YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 25)

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episode 25
Naksh,Naitik and Akshara enter MM.
Naira gets angry seeing Akshara.
Naira(angry):What are you doing here?
Naksh:To know the truth.
Naira:Oh please stop it.How many times I’ll have to tell you that I’ll not tell anything.You don’t have any other work or what that you’re wasting your time here.
Naksh:Tell the truth na Naira that there is no such truth.Why are cooking stories?Tell that you were afraid of the police and ran away.Then you had some good luck as you met a rich girl and got money also.What else will you want?Then after coming to London you also managed to trap Karthik Malhotra one of the richest business tycoons of the whole world.
Naira:Think whatever you want to think.
Naksh:You know what Naira I thought that you value relations more than anything but now I got to know that the one thing you value most is money.You’re with Karthik just because na because he is richer than us.And of course its not rocket science to understand that you’ve not left him because you couldn’t get anyone richer than him.
Karthik gets angry.He goes and holds Naksh’s collar.
Karthik:Don’t you dare to say one more word against her or else I’ll burn you alive here.
Naira(removing Karthik’s hand from his collar):Control your anger Mr.Karthik Malhotra.I know truth is bitter but what can we do.Truth is truth.
Karthik:Just shut up.What truth are you talking about?Naira loves me very much.She came to India just for me inspite of her own problems.She can do anything for me.Her live is pure not based on money.
Naitik:That’s why she have left her family also na as you’ve asked.
Karthik & Naira look at Naitik with shocked expression.
Naitik:What happened why you both are shocked?I told the truth na.
Naira:What do you mean?
Naitik:You clearly know what do I mean princess.I know that this man has only used your love and asked you to go against us that’s why you’re doing all this.
Naira(angry):What non sense is this?First you were blaming me and now you are blaming my husband.
Naksh:I was just acting Naira so that this man confesses.See now only he confessed that you can do anything for him.And it is very easy to understand that this man has only instigated you against us.As the one who is most close to your hurt can most easily poison it.Right Karthik.
Naira(angry):Stop speaking rubbish about my husband.He has not done anything like that.
Karthik:Its okay Naira.Let them think whatever they want.I don’t care.
Naira:No its not okay Karthik.How dare they say such things about you.
Naksh:This only the truth Naira.And you know it too.But to save your husband you’re cooking false stories and blaming mumma.He is completely controlling you.
Naitik:Yes princess that day we understood that my princess cannot talk rudely to her papa and someone is instigating her and who can it be other than Karthik.But please princess don’t listen to him.
Naira:Have you all gone mad?What nonsense are you uttering.Go and consult a psychiatrist.I strongly recommend that.
Naksh:Oh really Naira.If your husband is so innocent as you’re claiming then tell why did you leave and why are you blaming mumma?Tell.
Naira:I won’t.
Naksh:Tell I can’t.Because I don’t have reason.Right.Now accept Naira.You did it all for Karthik.
Naira:ENOUGHHHHH……Enough is enough.You want to know the reason no.Then first of all not my husband but your mother is only the reason.And the truth is……
Karthik:Stop Jaan.They’re only provoking you by insulting me so that you tell the truth.
Naira:I know that Karthik.But I don’t want anyone else to point finger at you again.So I’ll tell the truth.(To Akshara,Naitik and Naksh)You wanted to know na what happened.Then listen.
Naira tells them everything how Akshara told the police that she is ready to go against her daughter and send her to jail and how she came with police when she called Naitik alone.
Akshara remembers everything what Naira said and stands hurt and dumbstruck seeing her anger and hatred.
Naitik and Naksh are also shocked.
Naira:Now you heard the truth.Now stop your blame game and get lost from here or else I’ll be forced to call the security.
Naitik:Princess please listen to us.You got misunderstanding.Its not what happened.Akshara…
Naira:How many times I’ve to tell you that I’m not anyone’s princess.You know that day when I told this I myself was very much hurt as I hated only your wife not you all.But as I cannot return I wanted you all to hate me and forget me.But today I’m saying this from heart that iI’m not your princess.Today you insulted my husband,my Karhtik.As a daughter I may forgive you for insulting me and scolding me because you’ve the right.But as a wife I’ll never forgive you for insulting my husband.
Naksh:Naira we are sorry.But we didn’t mean any of them.It was all our plan so that you tell the truth all by yourself.
Naira:So you were cheating me.And want me to forgive you for cheating me.No.You don’t have that right to cheat me.
Karthik:No body in the world has got that right to cheat and hurt Naira.Not even me.
Akshara:We know beta that’s why when we asked you didn’t utter a single word.But please believe me I didn’t do it intentionally.
Naitik:Yes beta I’ll tell you what happened that day.That day…..
Naira:Bus.I don’t want to hear anything.You all just go from here.
Naksh:At leat listen to us Naira.We…
Naira:You’ll go by your own or I’ll call the security.
Karthik:Are you deaf?She told you to go.So please leave.
Akshara stops him.
Akshara:Lets leave now Naksh.She is very angry now and won’t be able to understand anything.
Naitik:Yes Naksh.Even though we acted but still we insulted her husband and no wife would be able to bear it.Lets go for now.We’ll talk to her when she gets calm.
They leave from there.
Naira goes angrily to the room while Karthik follows.

The scene shifts to park.
Ishaan,Emi and Vitki enters the park.
Emi:So Vitki are you ready?
Vitki:Yes Emi lets start the hunt.
Ishaan:Oh hello you don’t have to hunt anything now.Just go and play.That’s enough.
Emi & Vitki:We’ll decide it.
They go from there before Ishaan can tell them anything.
Ishaan gets a call and starts talking on the phone and walking.His full concentration is on the phone.Ishaan keeps talking on the phone when suddenly he collides with a girl and she falls in his arms.Ishaan holds her.
The girls face was covered with hair but wind blows and Ishaan finally sees her face.He awestruck to see her.She is just like the girl of his dreams.
He continuously stares at her.The girl controls herself and sees him angrily.She shakes him.He comes to his senses.(Guys by now you might have guessed who the girl is.She is none other than our Mishti).
She gets up and starts shouting at him.
Mishti:Hey mister.Can’t you see and walk.Use the eyes that god has given you.You can see na or you’re blind or something or God has fitted buttons in place of your eyes.
He just keeps staring here.
Mishti sees him just staring at her.She gets angry and pinches him.
He comes back to his senses.
Mishti:So you’re not only blind but also deaf.
Ishaan:Wo wo I
Mishti:Off ho how many defects you have.Neither can you see properly,nor you can listen properly and now you even can’t talk properly.Insaan ho ya defect ki dukaan.(Are you human or shop of defects).
Ishaan(finally gathers some strength):Wo I’m sorry.My mistake.I was talking on phone so..I’m sorry forgive me please.
Mishti:Its okay.If you’ve told this before only then I would not have been so much angry.But watch you steps from next time.
Ishaan:Ya.I’ll.Btw I’m Ishaan.He extends his hand.
Mishti:So what I can do.Whether you’re Ishaan or monkey I don’t want to know.And I don’t shake hands with strangers.
She goes from there murmuring angrily while Ishaan keeps staring her still she is gone.He is lost in his dreamworld when suddenly.
Emi & Vitki:Just missed.
He turns around and sees Emi & Vitki staring him and giggling.
Ishaan(controls himself):What happened?
Emi:That’s what we’re asking chachu what happened?You were staring her as if she came from another world.
Vitki:So chachu is she our would be chachi.Chi just missed.If we came some times before we could have clicked her photo.
Emi:But chachu you should have clicked her photo no instead of wasting your time by staring her.
Ishaan:Didn’t you see how angry she was.She would have slapped me tight on my cheeks if I clicked her photo.
Vitki:So chachu you are agreeing that you liked her very much.
Ishaan(thinking about Mishti):Ya…
Emi & Vitki:Reaallyyy.
Ishaan realizes what he said.
Ishaan:No..nothing like that.I just mean woh…
Emi:Its okay chachu you don’t have to pretend.
Vitki:Yes chachu we know you like her.Infact we liked her too.
Ishaan:But she didn’t like me na.
Emi:Arrey chachu don’t you see films.Their also sometimes hero falls in love with herione at first sight but herione hates him at first.But then slowly slowly they come close and herione also falls in love with hero.
Vitki:But chachu you’ve to work hard.
Ishaan:Arrey for that first we need to find about her na.
Emi:Ya you’re right chachu.But don’t worry.You’ll meet her again.
Vitki:Yes chachu surely you’ll meet her again.
Ishaan:I hope so.
The screen freezes on Ishaan and Mishti’s face separately.

Will Akshara be able to convince Naira?Will Ishaan’s love make Mishti fall for him?Will Ishaan get to know her name?

So guys how did you like today’s episode.Comment please.And as my exams are on.I won’t be able to upload tomorrow or day after tomorrow.I will upload on friday.I hope you understand.

Recap:Karthik console Naira.Akshara tells him truth.Ishaan meets with Mishti again.

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