while the boys wid gohem…….they pamper each other…they get to know secrets from their parents….when naksharas daughter urmila comes home crying …they all console her …she tells them her bf laskman met wid an accident …she then sees his pic on the wall…she asks them how the knew laskman…she gets to know thathe is their son….she then sees lakshman coming wid gopis sister sita and her hubby ram..urmila hugs himm….they talk abt 4 th wedding…the all get exited…..

precap-ahems sister kajal and hubby raunak enter and create havok..3 month leap..all couples are happily married and have consumated their marrige..all gohems daughters collect their pregency reports…urmila is also shown pregnant after another 3 month leap….after another leap all of them have their babies and enjoy…akasharas cousin roshni enters she is also pregenant..

spoiler-roshni has a miscarrige,raunak and kajal get divorced,tara return,kokilas death,and another 15 year leap where the couples deal wid parenting issues

till now-
vidya has 2 kids
meera has 2
urmila has 3
twinle has 1

Credit to: Ria Mishra

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