YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 24)


Thanks for the comment guys and sorry for late update.I was kinda busy.Today I’ll reveal Naksh’s plan to you and also something about Ishaan.

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episode 24
The episode starts in MM.
Everyone is chatting and enjoying themselves as the whole family came back together after a long time.As usual Naira and Ishaan starts their fights and Karthik tries to stop them.
Karthik:Arrey stop it now guys.I know you both are tom and jerry but at least for sometime stop fighting or the whole house will come down due to your fights.
Karthik convinces Naira and Ishaan to stop their fight and finally they stop.(Bechara Karthik..lol)
Then Ishaan suddenly remembers something.
Ishaan:Guys I totally forgot.I’ve an important work and have to leave right now or else I’ll get late.
Naira:You were toh born bhulakkar.Now go and come back fast.
Ishaan:Moti you…
Naira:Arrey you’re not getting late?Go now.Fight with me later.Hain nah Karthik?
Karthik:Ya Ishaan Naira is right.You go now.
Ishaan:I’ll see you later moti.
Naira:Yes.Aankhen kholkar dekhna.(Open your eyes and see).
Ishaan about to say something but Karthik stops him.
Karthik:Ishaan go now.You’ll get late.
Naira smiles victoriously at him while he goes from there mumbling.
He is stopped by Emi and Vitki.

Emi:Chachu can we also go with you.We want to got to the park.
Vitki:Yes chavhu will you take us.
Naira:Arrey but chachu is going for some work.
Ishaan:Its okay.It’ll not take much time for me to complete the work then I can take Emi and Vitki to the park.
Naira bends down and hugs Emi and Vitki.
Naira:Okay go but don’t…
Ishaan:Of ho moti don’t make any rules like the teachers.What chachu and his bhanja and bhanji will do that only they will decide and no on else.
Emi:Mumma are there girls of chachu’s age in park?
Naira:Yes of course there will be.But why?
Vitki:Will they be Indians?
Naira:Yes most of them.But why are you asking all these questions.
Emi:Then Vitki we’ll do that what we were thinking.
Vitki:Yes Emi.

Naira:Arrey but what you’ve thought.Tell me also na.
Emi & Vitki(happily):WE’LL SEARCH OUR CHACHI.
Ishaan starts coughing listening this while Naira stares them in amusement.
Emi:Yes mumma.See na my friend’s chachu also got married recently.
Vitki:Yes mumma and my friend’s chachu was toh younger than our chachu but his marriage also completed and they had so much fun.We also want to have fun.
Emi:Yes mumma and as only chachu is there who can get married and he is not searching chachi for us….
Vitki:Then we’ll only do it.
Ishaan:Arrey what are you talking? I…
Naira:See Ishaan even the kids understood.They’re also ready to help.Then what problem you have.
Ishaan:Arrey I don’t want to marry now.
Naira:Then when will you marry. After you become toothless old man.
Emi,Vitki and Karthik laugh hearing that.
Ishaan:Whatever you guys say.I’ll only marry when I fall in love.
Naira:Achca at least tell us what type of girl you want.
Emi & Vitki:Yes chachu we’ll search that girl only.
Naira:Come on Ishaan tell us na.Emi and Vitki listen carefully.
They all insist Ishaan.

Ishaan:Okay Okay guys I’ll tell.
Ishaan starts his description.
Ishaan:The kind off girl I want should be so beautiful that when she comes towards me it feels like angels is descending down from heaven.
A beautiful girl is shown(from back view) walking.
Ishaan:She should be humble and sweet and be ready to help anyone in distress.
The girl is shown helping an old woman cross the street.
Ishaan:She should know how to respect.
The girl and the old woman reached the other side of the road.the old woman was about to touch her feet but the girl stopped her.
Girl:What are you doing auntie?
Old Woman:Beta you helped me so much that’s why…
Girl:Auntie if you want to give something then give me blessings no why are you giving me shame by touching my feet.Elders hands should touch younger’s head to give blessings not their feet to take blessing.
The old woman blesses her.The girl happily goes from there.
Ishaan:In short she should be sweet like a sweet box and caring like…
Naira:Like what…
Ishaan:Like you moti.
The girl is going when her friend call her.
The girl turn around and is none other than our Mishti.(I’ll remind you again guys that in my ff Mishti
is 20 years old and our Ishaan is 23yrs old.Naira is 24 and Karthik is 25)
Mishti:Hey Roshni.Its good you came yaar.
Roshni:But why called me.
Mishti:Wo I want to buy something for tau ji and tai ji and give them surprise as they’re lil upset.So help me in selection.
Roshni:Wow Mishti.You’re really very caring for your family.
Mishti:Okay now stop praising me and help me.
Ishaan:So Emi and Vitki.If you want to find a girl then find me your mamma’s shadow.Okay.
Emi and Vitki:Okay.
Naira:Emi and Vitki you’ll not find a girl like me….You’ll find a girl better than me for your chachu.Okay,
Emi & Vitki:We can’t.
Ishaan, Emi & Vitki:(in unison)Because you’re the best.
Naira:Offo now don’t praise me and go.Even I’ll try now and Ishaan if you find this type of girl then….
Ishaan:Then I’ll directly marry and come and then tell you.

Ishaan:Arrey joking baba.First I’ll tell you only.
Karthik:Arrey and what about me.
Ishaan:Arrey when I’ll come to tell Naira you’ll also know na as you both stay glued together all the time.And I’ll also need your help as I want a girl like your wife so you know…
Karthik:Of course.But first find the girl.
Naira:Ya.And Emi and Vitki best of luck.Tell me if you find any girl like that.Just click her picture and show me.
Emi & Vitki:Okay mumma.
Then Ishaan,Emi and Vitki go from there.
Just after Ishaan left with Emi and Vitki Naksh,Akshara and Naitik came in front of the MM.
Naksh:Ready for the plan.
Naitik & Akshara:Yes.
Naksh:So lets go for it.You all remember know what I told you all.
Naksh:I’ve an idea by which we’ll get to know the truth and Naira herself will tell us.
Naitik & Akshara:What?
Naksh:I don’t know whether you noticed or not but remember when I was calling Naira selfish and insulting her Naira didn’t say anything but Karthik was provoked and when I told Karthik something then Naira came to answer and justify Karthik.
Naitik:Ya I noticed it.
Akshara:Even I noticed it but what of that?
Naksh:My plan is that we’ll go to MM and ask Naira about the truth and I know she’ll not tell.Then we’ll insult her and Karthik will be provoked and start fighting with us and then we’ll attack him and say that he is the one who has provoked Naira and used her love that’s why Naira is doing all this and she don’t have any reason of her own.We’ll keep blaming him and I’m sure that Naira,not able to bear Karthik’s insult, will blurt out the truth on her own.
Naitik:Ya its a good plan Naksh.Naira will never be able to bear Karthik’s insult.That’s for sure.
Akshara:Ya but…
Naksh:Not buts mumma.We know that you’re feeling like we’re cheating them but we’ve to do it mumma.Remember everything is fair in love and war
Naitik:And even Krishna ji also used many tricks and lies during Mahabharata as his motive was true and good.And our motive is also true and good so every god will support us.
Akshara finally agrees for the plan.
Flashback ends.

Naitik:Yes Naksh we remember our plan and I think its gonna work.
Akshara:I think now maybe I’ll be ale to know my mistake because of which Naira is so angry.
Naksh:No mumma.I’m sure it’s a misunderstanding and once Naira gets to know the truth she’ll come and hug you and asks sorry and love you the most and again call you mumma.
Akshara:I hope so Naksh.I’m desperate to hear that word from her mouth.
Naitik:You’ll Akshara.But first we’ve to know the truth.Lets go.
They go towards the MM.
The screen freezes on their determined faces.

Recap:Naksh insults Karthik.Naira gets angry.Ishaan and Mishti meet.

Guys what do you think.Will Naksh’s plan be successful?Will Naira get angry enough to tell the truth?How will be Ishaan and Mishti’s first meet?Will they know that they both are connected to Naira?
Do comment and tell me your views guys.

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